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10-13-2005, 09:57 PM
A little background:
It is Mid-January, 2006. NOTBPW just held their first PPV-New Year's Revolution. (unoriginal, I know) This PPV saw the end of the two main storylines with Dan Stone Jr. retaining the Canadian Title in a four way over top contenders Jeremy Stone, Sean McFly, and Dark Angel. That story which finished with A* heat has now been transformed into a 1 v 1 feud between Stone Jr. and Dark Angel. It also saw the end of the 8-Woman tournament to declare a new Women's Champion. Victoria Stone won the final defeating Rebecca Petty. Rebecca had made her way into the final after defeating Tamara McFly when Victoria attempted to stop Petty from using a weapon and ended up hitting McFly. The two made ammends and Tamara accompanied Victoria to the ring for her title win and celebrated with her afterwards. This is where the diary begins. While I will have other storylines going on the primary focus of this diary will be the exploits of the Stones, McFlys and Wilsons.

Current Roster
Canadian Dragon
Dan Stone Jr.
Duane Stone
Edd Stone
Jeremy Stone
Owen Love
Sean McFly
Zeus Maxmillion
Kelowna Playaz (Craig Green/Gregg Boone)
Jack Poison(Giedroyc)/Joey Poison

Dark Angel
Harry Wilson
Kenko Takemitsu
RK Hayes
Shingen Miyazaki
Stone Yoshikawa
The Natural
Alysian Scotsfield/Derek Frost
Dallas & Dean McWade

Victoria Stone
Tamara McFly
Rebecca Petty
Junko Hayakawa
Helen Wheels
Jana Marie Bowen
April Appleseed
Emma Bitch

10-13-2005, 11:48 PM
Week 3- NOTBPW- Championship Wrestling

NOTBPW put on their finest show yet, pulling out an A rating.

Junko Hayakawa and Rebecca Petty challenged Tamara McFly and Victoria Stone to a best of three battle. Petty came out on top, pinning McFly after a miscommunication with Stone.

Also, Dan Stone Jr. successfully defended his Canadian title against Dark Angel in a hot match (A*)