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10-19-2009, 04:28 PM
Just want to spread the word to anyone in the twin cities area that on Friday and Saturday F1rst Wrestling will be holding it's first Tournament show.

As you can see they will be having a good number of Chikara talent there.

Here are the opening round matchups.








10-19-2009, 04:37 PM
I'm a fan of F1RST wrestling. Arik Cannon and the Northstar Express are great, imo. Good to see some Chikara talent in this tourney too. Especially excited for QUACK~!

I live in north-central Iowa, so I'm not far, but I can't go for numerous reasons. Car is broken down and having no money being key reasons.


10-19-2009, 06:00 PM
I am/was still planing on making a trip out there to see this show. I am going to have to juggle a ton of stuff but would be great to see this show.

10-24-2009, 12:48 PM
I am bored at work so I though I would update this with yesterdays results.

No real surprises with Sailer, 6%, CC, Lince, Pete Huge, Cruz, Quack & Cannon moving on to round 2.

Round 2 Matches:

Lince Dorado v. Rob James
Benjamin Sailer v. Pete Huge
Ryan Cruz v. Arik Cannon
Mike Quackenbush v. Claudio Castagnoli

Though there were 2 minor surprises at the event 1 being no Hydra but instead Stigma (Never liked him as Shane Storm donít like him now), which kind of sucked because with 6%'s gimmick no doubt it would have been a great little comedy match (though what 6% and Stigma had was decent). The other surprise was that Lane and Yellow Dog was the main event. Would never have guessed a Comedy match with Yellow Dog in it would be a Main Event (though it was a good and fun match).

Match of the night would have to go to CC vs. Darin Corbin.

Oh and good news to anyone thinking of buying the show when it comes out. They had a new camera and camera man at the event (from Smart Mark Video) which is great news as the camera work on the F1rst wrestling DVDs I have seen has been poor with the ringside camera being very blurry getting clear for about 5 seconds then blurry again (quite annoying).

Also out of boredom:

7. 6% & Pete Huge: No chance of winning. If one of them win: It just isnít going to happen.

6. Sailer: Not counting Cannon or NSE the most over guy in F1rst Wrestling. Though his odds are still very slim. If he wins: I would be very surprised.

5. Cruz: With the exception of Cannon the NSE are the most widely know regulars of F1rst Wrestling. If they want to book the first winner to be a regular he would be a logical choice. If he wins: I would be mildly surprised.

4. Cannon: If it wasnít for one thing he would be the one I would pick to win it, but I donít see him booking himself to win a tournament (if you didnít know he is the one who runs F1rst Wrestling). Hell, I almost put Cruz in front of him because of that. If he wins: I would be a mildly surprised.

3. Lance: Of all the Chikara wrestlers him and Ophidian have been on the most f1rst wrestling shows before the Tournament with 3 appearances (the 2 other Armory shows and the last F1rst Ave. show) and was possibly the most over wrestler with the F1rst Wrestling crowd. Though after last night it would be a debate between him and Quack, with more people just there to see a show or just fans of F1rst wrestling being for Lince and most Indy fans being with Quack. If he wins: Not surprised at all.

1. Quack & CC: The 2 most widely known wrestlers on the show. The only way they donít win is if they want to book someone who will be at more shows to win it. Though I think odds are the winner of their match will go on to win the whole thing.