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Bigpapa42 11-10-2019 08:12 PM

[Hype] The YES! Mod - May 2013
A 2013 Mod in Progress - The YES! Mod

The YES! Mod

The Yes Mod (TYM) is a TEW mod starting in May of 2013 that is built from scratch… sort of.

The mod is being built on TEW 2016 but the intent is to optimize it for TEW 2020 (when possible). There is no estimated time frame for completion at this point, but the intent is to release it for TEW 2020 only.

The Time Period

The 2013 period is recent enough that it doesn’t necessarily feel “historical”, but its over six year ago now. It’s a period that particularly appeals to me because there were some interesting things going on, but perhaps most important, tons of potential to do things different. It was a transitional period and a period with a ton of potential. A lot of the workers who are now hitting their primes and taking over wrestling today were getting their start around then.

In the WWE, WrestleMania 29 was just headlined by the Rematch of the Century. John Cena is the WWE champion and still the figurehead, but he is starting the process of stepping down from the very top, so it looks and feels like a period of transition. CM Punk isn’t yet determined to leave and Daniel Bryan’s run towards WM30 is just beginning. The Shield are running riot. The Wyatt family are about to debut. The genesis of the women’s revolution is starting. NXT is starting to get really good.

Perhaps more importantly, its outside of the WWE bubble that things are most intriguing.

The US indy scene is quite loaded with young talent, many of whom have landed with the WWE or TNA in the years since then. Gargano, Cole, ACH, Steen, the Young Bucks, David Starr, AR Fox, reDragon, Ciampa, Thatcher, Busick, Cobb, Callahan, Ricochet… Whether your preference is ROH, PWG, Evolve, CZW or maybe even Game Changer Wrestling (even thought it wasn’t GCW yet)…. There are building blocks to shape your promotion around.

If your tastes run more towards TNA…. Well, this was just before the TNA slide got serious. They were still on Spike TV. They still had (and could arguably afford) the likes of AJ Styles, Sting, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe. TNA was in the midst of the “awesome” Aces n Eights storyline. But TNA will be set up to be challenging to be run rather than an easy path to success.

In Japan, top dog New Japan Pro Wrestling is in the early stages of a golden period in terms of in-ring quality. Okada is just starting to hit his peak. And this right before Bullet Club formed under Devitt. Los Ignerobles hasn’t formed yet, so maybe you can be the one to get Naito to the top.

AJPW and Noah, both once pretty direct competition to NJPW, are far from that now. Noah has just had a scandal and exodus, with AJPW about to experience one. That creates opportunities. Dragon Gate are still doing Dragon Gate things, and have some young talent coming through, plus some great junior wrestlers from abroad they can go after. Companies like DDT have plenty of talent.

If you prefer the joshi side of Japan, there is a lot of talent and 5 companies to choose from.

The UK and Europe scenes are starting to heat up. Companies like wXw, Progress Rev Pro, and ICW are doing interesting things and there is a ton of young talent to go after and develop.

And even Australia, which always seems to fairly barren in the mods I've messed around with in the past, had quite a glut of talent in this time period. You have Robbie Eagles, Travis Banks, Jonah Rock, the Might Don't Kneel, KC Cassidy, Ryan Rollins, Jessie McKay, Toni Storm, Jay White, Madison Eagles, Shazza McKenzie, Mark Davis.... That's a LOT of talent. Most of those will be set to work outside of Australia so it might be tough hanging onto some of them, but I do think Australia will be pretty interesting in this mod.

Some Backstory

Way back before TEW 2016 was released, I got my grubby hands on an early version of the Real World Chronicles from late 2013. My original intent was just to update that for personal games. It had about 1300 workers so it needed more active workers and companies, plus a lot talent that debuted (or gained a bigger reputation) after the start date. I’m also kinda picky with details – I am bothered by incomplete game areas, or game mechanics that don’t function because the mod was built on an earlier version and wasn’t properly updated when it was converted. So it became a lot of work. I’ve picked away at it over the years, but honestly, adding in somewhere around 1500 more workers plus editing the 1300 already in the data for all the things that changed from 13 to 16 was just not an appealing process…. Just never got rolling on it to really make strong headway.

Started to mull the idea of starting form scratch. But a few issues with that. One is the pure intimidation of skilling everything. I mean, what if you create 1,000 workers and then realize the balance is way off? The results just aren’t want you want or expect? That was a MAJOR concern. Another is my own limitations – I absolutely don’t know every corner of the wrestling world, and while I do watch plenty, its not always with that keen analytical eye. I am well aware on the volume of research work many modders do to skill accurately, and I have no desire to emulate that.

So I came to the idea of “slotting”.

The Methodology

The idea of slotting is basically using worker who fill a similar role in another mod and importing them. They are then edited to be the real world worker.

Due to familiarity, diversity of talent, overall balance, and the game-worlds as a whole, the workers being used are from the CornellVerse and the ThunderVerse. Familiarity is important here, as is balance. I like the overall balance in the game world of both mods.

The basic idea of slotting is finding someone in the Cverse or Tverse who fills a similar to role to the real world worker I want. By turning them into the real world worker in question, I immediately have good idea of how that worker will function (grade) in the mod.

What’s the point? Why is that different than skilling someone from scratch? Theoretically, it takes less time (which turned out to be kinda false belief). But more importantly, it means I already have a good idea of how that worker will function within the TEW game world. Obviously, the game world I’m creating is not quite the same either the Cverse or Tverse (companies sizes vary, etc), but its similar enough that it seems to carry over.

So if I want to create Hiroshi Tanahashi, I can look in either of the two mods for someone who is a top puro worker in their later 30s and works for a national-level puro company. There are actually a few options to choose from. If I have an idea of how each of those workers function within the Cvere or Tverse, I already have a step ahead than if I’m skilling from scratch.

Does it work? Well, the game world is far from complete, which mean test soaks can only be so accurate. But tests show the kind of balance I was hoping for. And at the end of the day, I’m really most concerned with balance and grades and while I can’t properly test for long-term stability yet, the overall initial impression is good.

There are other drawbacks to this approach which I can touch at some point.

Non-wrestlers and probably some retired wrestlers are being imported, though.

Companies will be mostly imported, with a few from scratch. They will be adjusted to suit and redone when ported to TEW 2020 for products and other changes.

Title belts will be done individually. My original intent was to import them but they have to be adjusted for consistency anyway, so going from scratch just seems…. easier.

The Game World

When I talk about the game world balance of the Cverse and Tverse, I’m not referring to the specific game world structure – Cverse having 3 national companies in the US, 1 national company in Mexico, etc – but moreso the balance of talent. The way that every company is reasonably sustainable and has some talent available. Every area has good (not always great) workers and some prospects. Every company has something that makes them interesting and unique, but also something that makes them at least a little bit challenging.

When I’ve modded in the past, I’ve been guilty of having companies or even entire regions that were… unappealing. You look at a roster and every worker is all Ds and Es for skills and they all look the same… What appeal is there to run that company? Even if you like the company in real wrestling…. there just isn’t something there to hook you. Those generic-looking indy rosters happen easily (especially in regions of the world you the modern aren’t very familiar with) and may actually be quite accurate. But its also something I do want to avoid. That is also why this time period appealed – there was plenty of talent in regions that sometimes get that treatment.

That said, I also don’t want all the regions full overly magnificently talented workers when, in reality, they aren’t. Overpowering to a serious level isn’t appealing, whether it’s the WWE or a tiny indy company. Which is why I’m seeking that overall game-world balance.

Intended Features
  • bios being written individually. They are intended to give a bit of info about the worker without being too detailed, and have a bit of personality. Even sometimes a bit of humor.
  • a stand alone pic pack is being put together, using Organic style cuts. The intent is to be fairly consistent with quality and look, as much as possible
  • logos are a bit of a mix but all will be the organic style with black border
  • quite a few agers
  • a large amount of free pics, a whole chunk of which I cut myself (poorly). Also intend to include some rendered free pics, which won’t be to everyone tastes.
  • employment histories as much as possible, but only for companies in the data. Not much use putting in initials for companies that don’t exist in the game-world.
  • all companies will be redone to have the TEW 2020 products
  • some historical companies
  • Hall of Fames for every company
  • cuts specifically for Hall of Fame & Hall of Immortals
  • broadcasters redone to suit TEW 2020 changes
  • stables will be redone to fit TEW 2020 changes, with logos added where possible
  • training facilities will be redone to fit with TEW 2020 changes
  • title histories done so they all match stylistically and connect to the appropriate workers

Bigpapa42 11-10-2019 08:12 PM


Information Updated: November 11, 2019
Estimated Completion Percentage: 18%
Estimated Total Active Workers: 2000 - 2250
Estimated Future Workers: 750 - 1000
Estimated Release Date: To Be Determined

Current Working On

  • Adding Currently Active Workers: each full edited with employment history, moveset, biography, agers, and contracts


  • Promotions: TEW 2020 Updating still required
  • Broadcasters: TEW 2020 updating still required and will be looking to integrate Aesamon's broadcasters mod

Yet to Do

  • Yet to Debut Workers
  • Broadcast Deals
  • Schedules - will need to be updated for TEW 2020
  • Title Belts & Lineages: will be one of the last things
  • Hall of Fames
  • Hall of Immortals
  • Legendary Deceased Workers
  • Testing for Short Term Results
  • Testing for Long Term Stability

Bigpapa42 11-10-2019 08:13 PM


The Mod Details
Start Date: May 1, 2013
Active Promotions: 61
Future Promotions: 7
Total Workers: 808
Active Male Workers: 523
Active Female Workers: 102
Future Male Workers: 11
Future Female Workers: 2
Non-Wrestlers: 83
Yet to Debut Non-Wrestlers: 4
Agers: 778
Alter Egos: 350
Dojo Graduates: 140
Mask & Hair History: 24
Stables: 26
Teams: 125
Titles: 24
Last Updated: December 27, 2019

Top Workers in Game - Regularly Updated
  1. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  2. Bryan Danielson
  3. Kazuchika Okada
  4. CM Punk
  5. Shinsuke Nakamura
  6. AJ Styles
  7. Kota Ibushi
  8. Chris Jericho
  9. Averno
  10. Perro Aguayo Jr
  11. Negro Casas
  12. CIMA
  13. Fergal Devitt
  14. Keiji Mutoh
  15. Kurt Angle
  16. YAMATO
  17. Kenny Omega
  18. Tetsuya Naito
  19. John Cena
  20. Rey Mysterio
  21. The Undertaker
  22. Minoru Suzuki
  23. La Mascara
  24. KENTA
  25. Masaaki Mochizuki
  26. Triple H
  27. Naomichi Marufuji
  28. Psycho Clown
  30. La Sombra
  31. Ultimo Guerrero
  32. El Generico
  33. Minoru Suzuki
  34. Robert Roode
  35. Ultimo Guerrero
  36. Mistico
  37. Claudio Castagnoli
  38. Angel de Oro
  39. Chessman
  40. El Texano Jr
  41. TJ Wilson
  42. Hirooki Goto
  43. Atlantis
  44. Aero Star
  45. Meiko Satormua

* there is some variance each save in terms of the absolute rankings. So #4 and #5 might switch around on one new save

** veteran workers who are declining such as Kurt Angle and Ultimo Guerrero have physical condition that will impact their match grades notably, so their ranking is a bit... "false"

Bigpapa42 11-10-2019 08:13 PM

Can You Help?

This is massively presumptuous of me, but there are often folks in this community who offer to help out whenever a project comes up. And while any offers are appreciated, the answer is going to be the same for anyone at this point - not yet.

There will be need down the road, but the process is still too early to really do any kind of testing or data validation just yet.


Things I'm seeking feedback / thoughts on.

1. Should Minis be included?
2. Tokyo Joshi Pro

Bigpapa42 11-10-2019 08:14 PM

  • Adam for TEW and the CornellVerse
  • The ThunderVerse Crew
  • The Mod Squad
  • Derek B for the Mod Making Guide
  • Fleish, Southside Hitman and everyone who has worked on the Real World Chronicles
  • Forlan for T-Zone
  • TheWho1987 and crew for the TEW Modding Resource
  • Mammoth - HUGELY
  • FullMetal for the name mod
  • Asaemon for his work
  • JoeMurphy for his Super Awesome pic pack
  • All the graphic artists and cutters
  • Jon for all his help on this and previous projects
  • Zero, King Steventon, Ed, and others who have provided opinions on talent
  • Strigga for running Cagematch

Munit 11-11-2019 11:35 AM

Love this idea and would love to test this out sometime in the future. Sorry if ive missed it, but the pick your using from Joe Murpy, will it be updated?

raspymorten 11-11-2019 12:20 PM

Here's hoping this actually does get properly released. More modern mods is never a bad thing.

Bigpapa42 11-11-2019 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by Munit (Post 2381696)
Love this idea and would love to test this out sometime in the future. Sorry if ive missed it, but the pick your using from Joe Murpy, will it be updated?

The pic pack I'm putting together is a mix of organic style pics from different sources. The RWC mod I was messing about originally had an orgnic style pic pack and a decent amount of pics are being sourced from there. JoeMurphy's pack is the other main source, and is providing almost all the images being used as agers.

I've much looking forward to the coming Awesome Pack update. I've tried to ask permission from everyone that I can identify that I have or may use conent from, and am still waiting to hear back from JoeMurphy. But I'm hoping he's okay with it. And yes, the new cuts will absolutely be used.


Originally Posted by raspymorten (Post 2381699)
Here's hoping this actually does get properly released. More modern mods is never a bad thing.

Been plugging away at it for awhile, so its gonna be mighty disappointing on my end if I give up the ghost on the project before its done.

Lukkearthur 11-11-2019 02:30 PM

Good luck with this 2013 was one of my favourite years in wrestling!

20LEgend 11-11-2019 02:39 PM

The idea of "slotting" is really interesting. Looks like it's going to be a great mod.

S_Joker 11-11-2019 06:22 PM

Keep going I'm almost there...


Bigpapa42 11-11-2019 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by Lukkearthur (Post 2381710)
Good luck with this 2013 was one of my favourite years in wrestling!

To be honest, I'm not sure I enjoyed it that much more than other years around the period at the time. But in retrospect, it was a pretty good year.

2009 was the other year I gave serious consideration to. And while there was some stuff that would have been interesting to do in the WWE, I feel like outside the WWE would be less interesting. Whether you look at Japan or England or Australia, this time period offers way more.


Originally Posted by 20LEgend (Post 2381713)
The idea of "slotting" is really interesting. Looks like it's going to be a great mod.

Thanks, I'm hoping so.

And I'll blather on about the "slotting" more at some point, I'm sure. There are positives and negatives. But the biggest part is that it seems to be coming together in with an overall balance similar to what I was wanting.


Originally Posted by S_Joker (Post 2381750)
Keep going I'm almost there...

:D you want me to talk about it in my deep voice? Or my deep DEEP voice?

BHK1978 11-12-2019 04:01 AM

When I was working on an ill fated mod a few years back I did slotting as well. I think it is a pretty good method, because as you said it sort of gives you an idea how the worker will work with the game.

Good luck with this.

Moxley 11-12-2019 07:00 AM

There aren't too many "historical" real world mods based in the 2010's yet that I'm aware of, so am glad to see this.

Bigpapa42 11-12-2019 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by BHK1978 (Post 2381787)
When I was working on an ill fated mod a few years back I did slotting as well. I think it is a pretty good method, because as you said it sort of gives you an idea how the worker will work with the game.

Good luck with this.

Thanks BHK. And I'm intrigued on what project you were working on. What time period and how far did you get?

Slotting (my term, there's probably a better one out there lol) definitely worked as intended in that regard. I'll post something about early test results soon, but its petty on-point in that aspect.

I figured it might save time. It doesn't.

The slowest part is definitely adding in the biographies but I like to actually make them somewhat worth reading, so....


Originally Posted by Moxley (Post 2381792)
There aren't too many "historical" real world mods based in the 2010's yet that I'm aware of, so am glad to see this.

Good to hear.

Would it be wrong to assume that, based on the username, you are a fan of Mr. Moxley? The Shied are still fairly early days but are pretty solid workers already by this point. Not quite "they can headline easily", but they should all develop into that. Its the kind of thing I'll be looking for once I can start to do more long-term testing.

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