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Dynamite Kid
09-09-2006, 10:45 PM

(note: This is a fictional diary based off of happenings within my personal game of WRESTLING SPIRIT 2. The character PJ Strong has not officially debuted within the Cornell-Verse but I have taken the liberty to impliment him in my own personal game. This is my story of him in this diary.)

Great Lakes: B-
Mid Atlantic: B-
Mid South: B-
Mid West: B-
New England: B-
North West: B-
South East: B-
South West: B-
Tri State: B-
Puerto Rico: B-

The Maritimes: C+
Quebec: C+
Ontario: C+
The Prairies: C+
British Columbia: C+

Northern: C
South: C
West Central: C

Tohoku: C
Kanto: C
Chubu: C
Kinki: C
Chugoku: C
Shikoku: C
Kyushu: C
Hokkaido: C

Midlands: F
North: F
Scotland: F
South: F

Western: F
Central: F
Eastern: F

Brawling: E
Power: F
Strong Style: F
Hardcore: E

Mat Wrestling: E
Chain Wrestling: E
Submissions: F

Aerial: E
Flashiness: C-

Microphone: C-
Chasima: A*
Acting: B
Looks: A*
Star Quality: A*

Basics: D
Psychology: D
Safety: E
Consistency: E
Selling: D

Athleticism: C
Toughness: E
Stamina: C-
Business: F
Booking: F
Respect: E

Intensity: C-
Stifness: E
Resilience: C+
Menace: F
Refereeing: F
Spirit: B+


PJ Strong is the son of wrestlings most legendery performer, Sam Strong. He has already been subject to major press and publicity since announcing his intention to enter the industry.


The Japanese media swarmed throughout the Nihon National Press Building conference room. This was a monumental occassion in pro wrestling, even if, ultimately, it amounted to nothing. He was, afterall, the son of the wrestling god, Sam Strong. Even if he never made it to his first match he was only 16 years old and was signing a major league contract. In Japan and across the world, this was unheard of in pro wrestling but if anybody was to make this historic move, this child was the one acception to the rule. He was a lanky kid, certainly hadn't filled out yet and was in desperate need of his fathers guidance in terms of weight lifting. The press knew it would come though, they all did. If he stuck with it, that was. PJ Strong was sitting at a long table, next to him on one side was his father, Sam Strong and on the other side BHOTWG owner Kaneie Komine. There were a half a dozen other flunkies surrounding the men as they fielded questions. A translator was readily available and helped dictate the pace of the press conference. There was a certain way with Japanese wrestling, hell, PJ could serve the whole contract without even setting foot in a BHOTWG arena. He'd have to do his "service" or atleast thats what everybody else thought.

PJ was already making big money, he was decked out in NIHONITSU branded attire, NIHONITSU ofcourse being one of Japans biggest electronic exporting companies and were already in PJ's pocket with a sponsorship. As the questions came, PJ confirmed that he was apart of a NIHONITSU advertising campaign where they'd be debuting a new hand sized address book called THE NIHONITSU JUNIOR. They felt PJ was the perfect candidate to represent their product.

When the press conference ended and the photographs stopped, Sam Strong lead his young son into a limosuine. PJ was no stranger to limos. He'd driven in them practically his whole life. With his father on the road touring, PJ was taken to school in a limo. Whenever he went around with his father there was a limo. But this limo was different. After signing the contract he entered this limo not as the son of a wrestler but as a contracted wrestler. PJ closed the door.

Sam Strong: So son, hows it feel?

PJ: I... I don't know.

Sam Strong: I know. You know, sometimes I forget your just a kid, son. This is all alot for a kid your age but I wouldn't allow it if I didn't think you could do it. You're different from the other kids, son. You don't got to sit in a class room until your 21 thinking about all the things you may want to do. Thats if you dont want to, kid. You've got the opportunity of a life time. You been talkin about this since you were 5 years old son and you never stopped talking about it. Thats why I let this happen. If it were a joke to you, I would've made you wait, but I think you're ready to start training. You made history allready son. And no matter what anybody says to you kid, you don't have to fill my shoes.. I've been trying to fill yours since you were born.

PJ: Well...wow... Dad I-

Sam Strong: It's okay, kid. Don't worry. You've got alot on your mind but you'll be allright. You're already a man. But I believe in you son. The road ahead isn't going to be easy, but I'm going to be in your corner. I didn't have nobody in my corner at first kid and I think I turned out all right. The world loves you allready. It's gonna be real hard to mess it up son. Just hang in there.

PJ: Allright.

PJ and his father shared an emotional moment as the limo passed the digital streets of Tokyo. PJ was being privately schooled. He'd graduate a year and a half early. He signed a 2 year contract with BHOTWG. Sam Strong believed that 2 years was plenty of time. If his son put up with this business for 2 years he'd be 18... He could wrestle anywhere in the world and a part of Sam hoped his son would leave. He hoped his son would go back to America and to the big leagues over there... Sam watched his young son slowly fall asleep. Sam leaned back and looked out at the Tokyo sky. A smile pulled over his face as he thought about his son going back to America in two years, trained in the Japanese way with the Sam Strong name.. He sat back and smiled.


09-17-2006, 08:24 PM
Can't wait to see how the Cornelleverse equivelant of Nick Hogan handles himself in his first match. And, just pointing this out, but his pic looks like a 10 year old. It's almost comical.