View Full Version : Losses to Camps

Al Z
04-10-2009, 04:18 AM
I've looked through the help files and the threads, and haven't really seen anything about this. I was wondering if fighters specifically choose what camp they affiliate with based on the skills they are deficient in, and I think it would be even more realistic for a fighter to specifically seek out a camp after he loses a particular way, especially more than once.

For instance if a wrestler were to get KO'ed I'd imagine he'd go to a camp where he could learn some striking, or at least better strike defense. Even if that means leaving his current camp, no matter what that camp's reputation is, to go to wherever would best suit him to improve his deficiencies.

Is there a modifier in place that relates types of losses to camp selection so that fighters will go and specifically improve in areas that are causing them to fail in fights?