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RayW 10-17-2013 05:59 PM

Arber's Grand Army

Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 1 - An Introduction

Ok, let's get started with the basics. You're going to want to know a little about me, I presume. Well, my name is Arber Wiskphree, and I hail from a very uneventful village - I left as soon as I become a man fully grown at 16, and I have never looked back. I'm now the ripe old age of 22, and I believe myself to be as experienced as the next when it comes to adventure.

And it's adventure that I crave.

That is why I decided to put together this little band of brothers, so to speak. So that I may have company on my travels - but more importantly, I should have arms at my disposal too. It was while I was at the Inn at the village of Diswop that I put my little crew together. Word spread around the village that I was to take on good men, and pay handsomely, too. I only needed six, but eight arrived at my empty table. I told them I would speak to each seperately, and I started with Tremse the Weaver - although he confided in me that he couldn't, indeed, weave at all. I've no idea, then, how he came to acquire such a name, but I neither cared. I wasn't interested in names - just skills. He told me that he was handy with a sword, and more importantly, that he would follow me for five years, and all he asked for in return was 194 gold a year. I only had 5,770 in my purse at that time, so keeping the costs down was a must - I may have spread I'd pay handsomely, but it had to be within means. I told him I'd take it into consideration, and went on with my interviews.

Up next was Loele Demonfoot. A some what fearsome surname, I guess. His demands were out of this world, though. For five years, he wanted 442 gold up front, and then 4% of all treasure that we found on our journy together. 4% can work out quite a lot, and I'm shrewd business man. I told him I'd think it over, and moved on to Oosr of Orsha. I'd never visited Orsha, but I'm told it's a beautiful place. And Oosr only wanted 295 gold a year, for three years. I could tell just by looking at his scarred face that he had seen combat - and as he was sitting in front of me, I can only assume that he'd come out on top in that combat. He looked like one tough son of a bitch. Now, if he had asked for what Loele had asked for, I think I'd have agreed out of fear alone. That's too much to turn away, so I told him he was in straight away. That gave me two of the six I needed.

Otuso Thorhallson was up next. There wasn't really much about this guy, but I could tell he had potential. He only wanted to journey for two years - to test the waters, he had said - and asked for just 214 gold a year, plus 1% of all the gold we found. I was willing to give this man a chance, and told him to join Tremse and Oosr at the other side of the room.

Three down, three more to go. Edsop the Wolf was up next. Unlike the Weaver, I knew why they called him the Wolf. He looked as tough as one, and he wore a wolf-like helm. All the time, even when he is asleep, or so I am told. I actually already know of Edsop, he's known around this village as someone that can cause trouble on a regular basis, but I've also heard the trainers talking of his potential. Before he could make an offer, I made my move. Two years, 164 gold each year. He countered, and asked for 350 gold up front. His mother was ill, and he wanted to make sure would see out the two years of his absense. I appreciated his balls to counter me, and so I accepted.

Ewmewop Slightstep was next at the table. For three years, he wanted 243 gold for each, and 3% of the treasure. He acted like he was doing me a great favour just by talking to me. I told him I wasn't interested, and moved on.

Oell the Coppersmith and Vwusee of the Holy Home were the last two left to talk too, so I was hoping that they would be cheap and cheerful. Vwusee wanted to travel for a year, and all he asked was to have 4% of all the treasures found, nothing else. I took this as the same as paying him a yearly fee - in fact, he may end up coming out pretty well off on this deal - and I told him he could travel with me. Oell was keen to travel for five years with me and my merry men, and in return he asked for 197 gold a year, plus 1% on all treasure we found. This was a better deal than what that fool Ewmewop had asked for, and so I accepted. That was it, all six men were chosen, and the contracts were being signed.

Ewmewop and Loele didn't seem very happy, but to be quite frank, I didn't care. Loele left without too much fuss, but Ewmewop started to shout that I would rue the day I turned him down - that was until he tripped over one of the stalls, knocking a rather large - and ugly - looking fella off his bench, sending his beer spilling across the table and floor. This big, burly man soon put an end to Ewmewop's shouting, when he picked him up by the scruff of his collar, and saw him to the door, giving his behind a good lashing with the sole of his boot on his way out.

I will make a concise entry tomorrow, dear journal, on the crew I have put together. I will need this evening to get to know them a little better. We are to head back to the Diswop Inn for a night of cheer, before the rest.

Our adventure awaits us...

Journal Contents
Ľ Journal Entry 1 - An Introduction
Ľ Journal Entry 2 - Guild Roster for 1078 (Year 1)
Ľ Journal Entry 3 - Winter, 1078 (Year 1)
Ľ Journal Entry 4 - Spring, 1080 (Year 2)
Ľ Journal Entry 5 - Summer, 1080 (Year 2)
Ľ Journal Entry 6 - Fall, 1080 (Year 2)

Derek DiBenedetto 10-17-2013 07:19 PM

Great work with this, Ray! Very well written too.

Smasher1311 10-17-2013 08:43 PM

I'm hooked. Best of luck.

djthefunkchris 10-18-2013 12:01 AM

I love the scroll:)!

Keep it up, I want to here your take on everything that happens.

RayW 10-18-2013 02:27 AM

Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm going to continue with this in a while.

I'm thinking of making the code that I used to make the scroll available to others that want to use it. I think it really helps bring out the feel of the dynasties for this game.

RayW 10-18-2013 03:18 AM

Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 2 - Guild Roster for 1078 (Year 1)

Tremse the Weaver
Age: 22
Pact Years: 5
Yearly Fee: 194
Oosr of Orsha
Age: 18
Pact Years: 3
Yearly Fee: 295
Otuso Thorhallson
Age: 19
Pact Years: 2
Yearly Fee: 214
Treasure: 1%
Edsop the Wolf
Age: 20
Pact Years: 2
Yearly Fee: 164
One Time Fee: 350
Vwusee of the Holy Home
Age: 21
Pact Years: 1
Treasure: 4%
Oell the Coppersmith
Age: 22
Pact Years: 1
Yearly Fee: 197
Treasure: 1%

RayW 10-18-2013 04:42 AM

Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 3 - Winter, 1078 (Year 1)

The season didn't start on a great note. We'd only been travelling together for a week or so when I had my suspicions about Otuso. He'd been having, what he described as, "prophetic" dreams. I couldn't help but notice his over indulgence in smoking certain plants, and I told him this. He was upset to start, but then soon fell in line. He only smokes half as much now, and the dreams have ceased.

I decided that this season we would travel to the Dale of the Princes, as I’ve been there before, and I know the dangers are minimal. The likelihood of finding much gold is low too, but I wanted to use the exercise to see how my new guild would function together.

The trouble is that with all of us gone, we would be highly prone to having our guild hall plundered. I couldn’t take a risk of that happening, so I decided to only take four of my men with me. The other two would remain at our guild hall and keep it, and the treasure within, safe.

I decided to take Tremse, Oosr, Edsop and Oell with me. Otuso and Vwusee agreed to hold fort, and I left them enough gold to see them through the time that we should be gone. I predicted we’d be gone a month or two, but I promised we would be back for spring.

We set off on our first journey together, setting up camp every two days – I wanted to test this stamina, and they didn’t let me down. I believe Oosr could have gone three days without rest, but there was no way of testing that theory without fatiguing the rest of my guild. After almost two weeks of travelling, we came to a crossroads. According to my maps, the left path would have lead us to a Cursed Coliseum, where a mad Oracle is rumoured to reside. The right path, however, lead to a long deserted desert, and I could hear an impassioned speech being given in the distance of that direction.

This struck up my curiosity, and I lead my guild down the right path. Edsop the Wolf howled as we went marching down the dirt road, his sword in hand, ready for any trouble we may encounter. Upon reaching the desert, we could still hear the speech being given, but there was not a soul in sight. We searched behind every large rock, no corner was left unturned, but there was absolutely no one here. The speech neither died down, nor got louder, and it had me baffled. Then Tremse found a book, an ancient looking thing, bound in leather, floating in mid air. How it was floating, I’m not sure.

It took a while for us to decipher the writing in the book, and it was mostly gibberish nonsense that I can’t even recall now, but something very strange happened after we had read it. It was Oell who fell down first, followed quickly by Tremse. They had fainted, for no apparent reason, and myself, Edsop and Oosr tried to pull them closer to the large rock that was by us – believing that they would be safer by cover. Then Oell went, too.

“What is going on, my Lord?” Edsop howled at me – even his normal speech was slightly harrowing.

“I’ve not a clue, Wolf” was all I could muster, before I too, was feeling the fuzziness of fainting. I can only assume that Edsop went shortly after me, as I was the first to awake, and the others were still out cold.

I tried to wake them up, but it was useless. They wouldn’t stir, even to harsh slaps to the face and pinches of the hands and feet. I decided to go looking for the book we had found, but couldn’t find the darn thing anyway. I did find a Viper’s Disk, though, which I knew to be worth around 485 gold pieces. Upon my return to my men, I found that they were finally awakening. Oosr was bleeding from his head, I didn’t notice before, but it didn’t look serious.

We decided to make our way back to the guildhall, where I am writing this now. Something strange has happened. We left on our quest in the Winter of 1078, but we are told we have been away for over a year! It is now Spring 1080! We should have arrived back here in Spring 1079, and I’m not entirely sure how this happened. The book must have cursed us. My crew has agreed to continue their contracts as normal – the remainder of their time will be seen out from here.

Perhaps one day we will discover what happened in that desert, and I can’t help but feel we should have took the left path. But that is behind us now, we must rest, as we will be heading out again shortly.


Quest Details

Tremse the Weaver (+2 XP)
Oosr of Orsha (-1 Damage / +3 XP)
Edsop the Wolf (+3 XP)
Oell the Coppersmith (+2 XP)

Treasure Found (Gold Value)
Viper's Disk (485)

RayW 10-18-2013 05:50 AM

Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 4 - Spring, 1080 (Year 2)

We’re finally coming to grips with the fact that we have lost a year of our lives. There’s nothing much more unsettling than knowing you have grown 365 days older, but slept the entire time. At least, I believe we were asleep?

We recently had a rider come into town, he claimed that the King has been ambushed on his travels, and killed. Dismay and sorrow quickly swept over the town, but it soon vanished again when the King’s own courtiers arrived to deny the man’s claims. It turns out the man had been going from village to village to spread this obscene rumour, and the courtiers were after him. The entire townsfolk searched high and low for this strange rider of the night, but he must have already left to go on to the next village, as no one found him.

Oell the Coppersmith has been quite tired as of late. I’m told that he stays up all night training with his sword and daggers, which is admirable, but stupid. If he is awake for twenty-four hours a day, he will be of no use to me in combat. What will he do? Fall asleep on his enemy; weigh them to the ground with his snoring head until they submit? I think not.

When it came time to venture out again, I gave Oosr the map and asked him where he thinks we should go. I’m growing to like the boy. Only 18 years of age, but so combat ready. I believe he makes a good deputy; I may even make that official some day. Never-the-less, he picked out the Great Stump Gate. It wasn’t leagues away from us, and I know we could make swift time of it – unless we come across another enchanted book, that is.

I asked Tremse and Oell to remain here in the guildhall. Tremse seemed thankful for the extra rest, but Oell protested that he had been hard at work, doing extra training for our next adventure.

“This is not fair,” he protested. “I have done nothing but train for the past four weeks, m’Lord. I mean not to question your decisions, but I can’t help but feel hard done by!”

“Folly!” I exclaimed back. “You have been up all day training, yes. You have been up all night training, too. When, exactly, have you taken the time to rest? If you come now, you will be a liability, and I want all my men to return here alive, not buried out there in the wilderness!”

We set out to the Great Stump Gate later that evening, again camping every other day. There wasn’t much adventure to be had this time around, which is probably for the better. The most excitement we had was watching Edsop chase down dinner – mostly rabbit, although we did come across a dead deer. We ate heartily that night, let me tell you.

We did end up in a scuffle with a small group of highway men. With fought them off, but Otuso and Edsop ended up wounded, the former more so than the latter. Edsop also managed to steal some of the highway men’s loot; 67 gold pieces.

Oosr of Orsha has been quite feverish since returning, the doctor says that he believes he has caught Demonic Decay during our trip. He doesn’t believe it to be contagious, but we are keeping our distance anyway, just to be on the safe side.


Quest Details

Oosr of Orsha (+6 XP)
Otuso Thorhallson (-5 Damage / +5 XP)
Edsop the Wolf (-1 Damage / +2 XP)
Vwusee of the Holy Home (+5 XP)

Treasure Found (Gold Value)


Edsop the Wolf stole some gold from the highway men. He stole 67 gold pieces.

Oosr of Orsha has contracted a disease during the quest: Demonic Decay.

FlameSnoopy 10-18-2013 06:01 AM

Just wanted to pop in and say that I've read this dynasty. Your storytelling is quite imaginative and I love the formatting :)

RayW 10-18-2013 06:18 AM

Thanks Snoopy. I thought the format would be well suited, and it was fairly simple to make - I'm going to make the code available to other people, maybe in a Resource thread or something here.

The majority of the 'stories' comes from scenarios that the game has thrown at me. Oosr having drug induced dreams is from the game (he's still at it :(), and the king being dead was also a scroll that came up that turn. As well as being moved on a year, that actually happened! Some of the rest I just made up to go along with the story, and I'm going to try and flesh out the characters as best I can.

Hopefully I'll inspire a few more people to get some dynasties going, I'd love to read some other peoples take on their adventures!

RayW 10-18-2013 07:19 AM

Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 5 - Summer, 1080 (Year 2)

Oosr is sick. The Demonic Decay has left him in a bad way, and he wonít be able to travel with us this season. He has been left a shell of his former self, he can barely swing his sword, and his eyesight is deteriorating. Itís not good news for either of us, I was lining him up to be my deputy. Hopefully he will find himself again, but Iím not holding out too much hope.

Iíve sent Edsop the Wolf to the School of Running Unicorns for the season, at a cost of 244 gold pieces. I wanted to give him a break from travelling, but I also would like to keep him away from Oosr, as it would not do for him to come to the same misfortune of contracting Demonic Decay.

My guild seems to be falling apart, and weíve only adventured with each other twice so far. Not wanting to take any major risks, I decided that this season we would travel to Traderís Bay. If we didnít find anything of major value, at least maybe we would be able to trade some of our unneeded loot.

Tremse, Otuso, Vwusee, Oell and I set out at the break of day, but not before we broke our fast on salmon caught from the stream just outside the village. On our way to Traderís Bay, we came across a strange race, one Iíd never encountered before. They looked like racoonís, to put it bluntly, and had eight fingers on each hand! Extremely strange.

They introduced me to their leader, whose name was Rashim, who asked that I help his people with a problem that has been plaguing them. It seems that bandits from neighbouring village had been raiding their homes, and causing chaos and destruction to their buildings. He asked if we could go and talk to them, dissuade them to return. He didnít even want anything returned to his own people, he just wanted them to stop.

Now, I had the choice, keep on our way to Traderís Bay, or help these racoon looking people. Oell was eager for adventure, and I couldnít help but get caught up in his enthusiasm. So we headed north to their village, tracking them down to the best that we could. We eventually caught up with them on a dirt road that led to their own village. I asked them to leave our new friends alone, but they just laughed in my face. Vwusee took great offense to this, and swiped his sword in a downwards motion, slicing one of the bandits arms clean off. The one armed bandit screamed, and ran off into the bush, while the other two pulled their swords out on us.

Vwusee and Oell made quick work of them, and we gathered up their loot. They were carrying 678 gold pieces, not a bad little steal if you ask me. Never the less, I felt bad that they had been terrorising the racoon peopleís village, and upon our return to their leader, I offered him the entire purse.

He told me that we should keep the loot as a reward. It was a kind gesture, and I assured him that the bandits would not be returning any time soon. Rashim was overjoyed by this news, and gave us a Prismatic Orb and some Beryl Beads to take back with us. I know for a fact these arenít cheap gifts, but who was I to turn them down, and possibly offend a great leader?

Hopefully Oosr will feel better next season, as he is still laid up at the moment. Although Iím not sure he will ever be the same, anyway.


Quest Details

Tremse the Weaver (-6 Damage / +1 XP)
Otuso Thorhallson (-1 Damage / +2 XP)
Vwusee of the Holy Home (+2 XP)
Oell the Coppersmith (+2 XP)

Treasure Found (Gold Value)
Prismatic Orb (247)
Beryl Beads (582)

firelord33907 10-18-2013 12:38 PM

Interesting reading.Looking forward to more to come.

RayW 10-19-2013 05:12 PM

Well it seems I have ran into the same problem that Derek has already addressed, where the 'Load Game' button on the main screen has dissapeared. Obviously, this mean's I cannot load my dynasty game, so I am going to have to abandon this dynasty, unfortunately, especially as I was having fun writing this up.

However, I think once the patch is released, and the kinks are ironed out, I will start another dynasty.

EDIT: The 1.1 patch gave me access back to my saved games, so I again have access to this save, meaning I will be continuing this dynasty soon. :)

RayW 10-22-2013 08:14 AM

Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 6 - Fall, 1080 (Year 2)

Oosr is still sick, and if I am honest, I think I may have to let him go. He still has three years in his pact with me, but the disease has taken all of his good qualities out of him. He isnít who he once was. To make matters worse, Oell sprained his ankle during the week. Heís hurt, but claims he can still go. Weíll see, because he has no choice but to come with me this season.

Iíve picked out the Great Crater Forest as our destination this season. Itís isnít meant to be terribly dangerous, but I donít actually know too much about the place. Tremse, Edsop, Vwusee and Oell will travel with me, and we will have to be swift in our journey to arrive home before winter. Since Oosr got ill, Iíve found myself in a situation where I donít feel like I have a second in command, and itís extremely frustrating.

We set out with only what we needed, travelling light to make sure we returned in time for the winter, no excess weight slowing us down. We mostly passed barren lands, empty and void of pretty much everything and anything, until we came to a fork in a road. I feel like these forks in the road have a habit of showing up when youíd rather just get to where you want to go. Well, anyway, thankfully this split actually had signs up telling us what lay ahead.

To the left was the Astral Tunnels, and the right was a Kings Woodland. I noticed the smoke rising from the woodland, and assumed that a small group of travellers had most likely made camp. Not wishing to socialise, I decided we would continue left, and we made our way to the Astral Tunnels.

I must have seen into the future, as just as we got to the Tunnels, it began to rain very heavily. Had we made camp, the rain most likely would have flooded us. Safe, and somewhat comfortable, in the Tunnels, we ended up staying for two nights, until the rain had passed. My men were could, and Vwusee had the misfortune of having been bitten by a snake, so I decided not to venture any further, and head back.

On our way back to the village, we came across a tribesman, who asked for our help in a matter that he could not do alone. He told us there was an evil wizard, who had been compelling others to steal for him. He had stolen a substantial amount of gold from this tribesman, and he was seeking vengeance. A sucker for any type of adventure, I agreed to help this stranger.

After a few days, we managed to track the wizard down, and after telling him we know about the spell he has been putting on people, he got rather irate. I managed to talk him around, and showed him the error of his ways. He agreed to break his spell on the people, and even return all the stolen goods to their rightful owners. He seemed quite sincere, but I guess only time will tell if we run into him again. We returned to the tribesman, who thanked us for our good deed, and rewarded us with 1035 gold pieces.


Quest Details

Tremse the Weaver (-4 Damage / +2 XP)
Edsop the Wolf (-1 Damage / +2 XP)
Vwusee of the Holy Home (-2 Damage / +5 XP)
Oell the Coppersmith (-4 Damage / +16 XP)

Treasure Found (Gold Value)
Seeker's Mace (251)

Se7en 10-29-2013 06:40 PM

Good read and nice outlay maybe if u could add a pic of ur team be pretty nice and can give people and more visual look keep it up tho

RayW 10-30-2013 09:25 AM

I was thinking of adding images, maybe using HeroMachine or something to create character images. I'll have a look into it.

mistaken 12-31-2014 02:33 PM

more, please. :D

those pics are taking a really long time

firelord33907 08-10-2015 06:16 PM

Whatever happened to this dynasty.It was really fun to see someone elses adventures.IS it ever coming back?

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