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Bowl Bound College Football FAQ

What is Bowl Bound College Football?

Bowl Bound College Football (BBCF) is a college football sports management game. You assume the role of head coach over a college football program with hopes of winning a national title. Along the way, you will need to recruit top student-athletes, gameplan opponents, manage lineups, schedule wisely, and win the big games.

How much does BBCF cost?

BBCF is available for digital download exclusively through Grey Dog Software for U.S. $34.95.

How is the game organized for each season?

The season will be broken into three major phases ? camp, season and offseason. The camp stage is where you set your budget, choose your offensive and defensive philosophy, schedule non-conference opponents and redshirt players. During the season, you setup a playbook and strategies for each opponent, manage your depth chart, monitor high school and junior college recruits, and try to reach the playoffs or a major bowl game. In the off-season, you focus on hiring a good staff, dealing with college transfers, recruiting, and summer training programs.

Do I always have to control every aspect of my team when I play each season?

BBCF allows you to let your assistant coaches or athletic director manage any of eight different areas for you. These include setting your annual budget, scheduling opponents, managing your roster and depth chart, setting up gameplans, calling plays, hiring assistants, bringing in college transfers, recruiting and the offseason training program. At any point in the game, you can enable or disable the outsourcing of these tasks to help tailor a gaming experience best suited for you.

Is there be multiplayer support?

BBCF does support online league play and provide a set of utilities for league commissioners to use.

Are you be able to customize aspects of the game?

BBCF supports a great deal of customization. You can change team names/locations, team logos, and conference names. You can also customize the names of individual player awards, as well the names, locations, and logos for the different bowl games and playoff sites. Player editors will also be provided and gamers will have the ability to modify conference bowl tie-ins, automatic bowl/playoff bids, whether conferences have a championship game, and yearly non-conference opponents (in addition to rivals).

Is there some sort of demo or free trial?

There is a limited one-season demo with no time restrictions.

What if I have a question that hasn?t been answered?

Feel free to post on the Grey Dog message forum or attend one of the developer chats for BBCF.