Shake Up In SWF
by Ryan Jalda,

December 2005: SWF Gets Shaken Up

Since becoming acting commissioner of SWF in October, The Guru had been telling anyone that would listen that he planned to "shake things up" in the company in order to get himself noticed and make his commissionership full time. On the final Supreme TV of the year, live from Florida, he delivered.

The Guru certainly didn't keep the fans waiting, as his big announcement opened the show. He said that what he wanted to do was to bring some new talent onto the roster, to make sure that all the other superstars were kept on their toes. With that in mind, he brought out the nine men who had graduated the SWF training camp this year. After introducing each of them, he said that tonight would be their chance to shine, and their chance to stake a claim for greatness in 2006, as they would be facing some of the existing SWF superstars in a variety of fan-favourite matches. The various matches brought some highs and lows for the new faces, and gave everyone a sneak preview of what could be coming in 2006. Here's how it went down:

The first debuting tag team out had no problem getting the crowd on their side, as they were Florida's own The Amazing Bumfholes. They are the athletically gifted brothers Randy and Zimmy Bumfhole, two very hot young prospects. The two fearless siblings never back down from a fight, and that was proved on their debut as they faced the former three-time world tag team champions The Lords Of War in a Florida Street Fight. The LOW made their names in street fights like this, but their young opponents showed no signs of nerves, and the result was a chaotic brawl that even spilled into the crowd at one point. While Warlords Agony and Pain eventually picked up the win after pinning Zimmy following a spike piledriver onto a chair, The Amazing Bumfholes showed that they are going to be very tough opposition for all the tag teams in SWF.

The next debut was also by a tag team, The Dirty White Boys, all the way from Detroit. The DWB are the bikers Lead Belly and Grease Hogg, two big wild brawlers who ride to the ring on their Harleys, accompanied by their manager Brains McGhee. While they aren't the most technically gifted wrestlers of all time, The Dirty White Boys are accomplished brawlers who like nothing more than to fight. They would be up against the former world tag champions The Biggz Boyz in a tables match. The bout was a fast and furious affair, with the DWB trying to out-power their much lighter opponents, and the Biggz' using their speed to stay one step ahead. In the end, the bikers inexperience told, as they failed to capitalise on some golden opportunities and ended up being put through tables by simultaneous top rope legdrops from Bart and Brett. Still, there is no doubt that The Dirty White Boys are going to be a threat to the SWF tag team titles somewhere down the line.

Next out was the only singles wrestler of the graduates, "The Can't Miss Propsect" Marc DuBois. He is an 18 year old French-Canadian wrestler who seems to have everything needed to be one of the all-time greats. His opponent in a submissions match was the ever-popular Lobster Warrior. The match was a technical masterclass, with DuBois keeping up with his more experienced opponent with apparent ease. The end saw a huge upset, as the rookie hit a low blow that the referee missed, and promptly locked on his Model Solution (a variant of the Boston Crab) for the submission victory. DuBois, not one to hang around, used his post-match interview to tell everyone that he was gunning for Lobby's stablemate Calamari Kid, and that he was going to be the next Shooting Star champion.

Speaking of Calamari Kid, he was next out, teaming with Jumbo Shrimp. The Squid Squad would be going toe-to-toe with the debuting Death Row, Shady K and Knuckles, a pair of thugs who know a thing or two about street fighting. The match was a tornado tag team bout. Shady K and Knuckles showed that they were a team to take seriously, using intense brawling tactics to take the fight to their more experienced opponents. At the end of the match, it seemed Death Row would be debuting with a loss, as Jumbo used his Ocean Wave finisher on both men. However, Marc DuBois chose that moment to run in and attack Calamari Kid, nailing him with his own Shooting Star title belt. Distracted, Shrimp got floored by Death Row, who piled on top of him to get the three count, stealing the win. While they may not have won cleanly, Death Row showed that they will take advantage of anything they can to rise to the top of the SWF tag team division.

The final debut belonged to the Samoan Wildboyz, Akima Brave and Kid Toma. These two youngsters have gained quite a reputation from the few independent shows they have worked prior to their SWF debut, thanks to their absolutely fearless all-attack style. They were up against world tag team champions High Concept in a non-title ladder match. The hype about the Samoans proved to be well-founded, as they came up with some incredible daredevil moves, highlighted by Kid Toma's suicidal dive from a ladder in the ring onto both champions who were standing outside the ring. While Elmo Benson and Groucho Bling eventually picked up the victory, the Wildboyz certainly made a name for themselves in the thrilling fifteen minute bout. After the match all four men shook hands, and it was clear The Samoan Wildboyz had proved to the champs that they were credible challengers.

As SWF moves into 2006, things have certainly been shaken up by these new debuts. The tag team division in particular has been given a shot of adrenaline, with four brand new exciting teams added to the mix, and Marc DuBois has already positioned himself as a strong challenger for the Shooting Star title that he wants so badly. The new year should be an exciting time in the Supreme Wrestling Federation.