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Derek B
10-23-2005, 10:55 AM
In The Beginning.......

For those of you who don't know who I am (most of you) and for those of you who just don't care (all of you), allow me to introduce myself.

My name, is Derek Blackley. And I love wrestling. I'm telling you this now because to me, the rest of the details of my life are insignificant compared to this fact. Honestly, my life without wrestling, is pretty much just me sleeping. And even then, it might still creep in. But just so you know a little more about you, I'm going to give you a bit of background about me and how I've come to find myself in the situation I'm in. For anyone who loves wrestling as much as I do, you'll want to know exactly how it came about.

My whole life, ever since I was a child, has been following wrestling. My single earliest memory of my life comes from when I was just two years old. My parents say I can't possisbly remember it, but I do. On holiday at a well known holiday camp in the UK, I got to see a match between two unknown wrestlers. At least, they were unknown at the time, I was only two years old. But as I watched a very young Tommy "Uppercut" Bailey lose to Melvin the Fantastic, I could tell I was watching something that would become special to me forever.

My love affair with wrestling had began. As I grew up, I watched the family friendly product of the SWF and played with the action figures just like so many other kids did. Like so many other people, it was presumed to just be a phase I was going through. You know, something I'd grow out of as I grew up, just like I did to all my clothes.

But I didn't. As wrestling advanced further forwards, with stars going all over the place, Sam Strong piling on title reigns, Bruce the Giant demolishing everything in his path and men like Sam Keith showing the technical side of things, I grew more passionate. I started learning the behind the scenes stuff. I learned about kayfabe (though I'm still not sure how to pronounce it) I learned that it wasn't real and I learned that it might just be possible for me to one day be on that TV screen myself, alongside the men I had idolised since I was a child.

As I entered my late teens, I kept fantasising about the possibility of being a wrestler. I pride myself on never missing an SWF show for almost 10 years. I remember the infamous night when Nemesis had his last ever match for the SWF, when he and Tommy Cornell tore things up in one incredible night. I watched as TCW debuted, then known as HGC and Cornell stole the show again. I watched as Sean McFly made himself a legend in the SWF. I watched as Nemesis started to lead DAVE to being a name promotion. I've seen so much and yet I was always left wanting more.

I went to university, I studied some stuff. I learned psychology and philosophy, interesting stuff. But what I wanted to learn was ring psychology. What I wanted to do was step into a wrestling ring in front of thousands of screaming fans, put on a match that McFly and Cornell would be proud of and in the end, walk away with my hand raised in victory, a title belt in hand. I graduated university, reasonable grades. And at the age of 21 and a bit, in May 2005, I went to North Carolina to see if I could track down a man I had seen a few times on some old wrestling tapes I had bought on E-bay. Armed only with an address I had found on the internet, I went in search of the legendary Pistol Pete Hall.



......... And I found him.

June 2005, I had found what I had been looking for my whole life. Pete was perhaps one of the nicest guys I had ever met. At first, he was sceptical of me. A youngster, fresh into the real world, wanting to try his hand at wrestling. Who wouldn't be sceptical of that?

But it didn't take him long to realise that I had passion. I told him all about the story you've been reading. My early experiences, my tape trading, details of his own career that even he didn't know. I'd not only done my homework, I'd done his for him.

He agreed to take me on at his training camp, PileDriver wrestling. The roster was small but the guys there were a great group. Pete said he'd train me, obviously not for free, but I knew that. I'd managed to work through university and had managed to save some cash.

The next four months had to be the most painful in my life. I knew wrestling wasn't easy, everyone told me that, but I never knew it would be this hard. After every session, I was bruised so much that I joked with the guys I would have to put purple when filling in any equal opportunies forms in future. One time, I thought Sean (Deeley) had actually broken my leg with when practising a figure four. Turns out I'm just a wuss.

I made some great friends at PDW, with one exception. Merle O'Curle, by far the oldest student there, just didn't seem to like me. Perhaps it was because people liked me more than him, but he always seemed to be in a bad mood when I was around. But then, he acted like a pro in that ring every day while I bumped badly and stank the place up. Roz (Larren) loved teasing me about that.

Yeah, I sucked at wrestling. If my talent for wrestling was anywhere near near as much as my passion, I coulda been the next Tommy Cornell. Sadly, I couldn't bump to save myself. I might very well be able to name ever move that has ever been conceived but blind men could execute them more easily than me. But at least all the guys really liked me. Except Merle, of course. If only I'd got his talents.....

Over the course of the four months, Pete was starting to take more time off. In early 2005 he had started wrestling again, at least on a part time basis. I joked with Josh (Nash) that Pete might be thinking of coming out of retirement at the ripe old age of 44. If only I'd known then that, for possibly the first time ever, I might be right.

October 31st, usually great for all kinds of fun, especially when everyone had agreed to come to training in full costume. Well, everyone except Merle of course. What was supposed to be a fun day of training (and more bruises for lucky me) turned out to be one of the worst days ever. Pete showed up late for training, again, and he didn't look good. When anyone looks like he did that day, you know its bad news.

He told us all that he wanted to return full time to wrestling. We cheered. He then told us that he'd be doing so in Japan. We tried to speak Japanese at him. He told us he didn't have time to keep training in PDW. We were silent.

It was like someone had dropped an A-Bomb on us all. We were all silent. Some of the guys had already started finding work elsewhere. Before I had even arrived, Tommy Cornell himself had handpicked Wolf Hawkins out of PDW and into TCW where he was becoming a star already. But for guys like me and (Kentucky) Bill, the news wasn't good.

We begged, we pleaded with Pete to keep the camp open. We said we'd do anything we could. We'd pay more money, we'd give him any earnings we made, we'd do anything. But he had made up his mind. He said that I, Derek Blackley, was the last student he had ever accepted to the camp and that was only because of the passion I had. He'd been slowly letting the roster count drop ever since he'd decided to rejoin full time wrestling. He told us all how much fun it had been and how he hadn't regretted a moment of the time he'd spent with us, not even the wasted time he'd spent on me trying to teach me a suplex, even after Merle had got it first time.

We knew his mind was made up. He spoke to us individually. He spoke to Roz, he spoke to Hell's Bouncer (he won't tell me his real name, not since he legally changed it. I bet its Clarence), he spoke to Merle, Antonio, Geoff (Borne), Josh, Bill and Spike. And lastly, with lots of people looking at me, he spoke to me.

"Derek. Lets be honest. As a wrestler, you suck. I don't doubt for a second that you could tell me the name of every move ever, give me a match history of any wrestler ever on TV and tell me the names of every wrestler active in the world today. But you just can't wrestle worth a lick."

I didn't like where it was going, but his mischievous smile stopped me from speaking out of turn.

"But I'm not sure I've ever met someone with as much passion for the business as you have. I may have taught these guys how to wrestle, but it seems like you've given them all a gimmick to use. Geoff would still be using the name Cartweight if it wasn't for you. Sean might never have been the Shooter. Spike would never have had so many bad nicknames if you didn't keep coming up with names he liked. Derek, I know you still have the passion for wrestling and I know you'll do whatever you can to stay in the business. Thats why I spoke to you last."

I could tell something big was about to happen. Everything moved in slow motion, I was sure everyone who was looking at me could see my chest expand with every terror filled heartbeat. I could feel the same butterflies that had been in my stomach since my first day, flying around like a swarm of drunken bees.

"I want you to keep PDW running, but not as a training camp. I want you to turn PDW into a proper wrestling promotion and I want you to run it. You've got the ideas, the creative spark and the passion to make it work. I've never had a student so inept, but with so much passion. I've asked everyone else here to help you out, if you want them to. Its up to them if they want to stay with you, but I hope you all do. Derek, will you run PDW for me?"

OH........ MY........ GOD!!!!





Needless to say, I said yes. I couldn't believe it. And neither could Merle. The moment I accepted, Merle walked out of the gym and disappeared. I've not seen or heard from him yet but Bill says that Merle has went back home to Ireland. As Pete smiled from ear to ear, each of his students hugged him. He had a date to work the next day in Japan and he was going to be staying over there with GCG full time from now on. I got his phone number of course, I was going to stay in contact with him to let him know what was going on. And once he left the gym, he left the last 9 students of PDW in his gym, wondering what they were going to do next.......

Derek B
10-23-2005, 10:57 AM

The next 4 weeks were interesting to say the least. With help from Pete, who had agreed to foot the international phone bill, he managed to sort out a whole lot of stuff that you can't learn from watchng tapes. He even helped us get sponsors and put me in contact with people who could handle all the finances, legal stuff and anything else I wouldn't have a clue what to do.

The guys (and Roz, who we usually include as a guy anyways) went off to work all over and keep themselves warmed up. Over a few meetings, we agreed to hold our first event in December. The change from training camp to promotion wasn't easy, but with Pete's help, it was much easier than it could've been.

One day, he rang up sounding particularly excited. Thanks to Wolf Hawkins, Pete had managed to secure some extra finance for PDW, which was great, as we really didn't have much. When asked how much, he replied...... $25,000!

OH........ MY....... GOD!!!!!

Pete explained that he'd spoken to a handful of ex-PDW trainees and that Wolf (an ex PDW student) had spoken to TCW owner, Tommy Cornell about some cash. Cornell was happy to give us a little of TCW's cash to help us start up and......

OH........ MY....... GOD!!!!!

We actually had some money! Along with the reputation Pete had managed to establish in the surrounding area for us through his years of training, we were already fairly well known and starting to hype our first event as a real promotion. PDW had been around for more than 20 years but only now was it preparing to run its first real show.

Oh, how I wished the butterflies had stayed in their chrysalisses. I need pest control for my stomach, STAT!!

Derek B
10-23-2005, 10:58 AM
DECEMBER 2005, Week 1

Right, things are slowly taking shape. Hell's Bouncer is doing really well in DAVE, which bodes well for us. We need some names on our first card if we're to not look amateurish. The hype campaign was starting to build up for our first event which we had finally came to agreement about a name on. Actually, even though I'm supposed to be the booker, it was really Roz's idea for the name.

PDW: Rebirth

It was simple, it was perfect. A bit like Antonio at times really. PDw was born as a training camp and now its being reborn as a promotion. Roz, I would kiss you if I wasn't so scared you'd suplex me again.

Although we did get some news from Pete again of an important nature. He'd been ringing around trying to get someone in to help us out. It was simply too expensive to keep calling me so he was organising someone to help out. In fact, he was getting someone to come along and be the new boss for me.

Mixed feelings about that really. On the one hand, it takes the responsibility of everything away from me in a good way. On the other hand, it takes the responsibility of everything away from me in a bad way. If Pete thnks its a good idea, then I'm going to agree with him. He's never done anything bad for me yet.

All I need to do now is get a few more guys on the roster. I haven't heard yet if any more ex-PDWers are joining and with our roster of 7 men and 1 woman, we need to expand a bit. I've set my sights on having about 5 or 6 more people. Maybe I can bring some of my indy favourites in.

OH......... THE......... POWER!!!!!

On the 3rd Friday of December, 2005... witness the rebirth of PDW! Tickets only $10! Card to be announced!!

Derek B
10-23-2005, 11:05 AM
DECEMBER 2005, Week 2
I'll Sell You My Owner For 2 Camels......

OH........ MY....... GOD!!!!!

Well, it could've been anyone. Thanks to Pete, the nicest guy on the face of the Earth or any other planet, we've got some experience in PDW. And when he said the guy he was gonna get was experienced, he wasn't kidding.

At the tender age of 55, Sheik Mustapha is my new boss. Pete assures me that he's a great guy when you get to know him and that he'll be able to teach me a lot about booking and organising finances and stuff. I hope so. One meeting with the Sheik so far and he's already having a go at me about finances. I've not even spent a cent yet..... sigh.

Anyways, at least his goals are simple. Make money, don't ruin PDW's reputation any time soon, don't lose money... blah blah blah. If I get PDW into the red, I'm getting fired without Pete even getting a call about it.

Y'know, I don't know if Pete has even met the Sheik in the last twenty years, cos I can't imagine them getting along at all. I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it. I've got $30,000 to play with and a lot of girls I would love to meet in the flesh. Shame Catherine Quine won't even speak to me. Maybe I can get Joanne Rodriguez to come along..... in my dreams.

Next week, we announce our roster to the world (well, the Mid Atlantic region) and start to hype some matches for our first show.

Less than 2 weeks away, the 3rd Friday of December, 2005... witness the rebirth of PDW! Tickets only $10! Card to be announced!!

Derek B
10-23-2005, 11:09 AM
DECEMBER 2005, Week 3
The Roster List Post

Being a booker isn't just about coming up with ideas, I'm supposed to be paying attention to whats going on EVERYWHERE! Just aswell I have passion for wrestling then.....

The Japanese Wrestle Peace Festival went down on Saturday. Only WEXXV weren't represented throughout the day. It was ladies first for the 5SSW roster which was highlighted by Sensational Ogiwara claiming the 5 Star World title from Saori Nakadan in a match that will probably be better than all of ours on Friday. Up next was WLW. 2 Fly N'Hara stinks up every show he's on without exception. I may be relatively new to the industry, but there's a guy who needs to retire. GCG followed on from there. No suprises when Yoshifusa Maeda, the living legend that he is, stole the show, defeating Jack Marlowe to retain the World title. He definitely shouldn't retire, he's got at least 10 years left in him yet. I was so happy to see Pistol Pete win his match against Barry Griffin. I was even happier to see him win his other match later that night on GCG's TV show, Stars of the Golden Canvas. I marked out when he pinned Cliff "Dark Angel" Wilson in the tag match. It seems he really is committed to being full time. Guess he won't be returning here for a while then. Damn.

Then onto the big guns. PGHW put on the best overall show of the entire day, which is saying something. From the opener with Bryan Holmes beating Masayuki Shiga all the way to Mito Miwa defending the Glory Crown against Yoshimi Mushashibo, the crowd was electric. If anyone needs proof that PGHW is a real threat to BHOTWG's dominance in Japan, this is it.

BHOTWG couldn't follow it up to the same standard, but still put on a helluva show. Double headlined by a giant match from Bruce and Everest (which was a let down) and a three way which saw Raul Hughes defend vs Kinnoji Horri and the scariest man in wrestling, Tadiyuki Kikkawa..... it was so good. But not as good as PGHW.

Anyways, there are more important things than the Wrestle Peace Festival to talk about. Its only a few days until PDW holds its first show! So without further ado, here's a list of people you can expect to see when (not if) you come along!


Hell Monkey (heel) - He's not as funny as the name suggests. With a viscous streak a mile wide, he claims to be the future of wrestling. Lets hope not all people have to become animal-people hybrids in future.

The Cutting Edge (face) - He works in Mexico as Champagne Lover. The Cutting Edge (TCE) is the very definition of an extremist, pushing everything as far as he can in order to succeed. Fearless and almost suicidal, he'll do anything to push the boundary, cross the line and go over the edge.

Hell's Bouncer (heel) - He's been doing great with DAVE over the last few months and getting really well known. He's playing a demonic type character which I find hard to believe cos I know him so well. But he's damn good at it, I've seen people cross the street to get away from him when we're walking down it.


Jacob Jett (heel) - The kid is unbelievable. If I'm making PDW a success, I'm building it around guys like Jett. His incredible talents in the ring make his arrogant character believable.

American Elemental (face) - I'd only seen this guy on a few indy videos I'd collected, but he's an awesome flyer. The stuff he can do is unreal and because of his willingness to bump, he's been branded PDW's resident thrill seeker.

Geoff "Air" Borne (face) - He always makes me laugh and he's a nice guy. But once he gets in the ring, he'll throw himself all over the place to get that adrenaline rush. He's almost hurt me a few times with his flying moves.

Spike (heel) - With his spiky hair, his spiky clothes and spiky wristbands, we shoulda called him Porcupine. But Spike will do, even though he's got a myriad of other (bad) names I've given him this year. He plays a punk character that gets on people's nerves by being obnoxious.

Shooter Sean Deeley (heel) - A legitimate athlete, Sean is awesome. He may not be naturally gifted at pro wrestling, but he was an exellent amateur and he's got the will to succeed. I predict big things from him in future.


Kentucky Bill (face) - I musta been drunk when I thought of this. His finisher is...... the Kentucky Flying Chicken. Bill plays a stupid dancing berk who goes to the top rope, does the chicken dance (God, I hate it so much) and executes a big splash. Seriously Bill, we need to talk about your gimmick. Or feud you with Stretch the Chicken Boy.

Josh Nash (heel) - He's big, he's strong, he looks bloody mean. He's also spying for us in MAW just down the road. Josh plays our resident monster heel and beats on people with his sheer strength. Wish I could put Merle in there with him.

Antonio (heel) - Antonio claims to speak Italian but really, he's probably just watched the Godfather too much. Still, if the crowds want to believe he's in the Mafia then we can use that. Underworld gimmick for Antonio.


Brendan Idol (face) - Everyone loves the plucky underdog character who fights against the odds. Which is why we have Brendan. I'd never heard much about him, but from training sessions, he looks pretty good.

"Suicidal" Flemmy Lemming (heel) - Do lemmings really jump off cliffs? Only when I control them. Flemmy is a technical genius when he wants to be. He attributes this to the amount of wrestling tapes he's watched which is why he knows so many moves. He's a bit of an obsessive fan, just like I am.

Phenomenal E. (face) - He really is phenomenal. I can't wait for the crowds to start the phenomenon song during shows. I'll even stand in the crowd myself to do it. He plays a cool, anti authority rebel. Note to self: Get an authority figure.


Joey Beauchamp (heel) - He's cool, he is the breeze..... possibly the worst catchphrase ever, but at least he has one. And he's got great talent. And he's UCR's European champion. He'll be moving up the card soon enough.

"Trademark" Thomas Morgan (face) - Tommy Morgan has been a diamond in the rough for soooo long. I'm so glad I'm the one to give him a job and help his career. He plays an old school face for us, which suits him really since he's such a nice guy. He doesn't even want a decent push. I had to convince him not to be a jobber and this was as high as I could get him.

"The Lion Queen" Roz Larren (face) - Guess who likes her Disney movies a bit too much. Without any other women on the roster just now, she doesn't have any obvious opponents. But she's a good flyer and good fun to have around.




Terry Smith - He calls what he sees. The main play by play man who seems to know what he's talking about. I wish I had his confidence in front of a crowd.

Roger Rogers - So good they named him twice. He plays our heel foil on the table. Even though no-one listens to him, he's always shouting orders at people in the ring. Should be fun when he does it at a proper event.


Sheik Mustafa - Road Agent - I hope he's good at it cos TCW and SWF have signed pretty much everyone else I wanted to sign instead.

Dewey Libertine - Referee - Has car, will travel. He's from the Tri-State and comes recommended by Pete himself. My wrestling knowledge stops before referees so I hope he's good.

Merle O'Curle - Idiot - The only guy at PDW who wasn't happy with it becoming a real promotion. I wish I could've had the opportunity to bury him for all the painful submissions he put me in. I hope he never finds a job.

PDW: ReBirth
Matches Announced So Far!

There will be a 15 person battle royale to decide the first PDW champion! The winner will be the man (or woman) who defeats everyone else by pinfall or submission!

Hell's Bouncer will warm up for the match by facing anyone brave enough to step into the ring with him!

Plus: Interviews with many of the particants of the match! Get to know their feelings about PDW's rebirth!

Coming Soon! Tickets Still Available!! Only $10!!

Derek B
10-23-2005, 11:17 AM
The OOC Post

Right, I got inspiration from this out of nowhere. I've been wanting to write a diary for a long time, but figured no-one would want to read a diary for a random fictional promotion. In my opinion, they just aren't as much fun as the ones based in existing Cornellverse promotions or even in the "real" world....

And that was where it hit me. I realised Pistol Pete Hall had taken to wrestling full time and that PDW would be without an owner and trainer. So working on that (as you may have read in my rambling back story) I took the original PDW roster from TEW2004 and moved it forward.

I love playing in the Cornellverse, its just so much fun to play. I don't know why, but I haven't yet managed to really enjoy a game in RaveX. I think it might simply be because its a more rigid world to play in that I don't enjoy it so much.

So I'm going to stretch my creative muscles for PDW and hopefully someone out there will read it and enjoy reading it. Any and all suggestions are welcomed, I can't always think of good ideas. Some people say I can't ever think of good ideas. :) Here's some quick backgroundon me and PDW.

ME: I've been playing Adam's games forever and I'll keep playing them forever too. They just so much fun to play. In real life, I'm a student studying psychology and philosophy at the University of Stirling, Scotland. Also, I'm still an active e-fedder. If you want to see my stuff, check out www.shootclub.com and track down the character of Derek B. He the man :)

PDW: Taken from TEW04. I set their overness at 25 in the Mid Atlantic region and 20 in New England and Tri State. This is down from 60 in each in TEW04. Prestige of the promotion is set at 15 to start with too. Relationship generation is set to high, as is new worker generation. All regions are on. Strict advance booking is off, cos I hate having workers not show up when I can't be bothered looking in advance. Strict storylines are on, but it shouldn't matter anyways because I'm playing PDW as a Cutting Edge promotion. Should be interesting. I'm playing in straight edge mode with my booking reputation starting at lowest. There are no promotion relationships set and I think thats me covered everything I need to cover.

There will be more coming soon, of course. I just don't want to post everything in one go, especially since I've already written sooooo much. Stay tuned, there's a catchy catchphrase coming soon!

Actually, thats a lie. We need someone else to think of a catchphrase for us.

10-23-2005, 12:02 PM
I'm interested. PDW = 2004 version of MAW.

10-23-2005, 12:38 PM
I'm solidly onboard.

10-23-2005, 01:15 PM
PDW always alive

Derek B
10-23-2005, 03:43 PM
DECEMBER 2005, Week 3 (part 2)

I can hardly believe it but its happening. Everyone I've been talking to over the phone, with the exception of Joey Beauchamp (who's working elsewhere), has gathered in the PDW gym. And its my job to tell everyone whats going on. So I start off with the news that the gym has been renamed. No longer is it just the PDW Gym, it will now be known as.......

The Pistol Pete Hall!

Everyone seems happy with that. Phew! Then its on to the match assignments. Hell's Bouncer (I still don't know his real name) is already starting to let his DAVE fame go to his head. Earning more than anyone else, he wants to win the PDW championship too. We'll see about that. Now, on with the show!

PDW: Rebirth!!

- The show opens with Shooter Sean defeating Kentucky Bill by submission. It seemed right to start with two of PDW's students in the first match. [E]
- Hell's Bouncer makes an open challenge [C] and Brendan Idol comes out to accept it [C-]. Seven minutes of squashiness later and Bouncer finally puts Brendan away with the Damnation Drop [C-]
- Jacob Jett taunts The Cutting Edge [C-] and Hell's Bouncer [C-] saying that it'll be him that wins the PDW championship battle royale.
- Backstage (in our changing room) Flemmy Lemming and Thomas Morgan are arguing about who's better. Morgan challenges Flemmy to settle it in the ring and Flemmy agrees. [D]
- After 15 minutes, Flemmy walks out on the match, looking like he would've lost anyways. Dragged in the middle a bit. [E]
- The Cutting Edge retorts to Jett's earlier comments [D] and then singles out Hell Monkey as a main threat to him, but says he'll still beat him easily. [C-]
- American Elemental hypes up Thomas MOrgan [C-] and Hell Monkey [D] for the upcoming battle royale.
- The Cutting Edge wins the pinfall/submission battle royale, defeating Antonio, Josh Nash and Spike (all PDW students) in the final four. [C-] He celebrates in the ring as our show draws to a close [F]

Overall Rating - D
Attendance - 871

OH......... MY.......... GOD!!!!!

We lost almost $2000 dollars on the show. Admittedly, we did use everyone we had and thats something we wouldn't normally do. In fact, if we hadn't used Hell's Bouncer or the Sheik, we would've made money. But it wasn't bad. I can't imagine what it would be like to perform in front of that kind of crowd, but I'm proud of all our guys for doing so well. Now, time to start planning our next show.....

Derek B
10-23-2005, 03:49 PM
DECEMBER 2005, week 4
Plus: The End of Year Review

Its been an interesting week for wrestling, thats for sure. DAVE and CGC both get crappy Christmas presents as they lose TV slots and a new promotion called EXODUS FB (which supposedly stands for Final Battleground) opens up in Japan. And on top of that, we got all our sponsor and merchandise revenue added up... we actually made money in our first month!! Over $2500!!

OH.......... MY......... GOD!!!!!

Pro Wrestling Hits magazine has decided to start up an official Top 100 Wrestlers in the World. At the end of each years, they'll release it but since they haven't been working on it properly this year, they've only got a few awards. Here's a run down.

Wrestler of the Year - none
Young Wrestler - Freddy Huggins (TCW)
Veteran Wrestler - Nemesis (DAVE)
Female - Rebecca Petty
Promotion - none
Most Improved Promotion - none
Match of the Year - Mito Miwa defeating Yoshimi Mushashibo at the PGHW Wrestle Peace Festival.
Show of the Year - The PGHW Wrestle Peace Festival. I told ya it was good.

Pete kept up his string of great performances in Japan by beating Barry Griffin again. Its a good end to the year for the nicest guy in the wrestling industry.

On another note, Merle lost his Strong Style in 21CW last month, which made me smile. Not because he lost, but because he lost to someone who isn't as good as he is in Davey London. Hah!!

And lastly, I'm still trying to decide on the details of our next show. We'll probably hold it on the 3rd Friday of the month again, but we need a name. Following the relative success of Rebirth, we need a good name. The urge to call it PDW: Afterbirth is strong, but it might turn the crowds away. Think, Derek.... think......

Derek B
10-23-2005, 03:52 PM

OH....... MY...... GOD!!!!! Disaster!!!!!

At least for Pete. GCG ha lost its regular TV timeslot in Japan for Stars of the Golden Canvas. I guess that means I won't get to see him on tape every week. On the plus-side though, I might get to speak to him about the Sheik Mustapha situation. I don't like him....

Also in Japanese news, EXODUS FB are getting a roster together after Nene Ebina, a tough female competitor with MMA experience, took over ownership. So far she's signed the following people.

Heihachiro Sakai
Hirokichi Hatakeda
Koyo Raikatuji
Masaru Ugaki
Masataru Kataoka
Morimaso Kato
Motoichi Arakida
Roku Ebina
Sotatsu Sarumura
Toshinobu Taku
Tsugiharu Odaka
Washi Heat
William Hayes
Willie York
Yoshii Shiomi

In PDW news, we've named our show and started out hype for it already. I came up with the name all on my onesome. I hope you like it :) On the 3rd Friday of Janurary, PDW are proud to present to you....

PDW: Fight of the Phoenix

PDW is reborn and now it has to fight to survive and flourish!

Matches Announced So Far Include:

Hell's Bouncer vs A mystery opponent!
The Cutting Edge defending the PDW Championship vs Antonio (the last man eliminated in the battle royale)

Plus: Thomas Morgan is expected to challenge Flemmy to a rematch! Jacob Jett is expected to be in attendance! To find out what will happen, come along to Stanley Hall, Maryland!! Tickets still available!! Only $10!!

Derek B
10-23-2005, 03:56 PM
JANUARY 2006, Part 2

GCG may have lost their TV timeslot, but they've got an award for best show name, in my opinion, as Pete beats Nathan Coleman on GCG: Side 2 Contains Studio Tracks in front of 2000 fans. Pure genius. Almost makes me wish I had called the show Afterbirth afterall. Speaking of which, its time to get down to the serious business of this.

After a relatively successful first show, confidence was running high. Having moved venue to Stanley Hall in Maryland, I knew numbers would be down a little. But that would hopefully mean smaller losses. Only when I realised it would only support 300 fans did I work out the numbers. If only my passion for wrestling was matched by my aptitude in numbers. Oh well.

PDW: Fight of the Phoenix

- Shooter Sean Deeley beats Geoff Borne with a top rope suplex [D]
- Spike and Flemmy Lemming hypes up a tag match [D](which wasn't really just something for them to do. Honest)
- Roz fires shirts into the crowd as part of her entrance [C-] but then gets pinned as Spike and Flemmy beat Roz and Kentucky Bill by cheating [E]
- Jett makes an open challenge [D] that Brendan Idol takes [D] completely forgetting about the beating he got from Bouncer last week. Jett beats Brendan cleanly in 11 minuteswith the Afterburner submission hold [C-]
- Hell Monkey taunts Phenomenal E from backstage [C-] as the two warm up for their match. Monkey wins the match in 10 minutes [C]
- As expected, Thomas Morgan makes a challenge to Flemmy Lemming for a rematch after last week. [F] Not expected, Hell's Bouncer comes out and takes the challenge instead [C] beating Morgan in 7 minutes to cement him dominance [C-] (In reality, its because he can't go much longer than that without stinking the place up)
- Antonio, the runner up from last month's batte royale, hypes up his match with The Cutting Edge for the PDW Championship [F]
- TCE beats Antonio in 12 mins to retain the belt [D] and is then attacked in the ring by Hell's Bouncer [D] who makes a challenge for the title, claiming he's the most dominant man in PDW. [C-]

Overall Rating - D
Attendance - 300

Bah, TCE and Antonio just didn't seem to work together in the ring. Not to worry, its not likely that Antonio will be near the main event for a while again anyways. And we lost money too. Hopefully our sponsors will pull through and help us out. Note to self: Run smaller shows.

While at the show, I also took the decision to let Joey Beauchamp know that I was gonna be letting him go. His loyalties lie with the Ultimate Combat Ring over in Europe and he's going to be with them every Friday. So to cut on us paying his downside, we're letting him go.

His replacement? Buggered if I know at the moment, but having just realised how heel-heavy the roster is, its probably gonna be a face. I wonder if Catherine Quine will speak to me yet......

Coming Soon to PDW!!

TCE defends against the second runner up, Josh Nash!!
What will Hell's Bouncer have to say about that?!
Thomas Morgan still wants Flemmy Lemming!!
And a new face will debut!!

10-24-2005, 12:21 AM
I like this a lot. I'll read as long as you post.

10-24-2005, 06:33 AM
Whoa, how did I miss this? Fun read, and you post insane amounts. Wish I had the patience to make that many posts in one day.

Oh well, I don't. But I'll read this, as it entertained me. :p

Snap Dragon and Insane Machine always worked for me in these situations.

And I don't know if he'll work the States or not, but Burning Takas hita would definitely fit in your group. ((Odd that it would censor that name, Taka****a. o.O))

Very fun, I'll be reading as long as you keep writing!

Derek B
10-24-2005, 12:14 PM
Sadly, the Burning one only works in Japan or I may have signed him already. I'm also trying not to sign too many people while keeping as many of the original PDW roster on board as is reasonably posisble. Which is gonna be tough as you'll see soon enough.

I only started posting this recently after a brainwave on Saturday night, so its not like you've missed out on much. And as anyone who reads my weekly promos in Shootclub (http://www.shootclub.com) will know, I write insane amounts all the time. This isn't as much as I could write if I really wanted to, but I want to keep the game moving along. In case you hadn't noticed, I've taken a lot of inspiration from infinitywpi's Welcome to the Coastal Zone and Ultimate Coastal Zone diaries. Well, Ultimate Coastal Region now :)

Wel, time to get back to posting some more things for ya'll. I'll start to get a little more interactive once I've settled into the game a bit more but for now.... I hope you enjoy the show. And the show names :)

Derek B

Derek B
10-24-2005, 12:16 PM
February 2006 - Mid Month Update
Where Punctuation Is Free!!!!

We've got a replacement for Joey Beauchamp already and we're very happy about it. Rumours in the camp of PDW are that no-one knows much about him and that Shooter Sean Deeley has challenged the newcomer to a match at the next event. Coincidentally, the name for our next event has finally been decided today. On the 3rd Friday of February, make your way along to.....

PDW: Spreading Our Wings

Announced So Far:

The Cutting Edge will defend the PDW Championship against the monster, Josh Nash! Will this be a warm up for a possible match with Hell's Bouncer?
Shooter Sean Deeley will face a new arrival! But who is the mystery man?!

Plus: Thomas Morgan tries again to prove he's better than Flemmy Lemming! And Jacob Jett is expected to make an open challenge!!

Make sure you come along to Pistol Pete Hall for all the action, tickets only $10!! Hurry to get them while you can!!

Derek B
10-24-2005, 12:19 PM
Showtime and Stuff!
Where More People Read On the Net Than Show Up To Shows

Thanks once again has to go to Pistol Pete. If it wasn't for him, I would never have known about the TV networks scheduling their shows. Apparently the Sheik was too busy negotiating himself a contract with DAVE to worry about the fact he should be making sure that I know to negotiate with networks. I wonder if I could trade him for someone like Bryan Holmes.....

Not that it made much difference anyways. Not a single network had a clue who PDW is. Just like no-one knows who our mystery wrestler is. Except me. And him, of course.

EXODUS FB made their debut show last week. Of course, I tuned in to see how it compard to our own debut. It was a solid show, full of people I can't pronounce the names of. The main event saw Hidekazu defeat Roku Sotomura for the EX-FB Universal title. I wonder if thats supposed to be bigger than a World title....

Oh, and Pistol Pete won again in GCG, this time defeating Kazu Yoshizawa in the second best match of the night. He's always second best in GCG, but compared to Yoshifusa Maeda, most people will come out second best. I wonder how long it will be before he gets a shot at Maeda? He's getting a nice winning streak going is Pete.

Well, no time to think about that now. Its time for the masters of excessive punctuation to put on another show. If only we'd remembered to order 1000 seats for tonight instead of 300. Well done, Sheik. Well done. Legroom for everyone!

PDW: Spreading Our Wings

- Thomas Morgan opens the show by challenging Flemmy, who comes out and accepts [F]
- "The Trademark" Tommy Morgan wins by DQ [D] when Flemmy shoves the referee away while trying to cheat.
- Jacob Jett says he wants Geoff "Air" Borne in a match to prove who's the better high flyer. [C-] Match is made, Jett wins by pinfall after hitting Borne with some brass knucks he was concealing near his groin [C-]
- Shooter Sean Deeley is in the ring challenging the newcomer. Out comes Joey Poison [F] and the two launch into a wild match which ends in a double DQ when the referee gives up on it. [D]
- Hell's Bouncer's squash match up next as he beats Kentucky Bill in 6 minutes with the vicious Damnation Drop [C-]
- TCE hypes his match with Josh Nash, saying all big men are the same and that he's gonna make an example of Nash [C-]
- TCE beat Nash in 10 minutes to retain the PDW Championship. [D] Suprisingly, Hell's Bouncer comes out and destroys TCE in the ring with two Damnation Drops [E]

Overall Rating - D
Attendance - 285

Great, we're getting less people through the door for every event. What do these people want from us?! Well, maybe a decent main event would be good. Spike was the next contender for the title following on from the battle royale performance, but he's not really gonna improve things for us. Hmmm... what to do, what to do.

We're gonna start handing out questionaires to the fans that actually show up for the next event. At our current run of form, I expect about 12 for the next show. Some feedback and interactivity might be useful methinks. Before I think too hard about that, here's a quick profile for our new "star". And yes, we did sub one Joey for another. Its a weird Australian kangaroo rustler tactic. :)

Joey Poison (face, lower midcard) - Joey is a mystery wrapped in an enigma (NOT the wrestler Enygma, we might get sued for that:)). A mysterious character that no-one knows much about, it makes booking easy because we can pretend we know nothing about him. Like the fact he's Canadian or likes hair dye or is the booker for the 4C promotion in Canada and is related to another wrestler we might or might not have our eye on......

Now, to think of a name for our next event and to decide what to do and who to do then with.

Coming Soon to PDW!!

TCE's next defense is scheduled to be against Spike, but with Hell's Bouncer intent to get a title shot soon, who knows (or cares) what might happen!

Shooter Sean Deeley and Joey Poison went to a double DQ, will this develop into anything at all?

And will Trademark Thomas Morgan finally get the chance to a clean match with Flemmy Lemming?

Come along to our next event to find out!! (pretty please!)

Derek B
10-24-2005, 12:21 PM
Spring Is Here and Everything is Growing
Except Our Popularity!!

Right then, time to check out my TV viewing for the next few months at least. New TV schedules are out again...... sigh.

Monday - BHOTWG Lords of the Ring, 1 hour - TCW Lifeblood, 2 hours
Tuesday - SWF Supreme TV, 1 hour 30 - TCW Presents Total Wrestling, 2 hours - PGHW: The Kings Road, 1 hour
Wednesday - NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, 2 hours - UCR: International Wrestling Superstars, 1 hour 30
Thursday - Nothing Wrestling Related, but Celebrity Shark Attack is on. Will have to remember that to watch that. Must make mental note to get Merle to apply for it and hope for the best...
Friday - SWF Supreme TV re-runs in the UK
Saturday - NOTBPW Championshp Wrestling re-runs in the US
Sunday - As always, not a single thing worth watching.

Looks like I'll be setting the video for the early week and watching it on Sunday. Its interesting to see that TCW have lost two of the syndicated networks that Total Wrestling was on. Thats really gonna hurt their fanbase quite considerably. I just hope that Wolf and Tommy are ok and that TCW keeps challenging the SWF. Like so many others, I'm not a fan of Richard Eisen. I didn't see him giving me any money!!

I was speaking to the boss again recently. He says that we should be running more shows and that we need to expand our horizons beyond the Mid Atlantic region. Well, at least I agree with him on that one. While the thought of booking a show every week is a daunting one, he says that with a bit of planning, it should be simple enough. Whatever, wrinkly!!

I'm having enough trouble getting people to come to one show a month, let alone four!! But the bosses word is my divine command. Time to start thinking about a regular show name to use so that people know its a weekly show and time to settle on our last annual event name for a while. We've been hatched, we've started fighting and we've spread our wings. Up next PDW is proud to bring to you.....

PDW: In Flight Entertainment

Spike has been getting threats from the merciless Hell's Bouncer and has decided to decline his title shot at The Cutting Edge! TCE vs Hell's Bouncer has been officially made!

Shooter Sean Deeley has challenged Joey Poison to another match to prove who is the better man, will Poison accept the challenge?

Will the ongoing saga between Flemmy and the Trademark be resolved?

And rumours of a new PDW title are doing the rounds? If they are true, what sort of belt will it be?!

Stay Tuned to PDW To Find Out!!

Derek B
10-24-2005, 12:24 PM
Showtime Once Again Folks!!
If Only I'd Trained In Booking.....

Bing bong! Please make sure your seats are in the upright position and your tables are folded up in front of you. I'm your pilot, PDW, and tonight we will be cruising at the altitude of kickass! We hope you enjoy.....

PDW: In Flight Entertainment

- Show opens with TCE and Bouncer meeting backstage. They immediately lunge at each other but our PDW trainees get in between them and stop them fighting [D]
- Spike and Josh Nash, fesh from the backstage incident, beat Geoff "Air" Borne and Kentucky Bill cleanly. [E]
- Brendan Idol hypes the upcoming 3 way match with Phenomenal E and Antonio [D], the first of two 3 ways on the show.
- Phenomenal E. wins the 3 way match [D] beating Brendan to get the fall
- Joey Poison heads out armed with a mic and accepts the challenge laid down once again by Shooter Sean [F]. A match commences and Shooter Sean Deeley wins by count out after a very untechnical match [D]
- Flemmy lemming taunts the Trademark, saying he's been messing with his head deliberately and is happy to get in the ring again [F]. They get in the ring again and this time Flemmy cheats to win [D], furthering getting under the skin of Thomas.
- The second of our 3 way matches is up soon and Jacob Jett is backstage on hype duty as we set it up the ladders around the ring. He insults Hell Monkey and American Elemental [C-]. Our announcers hype the match [F]. Above the ring, we have somehow managed to suspend a contract, guaranteeing the winner a title shot in the near future. Jacob Jett miraculously picks up the win to put himself in contention [C].
- Hell's Bouncer threatens TCE before the upcoming match. [C]
- TCE says he's not afraid, he can beat anyone, any time, anywhere. [C-]
- The Cutting Edge beats Hell's Bouncer in 9 minutes to retain the PDW Championship. [C]

Overall Rating - C-
Attendance - 285

Okay, so we might have lied a little bit about a new title being debuted, but we are thinking about it. Hell's Bouncer is being awkward about money. He may be a big, menacing guy but is that what I want to base PDW around? If I can't talk him into taking some reasonable money for an appearance then he might be on the way out. Am I such a bad booker that I'm losing PDWers already?

Well, we're losing money already. We started off pretty well but we haven't made much recently. Those questionaires we got some fans to fill out... well, its kinda encouraging. They say its our best show yet but that they want better action in the ring. And they don't like seeing Josh Nash or Hell's Bouncer in the ring. If they wanted to see useless big men plod around the ring, they'd watch NYCW. Ouchies!!

This was our last monthly show, thanks to the almighty decree of our supreme overlord, Sheik Mustapha. From now on, we needed a weekly show that would tour around the areas that PDW had built up a reputation in. It was only going to be an hour long to keep costs from going through the roof, but it should be able to keep us afloat all over the place. We hope. So ladies and gents, PDW is proud to present to you, its new weekly show.....

Destination: Parts Unknown!

The Cutting Edge is expected to defend his title against Jacob Jett!!

Flemmy Lemming and "Trademark" Thomas Morgan will continue to gather pace!!

And if we're lucky, we'll feature 100% less Hell's Bouncer!!

And we'll feature 100% more of a new star instead!!

Make sure you buy your ticket!! Only $10!! Parts Unknown is the only place to catch all your favourite wrestlers!!

10-25-2005, 01:58 AM
Man, these are always a great thing. Keep'em up db. I like'em alot.

Derek B
10-26-2005, 03:35 PM
The Sheik Gets ANOTHER Job!

Yup, Sheik Mustapha Million now has three jobs and he's making more money than we ever do. At $1,000 per show with us, its no wonder he wanted us to run more show. We'll show him. We've got more help now :)

Last weekend saw the annual DeColt family self promotion as CGC held The DeColt WRestleFestival over two days. Highlights of the show include Ricky DeColt beating The Natural in two tag matches, each with different partners each night. Each of Ricky's partners also had the joy of losing (yes, LOSING!!) a title shot against John Maverick who retains the DeColt Title..... sorry, the CGC World Title. I wonder how long that will be allowed to last.....

But enough about that. If we wanted to talk about a bunch of actors trying to wrestle, we'd keep talking about CGC. If we wanted to talk about walruses mating, we'd talk about NYCW. And if we wanted to talk about the best wrestling the world has to offer, we talk about...... well, it PGHW. With us coming a close second, of course. Anyways, time for the first edition of.....

Destination: Parts Unknown!

- Joey Poison opens the show, first hyping his opponent for the night, Flemmy Lemming [D] then insulting the Shooter, Sean Deeley [F]
- Flemmy defeats Poison by pinfall with his feet on the ropes. [D] Out comes the Shooter to prepare for his tag match but as he passes Poison, a fight breaks out over something thats said [F]
- Officials seperate the fight and Hell's Bouncer comes out to team with Deeley against the flying duo of Brendan Idol and American Elemental. American and Brendan get a stacked pin on Bouncer after Poison starts brawling up out the entrance with Deeley. [C-] American and Brendan celebrate in the crowd [F]
- Antonio hypes his match, saying that if he's the best wrestler there is or he isn't Antonio Volpicelli. Until tonight, he wasn't :) [F]
- Antonio wins his first PDW match against the Trademark, Thomas Morgan thanks to Flemmy's distraction. [D] Flemmy gets out of dodge before anything happens.
- TCE cuts a promo saying how much he's looking forward to the challenge of Jett, but that he's going to win anyway [C]
- Jett says pretty much the same thing, with the roles reversed [D]
- Jett vs TCE goes a full 15 minutes in a very even contest that sees TCE pull out the win [C]. After the match, TCE offers Jett a handshake but Jett spits on TCE in disgust and walks away, leaving TCE looking furious [E]

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 300 Sold Out!

We finally give Antonio a surname, the poor guy couldn't afford one as a kid. Neither could Spike, so we're appealing to charities to donate him one. We can't afford to splash out on two names. :) Anything must be better than "The New York Doll" his current alias in NYCW, so we're thinking of calling him Anything.

Also, for the 300 fans in attendance, they would have noticed that we had the legendary Micky Starr on the announce team. If we suprise them, we hope the fans will come back for more. This may be the first of many suprises we have in upcoming weeks. It might not. You'll have to come along to find out!

On The Next Edition of Destination: Parts Unknown!

The Cutting Edge may have won the match, but Jett left with the psychological advantage. TCE won't take that lying down!

Hell Monkey will return to action, but who will his opponent be?!

Antonio? He'll try to win again or his name isn't Antonio Volpicelli!

Make sure you get your ticket, only $10!! Seats Available!!

Derek B
10-26-2005, 03:39 PM
Ouch, ouch, ouchies....
Money, money, money... must be funny...

We need to cut the wage bill down before ASAP! Hell's Bouncer is going to be leaving us as we simply couldn't work out a deal with him. I explained the financial situation and he still wanted $1500 just to stand there for 6 minutes looking big and exhausted. Also saying goodbye is Roger Rogers on commentary. At $1000, we couldn't keep him realistically, but we'll keep in contact with him for when we make lots of cash.

To replace Rogers, we decide to let Roz have a turn on the announce team. She seemed to get along really well with Micky Starr when he was here. Besides, we don't have much else for her to do and I really want her to do something. I'd feel mean if I didn't let her.....

In GCG news, Pete beat Dark Angel in an awesome match that makes me wish I could get them both to work here. Cliff "Dark Angel" Wilson is working with MAW just down the road and Pete has got to come back here one day. It might just happen. Sadly, Jack Marlowe got the better of Maeda again, retaining the GCG title. But it can only be a matter of time before Pete wins the belt. At least, we all think so here. The show? GCG: This Is Not What I Ordered. Brilliant.

With the busy week being sorted out, it was time for another twisting and turning episode of

Destination: Parts Unknown!

- The show opens with The Cutting Edge still looking furious from being disrespeced last week. He challenges Jacob Jett to a rematch [C-] but Jett comes out and refuses it, saying that TCE isn't worth the effort [C-]. Hell Monkey comes out and says that Jett is an idiot and takes TCE's challenge, so they'll be facing each other tonight [C-]
- Antonio Volpicelli continues his winning streak, taking it up to 2 wins now by beating Brendan Idol thanks to grabbing the tights for a pinfall [C-]
- Phenomenal E. defeats Geoff Borne in a solid high flying match [D]. The real story happened afterwards when Micky Starr took to the ring and announced that its guys like these that are the future. Guys that put it on the line every night to get the crowd going. He takes a shiny new title belt out of a briefcase and says that there will be a tournament to decide the who deserves to be the first ever PDW Adrenaline champion. [D] He makes a match between American Elemental and Kentucky Bill for next week.
- The Trademark and Joey Poison meet backstage and agree to face Flemmy Lemming and Shooter Sean in the ring. [E]
- Within moments, a tag match is going on in the ring between MOrgan/Poison and Flemmy/Shooter. Flemmy wins with a low blow and cheap roll up on The Trademark. The Shooter doesn't look happy about the cheap way the match was won. [D]
- Up next is The Cutting Edge and Hell Monkey. The match starts before it gets near the ring so the referee gives up and makes it a hardcore match. Not sure if either competitor even notices the rule change as they brawl all over the place. TCE eventually wins after they end up in the ring and Jacob Jett hits Monkey with the Jett Lag (springboard spinning heel kick) when TCE ducks just in time. [C]
- Jett then manages to hit the right man after the match, locking in his other finisher, the Afterburner, [F] before accepting the challenge TCE made at the start of the night. [C-]

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 872

Alright, Antonio is on a roll at the moment. His last 2 matches have looked good thanks to some in ring chemistry. At this rate, he might actually turn out to be one of our stars if he can keep it up.

Micky Starr seems to be drawing at least as many fans as everyone else put together, at least thats what it looks like. His stories are really inspiring to all the boys (and Roz) and its great to have him around. He's such a legend and we're all glad he's around to make us look a little better.

The PDW Adrenaline division. As Micky said on our show, its designed to be for the people that get the crowd going and put their bodies on the line all the time. Basically, its for the high flying guys that are in the midcard. The tournament is going to be spread over the next 4 weeks with one qualifying match on each of the first 3 weeks, then a ladder match between the winners to decide the champion. Competitors to be announced at a later date. And now, on with the show!! Oops, done that..... on with the.... next bit.

On The Next Edition of Destination: Parts Unknown!

Matches Announced So Far

American Elemental will face Kentucky Bill in the first qualifying match for the Adrenaline championship! Who will be the first to advance to the big ladder match?

Jacob Jett and The Cutting Edge meet again! Things are expected to be wild!!

Also expected on the show

Shooter Sean Deeley was unhappy about the way Flemmy won the tag match on the last show.

Antonio Volpicelli is expected to try and keep his winning streak going. Will it be win #3 for Antonio?

And there are rumours a decent star might actually show up!

Make sure you get your ticket, only $5!! Seats Available!!

Derek B
10-27-2005, 12:15 PM
April 2006, Week 3
Time to branch out at last!

Principessa recently appeared nude in popular men's magazine, Playdude. I accidentally came across the pictures on the internet while I was...... um.... looking at some forums for a game I play... yes, thats what I was doing. Yowza!! She is hawt!! We've already contacted her to see if she'd be interested in working for us. :)

Hell's Bouncer has left PDW for the time being. We hope to bring him back in future, once we can afford him anyways. Lets just hope his price tag doesn't inflate as quickly as his ego, otherwise he'll cost millions by time we want him.

But now, its time to go over to the show once again live from The Biker's Paradise in New England for the next edition of......

Destination: Parts Unknown!

- Antonio makes an open challenge, saying he can beat anyone [F] and Joey Poison comes out to take the challenge [E]. Antonio picks up the win in 8 minutes, using the ropes for leverage. [E]
- Backstage, Shooter Sean bumps into Roz as she goes for a toilet break from the announce table and says he wants a match with Flemmy [F]
- American Elemental hypes his upcoming match with Kentucky Bill [D] which he goes on to win in 10 minutes, doing so cleanly. [C-] Bill was simply outclassed. Micky Starr enters the ring after the match and says that next week, we'll see Geoff "Air" Borne take on Brendan Idol for the second spot in the Adrenaline finals. That ought to put asses in seats, a couple of Brendan's relatives maybe. [F]
- Flemmy accepts Shooter's challenge and wants the match to happen now, probably hoping Sean isn't ready. [F] Sean comes out and the two have a good technical match with the Shooter winning when Flemmy walks away after 11 minutes. [D]
- Backstage, Jett taunts TCE about what he's done to him and says it'll be an easy win for him [C-]. In the ring, TCE hypes up the match, saying what he's going to do to Jett. [E]
- Jett vs TCE lasts about 13 minutes with Jett looking strong, until Hell Monkey makes an appearance, attacking both men. He's probably pissed about what Jett done last week. [C] Even so, after the match Jett and Monkey attack TCE until a newcomer comes in and makes the save. [F] Micky Starr introduces the newcomer as Frankie Perez as the show ends. [D]

Overall Rating - C-
Attendance - 255 out of 300

Frankie Perez (face) - Frankie is a dangerous and incredibly intense youngster with a martial arts background that shines through in the ring with his stiff kicks and brutal submissions. Without a doubt, he's going to be a star one day.

We really need to get a good heel high flyer other than Jacob Jett or Hell Monkey otherwise the Adrenaline division is going to be almost all faces. Not that the crowds seem to mind, but it'll bug me. Black Eagle turned us down saying he wants to concentrate on CZCW. I wonder if we'll get anyone in time for next week?

Antonio looked terrible this week for a change. No clickage between him and Joey. Note to self: Don't do that again. It seems to be very hit or miss with Antonio, but at least he is hitting sometimes.

On The Next Edition of Destination: Parts Unknown!

The situation between Hell Monkey, Jacob Jett and The Cutting Edge is heating up. With the introduction of Frankie Perez, what will happen next time the meet?

Antonio Volpicelli continues his winning streak. Rumours have it that he might reach 9 wins before losing to someone. But will someone spoil that next week?

Geoff "Air" Borne and Brendan Idol face each other for the second spot in the Adrenaline ladder match! Stay tuned to see who will advance and who will be in the third qualifier the following week!

Make sure you get your ticket, only $10!! Seats Available!!

Derek B
10-27-2005, 12:17 PM
Check out the PDW forums
Where Buddy Garner was spotted Visiting!

Well, its still to be confirmed whether it was the real Buddy Garner or someone using his name, but we know he was reading. He was probably checking out the rumours of our new signings for the Adrenaline division. Of course, the quickest and easiest way to find out is to come along to the shows, where you'll see the very best action in the wrestling world (opinion to be confirmed).

Rumours that Josh Nash is thinking of leaving PDW after the recent departure of Hell's Bouncer are spreading like a really small wild fire. Its common knowledge that I, Derek Blackley, like to see a mix of action and that brawling certainly isn't my favourite style. For someone who is so useless at wrestling myself, I'm very demanding of my workers.

Oh..... we had to turn Principessa down. It woulda been great to have a Playdude Plaything around the place, not least for the eye candy, but also for the recognition. If we can't bring people to arenas for wrestling, we can use the perv factor! Well..... not this time.

But now, we go over to the announce table where Roz Larren, Terry Smith and the legendary Micky Starr are waiting to talk us through another action packed edition of....

Destination: Parts Unknown
Live from the Pistol Pete Hall

- Antonio Volpicelli opens the show by telling everyone how great he thinks he is thanks to his 3 match winning streak. [F] "The Trademark" Thomas Morgan challenges that and immediately steps into the ring without waiting for a reply. [E] However, Antonio's winning streak continues as he once again cheats to win, taking his streak to 4. [D]
- Micky Starr, who is fast becoming the PDW authority figure, announces that later tonight, we will see Jacob Jett and Hell Monkey face off for the #1 contendship [D]
- Brendan Idol, everyone's favourite underdog loses again, this time to Geoff "Air" Borne in the Adrenaline ladder match qualifier. [D] Micky Starr takes to the mic again and announces that next week we will see Phenomenal E face off against a newcomer to PDW, Mario Heroic. Mario sounds like a nice guy, but I bet he ain't. [E]
- Jacob Jett puts himself over in front of the crowd before the match with Monkey. [C-] 15 minutes later, the two are brawling wildly and when both are caught using weapons in the ring when the ref recovers from a bump, they are both DQed. [C]
- Micky Starr (again!) gets into the ring and announces that Jett and Monkey will BOTH face The Cutting Edge for the title next week, assuming that TCE can get past the challenge of Shooter Sean Deeley tonight [C-]
- TCE takes the microphone from Starr, saying that he can easily beat both of those two and that he'll beat the Shooter tonight as a warm up. [C] TCE then beats the Shooter as a warm up, winning in jus 11 minutes. [C]

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 683

Ya know, considering we're such a small place, we're putting on shows that are as good as the best promotion in Europe. Admittedly, there is only 1 promotion there, but we're still almost as good as them on a regular basis. That has to count for something, right?

Next week we're going to be at the Pistol Pete Hall again before we take a trip to the Tri State area. I've never been before, but since PDW's reputation covers New York, I wanna take a trip there. I wonder if Roz wants to go to the Statue of Liberty with me..... on second thoughts, thats just asking for trouble.

On The Next Edition of Destination: Parts Unknown!

Matches Announced

Hell Monkey vs Jacob Jett vs The Cutting Edge (c)
The title is on the line as three of the best face each other, but only one man (or monkey) can be victorious!

Mario Herioc vs Phenomenal E.
The final qualifier for the Adrenaline ladder match is bound to be interesting. Mario is a mysterious unknown to PDW and E is a sensational flier! The results can only be adrenaline pumping!


Antonio is still on a roll, his winning streak now at 4 matches. Will anyone be able to stop him? Or can he ride the momentum all the way to the top?!

And Frankie Perez will be in attendance! Fans won't want to miss out on a possible match from this incredible youngster!

Make sure you get your ticket, only $10!! Seats Available!!

Derek B
10-27-2005, 12:18 PM
May 2006, Week 1

HAH!! Ultra Fly doesn't like Merle O'Curle. Don't worry Mr Fly, neither does anyone else. British TV shows are so much better than a lot of this American sit-com stuff. At least our jokes can't be seen coming from a million miles away. :)

A whole bunch of new TV shows have been announced as debuting next month. We still can't get a deal, those lousy secretaries keep saying they've never heard of us. We might have to send Roz down there to get a job, she could sweet talk them for us.

Anyways, its show time again! Live from the Pistol Pete Hall, welcome to another edition of.....

Destination: Parts Unknown

- For a change, Roz opens the show by issuing a challenge to Antonio. She wants to know if he has to cheat to beat a woman as much as he cheats to beat everyone else. Antonio comes out and takes the challenge, saying it'll be easy. [F] The match lasts 7 mnutes and suprisingly, Antonio cheats to win again, taking his winning streak to 5 matches! Gasp! [E]
- Josh Nash is leaving soon but before he goes, he wants a real challenge in PDW so challenges Frankie Perez. [D] Frankie comes out and accepts the challenge [C-] before beating Nash cleanly in 8 minutes. [C-]
- Mario Heroic comes out to the ring with his entrance taking about 3 minutes and his interview taking a few seconds. He says he's great and he's gonna win tonight and again next week. [E] Phenomenal E makes his way out and the two have a high paced match in the third qualifier for the Adrenaline ladder match. But the match goes to a double DQ. Hmmm.... [C-]
- Micky Starr gets into the ring and says he was so impressed by the performances of both men, that they can both qualify for the ladder match. Starr announces we'll see Mario Heroic, Phenomenal E, Geoff "Air" Borne and American Elemental in a ladder match next week! [F]
- The Cutting Edge comes out and hypes up the main event against Hell Monkey and Jacob Jett, saying he'll easily win. [C]
- 17 minutes this lasted for and as the match drew to a close, Hell Monkey scored with a Hell Fire Kick on Jacob Jett to pick up the pinfall and win the PDW Championship! [C+]

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 903

Mario Heroic (heel) - The guy oozes a kind of dark charisma and has that special mysterious air around him that makes people want to see what he's doing next. At least, thats what we hope. He may have the most over the top entrances ever, but if he makes us money, we don't care.

Apparantly Micky forgot to mention that the big Adrenaline match will be NEXT WEEK!! Either that or the fans have very selective hearing. But no worries, it'll still happen and the fans that wanted to see it this time will have to wait. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

At least it was our biggest crowd so far, by 32 people. We must be making some new fans at last, so word of mouth is getting about. And with a main event like that, we should get even more when we're back here in two weeks. But at the moment, we're heading to the Tri-State area so I can get a Manhattan in Manhattan.

On The Next Edition of Destination: Parts Unknown!

Matches Announced

Phenomenal E. vs Mario Heroic vs Geoff Borne vs American Elemental in a 4 way ladder match for the PDW Adrenaline title!
We crown the first ever Adrenaline division champion during our stay in the Tri State area, but who will win this landmark match!

Also Expected

New PDW Champion, Hell Monkey, is expected to be make his first attempted defense of the title. But who will it be against?

Antonio now has a 5 match winning streak! Will he be able to continue it next week? And who will it be against?!

And we will have a veteran star show up for a match! But who will it be?!

Make sure you get your ticket, only $5!! Seats Available!!

Derek B
10-27-2005, 12:20 PM
Day Trips to New York Not Included

Not too much news other than the fact that Pistol Pete was robbed of a title victory against Jack Marlowe in GCG. Of course, it was still a great match but the outcome was disappointing. The event name was also not up to standard. GCG: Dynasty of Fortitude...... thats just normal.

Now, on with the show!

Destination: Parts Unknown!

- The show opens with Joanne Rodriguez (also known as J-Ro) coming out and firing shirts into the crowd. [A*] She says that she's been paying attention to PDW for a while and that she wants a match with Hell Monkey, tonight! [C-] Hell Monkey comes out and laughs at her, but accepts the challenge anyway, saying he'll be happy to have an easy title defense in his home town. [C-]
- Our first match sees the monster, Josh Nash, determined to end Antonio's winning streak. But Antonio cheats again and comes out victorious, getting win #6. Sound familiar at all? [F]
- Up next, another local comes out (well, almost local) and he is Sheik Mustapha. The Sheik challenges The Cutting Edge to a match tonight! TCE comes out and accepts the challenge, saying The Sheik is too old to beat him. [C-] TCE beats the Sheik cleanly in ten minutes much to the delight of the crowd. [C-]
- Heroic makes another long entrance then spends some time hyping himself before the huge Adrenaline ladder match. [D] American Elemental comes out and stares Heroic down, saying that everyone will have a lot to look out for, especially from himself and Phenomenal E. [C-]
- The next 12 minutes were packed with flying action and insane bumps. With ladders supplied by Stan's Hardware (All the tools you'll ever need at bargain prices), it came down to Phenomenal E and Mario Heroic balanced on top of the ladder, each reaching for the belt. The winner... and New PDW Adrenaline champion........ Phenomenal E.! [C-]
- But the action didn't stop there. As E. started to celebrate atop the ladder, Mario hit E. with a vicious shot to the guts. What followed will be on PDW highlight reels for years to come as Heroic leapt over the Phenomenal one and powerbombed him from the top of the ladder to the ring below. Heroic looked at the belt, signalled that it will be his and walked off. [F]
- J-Ro comes out again, to the delight of the fans and tells them that she intends to beat Hell Monkey tonight and make his reign a short one. [C-] Monkey comes out and the match starts, with Monkey acting very confident. But J-Ro proved she's more than a pretty face and fought with everything she had for 12 minutes before losing to a Tumbling Monkey as Hell Monkey retains the PDW Championship. [C+]

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 195 of 300

Joanne Rodriguez (face) - J-Ro is not only one of the sexiest women in wrestling, she's also an accomplished technical wrestler. Wherever she goes, she plays a popular equality fighter character and she's not afraid to step into the ring with men. Or monkeys.

Perhaps unsuprisingly, the Sheik almost managed to stink up the entire the match with TCE. He's been furious that he's not been getting used at all, but if you suck at everything as bad as he does..... well, he's the only person we can't fire. If only we could.

Speaking of people leaving, Josh Nash is leaving us this week. Which explains his jobbing to Antonio, who happened to just be really bad this week. An F rated match between them is probably generous. Shoulda been a G.

We lost money on this show, as is the trend with a lot of our shows recently. But when we're back in the Pistol Pete Hall, we should make money again. We're thinking about looking at our schedule to change the way our shows are organised. The Sheik might not like it, but I don't like him so things will balance out nicely. Stay tuned to find out what I've got planned.

On The Next Edition of Destination: Parts Unknown!

As yet, there are no matches announced but we know that Hell Monkey will defend his PDW Championship against an existing member of the PDW roster! But who will it be?

Also expected on the show will be the first defense of the PDW Adrenaline title by Phenomenal E.! But will he be in any condition to fight after the huge powerbomb from Mario Heroic last time?

And if you're lucky, you might get the chance to see J-Ro again!

Make sure you get your ticket, cheap at only $10!! Seats Available!!

Derek B
10-27-2005, 03:36 PM
Mystery Builds Tension!!
Lets Hope People Show Up.....

Today we're going to be back at the Pistol Pete Hall and we're hoping our fans decide to come along. We've not advertised any matches at the moment as our major stories have kinda came together already. This may be our last show for a month while we throw more things together and come up with a new calendar for the shows. Stay tuned to find out what we have planned. Its not what you might think!

But now, we get on with the show, where the promise of seeing J-Ro again might be enough to bring out a thousand perverts. We don't care, as long as they pay for tickets and buy our merchandise!

Destination: Parts Unknown!

- J-Ro shows up early tonight, giving our fans something to cheer about as she argues with a new face to PDW, Melody Cuthill. Micky Starr walks past on his way to the announce table and says they should have a match. So they agree! Yay! [C-] As Starr makes his way to the ring, he announces that tonight we'll see American Elemental challenge Phenomenal E. for the Adrenaline championship. [E]
- The opening match is a quiet one. Geoff Borne faces off against random jobber in an even match but is shocked when he's suddenly his with a stunning high flying move and pinned. Your winner with the Storm Front, Tempest. [D]
- J-Rom comes to the ring, shooting T-shirts which is becoming a trademark of hers. [A*] Meldoy is out moments later and the ladies put on a good match with J-Ro picking up the win via countout. Melody doesn't look happy about it, complaining at the referee that she got back in with time to spare. [C-]
- Antonio stretches his winning streak to seven matches by beating resident jobber, Brendan Idol. [c-] After the match, Antonio issues an open challenge to anyone to try and break his streak, sounding very ****y in the process. [F]
- American reminds everyone that he said they should look out for Phenomenal during last week's ladder match. But he says that tonight, he's stealing the show and that American Elemental will be the new champ. [C-] A high paced match ensues but in the end, Phenomenal E. pulls out the win after American misses a springboard 450. [C]
- Backstage, Hell Monkey taunts Shooter Sean Deeley, saying he's nothing compared to the Monkey. Deeley challenges Monkey to prove he's as man as he claims to be and gets a match. [C-] 12 minutes later, Monkey beats the Shooter with a Hell Fire Kick to retain the title. [C]

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 833

Tempest (heel) - Tempest is an angry young man from Canada who's storm themed costume and move names make him interesting. A good high flyer, he's going to spend a lot of time in the Adrenaline division. Works elsewhere as Tempest Appleby.

Melody Cuthill (heel) - Known to be one of hte most talented female workers in North America, she has it all at a young age. Its just a shame its gone to her head as her ego is likely to cause trouble in the ring. A bright future star who can look forward to a career in the Adrenaline division.

Considering we didn't advertise anything for the show, we done pretty well. I guess we've started getting a fanbase going now. If we can grow a bit bigger then we might be able to make enough money to start signing some actual name draws. But for now, we're scraping by ok. As long as we don't lose too much money, then everything should be alrught.

I just wonder how the hell I'm gonna have $100,000 in the bank in 18 months.....

On The Next Edition of Destination: Parts Unknown!

J-Ro and Melody will face each other again after the controversial finish last time. What will happen in this exciting encounter?

Hell Monkey is rumoured to have offered Frankie Perez a title match, saying that the Shooter is 100 time the wrestler Perez is and that Monkey is 100 times the wrestler the Shooter is. What will Perez think of that?

And of course, Antonio's open challenge will be answered, but by who?

To find out, make sure you get your ticket, only $10!! Seats Still Available!!

Derek B
10-28-2005, 10:43 AM
May 2006, Week 4
Time For A Holiday.....

Its official. We put it on the website today that the Destination: Parts Unknown tour will come to an end this week. There will be a three week break to allow our guys to rest before we kick off the summer tour with a special event. The yet to be named tour will be announced within the next few weeks and will have a special tournament running throughout. For more details, stay tuned to PDW. But now, we return to our regular programming and the final edition of .....

Destination: Parts Unknown!
Live From The Pistol Pete Hall

- J-Ro makes herself known by throwing some shirts into the crowd, which is fast becoming a highlight of the show. The fans love it, though I'm sure they'd love it more if she threw HER shirt into the crowd. (A*) Melody Cuthill comes out and shows her jealousy, not waiting for the bell to get in a cheap shot. Considering these two can both wrestle, it was a pretty catty match which was ended (C-) when Flemmy Lemming came out and started beating on J-Ro. Flemmy's arch-enemy, Thomas Morgan makes the save and a tag match kicks off. (F) In another short match, thanks to J-Ro being weakened already, Melody picks up the win by cheating on J-Ro after a hot tag turned out to not be a hot idea. (C-)
- American Elemental makes his presence felt by taking up Antonio's challenge, which Antonio accepts. He can beat anyone, or his name isn't Antonio Volpicelli. (D) Things go wrong for the Italian-American though when Elemental pins him in the middle of the ring after 10 minutes. That'll teach him (C-)
- Mario Heroic makes another massive entrance and once again hypes himself on the microphone. He may be mysterious, but he talks about himself a lot. (D) Phenomenal E. sprints to the ring, still seeking revenge for the ladder match and the fight is on. 9 minutes later, Phenomenal picks up the win and the crowd cheer. Yay! (C)
- Monkey's taunting of Frankie Perez continues from backstage as he tries to get a psychological edge over him before the match. (C-)
- In one of PDW's stiffest contests yet, Monkey and Perez throw everything at each other to end the Parts Unknown Tour. After 14 minutes, Monkey picks up the win and retains the PDW Championship once more. (C+)

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 877

Overall, the show was a success. We got some hot girls in the ring, some talented youngsters and some of the top indy talents in the world today. Even the crowd seemed happy and that makes me happy.

For the next few weeks, we're going to play around with some gimmicks and generally see who needs freshening up. Thankfully, Kentucky Bill has realised that his dancing fool gimmick isn't good enough to keep using, so we're changing that. A few others are going to be changed too, at least in PDW. We're still small enough to be used as a testing ground for new gimmicks but large enough to not lose money. Which is good. While in the Tri State area, I spoke to Willow about sorting out some new costumes for some of the roster. We won't be signing her to the roster, but she's offered to work for a reasonable rate. Could be a future signing maybe.

On The Next Edition of the still to be named tour!

We don't know yet. Check out the website for future updates!!

Tickets not yet available, but they will likely be $10!!

Derek B
10-28-2005, 10:44 AM
OH....... MY....... GOD!!!

At the last DAVE show, Total Disruption, in front of 10,000 fans..... well, AMONG 10,000 fans Eric Tyler and Eddie Peak took things to some extreme. Tyler, defending his DAVE Unified title against the Bass Knuckles champion, managed to hit a fan with a chair during the match. Obviously, it was an accident as Peak happened to stumble over another chair at exactly the wrong moment, but the fan was busted open. The crowd loved it and almost started a riot around the men who quickly disappeared to the backstage area where the match was thrown out. For the 21,411 people who bought the show and the countless hundreds of thousand who seen it.... well, it looked pretty brutal. How often to DAVE matches get thrown out, eh?

Of course, it might just have been a plant in the crowd. The new TV schedules are out once more and DAVE is back on the air with the innovative name..... DAVE Wrestling. Oh well, at least I can get the tapes sent to me. They're on a mostly Mexican sports channel while they tour the country. What was Mr Vibert thinking.....

The TV Schedule For Summer

Monday - BHOTWG with Lords of the Ring, 1 hr 30 - TCW Lifeblood, 2 hrs - DAVE Wrestling, 1 hr - Also, Stephie and Amber, and Celebrity shark Attack (apparantly Merle ain't famous enough to get on)
Tuesday - SWF Supreme TV, 1 hr 30 - TCW Presents Total Wrestling, 2 hrs - PGHW: The King's Road, 1 hr - BHOTWG Heat of Battle, 2 hrs - Also, The Bear Cam Show and The Rick Ford Files
Wednesday - NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, 2 hrs - Also, Alone in the Wilderness (draws huge ratings)
Thursday - Nothing locally. Just some Mexican talk show
Friday - PGHW Shockwave, 2 hrs. A new show, they must be starting to tire their workers by now
Satday - NOTBPW Clash of the Titans, 2 hrs - CGC Darkness, 1 hr - Also, Bet The House
Sunday - Not a damn thing..... we coulda had a slot on there and dominated the ratings. Damn those secretaries for not even listening to us. We'll get revenge one day....

Oh, and NYCW have went bankrupt. Its a shame to see a promotion die but it seems they might not be the only ones in trouble. Other than ourselves of course, MAW are rumoured to be digging themselves into a hole with the Japanese outlaw promotion WEXXV also being rumoured to be in trouble. The British wrestling scene is quiet, but there are rumours coming from there too. Its a bad time for wrestling, thats for sure.....

Derek B
10-28-2005, 10:45 AM
June 2006, Week 3
The Tour Is Announced

Over the next 9 weeks, PDW will be bringing promoting their young talent and future megastars by holding a special 4 man league. Qualifiers for the league will be held at PDW's latest event, The Burning Flame, scheduled for the last Friday of the month (see brackets below) with the winners entering the league. Each person will face everyone else in home and away fixtures, with each competitor choosing the type of match they would like their home fixture to be. Each competitor will receive 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and nothing for a loss. Failing to show up automatically incurs a loss.

Whoever has the most points after this stage will get to choose the stipulation for the final group match against the runner up. The winner then gets a title shot at whoever the champion is and once again, they get to choose the stipulation for the title match.

The qualifying rounds are singles matches and the brackets are as follows:

Mario Heroic vs The Cutting Edge
Frankie Perez vs American Elemental
"Trademark" Tommy Morgan vs Jacob Jett
Flemmy Lemming vs Joanne Rodriguez

Matches will continue through The Red, White and Bruise Tour, currently scheduled to end at the end of August. For more details, check out the website and leave your predictions of who you think will progress and more importantly, who you want to win!

Derek B
10-28-2005, 10:45 AM
First of all, hello to everyone reading this. I hope you are all enjoying reading this as much as I'm enjoying writing it and playing it.

Secondly, I'm looking for some interactivity in this idead, which I've stolen from the diary of c m punk. Make sure you check out his diary too, the Pro Wrestling League to see what he's doing with it.

The qualifiers are set up with people I want to see in the league part of the tournament, but its a tough choice on who to put in. So I want you guys to pick who you think should make it into the league stage. Obviously, Hell Monkey was left out because he is the champion just now. Phenomenal E was left out because he's also a champion and has to defend the belt during the time frame in which the league will take place.

So let me know who you think should be in, who you want to win, what match types you want people to choose and anything else you can think of.

Thanks for reading :)

Derek B

10-28-2005, 12:00 PM

That should be a wonderful series of matches.

Derek B
10-29-2005, 12:33 PM
I'm taking a few days off from writing this just now since I have university coursework due in soon that I should really start :)

I'll be starting this again on Tuesday probably, so until then, feel free to suggest anything you want. Its always good to see some feedback when writing this, keeps the motivation going to write more.

Derek B

edit- Its now the last day of voting before I'll be playing again. If you want to vote at all, do so now or I'll be forced to have some severe vote rigging done. Landslides for all! :)

Derek B
11-01-2005, 04:10 PM
The Red, White and Bruise Tour Begins!!
Live From the Pistol Pete Hall

It feels like forever since our last show even though its only been a few weeks. During that time we've not been idle. Our stars have been training hard, our champions have been scouting opposition and even Sheik Mustapha has cut back on his camel racing to attempt and become a decent road agent!

Welcome back to PileDriver Wrestling, arguably the best promotion based in the Mid Atlantic region. For the next 9 weeks we will be bringing you the Red, White and Bruise tour which will feature the first ever league competition. Its going to be exciting for everyone, not least the PDW stars as they get to choose what sort of match they want. If nothing else, its training for their ultimate goal.... the PDW Championship!

Its going to be an exciting 2 months, be sure to stay here and miss none of the action!

Also, check out the merchandise section, now stocked with our latest (well, first) DVD set of all of the first 6 months of PDW! With some great matches featuring Hell Monkey, The Cutting Edge and a host of PDW stars, its a must buy!

But now, its on to the show! Tonight, we have all 4 qualifying matches from the inaugural league event. Its going to be incredible!

PDW: The Burning Flame Results

- Jacob Jett opens the tour by taunting his opponent in the first League match, "Trdemark" Tommy Morgan. (C-)
- Jett and Morgan face off in a match that Jett always looks to have the edge in. But Tommy comes back and wins at 12 minutes with a Trademark Pinfall. (C-) Tommy mocks a stunned Jett after the match and then tells everyone that he fully intends to win the League (D)
- Out next is Joanne Rodriguez with her trademark shirt-shooter. (A*) She hypes her upcoming match with Flemmy Lemming, saying she looks forward to being the first woman champion of PDW. (C-)
- J-Ro has things going her way, but a moment of lost concentration is all it takes as Flemmy uses a roll up with his feet on the ropes to steal a win. (C-)
- Frankie Perez taunts American Elemental, saying that he's the most dangerous man in PDW and that he's going to win the League. (C-)
- American and Frankie face off in a top notch match filled with all kinds of action. Flying, strikes and the odd submission but in the end, American Elementathen showing his agility to leap into a massive reverse frankensteiner. (C)
- Up next, the former PDW champion, The Cutting Edge is in the ring. He looks as dangerous as ever and says he's going to make an example of Mario Heroic in his qualifier. Once he beat him, all his matches are going to be No DQ. No draws, its all or nothing for The Cutting Edge. (C)
- TCE got bored waiting for Mario's looong entrance to finish, so went out to meet him. After a good match, TCE picks up the fall with the Slice of Life DDT. (C)

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 753

An all round good show. Nothing particularly bad, nothing amazingly good. And also, no massive losses in cash. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. The fans seemed to be in a good mood as they left, but with these modern fans, who knows if thats a good thing or not. They might just have found something to post to their friends about on the internet.

Most importantly of all, we now have our 4 contenders for the League tournament. In total, there will be six matches for each person over the next six weeks, which should make for some exciting matches, especially by time we get near to the finish.

This is gonna be good........

The Red, White and Bruise Tour continues!![/b]

Matches Announced
The Cutting Edge vs "Trademark" Thomas Morgan

Its going to be by TCE rules, which as we know, means its going to be no disqualifications! Who will pick up their first win in the League?

Flemmy Lemming vs American Elemental

This match will be held under Flemmy's rules. Its likely to be something that will show off his technical abilities and counteract American's high flying, but as yet, we don't know! What match type will Flemmy pick?!

Also Rumoured for the Show!

Hell Monkey is expected to be at the show. After not showing up at the last show, he's expected to defend the title, but we don't know who he plans to defend against.

And the Sheik might step into the ring for another match. But don't let that discourage you from coming! the show will still be great!

Make sure you get your ticket, only $10!! Seats Available!!

Derek B
11-01-2005, 04:13 PM
Its Time Once Again To...
Visit Those jobbers in PDW!

CZCW and WEXXV both close down over the weekend of the DAVE Extreme Double Header. Eddie Peak loses the Brass Knuckles title to Tank Bradley and Eric Tyler defends the DAVE Unified Title in the match of the weekend. Some top notch stuff, its good to see DAVE recovering from the loss of top talents at the tail end of last year.

This tour may have only just got underway, but we're already looking at future talents to bring in. After all, if we've to keep living on the cutting edge of things, we've got to push things forward all the time. We don't expect to bring in any new talents during this tour, but there is always a slim chance that we might bring in people if we need to. But anyways, you don't care about this. On with the show!

The Red, White and Bruise Tour: Stop #1

- With many thanks to Willow for her costume work, Kentucky Bill debuts his new patriotic gimmick and his stars and strips tights. (E)
- Antonio Volpicelli comes out and verbally lays into him, causing an argument as he debuts his general evil doer gimmick. Micky Starr steps in and suggests they sort it out in the ring, so they agree. (D)
- Antonio and Bill fight out their differences in a healthy way in the ring. Antonio picks up the win after using a concealed weapon. (E)
- Time for the League. Flemmy puts himself over and hypes his chances of winning. He announces that his style of match will be a submissions match which will suit him perfectly. (C-)
- American Elemental and Flemmy face off in the submissions match. Flemmy has the edge most of the time, using his technical skills to take advantage of the rules. In the end, Flemmy...... (C-)
- Backstage, Hell Monkey and The Cutting Edge are having a loud exchange of words. Something is said quietly and the two start to brawl, but members of the locker-room intervene and seperate them. (F) Tommy Morgan holds back Monkey and reminds TCE that he's still got a match coming up against him tonight and Tommy wants no excuses when he beats TCE. (D)
- Its No DQ rules as TCE and Tommy Morgan lock up. TCE has the edge in his own environment and eventually defeats the Trademark with the Slice of Life. (C-)
- As Monkey comes to the ring, about to say something, he's interupted by Geoff Borne who makes a challenge for a match. (F) Monkey gives a WTF look and accepts and the match is on. Monkey wins in 11 minutes with a Hell Fire Kick to retain the PDW Championship. (C)

Overall Rating - C
Attendance - 835

League Standings After 1 Match
The Cutting Edge - 3 points
Flemmy Lemming - 3 points
Tommy Morgan - 0 points
American Elemental - 0 points

Another good crowd for the show, only the back couple of rows were empty. And of the rows that were filled, I think they were still paying attention to the wrestling rather than doing other back row activities. Bonus!

And we didn't lose much money. Just down $300 on the show which is easy to recoup in sponsor money and merchandise. If we can keep this up, we might make money again. Excellent!! (air guitar)

The Red, White and Bruise Tour continues!!

Matches Announced

American Elemental vs The Cutting Edge
American hasn't yet chosen his match type, so it'll be interesting to see what he picks. Especially since The Cutting Edge can perform in any environment, that has to make him a dangerous opponent!

Tommy Morgan vs Flemmy Lemming

The Trademark has also not announced his match type and he'll be looking to get revenge for the evasiveness of Flemmy during the last tour. It should be interesting to see what happens in this highly anticipated match.

Also Expected

Phenomenal E. will defend the PDW Adrenaline title against a mystery opponent. Who is it? Its a mystery!

And we hope that Joanne Rodriguez will also be in attendance. Possibly even as your own private lapdancer!! (but probably not)

Make sure you get your ticket, only $10!! Seats Available!!