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TristanKancer 09-14-2018 11:33 AM

E-Fedding Is Back, Unique and Raw!
Hello, I would like to extend my hand and tell you a little bit about my fed, IMW.

We have an RP judging system of A, B,C,D and F. Don't ask for your grade, it will be posted after the show.

We have a point system. Certain matches see you ascertaining points. 2 points earn you a midcard title match, 4 points earn you a World title match. You can only gain 4 points, this way you can't save up for a multiple title matches. It's kinda like having Money in the Bank in WWE. If you lose a match with points, said number of points will be deducted from your total.

Cards will be posted every other week and you will have from that moment until 7 PM the night before the show (on Tuesday every other week)

The RP limit is 2 max. Keep in mind that 1 great roleplay can beat out 2 good ones. There is a 5000 word limit.

When you have enough time, please consider IMW, there will always be a place for you!

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