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Martel123 01-17-2018 04:43 PM

GAMMA: The Last of the 4th
With WMMA 5 coming out in 14 days (And I donít plan on buying the Demo) I will be playing one more game, with GAMMA, in a Dynesty! For the first few posts I will go over the divisions and go over contenders and champions.

Martel123 01-17-2018 04:52 PM

Super Heavyweight

-Our newest division with the champion being The Scottish brute Davey Rushton
-Davey won Clash of the Titans going though talents such as ‘Murderfist’ Irwin Middleton, undefeated John-James McInleen, And New Jersey’s own, Eric ‘Tugboat’ Hughes
-The top contenders consist of Coach of COTT Gary Sampson, Welsh fighter George Pickering, Undefeated Frank Paul, and Australian Henry Polter

Martel123 01-17-2018 05:02 PM


-Our World Champion, James Foster, has been undefeated since coming to GAMMA, and has defeated almost all of the contenders that have stepped in his way.
- Tim Boyer, the only contender not to have been finished by James Foster, Will be Main eventing against Foster at Gamma 40
-Other contenders Consist of Fast brawler Raul Hughes, Undefeated Rav Kapur, Brazil’s Gladstone Lopes, Duke Aiona, And ‘The Knife’ Christopher Sharp
- Young Kurt McDonald is the future of the division

Martel123 01-17-2018 07:17 PM

Light Heavyweight

-The champion, Lawrence Herringborne, narrowly defeated the former champion, Spencer Rubenstein, by split decision. Spencer wants a immediate rematch in the near future
-The Self proclaimed three musketeers are three light heavyweights who are future champions. These are The 25 year old Marlon John, Calgary’s Mike Watson, and the ‘Live Wire’ Anthony LeToussier
- Other contender consist of the kid of Legendary Hollywood Star Brad Heath, Ricky Heath, Former Light Heavyweight champion Linfield Ballerd, Junior Patinkin, and ‘The Gambler’ Kendall Tracy
-Though this is a extremely stacked division, multiple people arnt doing good in the division
- Two Vets, Bill Cuming and Bryan Van Den Hauwe (BDVH) are both respectively 37 and 33, Pretty old compared to 26 year old Lawrence Hereingborne and 25 year old Marlon John
- Derek South, Ken Peters, Christian Mountfield, and especially John Rivero, all have losing streaks ranging from 2 loses to 5 (!) All 4 are in danger of being cut

Martel123 01-17-2018 07:32 PM


-The Middleweight champion, Matthew Dean, is pretty much unstoppable. He is the current P4P world #1 ranking, and has defeated all but one of his contender who we will get to in a sec
- The number #3 ranked GAMMA fighter, Neil Napier, has been grinding to get his rematch against Matthew Dean. His training regime is pretty much all about Matthew Deans one weakness (All types of kicks in MMA (which is a weird weakness)
- Braulio Moura is the only contender that has never faced off with Dean. Moura is the man that beat Ashley Ballerd Undefeated streak, destroyed “Next big thing” Carl Ratchliffe, The current #3 middlewight in the world, and former FLB Middleweight champion for over three years before he had to vacate it to join GAMMA.
-Other contenders consist of Osmosis Been, Scary looking Sutton Ripley, JJ Reid, Petey Mack, And Buddy Garner
-Adam White, and Tora Mizwar are the future stars of the division
-Woody Fierstein, Maarten De Vries, and Dexter Darling are in trouble of being cut

Martel123 01-17-2018 07:47 PM


-Bobby Brubaker got a huge win knocking out Julio Regueiro which injured his nose. Though Julio has healed, he has past the chance to ask for a fight as the Smacktalking Nathen Chambers took his chance.
-Said by Matt Tripp as the “Brazilian Megastar” Gabriel Gallego is a great fighter. He has defeated The now retired Peter Bracewill, and the gritty Lloyd McAllister in brutal style. Though many MMA analysts have shown that Gabriel was unable to defeat the FLB Welterweight champion (Charles Stiles) Many say he will become the next Gladstone Lopes
-Other contenders consist of Rufus Stephens, 17-1 Josh Aldarisio, Smashmouth Jack Humphreys, Underated Alan Kendall, and ‘The Bloodmaster’ Darin Blood

Martel123 01-17-2018 08:03 PM


-Our most depleted division with only 12 fighters
-Brandon Sugar is the Lightweight Champion who defeated Sean Morrison, Former Tyrant of the division, is A surprise champion which many did not expect to win the titles. Morrison gets a remtch soon.
-Other Contenders consist of British superstar Jake Keene, Super tanned Bruce Steven, Former truck driver Truck Gleason, With only one loss, Luke Hilton, and up and coming Benny Danare.
-Both Moss Gilbert and Aaron McBroom are in danger of being cut
-Nicholas Bretton isnít the future, but is an up and comer.

Martel123 01-17-2018 08:16 PM

GAMMA 40: Foster vs Boyer II
(NOTE: Look at next post before making predictions)

Main Event

Rav Kuper Vs Christopher Sharp for Intirm Heavywight title

No co Main Event due to change in card...

Other Main Show Matches

Maarten De Vries vs Dexter Darling
Josh Aldarisio vs Jack Humphreys
Adam White vs Ashley Ballard

Bruce Steven vs Jake Keene
Zair Williams vs Oscar Mallaby
Cooper Richerdson vs Lloyd McAllister (Coopers Gamma debut)
Dana Delaney vs Tyler Lass
Aaron McBroom vs Moss Gilbert

Feel free to make predictions

Martel123 01-17-2018 08:29 PM

James has suffered a major concussion during training and cannot compete at GAMMA 40. Will update card so predictions can be made with ease

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