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That Crazy Guy
04-13-2005, 12:03 AM
First of all, This is my re-creation of Mr. Saito's story.. Yes, I updated it back to normal.. But I'm not doing Mr. Saito. So basically, This is the same thing but it's on March, 1984 and Mr. Saito is the MACW Heavyweight Champion.

Second, I'm going to try and get this one going as long as possible, Sorry I've been failing lately.. I'm into the guy at the start but then I just lose all interest.. This didn't happen with Mr. Saito, That stopped because my stupid computer... But hopefully this one will go on A lot longer.

Report on Sabu
Zero everywhere in my point of view, Except the United States of America where Sabu is A big 2 Points! Sabu is supposed to rise sooner or later, Because he's predicted to become at least decently popular. Sabu has said "I will become successful if it takes my life." to A local guy interviewing people on what they want to be/are.

He has A poor spirit, I'd say it'd average around 10..
He has A bad, almost decent Power skill, It'd say it'd be about 33 if I had to judge.
Technique skills are decent, A good 40, My ratings are tough, Aren't they?
He uses his skill of speed the most, I'd say it'd be about 58. He's getting there..
Psychology is worse then his power, A 25. Enough said.
Stamina, Hm.. A good 42.. Not THAT good, But it's alright to last him..
Toughness, An above average 53. I see him as tough as nails, But everyone has their limits.
He can connect with the fans, That's why I give his charisma A 62
Yes, He can connect with the fans.. But on the microphone he just plain SUCKS. 5.
He's rough, He's angry.. He doesn't care! He has A Safety Rating of 38!

World Wrestling Counsel - Tryout
Championship Wrestling Assosiation - Tryout(As Terry Farhat)
Southern World Championship Wrestling - Opener/Verbal Deal

Next up
Today, CWA Tryout for Sabu.. On 1/3/84 begins the shocking story of Sabu.

That Crazy Guy
04-13-2005, 12:30 AM
Tonight I face Lanny Poffo at the Championship Wrestling Assosiation for my tryout.. Simple? Yes. Fun? Yes. Am I being Serious? No. Of course, I'll be going under the name of Terry Farhat, Now, Let's see what I can do.

Terry Farhat Vs. Lanny Poffo
Lanny Poffo started the match off Beating me with A Side Headlock Takedown, But A few moves later and I've already started poking Lanny Poffo with pencil shots! In the leg, in the arm.. I'm Murdering Poffo with A Pencil! Referee soon started warning me.. After the sixth Jab! I threw the pencil to the floor and actually started wrestling, Starting with A suplex. Trapezius Nerve Pinch came after that. After A few seconds of wrestling, Farhat digs into his tights and picks out another Pencil?! My god! A Jab to the throat! Finally A Hammerlock! MY GOD?! A Hammerlock Pencil Jab?! Please STOP. WITH. THE. PENCIL. Terry Farhat finally threw what I hope to be his last pencil out of the ring. Then he hit A Springboard Back Elbow. He left outside to the ropes and then hit A Catapult Somersalt Senton. The match literally started flying when Farhat did great flying moves like A Second Rope Hurricanrana and A Moonsault. A Glittering Magic Knee hit, But only got A two count.. After A few minutes of pure wrestling(No real spots, Just A couple avoiding specials).. Sabu hit A Evenflow DDT.. But that STILL wasn't enough to put Poffo away. Fourteen minutes of A fast paced match came across, 6 Honor Rolls were tried by Lanny Poffo and Terry Farhat tried several times to hit his special move.. Terry has been hit with many running knees and I'm not sure if this can go on any longer! Considering Farhat is busted open by the many knees to the face. At 38 Minutes, Terry slipped out of A Main Event Sleeper and hit A Back Suplex.. I went to the top rope and leaped off for the Flying Somersault Legdrop! And... IT MISSED?! Lanny Poffo covers up Terry after the harsh-landing miss for the One, Two, Three.

Winner: Lanny Poffo(39 Minutes, B- match)

After the match Terry "Sabu" Farhat limped to the back, Then he went to the office of Jerry Jarrett, To find out the best thing possible, or the worst. Jerry Jarrett offered Terry Farhat A verbal deal, Farhat accepted. After that Terry "Sabu" Farhat went home to close the day off.

D. Boon's Ghost
04-13-2005, 07:07 AM
This diary should be really cool. I was a huge fan of The Sheik, so giving Sabu his uncle's last name is a great homage. One of the coolest things about reading this one will be to see how you evolve him. Will he turn straight-up bloodthirsty, like his uncle? Will he become the daredevil everyone came to know and love?
A lot of interesting questions.

Good luck! This one should be much harder than your Saito career, for the simple fact that Sabu is a greenhorn and will require some 'training'.
Tough loss to Leapin' Lanny, but fighing Poffo is an excellent start. I'm sure Lanny passed on some of his knowledge to you - or will do so if you keep meeting him.

I'm looking forward to reading more!

That Crazy Guy
04-13-2005, 11:03 PM
That is quite possibly the best feedback I've ever got, :). I thought nobody would notice that I took Sheik's last name! I did that instead of his "Brunk" last name, Out of respect and coolness. The name is only in CWA, I might use it in SWCW, But right now it's looking like this: Terry Farhat in CWA, Sabu in SWCW and Sabu in WWC.. But you never even know if we'll see A "Golden Sheik" soon! So yeah, Thanks.

I'm getting to A update now, Right after I got home from school I passed out on the couch, then woke up at 8 PM... I watched Spanglish, Now that that's over I must get back to the lovely Sabu diary I worship. :)

Expect an update soon.

That Crazy Guy
04-13-2005, 11:21 PM
Tonight I went over to Mexico, For the Hardcore promotion WWC. It's "Hot Action Night" tonight, So we must, of course, Give them Hot action! Don't get any ideas, "Sabu" faces Miguel Perez Jr., Before the match it was heard that Sabu was talking to Bob Sweetan about how to improve on his microphone skills, Right after that Sabu was ready to rumble.

Miguel Perez Jr. Vs. Sabu
No Rules, Try Out Match-up
Match started off when Sabu hit A Throat Thrust, Sabu then ran off the ropes and came in with A huge headbutt. Trapezius Nerve Pinch! After that Sabu kicked Miguel and then He waited for Miguel to stand up, Miguel got up and caught Sabu with A surprise when he hit A Side Headlock! No! Sabu slips out. Sabu stabbed Miguel with A Pencil out of no where! Wow, Is there going to be A Pencil envolved with everyone of Sabu's matches? Sabu tries to pick up Miguel but gets hit with A punch, Then an Irish whip.. Miguel went for an Eye Gouge but Sabu ducked it and hit A Pencil Jab to the arm! The next few minutes were basicly Sabu out-wrestling Miguel Parez Jr.. But right after that A Catapult Somersalt Senton Bomb! Then Perez avoided A Flip Legdrop, Picked him up and gave him A bunch of brawling.. You know, A Irish whip, A Punch, A Flying Standing Elbow Smash what is avoided by Sabu? Sabu left the ring to hit another Catapult Somersalt Senton but he missed, Perez Picked up Sabu and put him in A side headlock, But Sabu slipped out. Sabu hit A Back Suplex, climbed to the rope and leaped off with A Half Senton! It misses! Perez hit A Few Handstand Knee smashes to Perez' arm. In A few seconds Sabu would be jabbing Miguel in the neck with A Pencil! Sabu went off the ropes and hit A Springboard Back Elbow, A Slingshot Legdrop and then A Flip Legdrop. Perez Jr. blocked A Rolling Hammerlock, and then avoided the Glittering Magic Knee... Sabu turned around to A unexpected Face Crusher that got the win for Perez!

Winner: Miguel Perez Jr.(C+, 11 Minutes)

After the match Sabu sat up and he was plainly pissed off, Sabu walked to the back to discover his fate in Mexico.. Walking with his head down in shame that he lost to Miguel Perez Jr. in only Eleven minutes.

Sabu figured out that he'd be A simple Enhancement Talent for the WWC, For 20$ Per Appearance, It's A One Year Verbal Contract.. Isn't that nice? Sabu left the arena with A half-satisfied feeling... Still frustrated about the loss.

That Crazy Guy
04-13-2005, 11:29 PM
Sabu went home and noticed that he had to act quickly, He had to do 34 Shows this month and most of them were on the same day! He had to cut one, He thought about this.. Does he really want to be A Sports Entertainment guy? CWA Is Sports Entertainment while SWCW and WWC were Hardcore-Based promotions.. Sabu thought about this before the night was over, and then he handed in his released for CWA, But that won't be the end of Terry Farhat, He wanted to use the name.. Just he couldn't use it there anymore! But then he had A few other ideas, He asked his agent, and he put up A few ideas.. This is to decide what Sabu will be known as in America!

A) The Golden Sheik
B) Terry Farhat
C) Sabu
D) Terry Brunk
E) Satan
F) King Hardcore

Now, Sabu thought over the ideas.. He was showing up in SWCW tomorrow and he needed A name quickly!
(Interaction time! Vote for the one you want Sabu to be called most in the USA. :))

D. Boon's Ghost
04-14-2005, 07:49 AM
I vote for Golden Sheik; awesome name.

04-14-2005, 08:20 AM
I'll second The Golden Sheik! :)

04-14-2005, 08:43 AM
Yes, Golden Sheik is a good choice

04-14-2005, 01:35 PM
Golden Sheik
For sure.

That Crazy Guy
04-14-2005, 03:17 PM
Tonight Terry "Sabu AKA Golden Sheik" Brunk went to SWCW's show.. Brunk found out that he'd be facing Ken Mantell.. Terry was excited for the match as he got ready in his locker room.. He passed the locker room without talking to anyone, To the ring to begin his match(as Golden Sheik).

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ken Mantell
The Sheik failed to Impress, But at the beginning he was good.. Getting out his Pencil and murdering Ken Mantell with 4 Hits of the Pencil! Mantell then hit A Punch and put Sheik in A Front Facelock, Sheik still had the pencil in hand so he jabbed Ken in the arm twice with the pencil and then once in the leg! Mantell knocked Sheik down and hit A Stomp, Elbow Drop and Stomp-- Wait! No! The Third Move(Stomp #2) Misses! Mantell avoided an Eye Gouge and then gave Sheik A good Kick to the Gut and then A Front Facelock. After A few minutes, Mantell avoided A Flip Legdrop, and then Mantell locked in the Boston Crab.. Sabu held in there for awhile, in pain.. and then he finally tapped out for an EASY 10 minute horrible match.. What A way to debut your new character, Eh?

Winner: Ken Mantell(D, 10 Minutes)

Sheik stood up and stared at the referee in anger.. he didn't do anything, Though. The Golden Sheik left the ring in anger as Ken Mantell was celebrating his victory.

Sheik/Sabu/Terry then left for Mexico, Where he'd be on Television tomorrow..

That Crazy Guy
04-14-2005, 03:29 PM
Sabu went to the arena to find out that he'd be going head to head with Tonga John. Sabu was thrilled, I mean wouldn't you love to face A retard wrestler who can't pull off any move but A punch? Sabu just didn't like it. He got ready for his match and then he left for the ring, for his Television Debut.

Sabu missed something though.. When he was on his way to the ring he found out that he'd be in the first ever "First Blood Match" by workers in the back! Sabu smirked as he enjoys blood, Obviously! As he walked down to the ring quicker then ever.

Sabu Vs. Tonga John
Sabu was blood-thirsty with many constant headbutts on Tonga John, Put it all turned around with that one Running Clothesline. After that Tonga John started man-handling Sabu, Sabu hasn't shown any chance of winning.. He's starting to be "Just another Enhancement Talent"! Sabu hit A Hammerlock Back Bomb and then A leash of Bionic Elbows.. Tonga John busted Sabu open right there and then.. In Seven Minutes. What A way to debut A New fantastic Match! Notice the Sarcasm there.

Winner: Tonga John(C Match, 7 Minutes)

Sabu was angry at himself and his 0-4 record. Sabu had to get to the USA by tomorrow, He has to get to Texas for SWCW's show.. Sabu left immediately, Even though he was more angry then ever!

That Crazy Guy
04-14-2005, 03:56 PM
Sabu went to SWCW in Texas and found out that he'd be teaming with Chick Donavon and he'll be facing Kelly Kiniski and Ken Mantell. Sabu would be wrestling as The Golden Sheik, Tonight in A Elimination Tag Team Match.

The Golden Sheik and Chick Donavon Vs. Kelly Kiniski and Ken Mantell
This match had too many moves too write them all down, So I'll simply write out the highlights of tonights match! Sheik weakened down both Kelly Kiniski and Ken Mantell, There was no point of Sheik of tagging out because he was out of it, To.. Kelly and Ken were both weak, But strong enough that Mantell could hit A Leaping Piledriver and get the three count on the Golden Sheik, Eliminating him from the match, and then there was Chick Donavon! He just went in there and start brutally beating down what was left of Ken Mantell.. He threw Ken Mantell out of the ring and followed, Then he picked up A Steel Chair and locked in A Chair Chokeout, Donavon dropped the chair, Rolled Ken Mantell in and covered him for the three count in less then five minutes because of what Sheik did to them! Then all in the final ten minutes the referee was out for most of it, Donavon hit A Headclaw and A Rolls of the Quarters punch, But yet.. No Referee! Donavon then hit A Running Powerslam.. NO REFEREE! Donavon hit in another Head Claw and the referee was still out, He hit another Running Powerslam and the referee still didn't wake up! That was enough, Donavon woke up the referee, Nailed A Brass Knuckles Punch and won the match there and then.

Winners: The Golden Sheik and Chick Donavon(B-, 30 Minutes)

After the match The Golden Sheik came back in the ring and celebrated with Chick Donavon, They both did half the work.. It was just Donavon that did the last part of it. This would mark Sheik's first win..

After the celebration Sheik left the ring, and the arena.. Because tomorrow he'd have another match! At the Bayamon Stadium Show... Atleast Sheik would go there with A win behind him!

That Crazy Guy
04-14-2005, 04:01 PM
Sabu went to Mexico and found out that he had no match for the show, Sabu stayed in Mexico with disappointment.. As he got ready for Hot Action Night on Tuesday.

That Crazy Guy
04-14-2005, 04:15 PM
(Opps, I said I did A rematch with King Tonga.. When I never faced him before.. I got mixed with Tonga John and King Tonga! :D)

Sabu went to Hot Action Night and found out that he'd get his match with King Tonga, A Normal WWC match but with A Falls Count Anywhere rule inside of it. He was ready to get A Good beating on King Tonga.. Will he? He doesn't even know. Sabu left to the ring for his match with the mid-sized crowd just watching over him with barely any reaction.

Sabu Vs. King Tonga
This was one of Sabu's best matches yet, The outcome might not've been the best, But he completely KILLED King Tonga threwout the match. Chairshot by Chairshot, The match started with Sabu's Hammerlock, and then Sabu already gets out the Pencil and jabs it into Tonga's arm. Trapezius Nerve Pinch! Sabu applies A Choke hold and then A Stomp.. Sabu is manhandling King Tonga! Later on in the match, After A Half Senton and A couple of Choke Holds.. He also hit About 4 Pencil Jabs to the neck/head area.. He busted King Tonga open with A Bite to His Forehead! Sabu was honestly Mr. Amazing tonight, But it all came to A end sooner then later when Sabu's stamina came in as his weakness, Sabu hit A Throat Thrust, and then he went for another bite to the forehead but it was countered with A Forearm Blow. Sabu then got hit with A Leaping Piledriver.. That's when King Tonga sealed the match shut with A Pinfall for the win.

Winner: King Tonga(C+, 13 Minutes)

Sabu left the ring disappointed. But was SO satisfied that he had to go back to America... Feel the Sarcasm.. All this moving around for A simple damn 20$ Per Match contract with two small promotions.. This is how his uncle did it.. He hopes.

He's gained 80$ in total, at this point he'll be broke in 5 Months.. Unless he can get A bigger contract by then.

Sabu left for America, Very angry that he let that one slip.

That Crazy Guy
04-14-2005, 04:29 PM
The Golden Sheik went to the SWCW show, and found out that Chick Donavon was facing Ken Mantell and he was facing Kelly Kiniski. Very interesting, Eh? A Basic SWCW match, No Rules, Pinfall in the ring only.

Sheik left for the ring, Hoping that he can get his first singles win.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Kelly Kiniski
The match started off with A European Uppercut, A Choke Hold and then A Stomp by Sheik! Highlights of the match were 3 Pencil Jabs to Kelly Kiniski's neck! Trapezius Nerve Pinch was also A great move! Sheik hit A Backbreaker and then he hit A stomp. For the next few minutes the match went back and fourth, This has been A great match so far! I'd say it's the Golden Sheik's best performance yet, As he's finally put Kelly Kiniski in Full Pain(Danger)! Sheik threw Kiniski over the top rope, and then he hit A Glittering Magic Knee! No! That was avoided! Sheik broke A Double Underhook Suplex, and then he put Kiniski for the Evenflow DDT, He might actually get his win! NO! DAMN IT NO! Kiniski slipped out and hit A Full Nelson Suplex quicker then Sheik could fall to the floor! NO! NO! NO! I was really cheering for Sheik here... Kelly rolls Sheik in the ring and pins him for the one, two, three... DAMN IT SHEIK WAS SO CLOSE!

Winner: Kelly Kiniski(B- Match, 17 Minutes)

This was it for Sheik, he's officially gone crazy.. He stood up with A crazed look in his eye.. He grabbed the referee and whipped him over the top rope.. Sheik then stood there and started to scream stuff the fans couldn't understand at them.. Sheik screamed as loud as he could.. He kicked Kiniski in the face before he left the ring in pure anger..

That Crazy Guy
04-14-2005, 04:55 PM
Sabu went to WWC's Television taping to find out that he'd quite possibly be in his biggest match yet, King Tonga Vs. Sabu II - Steel Cage Match! Sabu loved the cage.. It was A place where he could use the cage to do his sadistic moves, Grind his opponents head against it.. Or even use it for A High-Flying match! Sabu was ready to get his revenge, and put King Tonga in Injury for the rest of his life!

King Tonga Vs. Sabu
Steel Cage Match-up
Sabu officially killed King Tonga, Sabu hit A Backbreaker and then waited for Tonga to stand up.. Sabu ran Tonga into the cage and then he tried to pick up Tonga, But Tonga then hit A Headbutt/Knee Drop combo. Sabu then stabbed King Tonga in the Knee with A Pencil! Tonga tried to run Sabu into the cage wall but Sabu reversed and did it to Tonga! Sabu waited for Tonga to stand up and then threw Tonga into the cage wall! He did the same thing again, Yes, He ran Tonga into the cage wall! Sabu then hit A Flip Legdrop. Sabu ran King Tonga into the cage, Climbed to the top rope and delivered A Second Rope Rana! Sabu jabs Tonga in the head with A pencil and then hit A Flip Legdrop. After A few minutes of some more Sabu-beating-on-the-big-slug-King-Tonga. Sabu hit A Evenflow DDT on King Tonga! Yes, The cage was half the offense.. and after the offense was A success, Sabu delivered his Special Move when the time was right! Sabu then escaped the cage as he then screamed out in satisfaction.. He had his revenge on Mexican Television!

Winner: Sabu(C+, 10 Minutes)

After the match Sabu left to the back.. Celebrating his whole way there! King Tonga has beat him in A First Blood Match, But Sabu dominated him in the cage!(Sabu ended the match with "High", He ended with "Danger). Sabu left for Texas, As he'll be the Golden Sheik in SWCW!

That Crazy Guy
04-14-2005, 05:17 PM
The Golden Sheik didn't have A match Saturday.. Sadly. He left Texas for Mexico's Hot Action Night. Sabu is ready for A great match.. If he'll even get one!

That Crazy Guy
04-16-2005, 11:28 AM
Sabu found out that he'd be facing Tonga John. Well, It's been like this.. Tonga John beat him, King Tonga beat him, Sabu beat King Tonga... So the pattern is only right if Sabu beats Tonga John!

Sabu went out for this Cage Match, Ready for everything.

Sabu Vs. Tonga John
Cage Match
What A short match this was, Sabu started it off with A hammerlock, Tonga got out of it and punched Sabu in the face. Tonga then hit A clothesline... For long, Tonga John was dominating Sabu.. But Sabu was getting in enough damage to hurt Tonga John. Soon, The ending was obvious.. Sabu couldn't hit Tonga John... So it finished when Tonga did his new combo. Elbow Drop, Rear Chinlock, Leg Drop, Double Stomp, Bionic Elbows and then A Leaping Piledriver, Then Tonga John left the ring, and the cage in satisfaction.

Winner: Tonga John

Sabu went to the back frustrated after he climbed out of the cage.. Getting ready for Thursday Night, Where he'd be on "SWCW on Tour!"... Yippee! What A great thing... Another Match! Feel the sarcasm..

That Crazy Guy
04-17-2005, 11:33 PM
Terry Brunk went to the arena to find out he'd be facing Ken Mantell, Obviously he'd be in his Golden Sheik character.. Sabu got ready for his match and then he went out, To give A Hell Of A Match to the fans!

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ken Mantell
Hardcore Match-up
This match looked pretty nice since that start, At the beginning Ken irish whipped Sheik and he knocked out the referee! Mantell then hit A dropkick, Then he went for A Snapmare Takedown but The Golden Sheik slipped out. Sheik then jabbed Ken Mantell in the leg with that god damned pencil! Sheik went for the stomp, But it was avoided! After about Fifthteen minutes of brawling and A Few high spots, Like One Half Senton.. Anyways, He hit the Evenflow DDT, The rest was simple, He pinned him, Yeah, you know.. One, Two, KICK OUT?! Mantell blocked another Evenflow, Sheik then poked him in the eye and then started biting Ken Mantell! He's biting him! Soon Sheik backed off and Ken Mantell slowly got up, Amazed that Sheik.. actually bit him! Ken Mantell got on one knee and he raised his head only to see Sheik coming towards him at an alarming rate! GLITTERING MAGICIAN KNEE! THE SECOND SPECIAL MOVE! One, Two, Three! It's over! The Sheik ends the streak here and now!

Winner: The Golden Sheik

The Golden Sheik then left the ring to A smile, He rated that A B- Performance.. Not perfect, But good enough! The Golden Sheik got to the back, got ready and left the arena.. Satisfied and ready to celebrate!

D. Boon's Ghost
04-18-2005, 09:09 AM
Wahoo! The Golden Sheik will now have the confidence to pencil gouge everyone in his path! Ken Mantell didn't stand a chance.

Seriously, congrats on this very promising career. You are doing a great job with Sheik Jr. ;)

That Crazy Guy
04-19-2005, 09:56 PM
Friday, Week 3 March 1984
Instead of wasting his energy flying back to Mexico, He stayed in the United States and got ready for SWCW's Pre-Taped Friday Show. He went to the arena, After A long days rest. Then he found out that he'd have no match.

That pissed him off A bit.

Saturday, Week 3 March 1984
"The Golden Sheik" went to the arena and he found out that he'd be facing Ken Mantell again, This time, In A Steel Cage Match-up. Sheik Smirked, He thought, Tonight, in "SWCW Takes Texas".. He'd be facing the guy he beat just A few days ago, Ken Mantell in A Steel Cage Match

Ken Mantell Vs. The Golden Sheik
Cage Match
You will not BELIEVE how simple this was, It was over in less then eight minutes! The match started with The Golden Sheik slipping out of A cage smash attempt, and running Ken into the cage! Sheik picked him up again, And then threw him into the cage again! He kept doing that twice more until Ken Mantell took the lead, He Hit an Arm Drag! Oh god this is so short, So I'll just cut to the end instead of writing out the whole match.. I can't bare the shortness!, Sheik hit A Back Suplex, and then he went for A Flip Legdrop but it was avoided! Sheik broke out of the Inside Toe Hold, and then he got out the pencil! Pencil Jab to the Forehead! Sheik went for A bite to the forehead but it was reversed into A side headlock, Then Ken Mantell moved to A Arm Wringer but Sheik slipped out of it and hit A Back Suplex! Flip Legdrop by Sheik! Glittering Magician Knee! Sheik climbs out of the cage, Leaving Ken Mantell there like A piece of garbage!

Winner: The Golden Sheik(C Match, 8 Minutes)

The Golden Sheik left with A smile on his face as Ken Mantell lifted his head, Watching Sheik leave the arena in anger. The Golden Sheik then got ready for ole' Mexico again..

D. Boon's Ghost
04-20-2005, 08:55 AM
Aha! A squash in a cage; gotta love it.
As you are mauling the guy with pencil jabs and bites, Mantell counters with the dreaded Arm Wringer of Doom!!!
That'll teach him. :)

That Crazy Guy
04-20-2005, 05:44 PM
WWC's Hot Action Night! Terry "Golden Sheik" "Sabu" Brunk, Would be facing Hiroshi Hase as Sabu, Sabu smirked, He'd then leave to the ring for this Hardcore rules match up.

Sabu Vs. Hiroshi Hase
Sabu started it off with A Hammerlock Drive, then he went for A Shoulder Ram but he missed, Hiroshi then climbed to the top rope.. He went for A second rope dropkick but Sabu luckily doged it at the last second. Sabu locked in A Choke hold, and then he awaited Hiroshi to stand up so he could jam the pencil into Hiroshi's arm! Sabu then hit A Backbreaker, Sabu then hit two pencil jabs into the arm! Sabu went to bite Hiroshi but it ended up with Sabu getting the back of Hiroshi's Fist! Hase hit another Back Fist, After Hiroshi dominating me in A few ground moves, Sabu hit A back suplex. Pencil Jab to the throat! Pencil Jab to the Head after that! Another Jab to the Head! Hiroshi has collapsed to the ground in pain! He stands up, Turns around and gets jabbed in the throat again! Spinning Back Suplex by Sabu! But in only 2 Minutes it's ended up with Sabu in the Boston Crab! Sabu is going to submit! No! He gets out of it! Sabu hits another Jab to the throat in desperation! Eye Gouge! No! It's avoided.. Hiroshi runs Sabu off the ropes, Referee is knocked out! Hase hits the Sidewalk Slam! Hase goes for the Crab but Sabu slips out! Sabu hits the Springboard Back Elbow, GLITTERING MAGICIAN KNEE COMING UP! NO! NO! In Seconds it turns to Hiroshi's momentum as he hits A Double Underhook Suplex! Then in another few minutes Sabu hits another Back Suplex! Sabu climbs to the top rope.. SOMERSALT LEGDROP! YES! HE FINALLY HITS THE SPECIAL MOVE! DAMN IT! No Referee! Sabu went for the Glittering Magician Knee, But it was avoided. Hiroshi goes for the Urinage Slam! He hits it! The referee wakes up! No! Not like this! One, Two, Three! DAMN IT NO! Sabu had that won when he hit the Somersalt Legdrop! DAMN THAT REFEREE!

Winner: Sabu(17 Minutes, B+ Match)

Sabu was so frustrated he went over to the referee and punched him out, Sabu screamed in anger.. He had won that! He really did! Sabu rushed to the back in anger, That damned referee! Sabu stormed off to America, Where he hopes his luck will be better!

That Crazy Guy
04-23-2005, 01:07 PM
The Golden Sheik did some thinking, and he phoned SWCW and asked them if he could make up A quick team, He asked for "Heart Break Pain" with Shawn Michaels, Michaels, Liked the name.. It was new, and original.. Sheik smirked to the idea, and then he went to SWCW's Show and he found out that Heart Break Pain would be facing Earthquake and Scott Casey.

Heart Break Pain Vs. Earthquake and Scott Casey
The match started off with The Golden Sheik and Earthquake, Sheik quickly went into offense when he locked Earthquake in A Hammerlock. Sheik then jabbed Quake in the arm with A pencil! To the leg! Sheik climed to the top, waited for Earthquake and then hit A Flying Knife Edge Chop! Earthquake then gets some offense in, and he hits A Forearm to the Back of the head! Sheik slipped out of A backbreaker and then hit Quake with A Pencil Jab to the leg again! Quake holds in A long chokehold! Sheik then picks Earthquake up, Taunts to the fans and then bites Earthquake! He's biting him! Earthquake then quickly tags out. After Scott Casey laying A beating on Sheik, He tags in Shawn Michaels! After A long time of Michaels going all out on Casey, He tags in Earthquake! Earthquake comes in, lays A beating on Michaels and hits A Big Splash! One, Two, Kick Out! Michaels then tagged Sheik in, Sheik and Earthquake did A large battle, But it ended up with Earthquake hitting A Big Splash! One, Two, Thr--KICK OUT! Sheik then stood up, and got A large Samoan Drop! One, Two, Three! Earthquake and Scott Casey won!

Winners: Earthquake and Scott Casey

After the match Sheik got up, and Michaels entered the ring.. They gave each other A high five and then they left the ring, Angry that they lost this match.

That Crazy Guy
04-23-2005, 01:27 PM
Sabu went to the SWCW Television Taping instead of WWC's, He found out that he'd be in the Pre-Main Event, Against Ken Mantell.. And his partner, Shawn Michaels will be in the Main Event facing Bob Sweetan, Yes, The WWC Heavyweight Champion is in SWCW's Main Event tonight, Instead of going to the WWC tapings! The Golden Sheik left off to face Ken Mantell.. Yet.. Again..

On his way to the ring, He found out it'd be A "Tables Match"!

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ken Mantell
This showed that The Golden Sheik is the new king of Pain! Sheik got THREE Boston Crabs and TWO Leaping Piledrivers and he still kept going! He never gave up! He STILL Jabbed Mantell with A pencil, and even though Mantell hit 5 Finishing Moves, Sheik hit none! It was near the end, Mantell went for another Leaping Piledriver but The Golden Sheik broke it! YES! Sheik hit an Eye Gouge! He puts him under his arms.. EVENFLOW DDT! YES! THE SHEIK HITS HIS SPECIAL MOVE! FINALLY! THE EVENFLOW DDT CONNECTS! The Golden Sheik then left the ring and slid in A table, He stayed out there A second, trying to catch his breathe.. He then tried to roll inside the ring but Ken Mantell fought back! He locked him into the Single Legged Boston Crab! Sheik is going to need an ambulance to take him to the back! Ken Mantell goes to grab his other leg to put him in the Full Boston Crab but Sheik breaks him off! Sheik runs up as fast as he can and with all his strength he picks him up with A BACK SUPLEX! A BACK SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! THE GOLDEN SHEIK HAS WON THE MATCH! MY GOD! SHEIK OR MANTELL AREN'T MOVING!

Winner: The Golden Sheik

The Sheik couldn't move, After A B match and 28 Minutes of being destroyed, He actually pulled out the victory.. Sheik just layed there until he had the strength to stand up, He was given an ovation for his performance and A few boos to encourage his Heel Character, The Golden Sheik then left the ring and limped his way to the back, Where Sheik would watch his partner Shawn Michaels lose to Bob Sweetan!

That Crazy Guy
04-23-2005, 01:46 PM
Tonight is Sheik's 3rd day in A row he's worked straight for SWCW, He'd be teaming with Shawn Michaels as Heart Break Pain again and they'd be facing Ken Mantell in A Handicapped Match. The Golden Sheik and Shawn Michaels were very excited for this match, They're going to Kill Mantell!

Heart Break Pain Vs. Ken Mantell
As predicted, This was A squash. It started with Sheik and Mantell, He started wrecking Ken Mantell, But soon they were both weakened to the bone, after A pencil jab to the head, an attempted Boston Crab and so many moves being thrown at each other... The Golden Sheik tagged in the Fresh Shawn Michaels.. Ken Mantell was weak, But he could lock in A Front Facelock on Michaels! Mantell then hit A forearm blow, Then he hit a Side Headlock! Mantell hit A Punch and then he hit Knee Drop on Shawn Michaels! Then things turned around when Shawn Michaels avoided A Elbow Drop! He hit A Seated Back Dropkick! Then he hit A Triple Forearm Blow! Michaels then threw Ken Mantell over the top rope! This is A No-Holds Barred Match! Shawn Michaels climbed to the top rope and waited Ken Mantell to stand up, When he did.. Shawn Michaels leaped off and hit A Flying Body Press! Shawn Michaels rolled Mantell into the ring and simply pinned what was left of Mantell!

Winners: Heart Break Pain

The Golden Sheik came into the ring and hive fived Shawn Michaels, They then taunted the fans as they booed them.. Sheik even started screaming some arabian stuff.. After that The Golden Sheik and Shawn Michaels left the ring with huge smirks on their faces!

That Crazy Guy
04-23-2005, 02:09 PM
(Here ya'll go.. I really think I'm going to go far with this one!)
March is Over!
Yes, It's true.. and here's A little news:
Jonathon Boyd has agreed to manage The Golden Sheik now, This was an agreement that will put Sheik ahead of everyone, Having the Head Booker on your side will mean he wants to be in the spotlight, To.. That'll mean he'll put Sheik in head of the card so he can get spotlight! That's what Sheik hopes.. Actually!

Sabu is only growing in the United States, What makes him ask himself why he's even in Mexico.. He actually just quit World Wrestling Counsel because the lack of push he's getting on the card.

Terry Brunk has grown in these places..

His Overness is about 12 now in the United States, That's 10+ in one month.. Soon he'll be Main Eventing WWF at this speed! Great job Sabu/Sheik/Brunk! He's grown to four in Mexico, What is sad because of the amount of showings he made there.

He gained 9 Spirit, It's now at 19. He gained Three Technique, He is now at 43. He gained 1 Speed, He is now at 59. He gained 18 Psychology, He is now at 43. He gained 3 toughness, He is now at 56.

Sabu is planning to go to Mid-South Wrestling or World Class Championship Wrestling when he's able to be accepted. He wants to play as The Sheik character at either one.

Heart Break Pain has been renamed to King Killers. The Golden Sheik has turned Shawn Michaels blood-thirsty, So this was the most preferred name.

Terry is going to get in WWF easily, Due to his Uncle.. He'll just go in smoothly.

Jimmy Valiant has also beat Mr. Saito for the NWA Heavyweight Championship, Congrats to Valiant for beating his big foe Mr. Saito in A great match.

That's it for March, Welcome to April!

That Crazy Guy
04-24-2005, 10:02 PM
Tonight The Golden Sheik and Shawn Michaels as King Killers, Of course.. Would face Kelly Kiniski and Larry Cameron. It'd be A Hardcore Tag Team Elimination Match. The Golden Sheik smirked, This would be "his" match. A Normal SWCW match just with Falls Count Anywhere.. Shawn Michaels and The Golden Sheik left out to the ring, Excited for the match.

King Killers Vs. Larry Cameron and Kelly Kiniski
This was destined to be A great match, Kelly Kiniski and Shawn Michaels started off the match. Michaels applied an Arm Wringer, But in seconds Kiniski was in charge with A Single Leg Trip. Alright, Let's skip to the interesting parts of the match! I honestly loved Sheik killing out Larry Cameron for his size. With Pencil Jabs, Bites and Eye Gouges it was only near the ending for him where he'd be busted open. The Golden Sheik tagged in Shawn Michaels and then they started fighting for awhile... I liked when Larry Cameron got hit with A Slingshot Splash and then A Slingshot Legdrop. Then he tagged in The Golden Sheik and he hit A Catapult Somersalt Senton Bomb! The Golden Sheik went for the Evenflow seconds later but it was Blocked, He then jabbed Larry Cameron with A pencil in the head. Right after that he hit the Glittering Magician Knee! Right after that The Golden Sheik pinned Larry Cameron.

Eliminated: Larry Cameron

After A few minutes of fighting, The Golden Sheik slipped out of A Side Suplex by Kelly Kiniski then he tagged in Michaels, Kelly didn't notice it and then Sheik ran out of the ring. Kelly turned around and got hit with the Sweet Chin Music as Shawn Michaels first move in! Shawn Michaels then got the pin for the win!

Eliminated: Kelly Kiniski
Winners: King Killers

After that The Golden Sheik and Shawn Michaels left the ring with smiles on their face, They know they have a future together.. King Killers WILL become Tag Champions if it kills them.

That Crazy Guy
04-24-2005, 11:06 PM
Tonight The Golden Sheik would face Ninja Warrior. This is A great chance to prove himself.. Since Ninja Warrior is so much higher up the card.

Ninja Warrior Vs. The Golden Sheik
A Short but good match. By the start you'd know that Sheik would be losing the the Ninja Warrior, Who is on A winning streak. Biggest moves were three pencil jabs and A Slingshot Legdrop all by The Golden Sheik. But Ninja Warrior was hitting enough small moves to kill The Golden Sheik. Then Ninja finished him with A Wakigatame Armbar for the win.

Winner: Ninja Warrior

After the match Sheik got right up.. He looked at Ninja Warrior as he walked out of the ring and to the back, It'd be A 13 Minute C+ match.. Interesting! The Golden Sheik left the ring so he can fight another day.

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 11:49 AM
Page three!

Tonight, King Killers will face Larry Cameron in A Two-on-One Handicapped match, SWCW's Booking really does like this team! Me and Shawn Michaels left out to the ring, Ready for anything Larry Cameron can give us.

King Killers Vs. Larry Cameron
Elimination Rules
A good match, It started off with Michaels and Lethal Larry. Larry hit A Kick to the gut but things turned for the worse, Shawn Michaels started to mat wrestler him, Hit elbow drops and keep him on the ground. But soon Shawn Michaels was slowly getting weakened, and then it turned. Larry started bashing Michaels with tears to the face and more offense to him, Soon Shawn Michaels was defense-less while Larry still had "Half A tank" left in him. So soon, Before Michaels was eliminated he tagged in Sheik, He got enough time after he hit A Hammerlock! After A few minutes of Pencil Jabs and Wrestling, The Golden Sheik hit the GMK.. The Glittering Magician Knee. He then covered up Cameron for the One, Two, Thr-KICK OUT?! Soon they kept fighting back and forth, and both were defense-less!(All men were in Danger). Larry got busted open by A Pencil Shot to the head, But when he took control he hit A Low Blow.. But then he checked his head for the blood.. He got A little dizzy and took his time.. But Sheik got up, Kicked him in the stomach and went for the Evenflow! No! He's not moving! The Golden Sheik then turned the Evenflow into A Front Facelock, Soon Cameron got so tired that he wasn't expected The Golden Sheik to fall down to an EVENFLOW DDT! One, Two, Three! King Killers win!

Winners: King Killers

After the match The Golden Sheik and Shawn Michaels left the ring with smirks on their faces, Soon they disappeared to the back as they smiled the whole way there.. After beating out A Bigger man in A Two-on-One match.. They should be proud!

D. Boon's Ghost
04-27-2005, 12:02 PM
Having Lord Jonathan manage the upstart Golden Sheik is a very good selection. Granted, it's about one of the only managerial selections in Blanchard's slice of Texas (heh), but being a part of Boyd's Commonwealth Army is an honor.

* It's kind of too bad we are unable to have stables, as Boyd without the Sheepherders is noodle nuts. :) Plus, imagine being in a stable with those maniacs!

I'm also impressed with your teaming with Michaels. I'm sure that the combination of the two must be fun to play.
Speaking of... are you having fun with this, Dwight? Your write-ups seem to get across that you are.

Go, Golden Sheik!
Invest in more pencils and try to learn that fireball trick from your uncle! :)

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 12:13 PM
The Fireball you speak of? *Strokes Chin, and can easily press "Add Move" and use it..*
I'm actually having A lot of fun with this, I'm smiling the whole time while writing it, Plus, The Golden Sheik is gaining on skills RAPIDLY. I can do many more specials now.. Like Suastica Stretch, Running Lyger Bomb, Tear Drop Suplex, Kamikaze Crash, Hennig-Plex and about 20 more specials, I kind of wonder why I use the Evenflow!

Boyd was A good choice, I S'pose.

Either way, You just reminded me to check my movelists.. Since I can do more moves, Expect A little change in the moves you see by Mr. Sheik!


(I.E. I just added the Salto Suplex, Piledriver, Powerbomb, DDT, Tiger Driver.. And I took out the Evenflow and made my own Special. Keep reading and you'll find out what it is!)

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 12:38 PM
I went to the arena and jokingly told Michaels if he needed any help he could ask me, He screamed "We're the same age!".. I laughed A bit and then wished him good luck against Chick Donavon.. Then he said "Yeah, You too.. This time don't lose to Ninja Warrior!". I laughed as I left Michaels to get ready.. Ninja Warrior Vs. The Golden Sheik, Pre-Main Event Pinfall Count anywhere match? Nice. No DQ? Of course, this is SWCW! Now THIS is A place Sheik can debut new moves!

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ninja Warrior
The Golden Sheik didn't even get to try out his new moves, This sad 13 Minute Match was going to go on forever if it didn't end out of no where. This match went back and forth and the key parts about it were A Snap Kick, A Face Tear, A Flip Legdrop, and that's really it. It was basic since the start, Both doing mid-level exciting moves until Ninja Warrior had A little energy left in him, and The Golden Sheik didn't. Ninja Warrior locked in A Wakigtame Armbar outside to get The Golden Sheik to tap out.. and lose to the Ninja Warrior.

Winner: Ninja Warrior

After the match The Golden Sheik left to his new house, Resolving in Texas now. He then awaited tomorrow where he'd come out to SWCW's show.. again!

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 12:54 PM
Tonight, The Golden Sheik would be Main Eventing the Television Show. He'd be facing Chick Donavon. The Golden Sheik left out there.. To FINALLY debut the new moves he has in store.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Chick Donavon | Tables Match
Now THIS, THIS was A match. A Good match for the time being, That is. The match started off by sheer domination by The Golden Sheik, Beating him down until Chick Donavon took control, Forearm Blows, Bodyslams, You know, Real Wrestling! The match soon goes back and forth, But mostly on The Golden Sheiks side as he dominates Chick Donavon.. Near the end The Golden Sheik jabbed A pencil into Chick Donavon's neck. Then he hit A DDT! Sheik hit A Back Suplex and went for the Golden Knee(Glittering Magician Knee), But it was avoided! Sheik then avoided an Eye Gouge and he hit his own Eye Gouge, WHAT?! WHAT?! THE SHEIK FIREBALL! OUT OF NO WHERE THE GOLDEN SHEIK HIT THE SHEIK FIREBALL! The Golden Sheik goes outside and slides A table into the ring, He rolls in after it. Soon The Golden Sheik hit his new special, The Death Sentence(Sit-Down Inverted Piledriver/Sit Down Tombstone). Donavon is busted open and is being killed! The Golden Sheik then finished what's rest of him with A Back Suplex threw the table!

Winner: The Golden Sheik

The Golden Sheik left the ring to massive boos, This was by far, The proudest he's ever been. Making A C+ in 13 minutes, Debuting Two Specials and almost hitting A new renamed one?! Then he comes out with the win in A Squash?! Hail King Sheik!

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 01:38 PM
Tonight I told Al Madril that I'll soon be taking his tag titles with Shawn Michaels, and then we got in A fight.. He beat me down to A pulp... But atleast I got A hand on him! Now everybody hates me.. EVERYBODY. Even my Manager hates me.. Tonight I face my partner, Shawn Michaels in A Cage Match. This is A BAD day for Sheik!

The Golden Sheik Vs. Shawn Michaels | Steel Cage
Great Match. It started off with The Golden Sheik hitting A Backbreaker, Then Shawn Michaels started to work The Golden Sheik, Hitting him on the ground until he had no respect left. Soon The Golden Sheik took advantage and he started jabbing with pencils and DDT's. Soon Shawn Michaels hit The Golden Sheik with the Salto Suplex and then he began to climb up the cage, But he was caught and then Sheik dragged him down. Sheik hit an Eye Gouge, A DDT and then he went for A Golden Knee but it was avoided. Michaels hit A Triple Forearm Blow. But then Sheik avoided A Legdrop and hit the Golden Knee, After that Sheik climbed over the top of the cage and won the match.

Winner: The Golden Sheik

The Golden Sheik walked down the ramp, Ignoring his partner.. Even though Shawn Michaels didn't dislike him like the other seven guys in the back do. Sheik was just angry anyone would stick up for Al Madril.

D. Boon's Ghost
04-27-2005, 02:12 PM
LOL!! Oh man... what a great diary.

That Donovon match was incredibly cool. I loved the intros of the fireball and the Death Sentence, despite the outrage of all in attendance. ;)

But I see the glory got to his head. :) Getting into a fight with Madril might be doom city. I imagine it was your not scouting him out beforehand, as Madril's Abrasive nature might have scared you off from saying what you did.* Joe Blanchard must have been so angry at you, he immediately punished you with that cage match against Michaels.

*great roleplaying opportunities with that, though.

Super work, Dwight. Thanks for the great reading!

(edit: Word filter ate me! heh)

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 06:28 PM
Tonight Golden Sheik will face Chick Donavon again, I guess he didn't have enough Fireball! Tonight it'd be another Falls Count Anywhere Match, Thereis no rules, But why mention it since SWCW is an All Hardcore Promotion?

Golden Sheik Vs. Chick Donavon
This match was great, Full of Pencil stabs and hard fought battles. The match starts out with Sheik hitting A few Eye Gouges then Jabbing A Pencil into Chick's arm. He then locked in A Choke Hold. After that Chick locked in A Front Facelock and then he hit an Eye Gouge. But lets just skim off to the end of the match; Donavon whipped Sheik into the corner but he hit the referee! Sheik turned around and almost got hit by the Rolls Of Quarter Punch! WHAT?! Out of nowhere The Golden Sheik hits A Fireball! The referee is out cold, So he can't count the pin! Chick avoided A Golden Knee, Then went for A Brass Knuckles Punch, That was avoided, to! Sheik hits an Eye Gouge.. DEATH SENTENCE! There's No Referee! That's Two possible finishes right there! Donavon hits the Brass Knuckles Punch! No God Damn Referee! Sheik slipped out of A Running Powerslam and hit A Back Suplex, The Golden Sheik climbed to the top rope, Prayed before he jumped and then leaped off for A Moonsault! It hits! Donavon comes out of no where with A Leaping Piledriver! Still, There's No referee! The Golden Sheik slips out of A running Powerslam as the referee finally wakes up. Sheik hits A Back Suplex, Golden Knee! No! Sheik then broke A Leaping Piledriver. Donavon slips out of A Backbreaker! This is crazy reversaling! The Golden Sheik blocks an Over the Top Rope Toss. Then he scooped up Donavon out of no where! DEATH SENTENCE! FINALLY! The Referee is counting! One, Two and Three!

Winner: The Golden Sheik

After the match, The Golden Sheik gets on his knee and puts his hands in the air.. He stands up at the sky and his eyes roll to the back of his head, As he prayed to the lord. He then rolled out of the ring and walked to the back, As he's began to freak out the fans.

(Moves added: Messages from Heaven)

D. Boon's Ghost
04-27-2005, 06:52 PM
Stupid ref. Take your naps backstage, Grandpa!! :)

Ah! I had forgotten to suggest the 'Receiving of Messages' Taunt. Good call.
You might even want to think about taking another of 'your' uncle's moves, and swipe the turnbuckle cover series (Untying of..., Removal of..., and Exposed Turnbuckle Smash - the last one being a corner move). It's another good series of roleplaying moves that plays into the 'crazed sheik' character.

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 08:08 PM
(I'll debut them another time, I think I've debuted enough moves.. and because of the new "Corner Pencil Jab to the Eyes".. I think I've filled up on the corner moves!)

Tonight The Golden Sheik would be facing Ed Moretti, The Golden Sheik got ready with A smile on his face, and then he left out to the ring.. Feeling on top of the World. Oh yeah, It'd be A Tables Match.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ed Moretti | Tables Match
The match started off with basic moves, Pencil Jabs to arm, legs, Side Headlocks and so much more. But I'll just skip to the end, Because that's the only interesting part about this match! The Golden Sheik hit A Wrist Tape Choke Down. And then he hit The Golden Knee out of no where! The Golden Sheik left the ring and slid the table inside, He rolled in afterwards and then The Golden Sheik fell onto his knees, He looked up in the sky and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, He was receiving messages from above! Ed Moretti then stood up as The Golden Sheik put him in A DDT position, and he just DDT'd Ed through the table..

Winner: Golden Sheik

After the match The Golden Sheik fell down to the floor as his eyes restored to normal, The crowd were completely scared as The Golden Sheik looked around and then the referee raised his hand, The Golden Sheik then began to smile, He left the ring as he looked up in the air, Thanking the Messages of above.

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 08:45 PM
Tonight I went to SWCW Takes Texas! And then I got ready to face Ed Moretti again. I got ready for my match, and then I left to the ring.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ed Moretti
A Referee came out and then he told something to someone at ringside, The guy at ringside came in the ring with A microphone and he started to talk to the fans.. "I Am sorry, But Ed Moretti has been found injured severely in the back... and he is not medically cleared to wrestle, Nobody knows how this happened.. But either way, The Golden Sheik wins the match by default.". After that The Golden Sheik smirked. He then looked up in the sky and rolled his eyes back. The fans were freaked out as The Golden Sheik was awarded this match.. I guess..

Winner: The Golden Sheik

The Golden Sheik left the ring as I guess the match is awarded to him!

(Sorry, My sister pressed the Auto-Finish thingy before I started the match, I shouldn't have let her on the computer! Atleast I could scene-that-was-not-in-84-out-of-it. Sorry.. I won by the Auto-Finish, So atleast it doesn't effect Sheik much... But his frightening character! :))

04-27-2005, 08:49 PM
I don't know how many times I've heard guys complain that their sister screwed up their game somehow. Keep your sisters away from the computer!!! :D
Enjoyable read, Dwight! Keep it up!

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 10:33 PM
Tonight The Golden Sheik would face Ken Mantell in A Steel Cage Match, Fascinating, Eh?! The Golden Sheik got ready for his match and then he left for the ring, Where he would beat Ken Mantell.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ken Mantell
Sheik started the match off with A Side Headlock, A Headbutt, A Hammerlock and then A Choke Hold. Then.. The match just drifted off into the wonders of the Cage. Flip Legdrops, Ramming into cages, Running Knee to the head of the Golden Sheik and Sheik biting Mantell for Mantell to be busted open! The Golden Sheik then hit another Flip Legdrop, He went for A Flip one, But it was avoided. Ken Mantell climbed the cage and got up to the top, But The Golden Sheik got up quickly.. and leaped in desperation. He grabbed Ken Mantell and dragged him down. Sheik locked Ken Mantell in A Front Facelock and moments later he dropped down to A DDT. Mantell avoided the Golden Knee and then NO! LEAPING PILEDRIVER! Wait.. Sheik blocks it! OUT OF NO WHERE THE SHEIK FIREBALL! A LEAP OF DESPERATION! IT BURNS MANTELL'S FACE! The Golden Sheik is climbing the cage as Ken Mantell is holding his face in agony, The Golden Sheik sits on top of the cage and looks up in the sky, He rolls his eyes back and he receives messages from above! The Golden Sheik then smiled as he climbed down the cage.. Watching Ken Mantell grapple his face in the ring. Soon Golden Sheik touched the floor and the match was awarded to him.

Winner: The Golden Sheik

After the match The Golden Sheik starts to walk down the ramp to boos from the crowd.. The Golden Sheik is laughing his way down the ramp! He's A Sick Freak!

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 11:06 PM
Tonight, The Golden Sheik found out that he wouldn't be booked tonight. So he left the SWCW arena angry that he came ALL the way to the arena for nothing.. Even though he lived near the show.. Either way! He wants his Gas Money back!

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 11:15 PM
Tonight, The Golden Sheik would face Larry Cameron in A Singles Match. Well, Atleast he didn't have to beat Ken Mantell to A pulp again! The Golden Sheik got ready and then he left for the ring, Excited for the match.

Larry Cameron Vs. The Golden Sheik
God, This was the most pathetic attempt of A match I've seen of Sheik.. Isn't he supposed to be.. Good? There's not really much to say but it ended in five minutes. Larry hit A Jumping Standing Head Scissors. Double Stomp. Gorilla Press.. One, Two, Kick out. Larry Cameron locked in the Atlas Bearhug on The Golden Sheik and The Sheik was forced to tap out immediately.

Winner: Larry Cameron

The Golden Sheik then stood up and released what happened.. He had lost in A five minute C Match. The Golden Sheik started ripping hairs out of his head and then he left the ring punching himself.. Soon he went to the back as he was SO angry at himself..

That Crazy Guy
04-27-2005, 11:27 PM
Here ya' go. This is now officially my biggest diary ever.
April is Over!
Shawn Michaels has turned to A Babyface. So that kills all Potential of King Killers. They'll never, Ever become the SWCW Tag Team Champions again.

Terry Brunk has grown in these places..

His Overness is about 12 still in the United States, That's O Overness in one month, The five minute match must've killed off anything he gained! The Golden Sheik hasn't gained any overness anywhere else, Sadly.

He gained 1 Spirit, It's now at 20. He gained 4 Technique, He is now at 47. He gained 1 Speed, He is now at 60. He gained 12 Psychology, He is now at 55. He gained 3 toughness, He is now at 59. He gained 1 Power, He is now at 34. He gained 1 Stamina, He is now at 43. He gained 5 Microphone, He is now at 10.

Congratualations to Wahoo McDaniel, He is the new NWA Heavyweight Champion.
Also great job to Angelo Mosca who is now Half Tag Champion and United States Heavyweight Champion.
Kintaro Oki is the new WWF International Champion.

Now, May is looking to be great.. I hope you'll think that Golden Sheik will be great in May, To! Maybe he can even up himself up the promotions.. Maybe you'll just have to read and find out?

That's it for April, Welcome to May!

D. Boon's Ghost
04-29-2005, 06:42 AM
As a child of May Day, I am rather fond of the month. :) Here's to wishing the Golden Sheik another productive month of dishing out the poundings.

*sputter - outrage - sputter* Wahoo McDaniel beat Harley?? Oh man... it's Doom!! :)
Seriously, that's darned cool. I've yet to see the Big Chief win a major title in any of my games.

Continued Good Luck!

That Crazy Guy
04-29-2005, 04:11 PM
Nope. Jimmy Valiant beat Mr. Saito(I got the Saito data back, But I'm doing this instead.)

And Wahoo beat Jimmy Valiant.

That Crazy Guy
04-30-2005, 06:20 PM
Tonight, The Golden Sheik would face Shawn Michaels. His former Tag Team Partner in A First Blood Match. The Golden Sheik got ready and then he left out for the ring.. Ready to face anything Michaels had for him.

Shawn Michaels Vs. The Golden Sheik | First Blood Match
The match started with The Golden Sheik hitting an Eye Gouge, A Headbutt and then A Backbreaker. The Golden Sheik locked in A Choke Hold for A long time. The Golden Sheik then put Shawn Michaels up for Three Airplane spins. After Michaels started beating down The Golden Sheik for awhile, The Golden Sheik jabbed Michaels three times with the pencil! The referee can't stop it, Though! The Sheik Then hit A DDT, Michaels avoided A Golden Knee and hit A Piledriver. Slingshot Legdrop! Seated Back Dropkick! Charging Basement Dropkick! Michaels is killing The Golden Sheik! The Golden Sheik avoids A Standing Splash and gets up quickly, Michaels gets on his knees and gets A GOLDEN KNEE OUT OF NO WHERE! Michaels isn't busted open yet! The Golden Sheik awaits Shawn Michaels to stand.. DEATH SENTENCE! Still no blood! Sheik awaits Michaels to get up, Eye Gouge! A DEATH SENTENCE AGAIN! Shawn Michaels is busted open at the thirteen minute mark because of that second Death Sentence!

Winner: The Golden Sheik

The Golden Sheik then stood up and looked down at his partner. He really regretted having to beat his ex-partner. The Golden Sheik left the ring, Still keeping his lethal face on as the fans booed him. The Golden Sheik left to the back as Shawn Michaels laid in the ring, Knocked out cold.

(Alright everyone, I NEED HELP!
Should I...
A) Rename myself to Terry Richards, Turn face and Reunite with Shawn Michaels?
B) Keep the Golden Sheik name, Stay Heel and go Solo?
C) Keep the Golden Sheik name, Go Face and team with Shawn Michaels
D) Stay Heel and rename The Golden Sheik to Terry Richards.

Please help, Because there's so many choices!)

D. Boon's Ghost
04-30-2005, 10:03 PM
How much fallout was there from your fight with Al Madril? Did the majority of the roster turn on you, or are you still cool with them?

If you are hated, I'd probably finish out my contract in Southwest as the heel Golden Sheik. Forget that Michaels tag team and chalk it up to the fates messing with you.

Assuming you didn't change his style beforehand, being a Psychopath can limit you. If you are roleplaying it, a pencil-wielding madman just doesn't scream 'Fan Favorite'. :) And your work options are much more limited; Hardcore/Hybrid promotions will hire you in a heartbeat, but everyone else looks at you as a total freak.
On one hand, that's kind of cool, as you will focus on territories that most people wouldn't think about; Australia (WCW), Mexico (WWC), and Canada (all the promotions).
On the other, as a young 'up and comer' you face the dredges of the wrestling world - or other rookies. Because of that, you don't get the overness boosts you deserve to be getting by beating quality opponents.

To sum it up, I think you should stay heel, get in a feud with Michaels, and then make the cretin pay. :)

That Crazy Guy
05-01-2005, 09:54 AM
Today, The Golden Sheik has gained as much popularity as Shawn Michaels. But he's been demoted to A Lower Midcarder, Why? Because he dislikes the booker. But Sheik is planning to leave his seven enemies behind, He's planning to go right to A new promotion; It's just taking him awhile to get there with only SWCW.. He wondered how fast he could've grown if he went to CWA..

The Golden Sheik is facing Shawn Michaels in A Tables match tonight, This is going to be good.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Shawn Michaels
A Good Ten Minute match. It was A very basic match with Choke Holds and Bodyslams until the near end, The Golden Sheik hit A Sommersalt Senton Bomb, The Golden Sheik locks in A Choke Hold and then he picked up Shawn Michaels. Michaels countered A Pencil Jab with A Punch. The Golden Sheik, In less then one minute hit Shawn Michaels with A Death Sentence! Sheik leaves the ring and he rolls the table into the ring. He comes inside, Waits for Shawn Michaels to stand and then he hit A Tiger Driver through the table!

Winner: The Golden Sheik

The Golden Sheik stood up, and above Shawn Michaels he pointed at him and laughed, His eyes then rolled to the back of his head as he glares up to the roof. He then goes back to normal moments later and leaves the ring.

That Crazy Guy
05-03-2005, 01:21 AM
Tonight it appears that G-Sheik will face K-Mantell. But that's not it, Kenny Mantell gets to face the Golden Sheik in A Steel cage! What A pleasure that is.. Considering The Golden Sheik has killed A good amount of people in cages!

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ken Mantell | Cage Match
What can you say for A Ten Minute Squash? The match started with Hammerlocks, Launching into the cage, Choke Holds and way to many Flip Legdrops. Then the match came to the end, The Golden Sheik jabbed Ken Mantell with the pencil right in his head. But in momentum the advantage would shift back and forth. But soon, After A Slip-Out of A Double Arm DDT The Golden Sheik started to receive some more voices, His eyes rolled back as the first move he did was the Death Sentence. Right after that he climbed up the cage, Looked up in the sky.. Prayed to the messenger and then after he was done, He climbed down the cage as Mantell lied there motionless.

Winner: The Golden Sheik

After that C+, Cage Squash.. The Golden Sheik walked to the back. Right when he disappeared from the fans site he smiled. He was feeling sadistic. The Golden Sheik then began laughing as he left the arena.

That Crazy Guy
05-07-2005, 10:46 AM
Tonight is the Third Series of Shawn Michaels Vs. Golden Sheik, Yes, It's another stipulation match! A Normal SWCW Match(No Holds Barred) but with A Falls Count Anywhere add-in. The Golden Sheik talked to Shawn Michaels before their match and they had A Laugh together, Then they both went out to the ring one after the other for A great match

The Golden Sheik Vs. Shawn Michaels | Hardcore Match
A Match that was suprisingly less than fifthteen minutes. Shawn Michaels and Golden Sheik went back and fourth, Until it came near the end with Sheik's Tiger Driver's and Pencil Jabs, To Shawn Michaels failed attempts for A Sweet Chin Music. Shawn Michaels whipped The Golden Sheik into the corner and hit A Corner Knife Edged Chop. He then hit Golden Sheik off the turnbuckle, Yep, It was A Turnbuckle Smash! The Golden Sheik then avoided A Slingshot Legdrop, Stood up, Ran over to the corner.. Stalked Shawn Michaels until Michaels went onto his knees.. The Golden Sheik ran at him, and as-predictable as it was, He hit A Golden Knee for the win.

Winner: The Golden Sheik

C+ in 12 Minutes, Wow, What A Short-Quality Match. The Golden Sheik left to the back, This time he didn't praise his lord or whatever. The Golden Sheik went to the back and got ready for tomorrow, Where he'd be wrestling in SWCW again.

That Crazy Guy
05-07-2005, 10:54 AM
How much fallout was there from your fight with Al Madril? Did the majority of the roster turn on you, or are you still cool with them?

If you are hated, I'd probably finish out my contract in Southwest as the heel Golden Sheik. Forget that Michaels tag team and chalk it up to the fates messing with you.

Assuming you didn't change his style beforehand, being a Psychopath can limit you. If you are roleplaying it, a pencil-wielding madman just doesn't scream 'Fan Favorite'. :) And your work options are much more limited; Hardcore/Hybrid promotions will hire you in a heartbeat, but everyone else looks at you as a total freak.
On one hand, that's kind of cool, as you will focus on territories that most people wouldn't think about; Australia (WCW), Mexico (WWC), and Canada (all the promotions).
On the other, as a young 'up and comer' you face the dredges of the wrestling world - or other rookies. Because of that, you don't get the overness boosts you deserve to be getting by beating quality opponents.

To sum it up, I think you should stay heel, get in a feud with Michaels, and then make the cretin pay. :)
The roster(And my Manager/Head Booker) hates me, Still. But I can't go anywhere due to my style but here. So I'm awaiting until I get over enough to go to WCCW or Another Cult-American Promotion. But because of the roster hating me, I'm 14 Over and I'm stuck as A Lower-Midcarder. Shawn Michaels, is 12 Over and A Midcarder - Refusing to work for me because I'm not "Over enough".

So basically, SWCW is screwing me over.. I can't go anywhere else until CWA wants me back, and I'm just TRYING to get out of there. Will The Golden Sheik make it? Nobody knows! :)

I'm keeping Heel, You're right.. How face can A guy like G-Sheik go? Only if there was an ECW you could be Face!

I really want to work for Canada, But A Cutting Edge and/or Hybrid Promotion doesn't want to hire me. So I'm completely stuck until WWC wants me back, CWA wants me back or I get as big as WCCW.

Let's just see if Golden Sheik can get out of the whole SWCW has put him in! Damn this South West American Wrestling making me angry!

That Crazy Guy
05-07-2005, 11:12 AM
Tonight, The Golden Sheik 'shall face Jim Neidhart in A First Blood match, The only way The Golden Sheik can gain popularity is if this match is GREAT! Because Jim Neidhart is 4 Overness less than him.. God, I hate SWCW booking me against these Low-Overnessed Stars!

The Golden Sheik Vs. Jim Neidhart | First Blood Match
Great Match, The Golden Sheik's Best Match Yet. With A Total of THREE Fireballs and THREE Rolling Hammerlocks, The Golden Sheik was looking to make A better match then to win. He wanted to gain popularity for his great matches because he couldn't for A Squash --- Bad Move. Near the end, The Golden Sheik jabbed Jim Neidhart in the throat with the Pencil, But The Golden Sheik trid to get time for himself.. But it wasn't that great as Jim Neidhart threw Sheik over the top rope, and Sheik landed wrong hitting face first off the apron! The Golden Sheik started bleeding right there as the match ended.. But it was A B Average Match!

Winner: Jim Neidhart

After the match The Golden Sheik left to the back, With blood all over his face. Yet he didn't gain any overness.. But this is something Sheik swears to have, More great matches. Because that is the ONLY Way he'll get out of SWCW.. Project: Talent begins.

That Crazy Guy
05-07-2005, 11:28 AM
Leo Burke has to get ready, Because he'll be facing The Golden Sheik! Non-Stipulated. Thank God! It is A Normal SWCW Match, Though.. So Anything Goes. Well.. I guess here comes Project: Talent!

The Golden Sheik Vs. Leo Burke
Of course, The Golden Sheik went into this match to have A Good Match, Not to win. He hit A Death Sentence, an over the top rope toss.. A Golden Knee.. A Sheik Fireball.. And he REFUSED to pin Leo! In the end Leo hit A Corner Forearm Fury, and then he locked in A Full Nelson Clutch, The Golden Sheik refused to tap, He wanted more than another B Match! He kept refusing to tap.. But soon it was enough pain to knock him out cold. The referee called for the bell as Leo Burke won by "Knock Out Submission".

Winner: Leo Burke

After the match The Golden Sheik just laid there.. Thinking if this is going to work. He's not sure, Though. I mean, If A Twenty-Nine Minute B Match doesn't gain him overness, WHAT WILL?!

EDIT: P.S. Golden Sheik's Uncle, The Iron Sheik has lost his NWA Canadian title, and after he did he left and signed A Written Contract with AWA.. Surprising, Eh?!

That Crazy Guy
07-19-2005, 03:55 AM
Tonight, On SWCW on Tour! we have A huge match for The Golden Sheik, A Four Vs. Four Elimination Tables Match.. The biggest surprise is The Golden Sheik will be teaming up with Ex-Partner Shawn Michaels in this match, Even after their past fights. The Golden Sheik enters the arena and he hears about the match. He gets ready and then he goes out to the ring. You can just tell that he's ready to wrestle.

Kelly Kiniski, Shawn Michaels, Golden Sheik and Jos Leduc Vs. Killer Tim Brooks, Adrian Street, Adrian Adonis and Eddie Mansfield
Elimination Tables Match
Two Words.. HAIL KINISKI! This long, fantastic 55 minute match was filled with one special move through the whole time and it was still insanely good. First one who is eliminated is Shawn Michaels at about 22 minutes. He did alright, But it wasn't good enough to keep him in for the match. Brooks then eliminated The Golden Sheik in around 35 minutes, After reversing A pencil Jab to the head into A Bodyslam through the table! Leduc then took out Adrian Adonis near 41 Minutes. "The Exotic One" Adrian Streets then came in, and in less than three minutes Jos Leduc fell to him. So it was 3-1, Kiniski against Eddie Mansfield, Killer Tim Brooks and Adrian Adonis. Kiniski came in and it didn't look like there was much hope, Kiniski was busted open very early, but out of no where a spark lit up withen him and he started to abuse Street hard, and soon.. Adrian Street was on his back with pieces of wood diggin' in 'em! Killer Tim then came in, and then soon he ran back to his corner to tag to Eddie Mansfield! Kiniski was on fire! After A few minutes of fighting, Mansfield tagged Brooks back in. Quickly after that Kiniski reversed A Rolls of the Quarter Punch into A Bodyslam through A table outside to eliminate Killer Tim Brooks. Now it was just Kelly Kiniski and Eddie Mansfield, Eddie Mansfield has A foreign object! He's going to hit the unexpecting Kiniski! He swings --- Kiniski ducks in time! Kiniski ducked away from the foreign object and then Kiniski picks up Mansfield and bodyslams him through the table! Kelly Kiniski has won it for his team!

Winners: Kelly Kiniski, Shawn Michaels, Golden Sheik and Jos Leduc(B+)

After the match the referee raised Kelly Kiniski's hand as Kelly almost cried in pain, joy and pride. Soon Kelly Kiniski got help to the back. The Golden Sheik was getting ready and it crossed his mind that he might be more popular because of Kelly Kiniski, He was on the winning team! Golden Sheik was smiling all the way as he left the arena.. Actually it was more of A grin, But still!(Overness +3)

That Crazy Guy
07-19-2005, 04:13 AM
Well, It's updated.
I've been given A tryout for CWF.. If that goes well, I can choose between SWCW and CWF. Juggling both schedules would be too hard.
But, I just only in A matter of time Project: Talent got The Golden Sheik out of SWCW like he wanted.
Now there about two possible final shows in SWCW until the CWF show. I'll write out one of the SWCW shows now.
Thanks to everyone who's ever read one of my diaries, I really appreciate that some people actually like my writing. :)

D. Boon's Ghost
07-19-2005, 07:17 AM
As much as I hate 6 and 8 men tag team matches, that last one of yours was pretty darned impressive. 3/4 of the opposition are bona fide stars in the game (Adonis, Street, and Brooks); beating them has to really help the youngsters out.

Welcome back, Golden Sheik! :)

07-19-2005, 01:12 PM
I agree with D.Boon. I can't stand the 6 and 8 man tag matches due to their potential length but beating that team had to be a boost to the kids.

Good luck with your tryout at CWF. I'm sure that you will do just fine.

That Crazy Guy
07-19-2005, 01:14 PM
Thanks for the feedback and the pictures, D. Boon. :)
Thanks to you to, Captain Lou!
The Golden Sheik went into the arena and he looked at tonight's card. He'd face Ken Mantell in the Pre-Main Event for A Hardcore match. The Golden Sheik got ready for his match and then he left to the ring from the back.

Ken Mantell Vs. The Golden Sheik
Hardcore Match
The match starts with The Golden Sheik hitting an Arm Wringer, Then Mantell hits A Forearm Blow. Mantell hits A Side Headlock and then A dreaded Head Scissors! Knee Drop! Front Facelock! Kick to the gut! Ken Mantell is making an impact. Later The Golden Sheik literally JAMS A Pencil into Ken Mantell's face! The Golden Sheik then taunted, ran against the ropes and then he hit A dominate Flip Legdrop! The Golden Sheik tried for another and it was one of the biggest mistakes he'd made. Mantell picked him up, Dropkicked Sheik in the knee and then Mantell got ready.. NO! IT CAN'T END LIKE THIS! BRASS KNUCKLES PUNCH! Mantell covers The Golden Sheik for the disappointing loss in ten minutes.

Winner: Ken Mantell(C)

After the match The Golden Sheik stood up in anger, He started screaming in anger. He left the ring, Started to calm down.. He walked to the back and then he got ready and then he left the arena. Ready for one more night of SWCW.. Well, If he makes A good tryout in Florida!

That Crazy Guy
07-19-2005, 02:41 PM
The Golden Sheik went to SWCW and he couldn't have A better match, He was facing off against Shawn Michaels. SWCW In Texas will be A memorable one. It's not SWCW rules, It's A freaking cage match! The Golden Sheik got ready for his match and then he left to the ring.. Where he'd meet his ex partner.. This would be the final bout to decide who's the best of the King Killers.

Shawn Michaels Vs. The Golden Sheik
Cage Match
A Great 15 minute cage match. Michaels launches Golden Sheik into the cage. Michaels hits A knee drop and then he tried to give an elbow drop, but he missed. A bunch of flip legdrops and crossbody's later.. Shawn Michaels and The Golden Sheik are both very hurt, In this match, The Golden Sheik doesn't care if he loses or wins. Either way he is out of SWCW afterwards, Sheik avoided A seated dropkick and then he quickly stood up and out of nowhere he hits A Sheik's Fireball! He then went for the Golden Knee but Michaels avoided it. Michaels went for A forearm but he completely missed, He is too focused onto the pain burning at his head. Sheik hit A Headbutt, A Death Sentence and then picked Michaels up for another Fireball! Michaels avoided the end of the combo, The Golden Knee. Then after that Michaels found Sheik SOME HOW~! and then he whipped him against the ropes, Michaels ran forward and he hit A devastating Flying Forearm! Shawn Michaels walked around A bit before he got to the cage, He climbed up, and then climbed down.. Right when he got down he collapsed to the floor as Shawn Michaels won the match.

Winner: Shawn Michaels (B-)

After the match Sheik stood up and smiled, This was the end of his Project Talent and possibly his whole job in SWCW. The Golden Sheik climbed out of the cage and left to the back as the night came to A close.

That Crazy Guy
07-19-2005, 03:22 PM
Scott McGee would be The Golden Sheik's first opponent in CWF, If The Golden Sheik makes A good impression, He'll have A job at the CWF; It'll be A match of bloodshed, First one to bleed loses tonight's match.

Scott McGee Vs. The Golden Sheik
First Blood Match
The matchs started with A few punches and A backbreaker by The Golden Sheik, After that The Golden Sheik took him to the ground working some Trapezius Pinches and Choke Holds until he weakened Scott McGee, Soon after The Golden Sheik gave TWO Death Sentence's to Scott McGee, But McGee wouldn't bust open. The end of the match came when The Golden Sheik went for A Flip Legdrop and he missed completely. After that Scott McGee locked in the Figure Four Leglock. McGee then went up top and went for A Flying Splash but he missed. After that McGee ducked A Golden Knee, He then locked in A Standing Side Headlock. Right after that McGee went off the ropes, and went for the Running Knee but Golden Sheik moved, Scott McGee turned around and got kicked in the gut.. LEAPING DDT! Scott McGee is busted open! What A Twenty Three Minute match!

Winner: The Golden Sheik(B)

After the match The Golden Sheik went on his knees and had his eyes roll to the back of his head as he prayed to the above. He was receiving messages, The Golden Sheik rolled out of the ring and walked to the back. After that he left to his hotel.

Terry Brunk was phoned later and offered A contract for 60$ per appearance as A Lower Midcarder. Brunk accepted, He's currently under The Golden Sheik character, But he's been told he can change his name before his debut. What will Brunk to? Either way, after that he said thank you and hanged up the phone.

But that wouldn't be the end of his phone calls, He phoned SWCW and told them he'd quit; He doesn't want to work with them anymore due to him basically being the Public Enemy. Terry hung up the phone and laid on his bed, Right here in Tampa Bay, Florida as he went to sleep.. Wondering what kind of future he'll have now.

Should I get A name change? If Yes, Say what it should be changed to.
Thanks for reading.

That Crazy Guy
07-19-2005, 11:15 PM
Tonight The Golden Sheik found out he'd be in the third last match, Mike Davis would be his partner against Scott McGee in A handicapped match. CWF Beach Tour is going to be easy. The Golden Sheik got ready for his match and left out to the ring.

The Golden Sheik and Mike Davis Vs. Scott McGee
Elimination Rules
This was pretty one-sided, Scott McGee started off beating The Golden Sheik, and then Sheik came back and started dominating Scott McGee until he was almost knocked out. Then Sheik tagged in Mike Davis, Davis hit A Brass Knuckles Punch, A Boston Crab and A Main Event Sleeper to knock Scott McGee out at 10: 00.

Winner: The Golden Sheik and Mike Davis(C)

After the match The Golden Sheik left the arena, He then went to the hotel where his night will end.
__________________________________________________ _______
Sunday, Week 2 June 1984
__________________________________________________ _______
The Golden Sheik went to the arena and was told that he has been given A manager, The Fallen Angel will accompany him to the ring, now. He also found out that he'll be facing this wannabe who'll go nowhere, Lex Luger. Well, He thought he'd go no where. Sheik got ready for his match and then left his locker room to find Fallen Angel, She was waiting for him. He told her that she looked Stunning tonight and she said she really appreciated it. Brunk then asked Angel if she could teach him some things, She told him some tips about microphone skills. Brunk thanked her and they left to the ring together.

The Golden Sheik w/ Fallen Angel Vs. Lex Luger
The Golden Sheik just came out to win tonight. Right in the start, Sheik ran Luger against the ropes and then he hit A European Uppercut. The Golden Sheik then ended Side Headlock Takedown. After A long Trapezius Nerve Pinch, Sheik then locked in A hammerlock. Anyways, In the end of the match Lex Luger got A corner knife edge chop, He then slipped out of A Repeated Shoulder Ram and went for the Torture Rack.. Golden Sheik was on his shoulders! Whoa, Sheik slipt out! G-Sheik then hit A Swinging Neckbreaker, Flip Legdrop and now Sheik's ready for A Golden Knee, He runs at Luger as he starts to stand up and he leaps up --- It connects! Sheik pins Lex Luger for the win after that.(11 Minutes)

Winner: Golden Sheik(C+)

After the match Fallen Angel came inside the ring and raised The Golden Sheik's hand as he stood over Lex Luger's fallen body. The Golden Sheik then left the ring with Fallen Angel following him, When he got to the back he got dressed and then he left the arena.

D. Boon's Ghost
07-20-2005, 08:08 AM
Florida might be a great change for the Golden Sheik. Already, the promotors seem to like booking you. And while Florida also has scrubs at the bottom of the card, at least the majority of them are entertaining scrubs (*cough* Luger *cough*). :)

Plus, you just can't beat Fallen Angel as manager/valet. Hubba, Hubba!

Also... talk about a heck of a last match in Texas! That cage match with Michaels was fantastic. 2 Fireballs - and the teeny bopper still manages to get the win. :)

That Crazy Guy
07-22-2005, 09:52 PM
Miami Beach Auditorium
Terry went to the arena to find out that he'd be against Scott McGee in A normal match. He went into his locker room, got ready and then left to the ring to face Scott McGee the third time.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Scott McGee
McGee started the match with A Front Facelock and then some punches, In moments Sheik was hitting backbreakers and choke holds, After awhile of brawling, Sheik starts biting the forehead and jabbing pencils into his head, to. A Small Package gets A 2 on the Sheik. After G-Sheik hits A Backbreaker, he holds A Trapezius Nerve Pinch. McGee then avoided Sheik's Springboard Legdrop! McGee pinned him after for the 1 - 2 - No! Kickout! McGee then irish whipped The Golden Sheik off the ropes and went for A Running Body Press, But G-Sheik jumped up and reversed it! He landed on Scott McGee! One, Two, Three! What an upset!
(11 Minutes)
Winner: The Golden Sheik(E)

After the disappointing match The Golden Sheik left to the back, and then he left the arena as he was atleast happy he got the win.

That Crazy Guy
07-22-2005, 10:07 PM
Tonight The Golden Sheik will have A rematch against Lex Luger, He got ready for the match and then he left out to the ring.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Lex Luger
This match was A quick seven minute one, A Hammerlock Drive and A Raise up to the top of the corner basically meant death for Luger, Sheik crotched Lex Luger about twelve times, Luger ended up looking like he'll be crying his eyes out! After A few missed Golden Knees, Two Jabs to the head with pencils that busted Lex Luger open really affected his chances of winning. Then A Fireball almost killed him! The Golden Sheik wasn't finished, He let Luger stand up and Luger didn't hit one more hit after that. Sheik hit A Flying Forearm Smash, he whipped Luger in the corner and did the corner Choke Out... After that all what was needed was A few seconds so Luger could get on A knee, Because when that happen he got the Golden Knee to give The Golden Sheik A win.

Winner: The Golden Sheik(C)

After the match The Golden Sheik left the ring with A smile on his face, With Fallen Angel following him out. He then walked to the back, and then out of the arena as the night ended.

07-23-2005, 09:58 AM
An "E" for the 11 minute match against McGee? You might have to carry the next match against him, if there is one, by putting in more "wow" moves to keep the fans' interest.

It must have been tough for Fallen Angel during the match against Luger. I think that she is also his manager as well as her husband, Kevin Sullivan. It's also great to see Luger lose. He's one tough SOB.

That Crazy Guy
07-27-2005, 03:41 PM
Sunday, Week 3 June 1984
Tonight I wasn't booked for "Championship Wrestling from Florida"

Wednesday, Week 3 June 1984
Tonight I went to the arena and learne dthat I'd be facing Giant Haystacks and The Cobra in A tables match, with Jack Hart on my side. I got ready for the match and then left my locker room. I started walking out to the ring as Jack Hart and Fallen Angel followed.

Jack Hart and The Golden Sheik Vs. Giant Haystacks and The Cobra
Tables Match
Haystacks and Hart start off the match, They start fighting for A bit as Jack Hart looks like he's going to lose soon. Haystacks and The Cobra used team work as Haystacks tagged in Cobra. Cobra started beating down on Hart, to. They kept tagging in and hitting their finishers until Jack Hart couldn't take it any more. The Golden Sheik came in and he started beating down Haystacks,Flip Legdrops and Choke Holds were hurting Haystacks bad! Cobra was tagged in. After that Sheik and Cobra went outside to fight awhile until Sheik could put A Table in the ring, He goes inside and Cobra follows. Sheik hits A FIREBALL~! and then he sets up the tables, He tags in Jack Hart to finish Cobra as Hart gives him the bodyslam for the win at 16: 32

Winners: The Golden Sheik and Jack Hart(B-)

Sheikleft the ring with A sadistic smile on his face, Fallen Angel posed to the fans for "her" victory for awhile. Soon she followed Sheik to the back as Sheik left the arena, to his hotel. That's where his night ends.

That Crazy Guy
08-02-2005, 02:40 PM
Tonight The Golden Sheik went to the arena to find out that he'd be facing The Cobra in an average, singles match. Sheik smiled, This was going to be an easy win.. For as he thought;

The Golden Sheik Vs. The Cobra
This match was A long, nice match. Sheik dominated the half with Choke Holds and Arm Wringers. Then it went to Cobra's side, Then it was A fight back and fourth to see who could hit their finisher first. The first one hit was The Golden Sheik, But The Fallen Angel told him to go for the knee. She kept screaming at him to do it, So he tried and he missed. After that he got A Leaping DDT by the Cobra. And that would be lights out for The Golden Sheik.

Winner: The Cobra(C+/18 M)

After the match The Golden Sheik went to the back, by the time he was ready to leave.. He heard cheering for Dusty Rhodes, The new CWF Champion. Sheik just put his head down and left the arena. He's not like everyone, He's here to wrestle.. Not to make friends.

D. Boon's Ghost
08-02-2005, 02:44 PM
Florida really seems to be treating the Golden Sheik well! Ok, Jack Hart isn't that great (heh) - but working with Haystacks, The Cobra, and Scott McGhee will really improve you as a wrestler.

Is a Golden Sheik v. The Cobra feud brewing? That last loss was a tough one, and one I am sure Fallen Angel will want avenged. :)

08-03-2005, 02:38 PM
Is the "American Dream" a heel or a face? Maybe in time the Golden Sheik will get his shot at him or the other belts.

That Crazy Guy
08-03-2005, 03:05 PM
Dusty's A face. So, I might be able to get A shot in due time. :)

D. Boon, Sheik and Cobra will fight again. It's A for sure. But nope, Sheik's to small for A feud.

That Crazy Guy
08-05-2005, 10:39 PM
Tonight Golden Sheik faced Ken Lucas, So he got ready.. and then he went out to the ring. Followed by that little Angel that follows him around.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ken Lucas
This match was going back and fourth with lots of differant moves, The ending was the highlight. Lucas hit A Double Underhook Suplex and locked in the Boston Crab, G-Sheik tried to get out of it, and tried and tried. Finally he broke the hold but stood up to A Leaping Piledriver. He was out cold. Right before he got pinned, His manager, The Fallen Angel leaped onto the apron. She distracted Lucas enough to hit an Arm Drag. After that the match went on for A bit until the Death Sentence hit perfectly. After that The Golden Sheik covered what's left of Lucas.

Winner: The Golden Sheik(C+)

After the match The Golden Sheik left the arena.

Sunday, Week 1 July 1984
Tonight Jack Hart is going to face The Golden Sheik.

Jack Hart Vs. The Golden Sheik
With eleven minutes of an alright fight. It looked like the match was going into The Golden Sheik's favor. But all of A sudden it turned around. "The Stretcher" Jack Hart hit A Bionic Elbow, A Punch Flurry and then he taunted The Golden Sheik. He went for A Gut Buster but SOME how Sheik turned it into A leaping DDT to bust Jack Hart open and win the match.

Winner: The Golden Sheik(C)

After the match Sheik smirked and left Hart in his dust. While Sheik left the ring, and then the arena.

That Crazy Guy
08-05-2005, 11:05 PM
Tonight Sheik would face The Cobra

The Golden Sheik Vs. The Cobra
This match was filled with everything, Golden Knees, Leaping DDT's and The Fallen Angel saving Golden Sheik from A pinfall. The Golden Sheik must've spat out 4 missed Fireballs. This looked like it was the match of the night. The ending came when Sheik slipped out of A spinning arm drag. He applied an Arm Wringer and then he went for A Fireball. The Cobra ducked it and hit A Bodyslam. He picked up Sheik and ran him in the corner, But The Golden Sheik reversed it. He hit one of the sickest moves in history. The Pencil Jab to the eye. The Cobra was down and crying from the pain in his eye. Tears were forced to flow out as The Golden Sheik pinned him for the three and won the match. But he could've just made A One-Eyed Cobra in the process. 25 Minute Classic.

Winner: The Golden Sheik(B-)

After the match The Golden Sheik left to the back with The Fallen Angel, Who helped him win the match. Can this 19 Year Old rookie actually be the thing to turn Sports Entertainment into A grueling, grudgefest? He smirked at the thought of blinding The Cobra as he left the arena. Oh, and before he left. He heard that he wouldn't be booked Sunday.

That Crazy Guy
08-06-2005, 08:27 PM
Tonight is the Miami Beach Auditorium for July. And The Golden Sheik would be facing against Jack Hart. Well, This'll be interesting!

Jack Hart Vs. The Golden Sheik
This match was great, Sheik toyed with him half the time. He was basically killing him. with Pencil jabs and Choke holds until Jack Hart was weak enough. Then the referee fell down. We had A Golden Knee, A Death Sentence, Two Fireballs, Then another Death Sentence. After that it was just Sheik beating him down until somehow he got the energy to fight back. Soon the referee was up and Jack Hart started to take The Golden Sheik out! Jack Hart was coming back! Brass Knuckle Punch! No! It's avoided. DEATH SENTENCE! Jack Hart is knocked out as Sheik makes the cover for the win at 20: 03

Winner: The Golden Sheik(B)

After the match The Golden Sheik went on his knees and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. Fallen Angel posed behind him. As soon they left the ring. With Hart down and out behind them.

D. Boon's Ghost
08-06-2005, 10:05 PM
Holy cow! That was one of the most impressive destructions I've ever seen in this game, Dwight. Those two Fireballs were beyond sick. :)

The Florida fans seemed to love it. I'm sure Eddie Graham will soon be promoting the Golden Sheik, as he would be crazy not to.

Heck of a good job!

That Crazy Guy
08-06-2005, 10:54 PM
In the brawling after that lucky streak, I missed A LOT to.
But still, It was pretty cool I had that big streak.

That Crazy Guy
08-08-2005, 06:46 AM
Tonight Sheik went to the arena to find out that he'd be facing Ken Lucas. Sheik was exicited, he got dressed and ready and then left to the ring with Angel following him.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Ken Lucas
The match starts with A pretty decent brawl, Mostly going Lucas' way. It kept going to Lucas' way until Sheik avoided the Brass Knuckles Punch and jabbed Lucas in the head three times with A pencil. Soon the match was almost over and Lucas had The Golden Sheik dazed. Lucas slipped on some Brass Knuckles and nobody noticed! The referee doesn't notice the Brass Knuckles! Lucas swings, No! He Misses! DEATH SENTENCE! The Sit-Down Tombstone Piledriver out of no where! The Golden Sheik covers Ken Lucas for the one, two, three!

Winner: The Golden Sheik(C+)

After the match The Golden Sheik got up on his knees and looked down at Ken Lucas with A sadistic smirk. He then left the ring as he had sadistic thoughts running through his crazed mind.

That Crazy Guy
08-09-2005, 12:06 AM
The Golden Sheik wasn't booked on sunday, but for tonight.. He'd be facing Scott McGee. He got ready and then he left out to the ring.

The Golden Sheik Vs. Scott McGee
The match went on with A bang, as Backbreakers and Flip Legdrops were being handed out in no time. After A bunch of Pencil jabs and Half Sentons, it looked like Scott McGee was fighting back when he locked in A Boston Crab, But Sheik got out of it and then Fallen Angel distracted McGee. After that A big brawl came on until Sheik just went crazy in the near end of the match. He slipped out of A Bear Squeeze and then hit A very stiff shot to the face with A Springboard Dropkick. After that Scott McGee fell like A rock and then came up to fall down with A Golden Knee for the One, Two, Three.

Winner: The Golden Sheik (C+)

After the match The Golden Sheik left the ring with the same sadistic smirk on his face, He then left the arena... Thankful he got the win.

That Crazy Guy
08-13-2005, 02:53 AM
Sorry to say, But this diary is on temporary haitus due to the fact that it's hard to write an update due to loss of interest. I'll start it back up after awhile. Right now I might write A new diary up. And if it's even better than this one, I'd keep it.
What came across my mind would be completely editing DOTT from where I have it(Mr Saito NWA Champion, Sabu as The Golden Sheik) and spread it down A year. Then maybe I could start A whole alternative reality from my past diaries.

If not that, I'll just start up A TPB Diary. Since I love the game. I bet it'd be from 1990, I have one game where I'm in 2000 as the Cavs. :)

08-13-2005, 03:06 AM
Don't feel like you have to continue a diary you're bored with just because we read this. You're the one playing a game, we're just reading about it ;)

That Crazy Guy
08-13-2005, 03:13 AM
That's why I'm stopping.
If I go on, I might lose all interest. An I don't want that to happen.
It will return, because I love this diary to death. But for now I'm taking A break. :)
I bet after I write some new things, I'll come back to this.

08-13-2005, 03:20 AM
That's why I'm stopping.
If I go on, I might lose all interest. An I don't want that to happen.
It will return, because I love this diary to death. But for now I'm taking A break. :)
I bet after I write some new things, I'll come back to this.

I'd be interested to see what you do with a TPB diary. La Tulipe and I are a little lonely in TPB dynasty land by ourselves ;)

That Crazy Guy
11-16-2005, 09:25 PM
It's BACK!
An better than ever. I went to the arena, more excited then ever. I walked into the building. Inhaling, exhailing. The clean air of the lockerroom overwhelmed me. He walked into his locker room, Got dressed into his outfit. He walked out, yet again, Inhaling, exhaling. Walking passed the men in the locker room, the men in the hallway. All have a great dedication. But such a small amount of pay. Such a large amount of hope and dedication. From now on, Terry Brunk.. Will be the new Franchise of this business. I will rise. I went to that curtain, already knowing that tonight I'll face Jack Hart in a cage match. I looked down at my feet, asking myself.. Am I ready? I walk through the curtain and pose to the fans. Thoughts running in my mind. Is this the most of my life? The small arena? Will I be able to live off of it? Is it good enough? Jack Hart is waiting in the Cage as I rush down, the bell rings. I run at the cage. I start to climb up to enter the ring.. and this is where it begins. This is where my life really starts. I remember my first match, I remember everything. But it's time. It's time to raise myself to a bigger level. I get over the cage, I drop down. It has started.

The Golden Sheik vs. Jack Hart
Cage Match
This match, it had it all. It was Sheik's debut into his future. Half Sentons, Hammerlock Pencil Jabs, Pencil Jabs to Foreheads, Half Senton Bombs, and then after the only Half Senton Bomb Sheik hit a Golden Knee only at the 8 Minute mark. But Sheik wasn't done, even though Hart got in some offense, Like a Punch flurry and the like, Sheik hit the Death Sentence and then the Golden Knee. But he still wasn't done, he loved to torture Jack Hart. It was wrong in it's own sort of way. Then they kept fighting, back and fourth. With Jack Hart starting to put The Golden Sheik in brief danger. The ending came when Jack Hart hit a Punch Flurry, A Gutwrench Backbreaker, A Single Leg Gravepine, But then Jack Hart went for a (Late Inning) Small Package, But Sheik broke it! Arm Wringer. He keeps holding his arm -- BLASTS HIM IN THE FACE WITH THE DREADED FIREBALL! THE FIREBALL! Sheik escapes the cage! Amazing match!

Winner: The Golden Sheik(B-, 15 Minutes)

Jack Hart, pain filled.. Lieing in the ring holding his face. Crying. This brought a joy to me. It was sickenly delightful. I laughed. I stayed beside the ring, watching him scream as referees rushed past me. I just.. kept laughing. I backed up, turned around and started walking to the back. I can't stop laughing. My ribs are hurting. What is wrong with me? I can't breath. This time there is no inhaling and exhaling.. There is just.. No thoughts on my mind. Is this how it feels to be accomplished? I like it. I do... This won't be the end of this. For sure.

I over-writed it. But I need that for my "comeback", so to speak. I hope this develops Sheiks "Psychotic" character.
Well, I told you all I'd stop for a bit. I just needed to recharge my interest.

Now I am so going to keep writing.

11-16-2005, 09:48 PM
:) I'm glad to see that your Sabu Diary has returned. Nice match.

That Crazy Guy
11-16-2005, 09:59 PM
New Updates!
PPW, Small promotion has accepted The Golden Sheik into their roster. He will be paid 80$ Per Appearance, what is 20$ more then what he makes in CWA. And it fits right in with his weekly schedule, giving him 280$ per week. So he will actually gain a little amount of money every month working this heavy shift. Sheik is A Main Event player in PPW, He will be known as "Sabu", and has now declared war against champion Lars Anderson. Making a feud. This Sabu character will be managed by Hugo Savinovich. This has already been spreaded around, Will Sabu be the next step for PPW? We will find out if he is the key they need. The head they were missing. He might be the one to complete it. To beat the undefeated Lars Anderson. Find out!

That Crazy Guy
04-10-2006, 12:00 AM
CWF Beach Tour!, Wednesday Week 1 August 1984
I face Ken Lucas, Before the show I saw Scott McGhee, he hates me from the old Al Madril fight. But I don't care, I told him I couldn't believe he was being put in better matches then me and the idiot smiled and walked off. I felt like hitting him but screwing up my career in Florida is not what I need. I got ready for my match with Lucas as I left out for the arena. From my last match with Jack Hart I still felt kind of like doing something dangerous, hurting someone severely.. Oh yes, there will be pain.

Ken Lucas vs. The Golden Sheik
This match was fantastic, Sheik came out with some new attire, goldish yellow long tights that said "The Golden Sheik" on the left side. But onto the match, it started off with a Arm Wringer Smash by Sheik. After a few minutes of fighting around Sheik started getting agressive with a bite to the forehead, Eventually Sheik(illegally) threw Ken Lucas out of the ring, after that Sheik simply hit the Ring Apron Moonsault, a daredevilish move. Sheik went on his knees and yet again his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and then he simply threw Ken Lucas into the ring and pinned him for the twelve minute squash.

Winner: Golden Sheik(C+)

After the match Golden Sheik got on his knees and threw his hands up in a celebratory pose. The fans aren't booing, but instead are amazed by the display of ability by Sheik with the Ring Apron Moonsault. Sheik goes to the back as the fans wait for the next match.

Polynesian Pro Wrestling - Thursday, Week 1 August 1984

Was told not to come because I wasn't booked.

CWF - The Last Tango in Tampa - Friday, Week 1 August 1984
The last three days have been great for me, first I win in Florida, then PPW spares me the drive down there and I get to stay in Florida to rent for one day for The Last Tango in Tampa, the annual event showcased in August. Then on top of that tonight I learn I'm facing Dr. Tom Pritchard, I get ready and I leave out to the ring to face him.

Dr. Tom Pritchard vs. The Golden Sheik
This match started with a psychotic vibe, with Sheik quickly pulling a pencil out of his tights and jabbing Tom Pritchard in the arm with it, some people say they heard Sheik scream "Doctor! I just gave you your shot!", after that Sheik went on a series of five headbutts before Dr. Tom Pritchard punches Sheik, After a few minutes of Nerve Pinches and Springboard Dropkicks, Sheik jabbed a pencil into Tom Pritchards head and then hit a Somersalt Leg Drop. Sheik then applied the Spinning Toe Hold(and then soon let it go to stalk Pritchard up) and hit the Death Sentence for the win and to take his second dominating match.

Winner: The Golden Sheik(C+)

After the match Sheik went on his knees and prayed up to the gods with his eyes rolled to the back of his head. After a moment of that and booing fans Sheik went to the back, and then to his hotel.

CWF - Wrestling From Florida - Sunday, Week 1, August 1984

I was not booked tonight.

PPW - PX Center Extravaganza - Monday, Week 2, August 1984

I was not booked tonight.

04-10-2006, 11:27 AM
It's great to see you back and continuing.

With you bringing this back I will go back and include him as one of my co-stars.

That Crazy Guy
04-13-2006, 09:10 PM
CWF Beach Tour! - Wednesday, Week 2 August 1984
Tonight I got to the arena to find out I'd be facing "Jumping" Joe Savoldi - this seems like an easy win for me, I got ready for my match and left out to the ring after a few minutes of talking to people about my microphone skills.

Joe Savoldi vs. The Golden Sheik
The match started off with Sheik punching Savoldi into the corner and hitting some repeating shoulder rams. After a few minutes of Headlocks and Arm Drags Sheik hit the Pencil Jab to the Head, and then Incited the crowd with a "He's not jumping anymore!" and after a few minutes of fighting and a failed cornered knife edge chop, things went down hill for Sheik. Forearm blows and Slingshot Splashes were hit rapidly, weakening Sheik down to Savoldi's size. Joe hit a Springboard Body Splash and got the wi- no! Sheik kicked out! ANOTHER Springboard Body Splash! 1, 2, No! Sheik slipped out of a (Late Inning) Small Package, and then hit an Arm Wringer and went for the Death Sentece, but Joe countered with a Punch to the face. Joe hit another Springboard Body Splash! Fallen Angel pulls the referee out and distracts Joe! Joe turns around to an Arm Wringer and a Death Sentece to end the match all because of Fallen Angel!

Winner: The Golden Sheik(B-)

After the match Sheik got up, and staggered onto the ropes as Fallen Angel rushed to the ring and raised his hand. Sheik fell to his knees with his hands up high, this would be a victory he won't be forgetting.

Polynesian Pro Wrestling - Thursday, Week 2 August 1984
Tonight I found out I'd be in my debut for PPW as I face Mad Mountain Mike in the Main Event. I got ready and left to the ring, "Sabu" is back. Finally!

Sabu vs. Mad Mountain Mike
"Mad Mountain" Mike started the match with a Clubbing Blow, and then the match fell in his favor. Running Clotheslines, Slams into the Mat, Butt Drops and Flying Elbow Smashes followed. I was endangered, and I came back with a major fight on my side. Weakening down Mad Mountain Mike. I tried to hit a Moonsault on him but he moved and got the two count. After a few minutes of fighting and Sabu throwing Mountain Mike out of the ring, a failed Ring Apron Moonsault followed. But Fallen Angel came to the side of the ring and got in Mad Mountains face, he shoved her but got caught with a Death Sentence. I struggled to pull it off, I rolled him into the ring and went to pin him but my new fuedee Lars Anderson, PPW Champion came out and broke the pin. I slipped out of his Running Powerslam, his Bear Squeeze, and hit Running Butt Drop. But then he repeatedly jabbed my throat with his thumb, A running elbow was coming to finish me off but I ducked it! Mad Mountain basically springed off of the ropes to turn around to a Fireball! 1, 2, 3! I take the win!

Winner: Sabu(18: 59, B-)

After the match Sabu left the ring, with a smile on his face. Lars Anderson came out and stared down Sabu mid-ramp. The show ended with Lars slapping Sabu and walking away pointing at his eyes and then Sabu.

CWF Wrestling from Florida, Sunday, Week 2 August 1984
Tonight is the end of my busy week, I returned to Florida to find out I was facing Lex Luger. On my way to the match I talked to my hated enemy Jim Holliday, I tried to talk nice to him and resolve things like I did with some others. But he wouldn't resolve and he attacked me! I beat him up, and actually, no one really cared. I got ready for my match and left to the ring as Lex Luger awaited me.

The Golden Sheik vs. Lex Luger
This match started off a charm for Lex Luger, hitting 13 straight moves without being touched until I came back with a Hammerlock. After a bunch of Arm Wringers and Trapezius Nerve Pinches we were equal once again, I hit an impressive Arm Lock Wrist Bend and then a Slingshot Somersalt Leg Drop followed by a Trapezius Nerve Pinch and then a failed Golden Knee. I slipped out of the Bear Squeeze, ran Luger off the ropes and hit him with a Flying Forearm to get the win.

WinnerThe Golden Sheik(C+)

After the match I got on my knees, pinned my hand onto his chest and pointed up to the ceiling, my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I basically layed Lex Luger victim to me. I dethroned the big guy. After that I got up and Fallen Angel joined me in the ring to raise my hand, and then I left the ring. Satisfied with myself for a greatly fought week.

That Crazy Guy
05-13-2006, 05:52 PM
The PPW PX Center Extravaganza - Monday, Week 3 August 1984
Tonight I went to the arena to find out that I was in the double Main Event, the first one - not the latter(Before you got your hopes up!) - inside a Steel Cage. My victim? Chris Carter. I got ready for my match and went out, Carter only seconds away from his defeat.(The Main Event is Farmer Boy Ipo vs. Haku)

Sabu vs. Chris Carter inside a steel cage
This match was quick and pretty fair-sided to both parties on the offensive, although I was barely hurt in the end we had almost the same amount of time beating each other. The match started with Carter trying to pull on a front facelock, but I slipped out of it and rammed him into the corner with a hammerlock drive. He avoided a chop and that's where the massive brawling began. After a lot of punches, I took out a pencil and jabbed him in the arm with it, but to keep it for later I put it on the canvas. I hit a backbreaker on the guy, to my delight and then he exploded - Headlock, Takedown, Elbow Drop, Ground Arm Bar, Knee Drop, but then I avoided a punch and hit him with a European Uppercut. Then I locked in a Trapezius Nerve Pinch, front face lock, Headbutt, then I taunted the crowd by climbing on the cage and taunting them to get them into it - After that Carter was getting up and I picked up the pencil again, jabbed him in the forehead, bounced off the ropes and hit the Golden Knee for the easy win.

Winner: Sabu(C)

CWF Beach Tour! - Wednesday, Week 3 August 1984
I got to the arena being welcomed by Mr Hito, and soon learned that I'd be teaming with him tonight, as the worker tried to spell it out for me in excitement it sounded like this - "Mr Hito, Golden Sheik - against Gama Singh and The Cobra in an Elimination Tag Team Bout!" Fun, I thought. Tonight I'm in a handicapped match. Like I'd tag in that guy.

The Golden Sheik and Mr Hito vs. The Cobra and Gama Singh in an elimination tag team match
This match started pretty basically, me hammering on Gama Singh until he tagged out because he was a step away from getting hit with a Nasty Fireball. Cobra came in, hit a few Jab Punches and sooner than later he was out with a Golden Knee and then a Death Sentence. Eliminated: The Cobra. After that a few jabs, simple really. This was a really lopsided match what I didn't even have to tag out for, he hit a double underhook suplex but I came back with a "Arm Lock and Wrist Bend hold", as the announces said. All it took was the(dazzling) Fallen Angel to distract Gama enough so I could hit the Fireball. The referee almost disqualified me but he gave me one more chance, and counted the pinfall for the win.

Winner: The Golden Sheik(and Mr Hito.. I guess)(C+)

Polynesian Pro Wrestling - Thursday, Week 3 August 1984
Tonight is my night. Tonight is the night I finally become something, I finally become the main star. The great attraction, the man of the hour. Tonight I face Lars Anderson for the Polynesian Pacific Championship, in my rules. The rules I grew up in, a Hardcore match. Tonight is the night I evolve into something more then just "Sabu" - I evolve into "Superstar Sabu" - I evolve into the man everyone wants to see. Tonight.. is my night.

Sabu vs. Lars Anderson(c) in a Hardcore Match for the Polynesian Pacific Title
This match started explosively, Lars taking me out easily with bodyslams and jabs. I looked dead in the first five minutes, but then I exploded. I jabbed my pencil into his throat as hard as I could as I saw a hole type thing in his throat, then I did a Trapezius Nerve Pinch. I gave him a Springboard Legdrop, Threw him outside and hit a Ring Apron Moonsault for the two count! He rammed my shoulder against the ring post and then I just got out of his Leaping Piledriver, He avoided my Golden Knee after a Arm Lock and Wrist Bend hold - He goes for the Big Bear Hug! He has me! But I slip over his shoulders, I slip out! I took him from behind, leaned him over and bit into his forehead as hard as I could, then I ran off of the ropes and tried to hit the Golden Knee but he moved, I got up between his legs for a Leaping Piledriver - No! I hit his knees! I broke it! I applied the Arm Wringer, and then.. and then.. FIREBALL~! THE FIREBALL CONNECTS! ONE, TWO, THREEEEEEEE! New champion! Sabu is the new Champion!

Winner and New Polynesian Pacific Champion:: Sabu(B-)

The fans went wild, the good guy finally one - the people went wild, demonstrating ways of fire to personafy my fireball. One guy got arrested for trying to put the arena on fire! I sat on my knees, belt being handed to me as I looked down at the scarred Lars Anderson, covering parts of his face and trying to cover the small cut from the pencil. Medics immediately came and took him off to a stretcher as I sat, champion and all.. Tonight was my night.

PPW Sweet Pain - Saturday, Week 3 August 1984
As a sign of congratualation, they let me take the night off. Farmer Boy Ipo lost to Outback Jack in the Main Event.

CWF Wrestling from Florida, Sunday, Week 3 August 1984
Tonight, on Florida Television I'd be facing Gama Singh in a table match to open the show. I find it funny that I'm champion one place, guy who opens the show in the other!

The Golden Sheik vs. Gama Sigh in a Tables Match
This match was psychotic. On the early going Gama destroying me, and I couldn't do much because he outsized me. I can't even pick him up for a bodyslam let alone put him through a table! I gave the fellow plenty of rakes to the eyes, jabs to the arms and throat - and with every move I did he seemed to come back and match me. After a long amount of fighting outside he put a table in the ring and then got caught with a Golden Knee as I rolled him inside - he tried to whip me off of the ropes but I reversed, he plowed through the referee(Who didn't even stop his massive run!) and then he got a backdrop to the table! The match is ov-huh? Damn it, the referee is asleep! I bring in another table, hit him with a punch, put him on it and Moonsaulted him through the table! I check if the referee was up - no, not yet! He got up and I hit him with the Death Sentece, easily. I left, brought in ANOTHER table and tried to run him off the ropes but he reversed and FINALLY the referee woke up when it was in his favor! Thankfully he didn't put me through a table there, and I avoided a Wrist Tape Chokedown and a Camel Clutch - But then he avoided my Half Senton Bomb through the table!(he got off and pushed the table away), Soon I put him on the table again and Moonsaulted him through the hard wood, and for the third time he felt that massive splinter in his back as I took the win!

Winner: The Golden Sheik(B )

After the match I went straight on the road, for tomorrow, I have the PX Center Extravaganza. This was a week of triumph and pain.. Thankfully I came out in one piece.

That Crazy Guy
05-14-2006, 03:07 PM
The PPW PX Center Extravaganza - Monday, Week 4 August 1984
Tonight I went to the arena as a champion, and intended to leave as one. I was informed that I'd face Rick Patterson, I've heard of this guy in plenty of places as Pleatherface. He's psychotic.. Kind of like my in ring presence, good thing to - we're in a cage!

Rick Patterson vs. Sabu(c) in a Steel Cage for the Polynesian Pacific Title
This match started with me charging at him, ramming his head against the Steel Cage furiously. Then came Half Senton x5, so basically, two and a half sentons. Then came some brawling and cage throwing, putting us both into dangerous places. Patterson almost had me in the Uranage slam, and almost had me passout once or twice! Looking over the tape I remember hearing the announcers say "This is just brutal, Sabu is helpless as Patterson wails away with that right hand!" and then him putting me in the Abdominal Stretch and he almost climbed out of the cage. But I got up, threw him down, and then we both avoided knees. His Running Knee and my Golden Knee. After a decade of constant fighting of trying to hit our specials, my Death Sentence to his Uranage Slam.. I hit an Arm Wringer and then the Death Sentence to climb up and down the cage to be rewarded my belt for the second time. It felt almost as good as the first.

Winner and Still Polynesian Pacific Champion: Sabu(C+)

After the match I sat against the cage holding my belt up to the fans delight. I got up using the cage, climbed up once more and taunted screaming "Thank you" while they left, and I threw some T Shirts out there. Pretty cool thing.(Not any specially designed T-Shirts, Blank ones what we've wrote "PPW Fan" on. Do you think we're THAT rich?)

CWF Beach Tour! - Wednesday, Week 4 August 1984
I was not booked this night.

Polynesian Pro Wrestling(Taped) - Thursday, Week 4 August 1984
The last show I'm booked on this month as a champion. I was told that because I've been heavily booked, I'd have an easy match in the opener against Ron Ritchie. So I go out to the ring to fight, and out of no where that bastard Lars Anderson hits me with a baseball bat because he wants his title back! The match began and there was nothing I could do but feel sorry for myself! Oh yeah, the match IS for the championship!

Sabu(c) vs. Ron Ritchie for the Polynesian Pro Championship
This match started with Ritchie trying to get out of the ring to get me into the ring but I gave him a front facelock while out on the apron, went inside and we fought. He had the upperhand the entire match, hitting Spinning Toe Holds and Mafia Kicks. I tried to come back with a few bites, but it seemed like it was to no avail. He kept trying to hit his Running Knee, or his Brass Knuckles Punch and every time he got closer and closer. I was fighting an uphill battle. So I exploded, Baseball Slides, Chokeholds, Trapezius Nerve Pinches and Half Senton Bombs from the top rope got me back into the game, He tried to get a Spinning Toe Hold on me, but I slipped out and Illegally rolled him up, grabbing his tights. One, two, Thre-No! We both get up, I scoop him up.. DEATH SENTENCE! One, Two, Three! I win! Even being the one injured beforehand I won!

Winner and Still Polynesian Pacific Champion: Sabu(C+)

After the match Rodney Anoa'i beat La Parka and Rocky Johnson beat Farmer Boy Ipo. Good show.

CWF Wrestling from Florida(TAPED), Sunday, Week 4 August 1984
In the last show of August, I found myself facing Mr. Hito in a cage, I guess he's angry because I didn't tag him in last week so he requested this match. Guess I'm going to have to demolish him, then. Though I am confused on one thing, I barely lose and they never challenge me, I'm always facing less popular guys and I'm going no where. HINT: Let me face Dusty Rhodes.

The Golden Sheik vs. Mr. Hito in a Steel Cage
Wow. I never thought this would happen. The match started with me wrecking his head against the cage, and then it took a turn for the worse. We both faught but Hito always got the upperhand of every brawl in the end. And even though I jabbed a pencil in his head.. It wasn't enough. He came back with a Kneeling Kick Rush, knocked me out cold.. I went black. Then he picked me up and hit a Heart Kick, I barely remember the match.. but.. but.. I lost?

Winner: Mr. Hito(C+)

After the match I got carried out of the cage, like I said - I went black. I barely remember a thing. Everything's fine now and I'm cleared to wrestle, but still. I will get my revenge. I got to my house and I got talked to by my agent. He asked me a question that could change my career.. One that made me overlook everything. He asked me.. Where do I want to go? He had four negotiations right now, two of which I could be a headliner and the other two I could be more exposed.. So I wonder what'd I do over the night, oh what will I do.

A) Mid South Wrestling(Try Out)
B) World Class Championship Wrestling(Try Out)
IF CHOSEN B, WITH(It Fits schedule)
1) PPW
2) CWF
C) Southeastern Championship Wrestling(Main Event)
D) Pacific Northwest(Upper Midcard)
E) Stay where I am(CWF and PPW)

05-14-2006, 04:05 PM
Id go for WCCW and SECW, the main event status in SECW could get you noticed more and the opportunity for some good matches in WCCW, thats my choice anyway...

D. Boon's Ghost
05-15-2006, 10:11 AM
I'd say WCCW and PNW.

That Crazy Guy
06-02-2006, 05:16 PM
If I went SECW/WCCW I'd only be able to do SECW on the Thursday shows, and that'd be a down grade in money/appearances. Same with WCCW/PNW, then I'd only be able to do three shows a week. So I had a decision to make, ultimately I decided I'd stay champion at Polynesian Pro Wrestling and join WCCW, as their schedules do not clash, and PPW pays me more then most people would even think about giving me. I put in my resignation to CWF. So my whole future of my career relies on me getting this WCCW contract in my try-out, because I denied every other offer and they're not looking to give me another until I prove myself worthy. So this is kind of a impression I need to make big.

Goodbye August
August was great, now we're moving on to September! New promotion and new career starting now.

Terry Brunk has grown in these places..

Since two months ago, "The Golden Sheik" "Sabu" Terry Brunk has gained 14 overness around the USA, bumping from 12 overness to 26. With 3 overness in Canada, Mexico and Japan.

He gained 20 Spirit, It's now at 40. He gained 7 Technique, He is now at 54. He gained 1 Speed, He is now at 61. He gained 10 Psychology, He is now at 65. He gained 9 toughness, He is now at 68. He gained 0 Power, He is now at 34. He gained 2 Stamina, He is now at 45. He gained 5 Microphone, He is now at 15. He gained 0 Charisma, he is now at 58. We gained 8 respect, and that's now at 23.

Congratualations to Harley Race, He is the new NWA Heavyweight Champion.
Also Congratualations to Andre The Giant, he is the new WWF Champion.
And let's not forget to congratualate Seiji Sakaguchi, the new NWF(NJPW) Champion.
Bruiser Brody - Great job on getting the PWF(AJPW) Championship!
Ole Anderson is the new National(GCW) Champion.

September is looking great, The Golden Sheik is about to make his debut in WCCW but first we need to go to PPW's PX Center Extravaganza. Wish The Golden Sheik luck, because this'll be a tough month.

That's it for August, folks! Here comes September at it's finest.

Size: Cult
Style: Traditional
Weekly Shows: World Class Wrestling is on Saturday and is televised, The Dallas Sportatorium show is on Tuesday and is not televised.
WCCW American Heavyweight: Buddy Roberts
WCCW Six Man Tag Team: Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts
WCCW Television: Pampero Firpo
WCCW Texas Heavyweight: Angelo Mosca
WCCW Texas Tag Team: Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes

So the trio of Buddy Roberts, Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes are taking over the WCCW. Holding 3 of the 5 championship belts. Every member of the trio has two belts - and now The Golden Sheik is entering this promotion(hopefully!) trying to become the man to take them down and become the top face of the company.

06-03-2006, 11:55 AM
good read ill be reading from now on

That Crazy Guy
06-11-2006, 01:03 AM
The PPW PX Center Extravaganza - Monday, Week 1 September 1984
Tonight I found out I'd be facing Lars Anderson in a tables match, this'll be hard because I can't even pick up Larsy!

Lars Anderson vs. Sabu(c) in a tables match for the Polynesian Heavyweight Title
This match started quick, with me hitting an arm wringer and then a backbreaker. They went back and fourth for awhile, I was looking like I'd win the match until I went for a Springboard Legdrop.. and missed miserably. Instead I landed on my knee awkwardly, and if I can't go to the top rope.. how can I put Lars through the table? I clutched my knee and fought for awhile until I hit the Death Sentence, but I still couldn't put him through the table.. He would've been done. After a bunch of fighting I put him onto a table inside of the ring and tried to climb the turnbuckle, but my knee just couldn't handle it. Without being able to climb the turnbuckle my title reign was over, and indeed it was. "Luscious" Lars Anderson hit a Flying Knee Drop to take an end to my title reign in PPW.

Winner and NEW PPW Polynesian Pacific Champion: Lars Anderson(B-)

My knee wasn't worked on by Lars throughout the match after I landed on it awkwardly, so it was fine. But my title reign wasn't. I've lost my biggest title so far in my career to the man I beat for it because he moved. This will not be the end of me, Sabu is coming back for his title. This fued is now tied 1-1 and I'll be sure to come back and take my title if it's the last thing I do. Hugo Savanovich and I will not rest until it's back in my hands.

The WCCW Dallas Sportatorium Show - Tuesday, Week 1 September 1984
Tonight I found out I'd be facing "Mr. Piledriver" Bob Sweetan in my debut, and I've heard this guy is professional so I can count on him giving me good feedback when credit is due, my whole career is up to this man and what he says to the management - Right now I really need to impress the management, or I'll be spending the next few months on PPW shows and that's it.

Golden Sheik vs. Bob Sweetan
This match started off with some brawling, and Golden Sheik eventually working in some Springboard Dropkicks and other high-flying moves to take out Bob Sweetan. The referee started to get angry with Sheik after some Rope Rakes, Pencil Jabs and Bites. The fans were going crazy throughout the match, it was a great match. Bob Sweetan turned it around, and started hammering on the Golden Sheik until Sheik was almost lifeless, then Sweetan put him in a Big Bear Hug. But Golden Sheik fought out of it, he would not tap. Soon after that it wouldn't be long until Sheik hit a Death Sentence and took the win right from under Mr Piledriver.

Winner: Golden Sheik(C+)

After the match Sweetan came up to me and told me that he told Fritz some good things about me, and that Fritz said that he'd get me a contract because he was impressed. I went into Fritz office and I agreed to his terms of 80$ per appearance. This'll be fun.

Polynesian Pro Wrestling(TV) - Thursday, Week 1 September 1984
I wasn't booked tonight.

Labor Day Star Wars - Friday, Week 1 September 1984
I wasn't booked tonight.

World Class Wrestling(TV) - Saturday, Week 1 September 1984
In a night where GCW, AWA Superclash, WWF Superstars and MACW's Anniversary Show were all happening, WCCW did really good. In the opener it was Brian Adias and I against The One Man Gang and Phil Hickerson, and this was looking really good for me. Brian Adias has had much more exposure then I have and he'll guide the fans onto my side, while getting a win over Phil Hickerson would boost my career to a higher place.

The Golden Sheik & Brian Adias vs. One Man Gang & Phil Hickerson
There's not much too say, but OMG and Phil rocked the house, dominating us in less then 10 minutes putting us down to our reserves as we tried to fight our ways out of the holes but couldn't. The end simply saw OMG easily hit the
747 on Brian Adias and taking the win from right under us, there's not much more I can say about the match.. There was brawling, there was slams.. like usual and then there was a finish. And I regret it.

Winner: Phil Hickerson & One Man Gang(C+)

The PPW PX Center Extravaganza - Monday, Week 2 September 1984(ADDED)
Tonight I went to the arena to find out that Ron Simmons and I would be in the main event for the PPW Tag Team Titles going against the Hands of Death, Farmer Boy Ipo and my largest rival to this date and current Polynesian Pro Wrestling Champion - Lars Anderson.

Sabu & Ron Simmons vs. Hands of Death(c) for the PPW Tag Team Titles
The match started quick, as I kept hammering on Lars Anderson at the first of it for taking my championship away from me. Then for the next five minutes I'd dismantle Farmer Boy Ipo, to. Though when he tagged in Lars Andgerson I had to tag out to Ron Simmons, who came in with a bang. Giving huge Mafia Kicks to Lars Anderson until Lars Anderson tagged out, and Ron Simmons got Farmer Boy Ipo a little injured until tagging in Sheik again - and after a few moves and a close Fireball Ipo went running back into his corner and tagged in Lars Anderson, who at this point got dominated by Flip Legdrops and Half Sentons until tagging in Ron Simmons who came in with a devastating Mafia Kick, and then back to back Big Bear Hugs that wouldn't get Lars to submit. That was enough to get Lars to tag in Ipo, who came in and started dominating Ron Simmons. Enough to go for his devastating Samoan Running Headbutt! It missed! Simmons tagged in Sabu during the process of dodging it.. Golden Knee! One, Two, Three! New Champions! We have new Tag Team Champions!

Winners and NEW Polynesian Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions: Sabu & Ron Simmons(C+)

That Crazy Guy
06-11-2006, 01:13 PM
The WCCW Dallas Sportatorium Show - Tuesday, Week 2 September 1984
Tonight I got to the arena and I found out that I'd be teaming with Don Kernodle to face off against two people who have great popularity, Giant Haystacks and Sweet Brown Sugar. A win here can be a small but progressive boost to my career so this really matters.

The Golden Sheik & Don Kernodle vs. Giant Haystacks & Sweet Brown Sugar
This match didn't even need me. I just stayed on the apron as the "star of the show" Don Kernodle thought he could do everything.. and he did. He first beat down Giant Haystacks until Haystacks tagged in Sweet Brown Sugar and then Don just started wrecking SBS. Not letting him tag out again. In the end all what was happening was Sugar hit a Charging Forearm, and then went to tag out but couldn't get there. Kernodle then locked in an Arm Wringer and changed it into a Cobra Clutch.. SBS doesn't submit! Kernodle goes for a Brass Knuckles Punch! No! SBS turns it into a Side Headlock! He goes for a jab.. No! Cobra Clutch! SBS doesn't submit again! Brass Knuckles Punch out of no where, now! One, two, thre-no! Don Kernodle stalks him.. Cobra Clutch! Sweet Brown Sugar has no where to go now! Sugar taps out! Sugar taps out!

Winners: Don Kernodle & The Golden Sheik(C)

Polynesian Pro Wrestling(TV) - Thursday, Week 2 September 1984
I was not booked tonight.

World Class Wrestling(TV) - Saturday, Week 2 September 1984
Tonight One Man Gang welcomed me to the arena, tonight I'd be his partner - tonight we'd face the duo of Brian Adias and the newly debuted Mike Von Erich. So I got ready, this will be an amazing match!

The Golden Sheik & One Man Gang vs. Brian Adias & Mike Von Erich
This match what easily a domination. OMG easily put Mike Von Erich in his danger zone in 48 seconds, and almost ended him early with a 747 Spash and a Big Bear Hug within the first two minutes, then came in Brian Adias who got the same treatment but kept avoiding the 747 Splash until One Man Gang was too hurt to do it anymore! But One Man Gang decided to just hammer on him, until Brian tagged back in Mike Von Erich at the nine minute mark. One Man Gang tossed him around some more then tagged in The Golden Sheik, then Mike Von Erich quickly tagged back out to Brian Adias! Adias hit a European Upercut, he runs Sheik off the ropes - Jab! No! Sheik ducks it! Arm Wringer! Brian Adias pulls out a Snapmare Takedown from no where! Sheik slips out of a Grounded Arm Bar.. The lead keeps changing as One Man Gang taps the referee on the shoulder and starts complaining! Arm Wringer.. Sheik still has the arm and when Adias' face looks over he gets blasted with a Fireball while the referee is still talking to One Man Gang! Sheik goes for the pin, 1, 2, 3!

Winners: One Man Gang & The Golden Sheik(C+)

After the match One Man Gang joined me in the ring and lifted me to his shoulders as we taunted to the fans - we got some boos, but who cares! We got the win, didn't we?

D. Boon's Ghost
06-11-2006, 11:12 PM
Super job, Dwight. Haven't posted much, but I've been following this for awhile.

Isn't that supposed to be Don Kernodle? ;)

Congrats on the PPW tag team titles, btw - Simmons seems to make a great partner, as far as the contrast between the two.

06-12-2006, 12:59 PM
Congrats from me for winning the tag belts in PPW. Sheik & Simmons could be a great team there. What have they named the team?

Also, you should love wrestling in WCCW. Fritz seems to push the newcomers pretty good. What spot on the card are you starting at. With WCCW being a cult sized promotion I would think that you would be coming in as either Enhancement Talent or Opener. It's quite a jump to go from PPW to WCCW, congrats on that as well.

That Crazy Guy
06-12-2006, 04:29 PM
Isn't that supposed to be Don Kernodle? ;)
Shhhhh. No one has to know.

Congrats on the PPW tag team titles, btw - Simmons seems to make a great partner, as far as the contrast between the two.
Simmons and Sabu seem like a great team, thinking about how they'd work together is an awesome thought - because it'd be like a Highflyer and Brawler type thing what could both mix in some good hardcore moves.

Sheik & Simmons could be a great team there. What have they named the team?
Like I said, they're a great mix. They've been dubbed as "Team Explosion"

Also, you should love wrestling in WCCW. Fritz seems to push the newcomers pretty good.
Hopefully that's the case. :)

What spot on the card are you starting at. With WCCW being a cult sized promotion I would think that you would be coming in as either Enhancement Talent or Opener.
Started as an Enhancement talent, but with the winnings of the PPW Tag Team Titles I jumped up to 30 overness and now am an Opener.

Thanks for all the feedback, and lou - you're post just graced my first diary ever to reach 100 posts. Thanks to all that's read.