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Comic Book Hero: The Greatest Cape Features

  • Take control of a hero and guide him or her through their crime-fighting career
  • Choose one of four game modes, ranging from role-playing as an existing character to starting from scratch as a brand new hero
  • Combat can go up to 10 vs. 10, in a turn-based strategic battle
  • Foil evil schemes by fighting off henchmen, solving puzzles, and unmasking villainous masterminds
  • Stay prepared by gathering information with the innovative Word On The Street feature
  • Handle your character's relationships with allies, villains and civilians
  • Protect your character's secret identity fiercely or choose to tell your closest allies
  • Join a team for adventures or even start your own heroic alliance
  • An in-depth editor allows the creation of a fully customisable game world; everything from a character's powers to the locations within the game world can be altered at will