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praguepride 12-19-2011 06:36 PM

InfinityPlusVerse Mod [RELEASE 1.0]
It's finally done! 300 new characters spread across the existing Infinityverse area plus 6 new areas!


Full Mod: Full Download
(DB + Pic Pack)

Pic Pack Only: InfinityPlus Pic Pack #1
(contains the 307 pictures for the mod + 89 unused pics)

DB Only: InfinityPlus DB Mod Only
(for updates not requiring pics)

(extract after a full install of the mod)

To install:
1) Extract in your root CBH folder: something\CBH\
2) Copy & paste the pictures from the Default picture folder (...\CBH\Pictures\Default\Full & ...\CBH\Pictures\Default\Mini) into the InfinityPlus picture folders (...\CBH\Pictures\InfinityPlus\Full & ...\CBH\Pictures\InfinityPlus\Mini respectively)
2a) Make sure to copy Full into Full and Mini into Mini.
3) Start up CBH, click on databases (top middle) and switch to InfinityPlus and you should be good to go! Enjoy!

Please PM me if you wish to host a mirror! It would be most appreciated!

Mod Info

This mod was designed to expand upon the default Infinityverse environment. It added new areas, including 2 new timelines and a new dimension in order to fully appreciate time and dimensional travel. It also adds 300 new characters (including 2 mega bosses...if you think you've got what it takes...)

It also added characters to existing locations as follows:
Boom Town: +2 new villains
Centenary: +3 new villains
Diddly Squat: +1 new hero, +1 new civilian
Hub Borough: +1 new anti-hero, +2 new villains, +1 new civilian
Lantaffia: +2 new heroes, +3 new villains
Ravenholm: +2 new heroes, +2 new civilians
Remisburg: +4 new villains
San Habbershon: +4 new heroes, +8 new villains, +1 new wild card, +1 new civilian
The Wastelands: +2 new heroes, +5 new villains, +2 new wild cards, +2 new civilian
General Game World: +1 new hero, +14 new villains, +1 new civilian


Catholicon - the capital city of the hidden Amazon lands, this zone is almost entirely populated by women fighting a bitter civil war over the succession of power to a tyrannical despot.
+12 heroes, +2 anti-heroes, +26 villains, +1 wild card, +2 civilian

Elix Vitae - sword & sorcery meets CBH. Trapped in a pocket dimension by a powerful wizard, these knights and monsters battle it out with might and magic.
+11 heroes, +2 anti-heroes, +23 villains, +3 wild cards, +1 civilian

- a city of espionage, this is CBH meets James Bond where most of the environment is anti-heroes and wild cards. Allies one minute are enemies the next in the ever shifting political landscape of the espionage capital of the world
+5 heroes, +4 anti-heroes, +14 villains, +9 wild cards, +4 civilians

Hemotose Moon - the center of the universe is host to four rival factions watched over by an incredibly strong galactic being. A high level zone with powerful aliens duking it out (and traveling around the universe causing trouble as well!)
+11 heroes, +13 villains, +8 wild cards, +2 civilians

Infinity City - set in the distant future, after the Krugg invaded and destroyed Principal City, a new shining megatopia was built and dubbed Infinity City in thanks to the heroic defender who gave his life protecting planet Earth. However, as the Krugg departed they activated a buried Doomsday Device that is driving the majority of the city insane. Now the few remaining heroes battle against ordinary citizens and former allies alike. A brutal zone where just about every villain is actively trying to kill you and the other heroes! You've been warned :)
+13 heroes, +2 anti-heroes, +27 villains, +2 wild cards, +4 civilians

New Cacogass - Gateway to the Wild West, this location is set in the past and is a combination of a variety of wild west themes that I've dubbed the Weird West. Robots, voodoo magic, and more!
+6 heroes, +3 anti-heroes, +18 villains, +2 wild cards, +3 civilians

In addition, we're looking at
55 new relationships!
13 new teams!

Please enjoy the new expansion and please give feedback/bug reports here so I can continue to improve the mod and blend it in with the rest of the I-verse. Also, keep an eye out for future expansions!

praguepride 12-19-2011 06:45 PM

So first and foremost a big thank you to the artists who let me use the fruits of their hard labor. This mod would never have been possible without their help.

So I am thanking them in my own three ways:
1) I've ensured that their names are attached to almost every picture I used so the proper artist gets credit

2) I'm creating a running tally here so everyone can see just how much has been contributed by whom

3) "Secret" characters made in honor of artists who contributed when I could. I hope to be able to do it for all of them with an expansion pack (TBD)

So, onto the tallies:
J Silver: 42 renders used, 7 unused
i effin Rule (IER): 41 renders used, 16 unused
Pinke: 41 renders used, 14 unused
VBigB: 40 renders used
Mr_Tricky: 31 renders used, 4 unused
Clarity: 17 renders used, 12 unused
fullMETAL: 13 renders used, 8 unused
MJStark: 13 renders used
ProphetX: 11 renders used, 9 unused
LoNdOn: 9 renders used, 1 unsued
Scottie: 6 renders used
fm3pro: 5 renders used, 1 unused
jtlant: 5 renders used, 2 unused
Self: 5 renders used, 2 unused
Bull: 4 renders used, 2 unused
djthefunkchris: 4 renders, 2 unused
sockpuppet: 4 renders used
ewanite: 3 renders used, 1 unused
jhd1: 1 render used
Nok Su Kau: 1 render used

General note: I did do some minor post-work to some renders. Whether it was cutting a render for a background or head shot, or sometimes a little more like mirroring to turn a solo into a group shot or adding a new background. I did everything I could to preserve the original integrity of the work but if any artist has any objections, let me know nad I will work to rectify as quickly as possible. On another note, I did sometimes raid pieces that may not have been the final versions. If you wish to update anything in the mod, just submit the picture and I'll get it updated either as a minor supplement, or more likely for the Q1 expansion v2 release.

Modding Credits:
I had some help in idea generation which I am very thankful for. Many artists themselves had awesome names attached to their renders that I tried to preserve as much as possible. In addition, MJStark and Mr Canada get special shout outs for their help in helping round out the DB with some fresh ideas when I was stuck.

praguepride 12-19-2011 08:21 PM

Known Issues:

Some of the pictures were incorrectly set. I've set up a patch to fix it and am re-uploading the full package as we speak. if you've just got v1 and not v1_1 then apply the patch, otherwise you should be fine!

Crawler25 12-19-2011 10:52 PM

Mod looks great so far, really enjoying the new characters. While editing a few things in the database i noticed that Nucleo, Dynamtica, Fire Brandy, Kapitain Kreiger, and Rouge Animal are all set to male when judging by pictures and bios that they should be female. Also Anti-Ghede and Boomer have bland personalities not sure if thats intentional or not. If i catch anything else i'll let you know.

MJStark 12-20-2011 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by Crawler25 (Post 1733978)
While editing a few things in the database i noticed that Nucleo, Dynamtica, Fire Brandy, Kapitain Kreiger, and Rouge Animal are all set to male when judging by pictures and bios that they should be female.

Pathandro is also female. I figured the lipstick & boobs gave it away in the render I did :D

EDIT: Also, Ptarmic II is showing up on the Game World page empty with the same info as Infinity City

EDIT2 (20/07/13):

ALSO, Vampiro El re-uploaded the data :D

praguepride 12-20-2011 04:52 AM

Fixed. Just download the DB Only update to fix those issues.

MJStark 12-20-2011 05:10 AM

WHOA! That Beholder type villain in Elix Vitae, at 2 levels below me he utterly destroyed me!!! I mean, yeah, I only had physical attacks and they bounce off 10% of the time, but I only hit him 3 times (the majority of the rest bounced off) while he hit me 14 times and KOed me :( First mission, FAIL!

praguepride 12-20-2011 06:45 AM

Might have just been a bout of bad luck. His stats don't seem ridiculous. ~300's for defense, and yeah 10% bounce but that's it for defense.

MJStark 12-20-2011 07:33 AM

Well worth outfitting Patriot Pugilist with time travel & dimension travel lmao

Yeah, crappy run, next time I kicked the snot out of him

praguepride 12-20-2011 09:23 AM

Thanks for posting some feedback. play around some more, report any bugs obviously.

for 2012 I'm planning a release 2 that will add another 102 characters officially doubling the defualt db but considering I only have 95ish renders remaining unused I've got to really focus for new characters and releases.

so poke around the game world and let me know if you think something is missing. I know there is a lack of "meta" powers like Jump starter/leech/theft etc. I also think that New Cacogass is small and Eupepsia takes a bit to get going (have to play around some more but it seems like wild cards don't initiate crimes as much as villains do.

Anyway any kind of feedback would be most appreciated :)

MJStark 12-20-2011 11:43 AM


So, Elix Vitea is really hard if you dont have magical powers. And if you dont have dimensional travel you're stuck there till you can either afford to spend HP on magical resistance or dimensional travel

Kinda the same in Infinity City (well, not the magic). If you start there and you can't time travel its all you can get to

Basicly, the dimension and the future could do with some other areas. But I know you're limited by render numbers, so that isn't really an option. Although there could be, I dunno, The Wizard's Castle? A castle that sits on top of a thundercloud? You have to be of Well Known pop or above and have the ability of flight to get there. Have a couple of big bads that never leave and cant be captured, kind of like a boss level. Another area (Elix Village?) where it's low pull, not many villains live there and they're all low level (bandits, thugs, etc) but higher than average civilian population.

This is purely me spitballing though, feel free to ignore :)

praguepride 12-20-2011 01:24 PM

Originally I had planned for there to be two areas, a lawful Castle stronghold of good (besieged by evil which would explain why they were present) and then a more lawless camp for the Warlord (harassed by goodly scouts, hence their presence) but perhaps having a village and castle would be better, a low level and a high level zone and then have some wandering monsters & heroes between them.

However, with only 40 renders + maybe a couple more unused or demons could be squeezed in there's not a lot of room to start splitting it up.

New Cacogass is in the same place. I'd like to create some other "past" zones like Atlantis or a more civilized victorian-esque zone with more predatory villains but that area is in even worse shape with barely 30 for the entire zone.

We'll see what comes out of the render thread and as soon as we can get about 50-ish for past and dimension I'll look at splitting them up for release 2.

I'm also planning on adding a demonic dimension. Right now demons just kind of "exist" in limbo but adding dimensional traveler to the ones missing it and plugging them into their own zone might make things more interesting. That way if you want to tear up some demons you can literally descend into hell.

1PWfan 12-22-2011 02:59 PM

I'm having a problem with the pics- I've copied and pasted them, but for some reason they're not connecting to the characters in the database (in other words, they're all using the blank 'player' picture). That may be a system issue- every time I try and restore them individually I get a 'run-time error 76'- but I felt I should mention it in case it's a download issue.

Magister369 12-23-2011 02:34 AM

Hi Pride i keep getting this from RS site:

Download not available
The following download is not available: | 55.22 MB

Is there another site to download from?

Magister369 12-23-2011 02:44 AM

Hi Pride

Nevermind i got it to work

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