Who will break out in 2006?
by Daryl Daman, WrestlingCircle.com

The North American independent circuit has never been more vibrant than today. With that in mind, let's look at the main prospects who could become major players in the coming year.

#5: American Buffalo
American Buffalo is a massive wrestler, whose bulk and incredible raw power makes up for a complete lack of technical skill or speed inside the ring. He does have a lot of charisma though, and many feel he would do well in a Sports Entertainment environment. He is currently working for NYCW.

#4: Brent Hill
"The Complete Package" Brent Hill is a superb all-rounder, who has been around for many years without ever having had a major push in a top organisation. He can comfortably work any style, at any time, which makes him a valuable asset. There has been some talk of bringing him in to DAVE recently as part of a proposed stable revolving around Eric Tyler, which would be a good move for Brent, as it would give him a lot of exposure.

#3: Owen Love
"Dr. Love" Owen Love is a superb technical worker, who can have good matches with just about anyone. Add to that decent microphone work, and you have someone who can potentially fit in with any promotion in the world. Outside of wrestling, he has represented Canada in the Olympics as part of their swimming team.

#2: Human Arsenal
Human Arsenal is a good all-round worker who has built up quite a fan base despite never having been signed by a major promotion. He is well known for his array of hard-hitting suplexes, which would fit in well in Japan. Arsenal is known to be heavily influenced by the current PGHW main eventers like Tatsuko and Mushashibo, and it would be a dream move for him to be able to work for that promotion.

#1: Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon is a masked worker who had a breakout year in 2004, putting on several show stealing matches on various independent shows, before getting his first extended period of exposure when he joined CZCW. It is likely that he will embark on his first tour of Japan soon, as apparently there is a lot of interest from WLW to bring him in to join their sparkling array of lightweight workers.