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09-25-2010, 12:59 AM
I'm playing the WWF in Genadi's very fun 1997 mod and I'm clicking on the Negotiate button for "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. Jim Ross pops up to tell me what an excellent hire Steve will be. But then I start thinking better of it, I've got such a bloated roster already so... no, I cancel the negotiations. The game allows this without inflicting a penalty to good ol' J.R.'s morale.

Maybe that's exactly how it should be. From a gameplay standpoint, maybe it's unfair to penalize the player just for backing out of an "are you sure?" confirmation. But on the other hand, there's something very logical about a touch of disappointment registering in J.R.'s heart after all the time he took selling me on his friend only to have me dash his hopes by canceling the negotiations before they could even begin.

So as I'm pondering this, fishing around for an elegant compromise, the thought occurs to me that this would not be nearly as difficult a decision for me to make were I to torture poor J.R. with false hope each and every day for a month. If a player were to intentionally cancel negotiations time and again, sadistically, then I'd say letting TEW reduce J.R.'s morale would be a nice, albeit minor touch, adding to the game's many enjoyable nods to realism.

That's the germ of this idea. But there's a larger suggestion behind the suggestion...

Realistically, a booker can make life miserable for a worker in a variety of big and little ways, so I would like to see a gameplay addition in which we have the option of creating a hostile backstage environment for any specific worker. I want to instigate. Like a Dirty Trick, let's say, but against an employee instead of a rival federation. Over time it takes effect, dropping the target's morale, and if successful it might provoke the worker into a behavioral offense, which could then serve as pretext for firing. Or it might cause the worker to ask for his release. Either option saves the company money: a capital way to downsize dead weight signed to long expensive written contracts.

No reward without risk, though, so we should often face negative consequences for being such amoral jerks. The hostile work environment could easily lower general morale, especially if the worker in question isn't universally despised. Worse, there could be the danger of "going too far," opening the company to an expensive and embarrassing lawsuit, draining funds and prestige alike. Or the worker in question could figure out what soulless monsters we are and pull a Peter Gibbons* on us, sticking around to milk every last dollar from his written contract, underperforming all the while no matter what we do.

*working just hard enough to not get fired

09-25-2010, 10:10 AM
I'd say if you go through with negotiation and they fail JR could get:

(-) Thinks you should have tried harder to convince Dr. Death to sign
(-) Annoyed you pulled out of negotiations with Dr. Death.

but at the just pressing negotiation button it would be annoying if you pressed it by accident and you'd made that mistakes (speaking as someone who presses wrong buttons all the time :D), but I think it would be cool to had more things to effect morale!