You Are Now Entering The CornellVerse!

Welcome to the CornellVerse web site. The Cornellverse (named after major character Tommy Cornell) is a fantasy universe used in the Total Extreme Wrestling and Wrestling Spirit games created by Adam Ryland. At this site you can find the latest downloads to keep your games up to date, historical data that shows how the characters in the game have evolved, and columns and articles on some of the events that shaped the game world.

Latest News

(February 3rd 2010) Updated site to reflect the version that came with TEW2010, and also added TEW2010 data files to the Downloads section.

(January 20th 2010) Added a new column.

(May 30th 2007) Updated belt package with NOTBPW titles; Updated people picture package and TEW07 data files to incorporate minor fixes from yesterday's update and a handful of new characters.

(June 1st 2008) TEW08 is released; this site will be updated in the near future to include all the new data and pictures.

(May 29th 2007) Major update of TEW07 data files to match 1.4 release.

(April 25th 2007) Added a new column, updated TEW07 data files.

(April 20th 2007) Added a new column.

(April 12th 2007) Updated TEW07 downloads for worker pictures, belts, and data files.

(February 19th 2007) Updated to match TEW2007 version 1.3, with some additional workers and data added.

(January 8th 2007) Added remaining title histories.

(January 2nd 2007) Added several new title histories.

(December 22nd 2006) Updated website to coincide with the launch of Total Extreme Wrestling 2007.

(June 21st 2006) Updated website to coincide with the launch of Wrestling Spirit 2.

(October 6th 2005) Updated TEW2005 data files to coincide with the commercial launch of the new game.

(February 17th 2005) CornellVerse web site launched