Like a well-oiled machine - the top ten tag teams
by Dan Mardayl, Pro Wrestling Hits Magazine

Tag team wrestling, after almost becoming an afterthought in recent years, made a comeback in 2004 with several exciting new teams making an impact. In this column, we take a look at the top ten most exciting tandems currently competing.

#10: The Peak Brothers (Eddie and Doug)
Most famous for their wild brawls in DAVE, The Peak Brothers are one of the most intense tag teams around. However, question marks remain about their in-ring work, and many feel that they would be exposed if they wrestled outside of the chaotic DAVE environment. There is also the fact that Eddie Peak is clearly more talented than his partner, and it can only be a matter of time before he splits to become a major singles star.

#9: The Biggz Boyz (Bart and Brett)
A fixture in the SWF tag team division, the two high flying brothers are one of the most over tag team combinations in North America. Recently their have been rumours of a heel turn for either one or both members, in order to inject some new life into a team that is in danger of going stale having achieved everything possible in the tag team ranks.

#8: Adrenaline Rush (Sammy Bach and Teddy Powell)
A young team who have only been together for a short period of time, Adrenaline Rush is a throwback to the old school pretty boy tag teams, and are finding a lot of success in DAVE. Boasting some unique double-team moves, they are building up quite a reputation for good matches. Sammy Bach in particular has really improved massively in the past few years.

#7: The Specialists (Bobby Thomas and Nate Johnson)
Although not well known yet outside of their home promotion, CGC's young tag team of Bobby Thomas and "The Natural" Nate Johnson are one of the most fluid combinations in the world. Childhood friends, they seem to have an instinctive knowledge of what the other is thinking, and this results in some of the most spectacular double team moves in the industry.

#6: Team Energy (Nobuatsu Tatsuko and Noriyori Sanda)
A major force in PGHW, Team Energy is a combination of two of the top singles wrestlers, something that is quite unique to the Japanese scene. With Tatsuko providing the sweet science, Sanda provides the hard-hitting power and speed, making them an awesome force to be reckoned with with virtually no weakness.

#5: Team Toronto (Alexander Robinson and Lee Bennett)
The very definition of a solid team, Team Toronto have been together for ages, and as a result have built up a great understanding between them. While neither worker is overly spectacular, both are rock solid and dependable in the ring, and that continues with their team. While many teams are flashier, very few can match Robinson and Bennett for sheer consistency.

#4: Team Dynasty 2000 (Yoshimi Mushashibo and Shuji Inukai)
The top tandem in PGHW, Team Dynasty 2000 had countless awesome bouts in 2004 and early 2005. Both Mushashibo and Inukai are top singles stars for the company, and when put together they form an almost unstoppable unit, mixing awesome technique with unbelievable toughness.

#3: High Concept (Elmo Benson and Groucho Bling)
Probably the most famous team in North America at the moment, High Concept's Elmo Benson and Groucho Bling have built themselves from opening match comedy workers to one of the most exciting and entertaining teams around, specialising in taking insane amounts of punishment before coming back to defeat much larger tandems.

#2: Team Rebellion (Ken Shimedzu and Natsu Miyamae)
The top team in BHOTWG, Team Rebellion is one of the longest-lasting teams around. With both Shimedzu and Miyamae being excellent workers in their own right (Miyamae being a former BHOTWG Junior Title holder), the team is built on consistently excellent performances backed up with fluid teamwork. They have dominated the Japanese junior tag ranks for several years.

#1: The New Wave (Guide and Scout)
Probably the single most exciting and versatile team in the world right now, The New Wave are one of the star attractions in DAVE. Whether it is working a spectacular ladder match with the speedsters Adrenaline Rush, a bloody brawl with the Peak Brothers, or a straight up old school tag bout with fine wrestlers like Bryan Holmes and Eric Tyler, Guide and Scout have consistently not only stolen the show, but have continued to improve their teamwork and individual arsenals. Big things look to be in store for them.