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Fast Break College Basketball Features

  • DPlay as any of the 347 current teams or add your own custom teams to the league.
  • Customizable default league allows you do add or delete conferences, teams, or preseason tourneys.
  • Expanded postseason option allows you to use between 1 and 4 postseason tournaments.
  • Recruit players from over 11,000 US High Schools, Junior Colleges, or foreign countries.
  • Choose from 4 different rating styles: 1-10,1-20,1-100,A-F
  • Export draft files for use with current and future versions of Fast Break Basketball.
  • Choose your own non-conference schedule: Select your opponent, the game location, and whether or not you would like it to be a home-and-home series.
  • In depth stats options: If you want to see the leaders for sophomore centers from the West Coast Conference, you can do it.
  • Exhibition Games: Export any team during the season for use in exhibition play.
  • Coaching development system: Allows you to become a better coach as your accomplishments increase.
  • Job offers: If you are successful with your current team, you may recieve offers to coach a more prestigous team.
  • AI Coaches each have their own strategy for running their program.
  • Detailed History Section: Check past results for things like All-American and All-Conference teams, preseason tourney results, postseason tourney results, conference champs, conference tournament champs, national and conference stat leaders.
  • Spectator mode: You are not required to coach a team. The game can run without any human coaches if you want to build up some history before you take control of a team.
  • HTML support for online leauges.
  • FTP support added for transfering team files to the league commissioner.