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Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 Features

  • Multiple leagues can be active at once
  • League sizes ranging from 8 to 40 teams
  • Full customization of team and player details
  • Control how many teams make the playoffs and the length of each round
  • Optional developmental league for players
  • Import draft files from FBCB
  • Use league structures from 1946 through 2011 with actual team movement/expansion or custom team movement/expansion
  • Player database allows you to start in any year 1946 or later and automatically import the actual players that entered the league each year into the draft pool.
  • Expanded player ratings give a more detailed breakdown of each player’s individual skills.
  • FTP support to allow you to upload league files from within the game.
  • Free agency period is extended to allow for more negotiation.
  • Almanac shows detailed information about past seasons.
  • Fast sim allows automatic simulation of multiple seasons to allow you to build the league history before playing.

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