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tg01 07-08-2018 08:57 PM

Impact Wrestling 2018-Dare to Defy
January 19, 2018

How could I have known just how much my life was going to change with just one phone call. But when Mark Pedowitz calls, you better believe you answer the phone. I've known Mark for around six years now, and considering he more or less controlled my career I figured it was probably going to be important. Sure we don't talk very often, especially since he's been busy trying to get approval to get an extra night of TV programming allowed by all of the affiliates. What I was not expecting was why he was calling me....he actually wanted my thoughts on something; something he figured I had a bit of expertise in. He wanted to speak to me as the fan of professional wrestling that he knew I was. Rumors had been abounding about Vince McMahon taking his companies shows to Fox with a big money deal that was going to shake up the TV scene. Say what you what about the man, but Vince had managed to create a virtual media empire out of sheer will and determination and it looked like he was to cash in on it. Big time. Mark wanted to know what I thought about the wrestling world, and whether there was money to actually be had in the wrestling industry. Thinking about everything going on with my good friend Cody Rhodes, and the success of things like Bullet Club and the great WrestleKingdom event I had just witnessed I tried to explain that it felt like wrestling was on the verge of another golden era. Maybe different than the one from the 80s when Hulk Hogan was the big name, or the controversial Attitude era of the 90s, but it seemed that wrestling was becoming a part of the cultural zeitgeist once more. Maybe I should have been more careful with the excitement, but once I got started I couldn't help and soon I was talking about Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager and our little "All In" project in September. Finally when I finished Mark said "thank you," and that seemed like it was the end of our talk. And afterwards I couldn't believe I had just gone off like that with the CEO, but I shook it off. It was time to get back to filming.

February 5, 2018

Filming had just finished up for the day when I was shocked to see Mark approaching me across the set. He never shows up for filming, what could he possibly want. Oh no, was he here to tell me the show was cancelled? I know the ratings maybe weren't as great as they once were, but surely that couldn't be it? Finally Mark did make his way over to me and asked if we could talk, he had something he wanted to tell me. Something in private. Sitting across the table from Mark my heart was beating a million miles a minute, even if his friendly face seemed disarming. He quickly reassured me that this had nothing to do with the show, and everything to do with opportunity. An opportunity for the network, an opportunity for the company...and an opportunity for me? In whispered tones he explained his plans for the network. Not only was the network expanding to include Sunday programming, but they were going to be rearranging the schedule a bit. It would have an impact on all of our shows in our "verse," but part of the reason for the shuffle was that wrestling would be returning to the network. Everything was very "hush, hush" at the moment but things were being finalized, and the end result that would be as of May 1rst the network was going to officially be 51% owners of the former TNA, Impact wrestling. I was dumbfounded, when I had talked with Mark I had no idea. And if I had, I certainly wouldn't have told him to go after Impact of all things. I had heard about the work that Don Callis and Scott D'Amore had been doing to try and get the company back to respectability, but it was still a long ways coming. Why not ROH, or doing something with NJPW? Mark explained that there was a great deal of politics going into this, speaking about how ROH was off limits as part of the Tribune-Sinclair Broadcasting Group purchase discussions. But if anything, during their discussion they had realized just how good a job Don and Scott were doing, and that was why they would continue to have a role in the new vision for Impact Wrestling. It's just....the hierarchy would be changing a bit.

"You see, Callis will be retaining his role as Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling, but there was going to be a new President. A President who will help grow the brand, who will oversee the big picture. Don will still be in charge of the booking team, and taking care of the day to day operations. But we want someone to make sure that Impact is focused on growth, focused on taking it's place as the rightful number two in North America. And maybe one day....well....who knows. We want someone the Network can trust, and we want someone who knows about wrestling, but someone who also has the experience of working on a successful episodic show. Someone who can be the face of the company when it comes to dealing with the media, and for pursuing future new hires. And we want that person to be you. Wait, I know what you're going to say, you're too busy. That is why we will make sure you have all the resources you need in order to run things smoothly even when you can't be there. We merely want you to the "one boss" that everyone reports too. Our very own "Vince McMahon" as it were. What do you say?"

I couldn't believe it, but Mark was so sincere, and he seemed to think it was going to work. What could I say, but yes. Yes to this great opportunity, yes to having the chance to single-handily change the wrestling industry.

My name is Stephen Amell....and it's time for me....and for Impact Wrestling to....

tg01 07-09-2018 05:45 PM

March 4th, 2018

Here we are just a couple of days away from announcing the location of our All In project, and I haven't even been able to tell my best friends about what is going down. While there has been some rumors out there, hi Meltz, about what is going there everything has been kept so under wraps to prevent any sort of interference from the WWE company. We all know what Vince McMahon has done in the past, and is still currently doing. While they would like you to think that's in the past, all it takes is to look at what's going on with the NXT UK brand in response to ITV's World of Sports to know that is not true. Even though everything has been kept quiet that has not prevented me from doing scouting on wrestlers who I am going to want to sign, or from talking with the group of workers who would be making up our new production crew. Everything from upgrading the camera's, possibly to 4K eventually, to designing new sets and looking at little things we can do to make things "pop" when we hit the ground in May.

Before I met with them I had another sit down with Mark and some of the higher ups just to talk about what we wanted the Impact wrestling identity to be going forward. One of the things we focused in on being key was that we had to start getting people to PAY for the product. While it was a great cost cutting measure taping in Orlando, we were never going to be able to grow our product if we were known as the "free attendance" company. WWE had set a model for success with live shows on a weekly basis, moving from one city to another. I laid out a planned schedule that would see us film, but also see the return of house shows! What I wanted to do was have a house show on Wednesday night, Impact on Thursday, and then one more house show on Friday. The "big name" wrestlers would take part in the Impact show, as well as one house show while the younger wrestlers would take part in both house shows to gain experience. While we wouldn't have all the superstars at both house shows, we would make sure that things were coordinated that we would have enough stars at each show. And since we would probably have a couple of hours shows per market each year, that the stars would appear in each market at least once per year. When it came to PPV weekends, and yes PPVs would be monthly again, there would be no Wednesday house show. Instead we would have Impact on Thursday, and then one house show on Friday, and two on Saturday with different crews all to hype the PPV on Sunday.

One other thing I was working on, and something that was going to have a huge impact on the wrestling industry....maybe not a full fledged wrestlers union, but we were going to get as close as possible. Health insurance, benefits, 40K's....this was something that Impact wrestling apart from the other wrestling companies. Completely sponsored by the CW Network and the CBS Corporation this was going to make sure that our wrestlers were going to be taken care of. I was still getting some of the details ironed out (would this only apply for wrestlers who signed written contracts with us, or would it cover wrestlers only when they were competing in Impact sanctioned matches) but that was what the lawyers were for. I had some filming to finish up, and then it was going to be full time into signing wrestlers.

April 6, 2018

It had been a long, intense day of filming and I couldn't wait to get in the shower when my phone rang. I looked down at the ID and saw it was Don Callis calling. At this point the announcements had been made, the purchase was about finalized and the new Impact wrestling was going to take off. I knew tonight they were running a special event against Lucha Underground, so I was not sure why I would be receiving a phone call from Don. I answered and Don quickly began to outline the "situation" from the evening. Alberto Del Rio had no showed, and they had to change the event card around to try and make up for it. As I listened my heart dropped as I had been planning on making sure Del Rio was one of the starts we built around even with all of the professional issues he had already displayed. But at some point when was enough, enough? Finally Callis asked what should be done, and I took a deep breath:

"Let him go."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I know it sucks, but we need to set an example to the rest of the roster that it's a new day and we will not stand for this sort of stuff. Del Rio is clearly trying to test the limits thinking he will get away of it, but it's time to get him off of the roster. We need to make sure that going forth the troops we have are going to be with us there in the trenches."

"For what it's worth, I think it's the right decision, I will get it done."

I hung up with Don and sat down. Now who was I going to get to fill that spot on the card? Damn Del Rio!

tg01 07-11-2018 03:28 PM

April 10, 2018

At least losing Del Rio had led to the booking of a great main event being announced for Redemption. A rematch between Austin Aries, Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix would be better in the ring than anything we would have gotten out of Del Rio. Not to say that I haven't been busy trying to get some new wrestlers signed, with one particular target being difficult to get pinned down even though he is one of the most important signings I think we need. In between finishing up filming I had been making plenty of phone calls and getting some contracts official. Word has leaked out about what is going on, and that has resulted in the calls becoming more frantic as I know that I'm now in direct competition with the WWE machine. I got one wrestler signed out of Britain just about 30 minutes before WWE came calling, that's just how close this is. The race is on....only three more weeks to go until we officially take over Impact wrestling. What could possibly be next?

April 17, 2018

Okay, this I was definitely not expecting. When I was offered this position, I was offered a fair amount of latitude on how I spent our budget. I made sure a lot of that went towards updating the product, better set's, better camera's etc. And then I turned to the benefits portion to attract wrestlers, before finally turning the last of the budget towards attracting new faces to Impact wrestling to set up the future. What I was not expecting was to get a phone call saying I needed to meet with a specific person, sign him to a contract, whatever it took, and the it would be money coming from the CW. As we finished up our wonderful supper, he took one last look at the contract, looked at his agent for a final okay and then signed his name on the dotted line. I couldn't believe it. What a legend....but was he going to make my life more difficult than it was going to be worth?

tg01 07-12-2018 05:36 PM

The Press Conference-Part I

May 1, 2018

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks....alliances have been forged, we have a new World Champion, one of our biggest stars is off filming a reality TV show, episodes have been taped that we will edit into future episodes....there's lot of moving parts. Fortunately filming is over, and now I'm here at a press conference to announce everything that is happening going forward. I hear the moderator, our new announcer Rob Moore out there introducing the President of Border City Wrestling, and then Don Callis the President of Impact Wrestling. After they were settled it was Callis who took over.

Callis: Thank you everyone for attending today's press conference, I want to begin by bringing everyone up to speed and clarify any misconceptions. As of 12:01AM the CW Network, LLC has purchased a majority stake in Impact wrestling and has formed a partnership with Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC to form Impact Wrestling Sports & Entertainment LLC which will be a joint venture with ownership of Impact Wrestling, Border City Wrestling and the Global Wrestling Network. A new head office location for Impact Wrestling Sports & Entertainment LLC has been purchased and will be opening in Detroit, MI. We are very excited by these changes, and the growth that we believe will come as a result of them. First off, with the profits from it's divestiture of Impact Wrestling ownership Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions has invested in Border City Wrestling. This will lead to an upgrade and increase in production of television time, which I will allow Scott to speak to a bit more. The one thing I will touch on is a transfer of our TV contracts as BCW will be taking over the slots currently taken up on Thursday night by Impact wrestling on the Pop Network as well as The Fight Network in Canada. BCW will broadcast at 6:00PM ET, before Impact Wrestling begins at 8:00PM ET on The CW Network across all applicable and available networks in North America. The international contracts that we have in place for Impact Wrestling will not be effected. I will now allow Scott to talk about BCW and the relationship they will have with Impact Wrestling.

D'Amore: As many of you know that in addition to running the Border City Wrestling promotion, I am also the proud header trainer at the Can-Am Wrestling school. Some of our alumni include Rhino, Bobby Roode, Gail Kim, Frank Trigg, the Motor City Machine Guns, Moose, Petey Williams and many others. The long list of wrestlers who have competed for BCW include Bret 'Hitman' Hart, Ted DiBiase, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and The Rock just for starters. And we hope that is only the beginning. From here on out BCW and myself will be focusing on combining those two elements as the premier development company for Impact Wrestling. Not only will be able to work on training as a part of the Can-AM school but having weekly televisions shows will allow for our wrestlers to get ready to compete in front of fans and camera, before making the transition to Impact Wrestling where I am sure we will be able to add some more World Champions to our alumni.

Callis: Before we begin to get to questions there is one more person that I would like to introduce because he is going to be my boss as well as Scott's. Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you the new President of Impact Wrestling Sports & Entertainment LLC.....Mr Stephen Amell.

Amell: Thank you everyone for being here, thank you Don, thank you Scott....I'm incredibly pleased to be here today to speak about this new and exciting adventure. Now I know what you're all thinking, what is Stephen Amell doing here, what could he possibly know about wrestling? And that is why I want to stress....I am here as a coordinator between the CW Network and Impact and BCW, that is my role. Don and Scott will continue to have full day to day control of Impact Wrestling and BCW, I think we all can agree they have been doing a pretty good job for the last six months in charge and I don't want to interfere with that. At the same time, this is a very complex situations that is developing with lots of moving parts between the different departments of our company, and we want to streamline things with there being one person who is in charge of making sure everyone is working towards the same goal and on the same page. Plus, I have no intentions of quitting my day job so don't worry that means you won't be seeing me every week putting down the wrestlers. Now, I think we have a few moments to open up for some questions.

To be continued....

(I figured I'd leave this open ended so that if anyone wants to throw some questions out I can answer them....otherwise I will be returning to the press conference in the next couple of days)

tg01 07-14-2018 06:24 PM

The Press Conference Part II

May 1, 2018

Question #1: It says here in our briefer's that you will be giving wrestlers health insurance, 401k's....c'mon, this can't be serious can it?

Amell: I'll answer that, and yes, it's 100% true. Any wrestler who signs a contract with us will be eligible for some benefits, which I will come back to in just a moment. The idea was that we wanted to have something that set our contracts apart from other companies, and give wrestlers from any company around the world a reason to want to sign with Impact Wrestling....and it's part of our plans to be THE innovative company in wrestling. At first we were looking at trying to get our wrestlers involved in a union, perhaps through the Screen Actors Guild, but there is just to many obstacles to go that route. The next thing we figured is if we can't give them a union, then at least we can give them the benefits. Now as I mentioned, there are different levels to these benefits. Only wrestlers who commit to a full time written deal with our company will get the benefits. With that said, if a wrestler who has signed a deal with us does end up competing for another company through some sort of trade agreement, and they were to get injured....they would still be covered. For wrestlers who do not sign a commitment agreement with us, we will still cover them as long as they are performing for us....either for Impact Wrestling directly, or again through some sort of talent trade agreement. This includes the wrestlers signed to developmental contracts with BCW.

Question #2: Speaking of BCW, is there actually any developmental talent there, or are we just going to be seeing the wrestlers who are already competing with BCW?

D'Amore: I'm excited to answer this one! Yes, you will still continue to see the talent who has shown up to BCW shows before, including our BCW Heavyweight Champion Kongo Kong and the BCW Tag Team Champions Phil Atlas and Jake Something. But you are also going to see some premier talents, like the three men who are going to be helping me train the wrestlers down there. Petey Williams, Doug Williams and the Notorious 187 himself...Homicide! You're also going to be seeing a few wrestlers who have had some visa issues and are unable to compete in Canada like "Speedball" Mike Bailey and the team known as Super Smash Brothers. While these wrestlers have signed Impact contracts they will be sticking with us in BCW until their visa issues can be attended to and then you will get to see them competing for Impact. I'm also very excited to announce that we are going to be crowning a BCW Women's Champion this week as we have a Women's division that will feature wrestlers like Mercedes Martinez, LuFisto, Sereena Deeb and Cheerleader Melissa among some other special surprises. Finally I can tell you that Mr Amell over there has been busy scouring the world and signing some GREAT tag teams that I think will lead to a revitalization of the tag team scene, including one team that I would say it's a bit of a riddle how one of the other major companies hasn't signed them yet.

Question #3: What sort of changes should we expect for the weekly Impact Wrestling show?

Callis: If I may....I'd say you have already seen changes these last few months, a bit more real, more story development, some new stars. That will continue, but when it comes to the production end, we have a whole new production crew with brand new camera's, some new video editing equipment, very much cutting edge stuff and I think you're going to enjoy it.

Amell: One other big change, you're going to be seeing monthly PPV events again including the return of our big name events like Destination X, Victory Road where the finals of the Bound for Glory tournament will be held, Bound for Glory as well as our One Night Only series will continue beginning in May with One Night Only: No Fear.

Question #4: What's this about Slammiversary being moved back to June?

Callis: That is a result of a few announcements you will hear more about this week on Impact Wrestling, but when Amell joined he pointed out that Impact Wrestling was formed in June, so why would we be celebrating our anniversary in July?

Amell: Speaking of those announcements, there is one big introduction I would like to end this conference with and now seems like the right time so you can make ask our guest some questions. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present our new Global Ambassador......

To be continued....

OOC: Now seems like a good place to explain a coupe of things. As readers of my work would know, my 1994 Dynasty came to a bit of a sad ending. And while I won't close the door on it completely, I would say it's hiatus is longer then I was hoping. And I'm getting the itch to get back into TEW. I've been hoping to get a 2006 or 2011 Dynasty going, something with longterm play, but the Mod's just aren't there yet. So I am going to with this modern day take, with the premise being "if I was in charge of Impact wrestling what would I REALLY do?" Obviously there are some changes with the adding in of CW, but it's just to try and match the narrative of why Amell is a part of the company. Since this will be a bit different for me the formatting will be a bit different then the past, with less match write-ups, and more explaining where I want things to be going. When it comes to the PPV's, that is where I will probably bring some of the class write-ups back. Up next...the very first Impact Wrestling under my control.

Frenchy_Tweest 07-15-2018 05:18 AM

I love what I'm reading right now. Good, promising stuff! Looking forward to the first show. Hopefully it won't feel like a completely different promotion even with all those changes.

graav 07-15-2018 06:41 AM

Looking great and looking foward to it!

tg01 07-20-2018 09:11 PM

May 3, 2018

Finally it's arrived, the first day under my care. I showed up to the Wings Event Center at 5:00 to watch the new set being set up, and it's been pretty much nonstop since. I've taken a look at some of the pre-taped matches/footage that we are going to splice into tonight's show, been in a booking meeting where we finalized everything for tonight's show, and even went toe to toe with our returning Legend tonight after he gave Don some problems. But now the clock is ticking down as I'm at the so called "Gorilla" position.....Impact is about to go live!

Opening video showing some of the history of Impact wrestling, focusing not on the stars who were a part of the show in the past and in other companies, but focusing on the wrestlers in the company right now. Austin Aries, Moose, Pentagon Jr, Eli Drake, Matt Sydal and a few others. The only exception was Hulk Hogan who was included near the end. The show then opened properly at the commentary table where Josh Matthews was starting to talk, but Don Callis cut him off to announce that Matthews had been replaced by new Impact wrestling announcer Rob Moore. Matthews was furious and had to be escorted out by security but promised to be back!

X-Division Championship

Match 1: Matt Sydal © vs. Taiji Ishimori:

Thoughts on this match: One of the priorities for Impact wrestling going forth would be getting the X-Division back on the map. For years everyone had been trying to copy what Eric Bischoff and WCW had managed to do so successfully with the Cruiserweight division back in the 90s. At it’s peak the X-Division had come the closest, and for one night, in September 2005 with an Unbreakable main event they maybe even surpassed it. While I had not managed to have much influence over the X Division yet, I was fortunate that I was starting off with a great champion in Matt Sydal. As for this match what I wanted more than anything was to start the show off with a great bout, full of high flying action and remind the fans about what was possible. Fortunately, this match had already been taped because Taiji Ishimori was unavailable due to being needed in Japan for a little surprise the next day.

Result: The match itself had decent wrestling but little heat, and Matt Sydal defeated Taiji Ishimori by pin fall with his Pumphandle Driver.

Grade: C-

While there had been a Facts of Life with Eli Drake previous taped, I wanted this one to be live for the fans in the crowd so I made sure that he was there. Escorted by his World Tag Team partner, Scott Steiner, who wasted little time in talking about his “freaks” and his “peaks” before handing the microphone over to Eli Drake. The fans wanted to cheer for Eli, but he quickly turned to insults to get them riled up like he was asked to do. Finally he came to the point….announcing he would be using his Feast or Fired briefcase next week in a match against Pentagon Jr. At this point we sent Pentagon Jr out with his recently won World Championship, dropped his “Cero Miedo” catchphrase and hand gesture, before raising the World Championship belt in the air between the two men to end the segment.

Match 2: Taya vs. Kiera Hogan
Thoughts on the match: Just like at Redemption, Tessa Blanchard was the guest at the commentary table with Rob Moore and Don Callis. This time I asked that they made sure to focus more on the match, with Tessa making sure to promote herself while also getting shots in on Taya. As for the match itself, this was just not what I was expecting out of the two competitors. Taya is great, but Kiera clearly needs some work and will be spending a lot of time in BCW going forth.

Result: In a terrible match, Taya defeated Kiera Hogan in 7:37 by pinfall with a Northern Lights Suplex.

Grade: E+

Once again the video editing team went to work with a great video on the history of the Edwards and oVe up to and including the creepy hospital visit. The video ended with Edwards promising to return next week and get his hands on Callahan and “ending him.”

Match 3: Fallah Bahh/Kevin Matthews vs. OVE

Thoughts on the match: This was a match set up from the previous Impact so we wanted to include it as part of having some continuity. We used the video prior to explain why Sami was not around, still recovering, and then just used this match to showcase the former Tag Team Champions. Matthews and Bahh actually were alright working as a tag team, but in the end, they were overwhelmed by oVe and will be sent down for some more work down in BCW. Bahh has some potential as a comedy wrestler, not sure about Kevin Matthews though.

Match results: In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, OVE defeated Fallah Bahh and Kevin Matthews in 5:42 when Dave Crist defeated Kevin Matthews by pinfall with a Shooting Star Press.

Grade: D-

And now was the big moment of the show as we announced the NEW Impact Global Wrestling Ambassador….

...and brought out Hulk Hogan! The fans were just as shocked as I was when I managed to shake his hand and get the deal signed. Let’s be honest, this is just going to be a one-year deal, and then I’m sure Hogan will make his way back to WWE and back into the good graces of Vince McMahon. The plan for Hogan will not be for him to be an Authority Figure, or for him to even be at every show, but to truly be a real-life Ambassador for the company. Each week we will fly him in to where we will be running Impact or a PPV to drum up some local support. We’ll film whatever he does, and maybe showcase that a bit on Impact each week. At the same time when there is a special announcement to be made, like tonight’s, then perhaps we will bring him in to make that announcement. Truthfully, we want the name recognition of Hulk Hogan, without having to deal with everything else that comes with Hogan. I also realize that this is going to be one of my hardest tasks as “the boss” in making sure that Hogan doesn’t overstep….and that was already challenged tonight as he wanted to get physical with Aries in this segment and had a verbal confrontation with Don Callis over it. I needed to intervene and threaten Hogan a bit, before he settled down and tried to pretend like it was no big deal. It will be an interesting year for sure. After soaking up the applause and appreciation from the crowd, Hogan started to explain his role to the fans, while also announcing the new date for Slammiversary. He began to announce the Battle Royale for the evening and how the winner would get a title shot at the World Championship at No Fear….when we sent Austin Aries out to interrupt with his new “locker room leader” attitude. Aries was told to focus on his “other world title” and what about it, what was going to happen with Aries and his Championship, and when was he going to get a rematch for his other belt? We then had Hogan lay out what was going to be happening, announcing that the main event of Slammiversary would be a unification match between the Impact World and Grand Championship belts. But there was going to be a bit of a path to get there. Beginning with he Battle Royale tonight, the winner would get a shot at the Impact World Championship at No Fear, while the runner up would be facing the Impact Grand Champion. Aries started to complain about this, but Hogan stopped him and reminded him that Pentagon Jr would be defending the World Championship next week against Eli Drake, and the week after that Aries would be defending his title belt as well against an opponent TBA. We left it there with Aries throwing a fit about everything.

Match 4: Aero Star/Drago/El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Dezmond Xavier/Z & E

Thoughts on the match: The selling feature of this match was that the winning team would face each other in a triple threat match the following week to determine the #1 Contender to the X-Division Championship, receiving a shot at No Fear. We also wanted to introduce the tag team of Andrew Everett and DJ Z as we have big plans for them, and we need them to be a big deal pretty quickly. Other than that we just wanted them to go all out there and try and again, show the fans what the X Division could do. There’s no doubt that the relationship with AAA has really helped get things back on a positive note and this was another example of it. Watching this match was a lot of fun as there was so much going on, but at the same time listening to the crowd reminded me that there was a lot that needed to be done in order to build some stars up. I made a note to myself that I needed to look at getting some more bodies in the X Division, perhaps some faces that would be familiar to the fans and who could still go.

Result: In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Aero Star, Drago and El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Dezmond Xavier and Z & E in 12:26 when Aero Star defeated Dezmond Xavier by pinfall with an Imploding 450° splash.

Grade: D

Up next we had a video on Brian Cage, showing some of his recent matches that had been filmed for Impact as well as from around the world including his defense of the WrestleCircus Ringmaster title in Australia and announcing the “Machine” would return next week. While we could have had Cage wrestle, I wanted to put this in here because I wanted to get Cage away from the X Division. I understand the success that Samoa Joe had mixing it up with the smaller wrestlers, but I have different plans for Brian Cage.

Match 5: Su Young vs. Rosemary

Thoughts on the match: This was another one where the story had already been told, and the match had already been filmed. Unfortunately, this particular match and story was told due to an injury that Rosemary suffered back in February that is going to keep her out for a while. This angle was also about getting Su Young over, and so after a short bout that ended in a no contest the angle started. Namely with the undead brides coming out with a coffin to put Rosemary in. Allie came running out and tried to stop what was happening, with Rosemary pleading with her to get out of the way. Instead Allie was made to watch as Yung misted Rosemary, hit a panic switch off of the ramp and through a table, before finally being placed in the coffin.

Match results: In a short bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Su Yung drew with Rosemary when the match descended into chaos after Allie got involved.

Grade: D-

Prior to the main event we showed an interview that had been filmed earlier in the day with Don Callis speaking to Jimmy Jacobs about the destructive path that Kongo Kong had been on. Jacobs started to mock Johnny Impact…. when they both stopped talking as this man walked past them on his way to the locker rooms.

Yes that’s right, we got the All American Jake Hager added to the roster.

Match 6: Battle Royale Participants: Chandler Park, Grado, Joseph Park, Jake Hager, Kongo Kong, Moose, Ortiz, Rey Fénix, Santana, Trevor Lee


-Trevor Lee started the match by attacking the other nine men, stopped to celebrate, just to be picked up and tossed over the top rope with a Press Slam from Moose.

-While everyone fought from there, at one point in the match Grado and Chandler Park came face to face and started to shove each other. Joseph Park intervened and tried to get between both men, but when they wouldn’t stop he dropped them both a Black Hole Slam. Park looked shocked which led to him being victim to a German Suplex from Hager, and then he came to his feet and was sent over the ropes with a Clothesline from Moose. Both Chandler Park and Grado were then easily thrown over the top rope from there, once from Moose the other from Hager.

-In other parts of the ring Ortiz and Santana were doing their best to work together, beating down on Fénix, before looking at Kongo Kong and deciding against it. When Moose and Hager came face to face, Ortiz and Santana decided to go after them. That didn’t work as they both ended up getting eliminated from there.

Final Four: After Moose had finished eliminating Ortiz, he was ran over by Kongo Kong. Jimmy Jacobs was on the outside yelling at his client, while Moose tried to fight him off. In the end though Kong was able to get Moose up and over the top rope to eliminate him. That left Fenix to face off against Kongo Kong and Jake Hager who took turns working him over. Hager seemed to be yelling instructions now, but things didn’t work out exactly as planned. Kongo went running at Fénix, but he dropped down and pulled the top rope down which resulted in Kong flying over the top rope to the outside eliminating him from the match. Once it came down to the final two it settled more into a wrestling type of match with both men trying to get the other over the top rope to end the match. A couple of times Hager managed to get Fénix in an Ankle lock, not looking to win, just looking to maim. That was important because after Fénix managed to get some offense in he flipped over Hager and landed on his ankle, and immediately dropped down clutching it in pain. That gave Hager the opportunity to pick him up and send him over the top rope with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex to win the match, and earn a shot at the Impact World Championship at One Night Only: No Fear

Match thoughts: In a poor match, Jake Hager won a battle royal in 15:05. The other members of the 'final four' were Rey Fénix, Moose and Kongo Kong, with Rey Fénix being the final elimination. Moose got the most eliminations over the course of the match.

Grade: C-
Final Show Rating: C


X-Plosion taping

A video package that highlighted some of the great moves from X-Division matches of the past, before Rob Moore and Don Callis explained that Xplosion would be the Showcase of the X-Division going forth (B+)

In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Dezmond Xavier defeated Brett Gakiya and Shawn Daivari in 7:35 when Dezmond Xavier defeated Brett Gakiya by pinfall. (D)

Alicia Atout interviewed Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley about their match later in the evening (E+)

Argenis made his debut in Impact Wrestling by defeating Marshe Rockett in 7:52 after an Asai Moonsault (D)

Allie defeated Kiera Hogan in 7:44 by pinfall with a Sitout Facebuster. Allie makes defence of her Impact Knockouts title. (E+)

Alicia Atout interviewed Matt Sydal who was proud of his title defense against Ishimori, and would be watching the triple threat match on Thursday to find out who would get a shot at No Fear (D)

Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley defeated Mike Bucci and Shark Boy in 8:16 when Trevor Lee defeated Shark Boy by submission. (D)

Final hype for Pentagon Jr vs. Eli Drake (C)

Final Show Rating: C-

************************************************** *******

Originally Posted by Frenchy_Tweest (Post 2299730)
I love what I'm reading right now. Good, promising stuff! Looking forward to the first show. Hopefully it won't feel like a completely different promotion even with all those changes.

Thank you....I don't intend to change too much, I actually think Impact has the makings of a great roster, it's just a matter of some stability, and adding a few star's to bring the ratings up a bit. But I do seriously intend to try and do something with the X Division as that to me is what makes Impact so different historically speaking.


Originally Posted by graav (Post 2299739)
Looking great and looking foward to it!

Thank you, I hope you enjoy the first show....will be tinkering with the format as I go forward, but here's the first outing.

tg01 07-21-2018 11:26 PM

The Press Conference-Conclusion

May 1, 2018

....the one....the only....Hulk Hogan!!

With that out walked Hulk Hogan to join the surprised members of the media who had attended the conference. This was who the CW had wanted me to sign, they had set up the meeting, given me the money to get him signed and now have the opportunity to try and make up for his past mistakes. After everyone was settled he gave an apology, maybe not the best apology, but it got the point across. And he apologized as Terry Bollea, not as Hulk Hogan, which was important. He would be giving the same apology to the roster on Thursday and again, hopefully the fences and pain would start to heal. There's no doubting that Hogan is one of the greatest of all wrestlers and having him around would hopefully get some eyes on our product. He was finishing up so now it was my time to speak again.

Amell: Fresh starts....the truth is, I know that Impact Wrestling has had many of them, more I think that any wrestling company has ever had. And that's why we believe it is important to give them. It's why we will embrace Hulk Hogan back into the wrestling family, and he will be out there teaching that same message. But also a message of acceptance and love of everyone. As well as continuing to support initiatives like Big Brothers and Sisters, and also promoting out upcoming events. Speaking of forgiveness, I would like to announce that a few important men have forgive some mismanagement on our part. I am proud to announce that Earl and Brian Hebner, as well as Brian Stiffler will all be returning to the Impact Wrestling fold to referee our events. With that I am very excited for the future, and I hope that everyone enjoys Impact Wrestling this Thursday and everything that is yet to come.

Frenchy_Tweest 07-22-2018 04:28 AM

A very interesting debut show! Not really digging the battle royal since it seemed to lack the top talents of the current IMPACT roster, plus I really don't think Hager is a good fit for IMPACT right now. However, the format is so well-thought, it is really easy to go throughout the show in general.
It looks like you took some of the elements of the post-Redemption tapings but using it in another way to tell another story. I'm looking forward to what's next!

tg01 07-22-2018 03:32 PM

It has been a busy week, trying to get a bit of rest in before we begin filming again, as I've scouted a few wrestlers and made contact to get some new X-Division competitors that we'll be seeing in the coming weeks. Also been doing a bit of promoting with Hulk Hogan and I am grateful to say that he seems to have taken our talk last week to heart and is working towards a goal of co-operation with everyone in the company. Of course, none of this compares to the surprising phone call I got last night. A wrestler from another company reached out to ask if there would be a position for him in Impact Wrestling. While maybe not the start he once was due to some injury history, he's still someone I'm pretty excited to have in Impact Wrestling once his contract runs out. In fact I'm already thinking about how he might make his debut....but that's down the road, for tonight it's all about Impact Wrestling and a HUGE World title match in the unique environment of the sold out Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort.

Match 1: Aero Star vs. Drago vs. El Hijo del Fantasma

Thoughts on the Match: When I joined the company, I requested that we would begin every show with a wrestling match, and while we didn’t start last weeks show with a wrestling match today we did. Not only that but the moment our air time began it was with music playing and some flame pyro as Drago made his way out from the back. Aero Star and El Hijo del Fantasma were already in the ring so as soon as Drago got in the ring the match was able to begin. This is how I intend Impact to begin every week from here on out, the final competitor on his way to the ring, and a very quick start to the show with some great action. In this case there was also a lot on the line as the winner of this match would be getting an X-Division Championship match at One Night Only: Zero Fear. Their experience against each other led to a pretty good little match that saw El Hijo del Fantasma drop Aero Star with his El Fantasmic Spinning Package Piledriver, but when he went for the pin fall Drago dropped onto his back with a Running twisting moonsault plancha and then Drago stole the pin fall and the match against Matt Sydal.

Result: In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Drago defeated El Hijo del Fantasma and Aero Star in 13:18 when Drago defeated Aero Star by pin fall.

Grade: D+

After the match we get Rob Moore and Don Callis with the green screen background, and a video that summed up last week’s Impact quickly for any viewers who missed it. Special attention was paid to the segment that saw Rosemary being put in the casket while Allie was forced to watch. Again, top notch editing, and Moore and Callis then wrapped it up by hyping the debut of Jake Hager last week, and our Main Event tonight which would determine who would defend the Impact World Championship at Zero Fear against Jake Hager.

Match 2: Grado vs. Kongo Kong

Thoughts on the Match: This match was intended to be a complete one-sided demolition job by Kongo Kong while Rob and Don made sure to remind the fans of Kong’s destruction of Johnny Impact as well as his recent little rivalry with Moose.

Result: In a poor match, Kongo Kong defeated Grado in 5:51 by pin fall with a Splash from the top turnbuckle.

Grade: D-

Grado wasn’t moving after the match but that didn’t stop Jimmy Jacobs from getting into the ring and calling for more destruction. Kong was more than happy to oblige as he dropped a couple more Splash’s onto Grado. All the best in NXT UK Grado! It was Moose we sent out to end this segment as he chased Kong away, which Moore and Callis were instructed to tie back to the altercation between Moose and Kongo Kong at the end of the Battle Royale last week.

Match 3: Santana Garrett vs. Tessa Blanchard

Thoughts on the Match: This week Taya joined Rob and Don to discuss Tessa, while Tessa was in the ring against Santana Garrett. For some reason things didn’t turn out very good between Tessa and Santana which was very disappointing, but at least Tessa got the victory with the Figure Four to showcase her abilities.

Result: In a poor match Tessa Blanchard made Santana Garrett submit to the Figure Four at 7:13

Grade: E-

After the commercial break we focused on Grado walking to the back holding an ice pack to his head, and his “girlfriend” Katarina checking on him. Joseph Park showed up and was worried for his buddy….when Chandler Park walked onto the scene, sort of smirked smugly at Grado and asked how his head was before giving him a bit of a “rough” pat on the back.

Match 4: Chandler Park vs. Sami Callihan

Thoughts on the Match: The two men were told to tell a bit of a story throughout this match; Sami was to show that he was still recovering from the abuse he had suffered at the hands of Eddie Edwards, while Chandler Park was meant to look better than most fans expected. But then he got cocky, and that allowed Sami to recover and take over and win the match.

Result: In a poor match, Sami Callihan defeated Chandler Park in 13:05 by pin fall with his version of the Stump Piledriver.

Grade: D

Up next was the segment I had been waiting for all night as we had Eddie Edwards come running down the ramp before the bell had even finished ringing to end the match. Edwards had a bat in his hands and he took a swing at Calihan as he was starting to climb to his feet and down went Sami. All the security we could send out from the back tried to stop Edwards from furthering the attack, and while Edwards was busy taking them down we made sure the camera focused on Calihan in the chaos so we could see he was “broken wide open.” Like a crazed maniac Edwards continued the attack until…..

…TOMMY DREAMER made his way out and tried to get Edwards to stop. Finally, Edwards seemed to snap out of it and he backed up to allowed Dreamer to check on Calihan. And then Edwards nailed Dreamer in the back of the head and beat him down too!! When Eddie finally backed away and left the ring both Dreamer and Calihan were bleeding from the forehead, and the shot closed with Edwards staring in the ring while slowly backing up.

We filmed a short scene from the LAX clubhouse with Santana and Ortiz bemoaning their lack of success since both Konnan and Diamante had disappeared. They finished by speaking about how even “King” hadn’t been responding to their messages. Finally, they tried to psyche each other up prior to their important tag team match.

Match 5: LAX vs. Z & E

Thoughts on the Match: Andrew Everett and DJ Z have been doing some teaming off and on again, and we decided to try it out here in Impact Wrestling and see how they do. During this match Don Callis and Rob Moore announced that the winners would get a shot at the Impact Tag Team Champions next week on Impact Wrestling. LAX actually did pretty good without Konnan and Diamante out there, but in the end the upstart new tag team managed to get the victory and the title match.

Result: In a poor match, Z & E defeated Latin American Xchange in 8:19 when Andrew Everett defeated Santana by pin fall with a Toe Touch Moonsault.

Grade: D

In a scene similar to earlier, Chandler Park was followed from the ring holding an icepack to his neck when a commotion is heard loudly in the background. Park runs over to find Joseph Park in a kneeling position looking down at a knocked out Grado very similar to the backstage attacks in the last few weeks!

“American Great” Jake Hager was backstage with Alicia Atout who wanted to give Hager the opportunity to speak to the Impact Wrestling fans for the first time:

“America was built by our founding fathers on hard work, honesty, integrity and fairness. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that, but fortunately we are now led by a visionary who is trying to get America back to that point again. Unfortunately Impact Wrestling is in the same situation , where once Impact Wrestling was filled with great technical wrestlers, the best high flyers and some of the toughest brawlers in the world….Impact Wrestling has now lost their way. Just look at our current Champion, he runs around in a mask so that no one even knows what he looks like. Where is the honesty in that? Look at his brother, if that’s who he really is, and he will be getting a shot at the prestigious Impact Grand Championship and he didn’t even WIN a match! Don’t worry though fans, I’m here now and I have one mission, and one mission only. And it begins when I win the World Championship at Zero Fear….I will make Impact Wrestling great again!”

Impact World Championship


Match 6: Pentagon Jr © vs. Eli Drake

Thoughts on the Match: I was very excited about this match, the first World Championship match under my watch, and these two men went out and put on a great show for the fans. With Scott Steiner outside cheering him out, Eli Drake did everything he could to try and reclaim the World Championship. Pentagon Jr did finally manage to get Eli Drake in his trademark Armbreaker, but Scott Steiner climbed up on the ring apron to get the attention of the referee. That led to Pentagon Jr breaking the Armbreaker to go and deal with Steiner, but that allowed Eli to climb back to his feet. When Drake tried to Clothesline Pentagon in the back of the head, the World Champion moved out of the way and Eli Drake ran into Scott Steiner instead. That allowed Pentagon Jr. to hit his Fear Factor Piledriver and get the victory.

Result: In a good match, Pentagon Jr. defeated Eli Drake in 17:50 by pin fall with a Fear Factor. Pentagon Jr. makes defence number 1 of his Impact World title.

Grade: C+

After the match Austin Aries left the commentary table to get into the ring so that he could raise his Impact Grand Championship in the face of Pentagon Jr before getting on the microphone to talk about how that was a “decent little match, but nothing like his match would be next week, that is if they were able to find anyone worthy to face off against” him…which is when the music of Moose began to play and the fans cheered as Moose made his way out from the back.

Final Show Rating: C

X-Plosion Taping:
A video package played showing highlights of the triple threat match that determined who would face Matt Sydal at One Night Only: Zero Fear (B+)

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Dezmond Xavier defeated Shawn Daivari in 8:05 by submission. (D+)

A video hyped the career’s of Taya and Tessa and announced that the two would be facing off at One Night Only: Zero Fear (B+)

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Desi Hit Squad defeated The Damaja and Nick Dinsmore in 7:31 when Gursinder Singh defeated Nick Dinsmore by pinfall with a Rolling Crossface. (D)

After the match Rob Moore and Don Callis were trying to hype up the Main Event of Trevor Lee and Mike Bucci, when Josh Matthews showed up and tried to take over the desk. Once more he had to be forced away by security (D-)

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Argenis defeated Brett Gakiya in 7:37 by submission. (D)

Alicia Atout tried to interview Matt Sydal, but Sydal brushed her off as he started talking about his “third eye” and then started to meditate (D+)

In a poor match, Trevor Lee defeated Mike Bucci in 8:10 by pinfall. (D)

Final Rating: C-


Originally Posted by Frenchy_Tweest (Post 2300732)
A very interesting debut show! Not really digging the battle royal since it seemed to lack the top talents of the current IMPACT roster, plus I really don't think Hager is a good fit for IMPACT right now. However, the format is so well-thought, it is really easy to go throughout the show in general.
It looks like you took some of the elements of the post-Redemption tapings but using it in another way to tell another story. I'm looking forward to what's next!

Thank you again for your words.....I did go back and watch some of the post Redemption (end of April/beginning of May) because I did want to try and continue on with the story threads that was in place while adding my own spin. As for your comments on the Battle Royale, I have to point out that I'm dealing with a few constraints. First off there is the Mod I'm using, which I did tweak to try and correct some things (lots of face/heel alignments) that sort of stuff but overall I tried not to change to much to keep it true to Fleisch's vision. Also I'm trying to keep it ground in reality, so for eg. I do not have Johnny Impact available right now because he was off filming Survivor. So when you take away those names, and the names I already used throughout the left me with the guys that you saw in the Battle Royale. Maybe not the biggest of names, but I did try to tell some stories with who was there.

As for Hager....I'll be honest there are a couple more wrestlers who will be joining the company in the next month, including one who I surprisingly was able to steal away from WWE, and I remind you that while I want to keep things as realistic as possible, at the same time I want to make sure that I also stay true to the narrative I have created for this Dynasty. Namely that there is Stephen Amell in charge, and he needs to bring some viewers in to justify the investment made from the CW. Someone like Hager allows me to try and latch onto the current situation in the United States and try and use that as an emotional tie in that would bring viewers to Impact wrestling. Believe me with every signing, with every plan....I spend a LOT of time thinking it through. I am known to be someone who plans their Dynastie's quite far out, for example I already know almost the entire card for Bound For Glory and how we're getting to that point.

Thank you again for your feedback and comments, I love "viewer" participation and will get to prediction contest's at some point I'm sure to further push that.

Frenchy_Tweest 07-23-2018 06:11 AM

I love the fact that you can explain every single move you make in your dynasty, it shows that even though I'm not sold on Jake Hager yet, there is a reason why he is here and why he is in the position he is in. What I am saying is, I'm trusting you for what is to come in your dynasty, you have the power to make things interesting even when I'm not digging them at first.

Anyways, a good second show. There was a heavy focus on Grado, Chandler Park, Moose and Kongo Kong this week. I like Kong as a character, even though he is pretty limited as a wrestler. There are so many stories to tell with him. I'm also looking forward to see if you're going to push Moose. It was so good to have a true competitive match between Pentagon and Drake (instead of the joke we had IRL). Tessa vs. Taya is going to be good! Drago as a challenger, I also love that. Matt Sydal is pretty awesome in this dynasty too, the gimmick is on point! Really good work so far.

Powerbrock100 07-23-2018 08:58 PM

This Dynasty is too slept on I have no gripes so far with your booking of Impact and like how you are keeping it as realistic as you can post Redemption. So happy Penta is still champ for the time being. Tessa/Taya the battle of the ego's. Also Sydal and Drago yes please!

tg01 07-26-2018 02:28 PM

Here we are with our third week, and while it has been quieter on the contract front I've been trying to reach out with Don Callis and see about building our relationships with some other companies. We're very happy with our relationship with AAA and the amazing talent it allows us access too, but it appears things our souring with Pro Wrestling NOAH. There are rumours that WWE has reached out to them and that could result in our relationship being severed right when we need to have access to some talent from Japan for our annual World X Cup. I know Don has been trying to get something going between us an New Japan, which of course is the ultimate goal, but negotiations are going slowly. Same could be said for my contacts with Ring of Honor. I think we could have a valuable relationship, I've even told them I no longer care about whether they have our talent appear on TV or even on their DVD's because as far as I'm concerned exposure is exposure, but their head booker is a bit of a weird fellow. In fact I'd almost say he was delirious with power. Here ROH is talking about how they are going to build the "Women of Honor" like they can somehow compete with the Evolution of women's wrestling in WWE, and he has already fired two prominent wrestlers, and had feud with another that has led to her quitting. Thankfully they've signed with us, so their loss is our gain, but I just don't know how people work with him. We have left Michigan and made our way to Minneapolis and the Ridder Arena for tonight's show, a big show with two titles on the line!

Impact World Tag Team Championship


Match 1: Eli Drake/Scott Steiner© vs. Z & E

Thoughts on the Match: The story of this match was how angry Eli Drake looked after he had failed to win the World title last week, and how he was blaming that entirely on Scott Steiner. The match itself saw Z & E using their speed advantage, forcing the over 50-year-old Scott Steiner to try and keep up and he failed as expected. But when Eli Drake was in the match it was a completely different story as he managed to show his Championship pedigree by taking control of the match over. It looked like the match was going to be over when Drake had dropped Everett outside leaving both Drake and Steiner in the ring together to take out DJ Z. Eli had pulled DJ Z to his feet and Steiner looked to end it with a Steinerline, but when DJ Z managed to get out of the way it was Eli Drake who took the full brunt of that blow. And when Steiner stopped to check on him DJ Z quickly rolled him up for the one….two…three…we have NEW Champions!

Results: In a decent match, Z & E defeated Eli Drake and Scott Steiner in 12:40 when DJ Z defeated Scott Steiner by pinfall with a roll up. Z & E win the Impact World Tag Team titles.

Grade: D

Once again we got our green screen open to the show with a recap of last week’s Main Event with Pentagon Jr retaining the World Championship and recap of Eddie Edwards brutal attack on Tommy Dreamer. Rob Moore and Don Callis began the “hype session” by announcing that Eddie Edwards had demanded a match against Tommy Dreamer to teach Tommy a lesson about interfering in his business, and Tommy had agreed but only if the match could be a “House of Hardcore” rules match so that he could teach Eddie a lesson about respect. After hyping tonight’s Main Event of Austin Aries vs Moose they also announced that next week’s Main Event would be a tag team match of Pentagon Jr and Rey Fénix, Los Lucha Bro’s, against Jake Hager and the Impact Grand Champion.

Match 2: Drago vs. Masked Success

Thoughts on the Match: Matt Sydal was out to watch this match, which as far as the fans concerned was just a warm up match for Drago prior to facing off against Sydal at Zero Fear. After a decent match, the fans got a surprise when Masked Success, a generic masked luchadore, rolled out of the ring and went over to the commentators table and PUSHED Matt Sydal away from the table before grabbing his chair, closing it up and slid back into he ring and smacked Drago with the chair right in front of the referee drawing a disqualification!

Results: In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Drago defeated Masked Success in 7:48 when Masked Success intentionally got disqualified.

Grade: D-

After the match Matt Sydal slid into the ring and was yelling at the masked wrestler, while also looking down and checking on Drago. Finally Masked Success removed his mask….and embraced with Matt Sydal! On the commentary table Don Callis and Rob Moore made sure to let the fans in on the secret…the masked wrestlers was none other than Mike Sydal….the brother of the X-Division Champion! The two men proceeded to lay the boots in on Drago, before Mike Sydal pinned Drago to the mat with the steel chair on the throat, which allowed Matt Sydal to come off the top rope with a perfect Shooting Star Press on Drago! Finally, the two brothers left with Matt putting his arm over the shoulder of his brother’s and laughing at the injured Drago.

In their club house Ortiz and Santana continued to complain about their fate…when “King,” Eddie Kingston interrupted with a loud smashing of his hand on the table. He yelled at the two and told them they didn’t need Konnan, and it was time for them to get their act together and that he would personally help them get back to the top!

Match 3: Miss Natural vs. Su Yung

Thoughts on the Match: This was set up just to give Su Yung some more screen time, as she slowly and methodically dominated Miss Natural (a local worker) before ending the match with the Panic Switch.

Results: In a terrible match, Su Yung defeated Miss Natural in 8:19 by pinfall with a Panic Switch

Grade: E+

After the match Su Yung was ready to do some more damage to Miss Natural, when we had Allie show up on the screen to distract her. Allie was clutching her Impact Women’s Championship to her chest talking about Su Yung had hurt her friend, and now nothing was going to stop her from doing the same to Su Yung at Zero Fear. Rosemary had tried to make Allie promise not to embrace her dark side, but she wasn’t around and Su Yung was going to pay for that.

Eddie Edwards had a response to Tommy Dreamer, promising pain at Zero Fear…when Alisha Edwards returned to question Eddie about what he was doing. “Tommy is a friend….” But Eddie cut her off. “A friend?! A friend! Would a friend have stopped me from finally finishing Calihan off? No he should have helped me finally end things with Calihan. He keeps telling me to practice restraint, but would he do the same thing if someone put their hands on his wife? I don’t think so. I was just about to finish Sami off and Tommy got….in….the way! It’s me or Sami, and neither Tommy nor you are going to get in my way, and once I take Tommy out of the picture then I’m going to finish Sami off and you and I will be able to get back to living our life. And tonight Tommy….I have a little surprise for you, I’ve got the perfect opponent for a little House of Hardcore preview match.”

Match 4: House of Hardcore Rules: Bob Holly vs. Eddie Edwards

Thoughts on the Match: This match was actually a last-minute addition to the show after I had run into Bob Holly visiting with the boys in the back as he is living in the area now. Holly quickly tried to get me to hire him, saying he would be a “great teacher” for the new guys. Can you imagine? Does he think I don’t know about his history? I told him I would think about it….but then had an inspiration for this match, and I ran it past Don and he agree it could be fun. So I went back to Bob and asked if he had brought his gear, he’s a ring veteran and of course he did. I told him if he did a good job in this match that I might have something for him. Which didn’t actually seem to motivate him to put on a great performance or anything, but at least he was willing to take the loss and a submission one at that. Plus he was the perfect guy for Eddie to show off some of his blossoming brawling/hardcore skills off against.

Results: In a decent match, Eddie Edwards defeated Bob Holly in 13:22 by submission with an Achilles Lock.

Grade: C-

Alicia Atout tried to interview Pentagon Jr and Rey Fénix prior to their match when Josh Matthews interrupted and tried to take over. Alicia finally ended up slapping Josh across the face, and then Pentagon Jr and Rey Fénix chased him away.

After the commercial break we had Alicia was interviewing Katarina and the Park’s about Grado, announcing that he had suffered some “career threatening” injuries and he had gone back to the UK to seek out treatment. Before they could get too far into their conversation Jimmy Jacobs walked by with Kongo Kong and mocked Grado a bit, before walking away laughing.

Match 5: Aero Star/El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Los Lucha Bro’s

Thoughts on the Match: Pentagon Jr’s challenger for One Night Only: Zero Fear was out on the commentary table where he was able to spread his rhetoric some more while building up that match. The match itself was a really good display of the skill brought to us thanks to our arrangement with AAA and Luncha Underground. The star of this match was actually Rey Fénix who showed off some great moves including finishing the match with a Meteora after Aero Star was abandoned by El Hijo del Fantasma who dropped off of the ring apron and walked to the back instead of tagging in to the match when Aero Star desperately needed a tag.

Results: In a decent match, Lucha Bro's defeated Aero Star and El Hijo del Fantasma in 7:59 when Rey Fénix defeated Aero Star by pinfall with a Meteora.

Grade: C


Another video played showing highlights of Brian Cage before ending with “Cage Returns 05/27/18”

Moose was on his way to the ring for the Main Event when Kongo Kong attacked him from behind, driving him into the ring, before rolling him in and hitting him with a Splash on his ribs. The attack continued with Jacobs cheering him on when Chandler Park came running out to try and even the odds, but he was taken out by Kongo Kong as well. Joseph Park came out and tried to talk some sense into him, but it looked like Kong was going to attack him too. Austin Aries came running out with a steel chair and Kongo Kong dropped out of the ring. The Park’s cleared the ring and Aries called for the bell to be rung, before he turned and caught Moose in the ribs with a Dropkick to start the Main Event.

Impact Grand Championship


Match 6: Austin Aries© vs. Moose

Thoughts on the Match: This match was almost as good as last week’s Main Event and I was impressed by the performance from both men. The fans were not too pleased with Aries taking the cheap shot on Moose, but it did lead to the story of the match as Aries continued to work over those ribs while Moose had to keep on coming from behind. You have to give props to Moose though as he almost managed to end the match with his Go To Hell sitout chokebomb, but Aries caught him with a knee to the ribs that stopped his momentum and than picked him up and dropped him with a Brainbuster before going to the top turnbuckle and slowly, methodically landing a perfect 450° Splash right on the injured ribs to get the victory and entry into the big tag team Main Event next week and the match against Fenix at Zero Fear.

Result: In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Austin Aries defeated Moose in 18:19 by pinfall with a 450° Splash. Austin Aries makes defence number 1 of his Impact Grand title.

Grade: C
Final Grade: C+


X-Plosion Taping

Rob Moore and Don Callis hype the Main Event of the undefeated Argenis against Mike Sydal (F+)

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, OVE defeated Laredo Kid and Dezmond Xavier in 8:12 when Dave Crist defeated Dezmond Xavier by pinfall with a Super Kick. (D)

A video played with clips of scenes noticeable from London, England and ended with the phrase “London Calling 05/27/18” (B+)

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Extreme Tiger defeated Vikas Kumar in 8:11 by pinfall with a 450° Splash. (D)

Alicia Atout interviewed “The Queen of the Carolina’s” Tessa Blanchard who promised that she was going to show the whole world at Zero Fear why she was the one and only heir to the Legacy of the “Four Horsemen” (D)

In a terrible match, Tessa Blanchard defeated Miss Natural in 8:02 by pinfall with a Piledriver. (E+)

Alicia interviewed the Sydal Brother’s with Matt speaking about how sometimes the “sands of fate” blow in interesting way and they have brought the Brother’s Sydal back together to slay the Dragon (D)

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Argenis defeated Mike Sydal in 8:23 by submission. (D)

Hype for next week’s Impact Wrestling and the tag team Main Event of Austin Aries and Jake Hager against Los Lucha Bro’s (D+)

Final Grade: D+

Originally Posted by Frenchy_Tweest (Post 2300859)
I love the fact that you can explain every single move you make in your dynasty, it shows that even though I'm not sold on Jake Hager yet, there is a reason why he is here and why he is in the position he is in. What I am saying is, I'm trusting you for what is to come in your dynasty, you have the power to make things interesting even when I'm not digging them at first.

Anyways, a good second show. There was a heavy focus on Grado, Chandler Park, Moose and Kongo Kong this week. I like Kong as a character, even though he is pretty limited as a wrestler. There are so many stories to tell with him. I'm also looking forward to see if you're going to push Moose. It was so good to have a true competitive match between Pentagon and Drake (instead of the joke we had IRL). Tessa vs. Taya is going to be good! Drago as a challenger, I also love that. Matt Sydal is pretty awesome in this dynasty too, the gimmick is on point! Really good work so far.


Originally Posted by Powerbrock100 (Post 2300975)
This Dynasty is too slept on I have no gripes so far with your booking of Impact and like how you are keeping it as realistic as you can post Redemption. So happy Penta is still champ for the time being. Tessa/Taya the battle of the ego's. Also Sydal and Drago yes please!

Thank you for the praise from both of you....I have to say a big reason I'm writing this dynasty is thanks to Pentagon Jr.....I think he is one of the top five best wrestlers in the world right now, and I was disappointed with his title reign so I'm hoping to do some different things with that. Next up is the final Impact before the PPV, and I'll throw up some predictions with that.

Powerbrock100 07-28-2018 04:37 PM

Big fan of Z&E winning the belts like IRL love both workers and like their chemistry as a team hopefully they get a lengther run then IRL.

Loved the Sydal's and Drago stuff definitely different and unique not alot of ppl do utilize Mike Sydal and his relationship

Very interested in the Knockout's championship heading into Zero Fear and what you will do when Rosemary inveibtly comes back from injury down the line.

Love the Eddie stuff IRL and how you are presenting and doing it. Nice ish to see Bob Holly make a rare appearance.

Planting seeds with Jimmy Jacobs. I love SEEDS! Pretty decent pay off this week with the Parks saving Moose and chasing off Jacobs and his monster.

No surprise the world champ and his brother won am interested in Fantasma and his possible feud with Aero Star or his singles run.

Love the Grand Championship is still around atleast for now always felt Impact needed a true minor championship for everyone and Aries holding that belt and raising everyone else up isn't too shabby. A good show this week imo furthering most if not all the storylines

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