View Full Version : Lower-level fighters should accept default contract

12-22-2010, 01:45 AM
Originally I thought that all fighters should accept the default offer, but as Adam and the help file explained it to me, I totally get how it works now.

....however, after some play and thought, I still think there's real-world and game-world arguments for fighters a few levels below that of the org taking the default (slightly high-ball) contract offer without haggling. Firstly, 'cause those lower level fighters would be that much more excited to sign/re-sign to a high-level organization than a local/regional show, and secondarily because they might recognize that in such cases my time is worth more to me than their contract terms, and if I'm willing to offer them a higher-than-expected offer it comes with the understanding that they're just supposed to sign it, not because I'm desperate for some guy who's been beating up donkeys in Mexico for the last 4 years to come fight in my prelims. Primarily of course, it would just serve to speed up negotiations for the bottom half of your roster.

Even better/faster would be if lower-level, unemployed fighters were open to negotiations immediately after pressing negotiate, rather than after the waiting period, recognizing the draw a higher-level org would have to an unemployed shlub fighter....but I dunno how complex that would be.