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Derek DiBenedetto 11-01-2013 07:53 PM

Arcadia Version 1.5 Released!
The new version of the game has been released! This updates Arcadia to version 1.5, and this one is a game changer in a number of ways. It adds more modding, more depth/content, more choices to make and more features.

NOTE: This patch is NOT compatible with older saved games from previous versions due to the new additions to the game.

Version 1.5 Changelog:
* Fixed a few typos.
* Adding a Combat random event that can happen during a Quest, where your party fights 1-3 random monsters. Rarely, a named "champion" of that creature can appear with boosted combat skill, and these can gain you Prestige points and bigger rewards. Combat involves Combat, Dexterity and (somewhat) Luck skills in the calculations. The Combat scores of each creature and your party will appear for greater transparency, similar to the "choose a path" Combats.
* Adding a "Grand Quest" such as finding a unique relic, or finding and killing a unique enemy "boss" at a certain realm that will appear during the game. Completing these can give you Prestige points.
* Added a new resource, Prestige. These can exchanged for boosting your warriors' stats, getting some gold, or adding to existing Pact lengths, or other bonuses. YOU choose how to use the points you gain.
* Added more random events, storylines and missions, 10 or so of each.
* Added the ability to turn on and off music during a game. Your selection will save with the game from then forward.
* Added the feature where you can change the names of your active heroes to whatever you like, just by clicking their name in the admin list and typing a new one.
* Modding: Moved first name generator for new warriors to a file which can be changed if desired, and changed the first names to more readable and easily pronounceable ones.
* Adjusted starting Gold to 5,000-7,500 for more consistency in starting position.
* Tweaked aging algorhythm for slightly more realistic and varied aging curves in terms of stat gain/loss as they age.

Can be downloaded from here for now (full install only available right now with elicensing on the game, so only full version owners can play obviously), once Arlie updates the main site in a day or two it'll be available there. I wanted to get this into gamers hands as soon as possible. :)

Link (46MB):

Have fun!

Arlie Rahn 11-01-2013 09:02 PM

The site's been updated and you can use the main link as well:

BobbyRogers 11-04-2013 09:17 AM

Downloading now, sounds great

Derek DiBenedetto 11-04-2013 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by BobbyRogers (Post 1935959)
Downloading now, sounds great

Cool, let me know what you think once you try it out! :)

Derek DiBenedetto 11-04-2013 04:45 PM

So what do players think of the new 1.5 version? Feel free to chime in with thoughts, opinions, etc.

RayW 11-04-2013 05:05 PM

I'm enjoying it. I've had a couple of grand quests and I like that I get prestige points for doing them. I especially like that you have some info about the grand quest, and even though it's just a waiting game for that location to come up, it adds some suspense for every time you click Quest Assignment.

BobbyRogers 11-04-2013 06:00 PM

Very good, Derek! My party got its butt whipped quite a few times during combat on easy quests, which added a sense of vulnerability. Trying to find the special quest also adds to suspense and atmosphere. Haven't played with Prestige points yet. Very challenging and fun game. Cool to rename characters. I like the monster pictures (I'm a fan of mastodons). Version 1.5 is fantastic.

Willmro 10-24-2015 04:03 AM

compatible with older saved games from previous versions due to the new additions to the game.
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actarus1969 01-27-2017 07:40 AM

some few but important lack for modding as heros images..

I have already post this mail in brain storming item but I could add a new point important to add to the game but I think your game has a good potentiel :

1) I would like to customize also the name of monster (just by modifiying and text file) as we can change the picture of the file (and in the future change his caracteristics has hability etc...)

2) As above message, I would like an image of heroes we can change (in the game as hero's name) and also the picture in the folder...

For the other point It could be for the future...

Best regards,

I think (just play at the demo) it's a good game but for me IT LACKS IMAGES (which can be custom as the other for modding) FOR HEROES you can control...
So for this reason for the moment I will not buy the game (but I bought Comic heroes the greatest cape).

I think also the fight will be better with heros images against foes image.

I think also you could add (as all the grey dog software lack ) an option to make real time fight as choose type off attack or movement (up, right...).
Even If it's a "novel game" you can do real time fight..but it's only and idea..

Best regards,
Sorry for my bad English but I am french

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