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Spriter337 09-22-2019 09:02 AM

Change to Freelancers and touring
I feel as though the way Freelancers and Touring currently work in the game isn't really representative of how it works in real life.

Currently freelancers work on the basis that they only sign with a company for a short period of time which isn't really the case anymore, as evident by the amount of wrestlers who choose not to stay exclusive and freely move between companies. It's also a frustrating mechanic and leads to freelancers not really being someone you'd want to pick up. With the changes to worker show priority, I feel like removing this time limit on how long they'd be willing to work for companies while still keeping them from signing an exclusive contract would be a positive change for this mechanic.

"Touring" Companies don't really have dedicated off-months, and generally run year round. Though idea of off-months is to simulate the break periods between tours, I feel as though a system where you can create tours, similar to how you create events, would be more representative of how it works in real life. Instead of specifying what months tours happen, the ability to specify specific in-game dates when the tour should happen (e.g. Saturday Week 2 February to Saturday Week 2 March) would work out. This would benefit touring contracts as well where instead of just specifying how long you want them for you can specify what tours you want to sign them for and they would leave after the tour is ended.

Adam Ryland 09-22-2019 09:08 AM

The revamp to the touring system was announced a long time ago in the journal, back at entry #12 of the original phase - please see there.

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