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05-29-2009, 02:49 PM
CV: Battle Hymns is a new mod I'm working on at the moment. The name just comes from Manowar's first album similar to my very first mod--CV: British Steel being a Judas Priest album. No meaning to it actually. Anyway, Battle Hymns will take place in either June or July 2009, about eight or nine months after British Steel. Here are the expected updates and stuff I'm proud of:

Promotions that fall within the future of British Steel are added.

HEAVY Japanese scene building
-GCG is being head booked by Kaneie Komine. Yoshifusa Maeda leaves the company in a fit to form Japanese Championship Wrestling. Under Komine, GCG undergoes an aggressive growth period and pretty much run all companies with a footing in Kinki (aside from 5SSW) out of the region by damaging their popularity.
-BHOTWG is still under Tetsuzan's ownership
-Ryu Kajahara leaves WEXXV to join rival company D&D! Hiroshi Morisue takes over WEXXV. Zeshin Makioka becomes the company's biggest heel.
-INSPIRE takes steps towards actually entering the wrestling end of things. Starts to implement tag team matches.
-WINNOW at war with 5SSW.
-XJW (an entertainment promotion) is getting rave reviews
-WLW returns to its lucharesu roots and has been feuding with lucharesu founding promotion (and father of WLW) SKY Japan.
-Sessue Kawate slowly becoming a freelancing star!

US stuff
-GWC (Global Wrestling Council) is formed. Members include PSW (moved to the southeast to combat USPW), MAW (head promotion), NYCW, and JCW in Japan. A couple of workers jump ship from PSW and NYCW.
-CZCW gets TV deal. Zemmy Bumfhole leaves asylum and joins CZCW.
-TCW and SWF war is still in full swing. The Gauge brothers are broken between TCW and SWF! Jay Chord to SWF!
-Fumihiko Ota involved in major scandal, leaves the US for Mexico.
-Spanish Superfly moves the US. Joins TCW.

Canada stuff
Stats being tweaked.

Mexico stuff
I'm not really working on Mexico at all aside from tweaking stats to improve between 2006 and 2009.

UK/Europe stuff
Haven't gotten this far yet, but I'm doing stats and the like.

Other stuff
-Along with workers that would've debuted by this time in TEW 2008, I'm adding a handful of new workers--not alot or anything since doing stats and bringing workers over manually is bothersome enough :( The crown jewel of my created workers added is Nuclear Dragon! He's deathmatch sleazetastic.

-Doing move descriptions (mostly copying moves and renaming them as finishers and giving minor description changes).

-Redoing some move sets. I'm particularly proud of Saionji Omura's spiffy new move set as its a little more age appropriate. Major story workers will get actual movesets. Some workers being brought over from TEW 2008 may or may not get movesets with their finisher, but will get a moveset...since it's required. :(

-Promotion altering. Some styles have changed and AI has been worked on across the board. Promotion descriptions have been changed completely.

-More events and TV shows and titles.

-Some relationships

-Contract shuffling.

Release Date: Sometime in June 2009, I'm gunning for 2nd week or 3rd week.

D. Boon's Ghost
05-29-2009, 05:21 PM
This is a great idea. I hope it comes to pass, as I am sure a lot of cool stuff can be done updating the Cornellverse.

Good luck. And Godspeed to the venture.

05-30-2009, 05:18 AM
good luck with the project fella! You have a solid base using the Cornellverse.

06-01-2009, 12:09 AM
I'm still waiting for the TEW version SWIFT~