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05-16-2011, 08:40 PM
I've recently been playing as WWF in the Tzone mod, the WWF roster is huge even after i have created a brand split which means i have alot of workers that are just "waiting their turn", i've given vacantions, dumped people in developments to improve skills or as trainers but i still have people i dont really have a spot for. I could release them but to be honest i'm a horder, they are my workers and i wont give them (wow my inner control freak almost escaped there)..
So hears a few features i'd like to be included:-
Suggestion 1
So headbanger thrasher has got lost in the shuffle since mosh dropped the makeup and skirt and joined low down, what to do with thrasher, he's currently a middleweight has average flying stats.. lets get him to drop a weight level,, so i go into talk the worker and ask the worker to drop a weight level, worker leaves the active roster, dependant of their determination they either succeed or fail, if they succeed you get a lighter worker back on your active roster after a few days/weeks/month, improved stats, (increased stamina) and a moral boast because they succeed. If the fail they get their fat ass fired,

Suggestion 2
Steve Blackman has no personality, so being the excellent boss that i am i decide to help him out by sending him for acting lessons (or orartor classes), steve disappears from my active roster for a few weeks, and returns, if the course works steve returns with increased stats and if it fails he returns with a massive motivation drop...

Suggestion 3
Rikishi's ass wobbling is getting boring and he's not doing much on your roster, you agree to help a friendly promotion by sending workers to help out, rikishi is not doing much so i send him on loan to said promotion, rikishi leaves my active roster and because exclusive to said promotion unless pact it cancelled..

Final Suggestion
Billy Gunn is stinking up my ring, rather than fire him i decide to send him out to do some promotional work, Billy is sent on tour for a set amount of time, leaves your active roster, dependant up his skills he could give your promotion a slight popularity boast or if he sucks he could damage it, if the worker going on the promotinal tour had any drug/drink issue could lead to a incident ..

Anyway just a few suggestions..

05-17-2011, 09:59 AM
I agree, I'd love to able to tell Rhodes to bulk up for a push or something, then in three months or so he moves up a weight class. BUT He could do it whilst on the roster as well.