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04-09-2011, 03:30 PM
So my other diary hit the skids, and I lost intrest really fast. My current game is about to hit the year 1999, from which I wll do this diary. I'll give you guys an update on what the gaming world is looking like in my game in a minute.

04-09-2011, 03:42 PM

Lightweight: Sukarno

-After absorbing KDMFC, I called up Sukarno right away. In his GAMMA debut, he ran right through Beau Gorshin and then went on to dismantle Brandon Sugar at GAMMA 29. Sukarno is a problem.

Welterweight: Julio Regueiro

-With only one fight in 1998, Spanish Silk submitted Alan Kendall in the first round at GAMMA 26.

Middleweight: Buddy Garner

-Going into GAMMA 25, Garner found out that his opponent, Patrick Thomas, missed weight (in a big way.) Despite being at a huge weight disadvantage, he made easy work of Thomas, then moved on to submit the top-ranked MW, Matthew Dean, at GAMMA 30.

Light Heavyweight: Junior Patinkin

-Originally tossed in against Spencer Rubenstein as a sacrafice of sorts, Junior surprised many went he TKO'd the former champ. His next test came at GAMMA 28, where he TKO'd Linefield Ballard showing he is a true champ.

Heavyweight: Jeff Carlton

-Going into GAMMA 27, James Foster was on a hot streak with already two title defenses under his belt in 1998. Carlton came into that fight ready to derail the champ, and he did just that when he scored a first round TKO victory over Foster.

04-09-2011, 08:06 PM
GAMMA 31 announced!

GAMMA 31: Reueiro vs. Carpenter

Main Event: Welterweight Title
Julio Regueiro (c) [21-0] vs. Jim Carpenter [50-9-2]
-Coming into the fight, Julio is coming off of a strong title defense. On the other hand, the seasoned Carpenter put a stop to the surging Yevgeni Sipatov. Julio is the clear favorite, but anything is possible.

Co-Main Event:
Anthony LeToussier [13-0] vs. Derek South [14-3]
-This is a vital LHW fight. LeToussier is coming off of a submission victory against Ricky Heath back at GAMMA 22, however, Derek South is feeling a good surge of energy after TKO'ing Christian Mountfield. With the LHW champ waiting for a contender, this fight could prove vital.

Adam White [8-1] vs. Maarten De Vries [15-7]

-The young career of Adam White seems to be slowly taking off. After avenging his one career loss against Sutton Ripley, Hollywood White is ready to square off with De Vries, who last suffered a loss at the hands of Thomas Smith.

Bruce Steven [15-8] vs. Beau Gorshin [36-9]

-With both fighters coming off of a loss, this should be a good one. In their last fights, Steven fell victim to a Truck Gleeson KO punch, and Beau was made an example of by Sukarno.

04-09-2011, 09:37 PM
GAMMA 31: Regueiro vs. Carpenter

Steven vs. Gorshin:

-The first round saw a minor exchange with the hands, but Steven eventually got it to the ground, and finished with the dominant position. Round two was a snooze fest. The third round saw Gorshin picking apart the legs of Steven. Bruce went for a takedown late in the fight only to get caught, and led to a Gorshin TKO victory.

Winner: Beau Gorshin via TKO (GOOD)

White vs. De Vries

-Right off the bat, White scored a big takedown. It didn't take long before he began dropping bombs on De Vries, forcing the ref to step in and end it.

Winner: Adam White via. TKO (GREAT)

Co-Main Event:
LeToussier vs. South

-A good first round put on an example of excellent striking. Both fighters got their shots in, but neither did enough to do anything too serious. The second round was South controlling the pace. He didn't want to stand and trade with LeToussier, so he made him chase him around. South eventually got a clinch, and did some damage with dirty boxing. The third round had us watching two gassed fighters, but the fight was won when LeToussier knocked South down with a body shot just before the fight ended.

Winner: Anthony LeToussier via. UD (DECENT)

Main Event: Welterweight Title
Julio Regueiro (c) vs. Jim Carpenter

-The first round may have shocked a few people. Everything Julio tried to do, was easily defended by Carpenter, some may even say that Carpenter won the round. This round was all Spanish Silk, who applied a rear naked choke, but couldn't get the submission before the round ended. In the 3rd round, Julio was in down-guard, but caught Carpenter slipping and locked in a triangle for a victory.

Winner: Julio Regueiro via. Submission (DECENT)

Of The Night Awards:
Fight Of The Night: Adam White vs. Maarten De Vries
KO Of The Night: Adam White
Submission Of The Night: Julio Regueiro