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Bowl Bound College Football Screenshots

Splash Screen
Splash- The BBCF intro screen is your gateway into building your football dynasty
Camp Stage 2
Camp- BBCF has a tailored status menu for each stage to help direct gamers.
Team Budget
Budget- Properly assigning resources in your team budget will be a key component of running a successful program. Make sure to check the quality and quantity by region when setting your priorities for recruiting.
Team Formation
Formation- Choosing the correct philosophy will help get the most out of your players and coaching staff. Recognizing the bonuses and penalties associated with each formation is another important factor to gauge when selecting your team's offensive or defensive outlook.
Recruit:- Use the main recruiting screen to filter out recruits, view stats and ratings, monitor interest levels and finally take actions on those players targeted for your program.
Recruit Player Card
Recruit Player Card:- You can inspect each recruit to see ability information and how well your pitches are fairing vs other programs.
Postseason:- Grab the best recruits, maximize your roster and out gameplan your opponent and you could end up playing in the final 2-game playoff!
Evaluation:- View a summary of your performance after each season. Make sure you hit close to expectations or you may eventually find yourself looking for another job!
Stats:- BBCF has a historical almanac going back as many years as you have completed. You can look back on stat leaders, awards and even old bowl games.
Play By Play:- You can call each offensive or defensive play, or just watch the action unfold for each game you play