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Adam Ryland 06-13-2008 04:22 AM

Mods; A User's Guide
A "mod" is a database (or partial database) that can be added to TEW in order to give the user something new; this could be a whole new game world, an extension to an existing game world, or just something simple like more storylines.

The mods in this forum are all user-made and not associated with Grey Dog Software; if you have issues with the data, contact the people who made them.

Most mods come in zip files; in order to use these you will need zipping software like WinZip or WinRar (most computer come with the former already installed). If you do not have them, they are freely available on the Internet.


(This assumes that you are installing a mod that contains both data files and pictures; in reality you may only be doing one of those, or they may both come in different packages - the same principles still apply though.)

1 - Open TEW2008

2 - Go into the editor and create a new database. For this step by step guide we will use the name "Test".

3 - Exit TEW2008

4 - Unzip the mod that you have downloaded to your desktop.

5 - If the mod is an actual database you should see that it includes a set of files that end in ".tw8" (starting with alternate.tw8 and going to world.tw8). Highlight these and choose Copy. Now go to your Data folder (usually Program Files \ GDS \ TEW2008 \ Data). You will see a folder marked Test (or whatever you named the database). Go into it and Paste the files, replacing the existing ones. This installs the database.

6 - If the mod contained pictures, you should find that the content you downloaded has one or more folders containing jpg files. These folders will be named things like People, Belts, Logos, etc. For each folder in turn, open it and highlight all the files, then choose Copy. Go to your Picture folder (usually Program Files \ GDS \ TEW2008 \ Pictures). You will see a folder marked Test (or whatever you named the database). Go into it and you will see several folders. Choose the appropriate one (i.e. if you copied files from a folder called Logos, you should now go into the folder also called Logos). Paste the files in.

7 - When you have copied all the pictures, open TEW2008 again. From the navigation bar at the top, select the Database Options and pick the mod you have installed (if you cannot see if in the list, you did not install it correctly). Go into the editor and find Database Information. Open this, and check that the Pictures folder is correctly pointing to Test (or whatever you named the database).

8 - You can now play the mod.

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