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12-18-2006, 03:54 PM
I finally got around to getting the game and i dont really have any complaints so far. Still learning as i go but i wonder if there is a basic game manual. I will have to admit i am not a in depth college fan. i have mostly followed just the big games during the year. I am thinking of picking up Espn's college football encylopedia. So how probation and prestige and all thast kind of stuff works is what i am trying to find out in the game. Not so much the basic rules of football.
But i do have to say it is quite an impressive program for the first version.

Would it be possible for me to have 144 teams in 12 Conferences with 2 divisions each? I would like the highest rated conference champions to play each like they do in the BCS and have the top 4 bowls rotated. I want to have 28 bowls with bowls divided into 4 sections of bowls each with the conference winners playing conference winners, through conference runnerup vs conference runnerup. i dont want a playoff. I like the controversy of Bowls. I want to rotate who the conferences play each year. I dont want to see USC playing in the Rose Bowl every year. is that possible to do?

One other thing though it is a minor thing. Is there a database to input real NFL players names into the game. I dont care about having their accurate NCAA stats just the names. Whatever they do they do. I know i could change it in the player editior but i was wondering if it were possible to be able to keep the players in a database based on the years they played. Like i said i diont care about accuracy because a lot of players never played the same in the NFL but i just thought it might be some fun pretend history for the NFL game when that one comes out. I wouldnt want to import their ratings into the NFL game, i would rather have the real NFL player's stats has ratings. But like i said just to have some more flavor of history. If not its no big deal i just like to see some of the real names that i can remember in college. I aint looking to input every single NFL player or actual college player.

12-18-2006, 07:40 PM
I believe you can have 144 teams. But you'd have to add a bunch of teams, which takes some time. But you probably can find a post here that tells you how to do that. And yeah you can fool with the Bowl Bids to set what conferences play who. I've rearranged the conferences in mine to have 12 in the ACC, SEC and Big 12. and then have 10 in all the other conferences. leaving 3 for the independents (i make them air force, army and navy). Anyways...what i do is have the top 5 teams in a 10-team conference make a bowl game (top 6 for 12-team) and the rest are at-large. You can set up BCS games so that certain conferences will play in certain bowls (except when they're a #1 or #2 obviously). So yeah, you can set it up sorta any way you want it. there are some limits though.

Thats not a bad idea picking up a college football guide of some sort.

But you should be able to find posts related to most of the stuff your asking about. You may have to search for a while (try the archives too). Hopefully i answerd a few questions for you and good luck in doing the NFL players thing.

12-21-2006, 09:45 PM
Thanks for the info. I may go with 10 team 12 conference league. I was thinking about setting all team's prestige to 50. I dont want a team to have a high prestige because they do in real life, i want teams to start off even and earn their prestige.