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LordJaguar 06-02-2014 11:32 PM

CBH: The History of the Infinityverse
Before I start this dynasty let me say a big thanks to all the render makers. Thanks to Adam for creating such a great game world to play in. Lastly, thanks to everyone who has inspired me, way too many to name, to keep plugging away at CBH and get a little bit more out of the game.

This dynasty will be a little different from the other dynasties on this board as it will be a sort of anthology series detailing the history of the CBH universe as if you were reading the comic book Tales from the Infinityverse. Secondly, this will be very visual and dialogue light and instead be a brief synopsis of each issue which will detail an important event in the CBH universe. Lastly, I will attempt to flesh out certain events, origins, and big moments in the CBH universe and as such they may differ slightly from what you or Adam actually envisioned for the CBH universe. With that said, happy reading people!

LordJaguar 06-02-2014 11:37 PM

Tales from the Infinityverse #1: Battle on Ancient Earth

Urfas the Recorder

Welcome, I am Urfas the Recorder. You have been summoned to my base so you may learn all there is to know about your planet. It is my hope that this knowledge will be enough for you to prevent what is sure to be the destruction of your universe. You see, despite my vast power I am honor bound to not interfere on the Universe's behalf as I am not of this universe. You however, born of Earth's own bosom, shall be the last and greatest champion this planet has ever known. Now then...


Since the dawn of time their have been heroes in the Universe, but never have so many been attracted to one place as they are pulled to Earth. The first such incident of a “super” hero saving the world from the brink of destruction occurred in 10,000 B.C. When the space faring G'Lorn, master of G'aart wrestling, came upon Earth looking to test his might. The primitive humans living on the Earth at the time proved no challenge for G'Lorn, but before he could leave the planet a new challenger appeared...the demon monster Manaconda!


Manaconda was a low level demon from hell, but he was worshipped by the tribe of primitive humans who were defeated by G'Lorn. Due to G'Lorn's victory the humans began to worship G'Lorn instead of Manaconda, which angered the demon greatly. The two engaged in a fight that lasted several days and nights with neither combatant able to emerge victorious. The tribe of humans who once worshipped Manaconda began chanting for G'Lorn, giving him a sense of power he never felt before. With his last ounce of strength G'Lorn was able to trap Manaconda under a pile of rubble.

G'Lorn thanked the primitive humans for their assistance and bestowed upon the leader of the tribe a mystical blade, yes the very same blade wielded by the Immortal Swordsman, as a sign of G'Lorn's protection and respect for the people of Earth. G'Lorn departed Earth, vowing to return when mankind reached a more advanced stage of evolution. Manaconda, angered over his loss vowed revenge, but despite this he was called back to hell to assist the hell lord Beliel in his battle against Beliel's demonic rivals Pruflas the Demonic and The King of Pain.

This battle, millions of years in our past, planted the seeds for the oblivion facing the planet today. But it also left the Earth with the power to prevent such a fate. Yet, the planet would suffer far more that it would gain for quite a long time as demons ruled the planet spreading fear and hate across the globe. It was not until the day the first Earth born superhero took his place in the histories that the planet was able to have some semblance of peace. I hope you return again so I might tell you the tale of that man...that godling known as Heracles!

Killagy 06-03-2014 10:27 AM

Interesting concept; I like it! Good luck with this man, I'll be following.

LordJaguar 06-03-2014 02:03 PM

Tales from the Infinityverse #2: The 13th Labor of Heracles Part 1


Ah, you are awake. No doubt you have many questions, but we have little time for such distractions. We must continue your education on the history of your planet if you are ever to hope to save it from it's destiny. When we last spoke I told you the name of the planet's first super hero, but I did not tell you that he was not born a super hero. You see, Heracles was a man just like you are, but due to his great deeds he was soon treated as much more. The gods, yes they actually do exist albeit in a slightly different form than the way you have been taught, sought to prevent the return of the demonic forces they knew waited in the pits. So they tasked Heracles with 13 labors, 12 of which I am sure you are familiar with. The 13th however, was never recorded by humans nor was anyone ever supposed to know about it.


You see, an Egyptian by the name of Akhenaten became Pharaoh and he quickly established a new religious order in Egypt. Gone was the worship of the old gods, replaced by the worship of a single god named Aten. Little did the people know that Aten was actually a demonic agent of Beliel that placed Akhenaten on the throne in order to draw power away from the old gods and into Beliel. The gods of Earth knew they could not directly interfere lest the demons be allowed to walk the Earth once more, so they recruited an agent to do what needed to be done. Yes, as you already have guessed that man was indeed Heracles.

The gods contacted Heracles and gave him strength and power the likes of which would not be wielded again by mortals for centuries to come. The gods then told Heracles of the great suffering Akhenaten brought upon his people and they hoped Heracles good nature would force him to act. Luckily it worked, although you will soon learn that this same gambit would backfire on the gods mere centuries later. Heracles traveled to Egypt, the people of Greece believing he was to live on Mount Olympus, and confronted Akhenaten.

Akhenaten did not fear Heracles and he demanded the foreigner to leave lest he feel the wrath of Aten's mighty beast Apep! Heracles, slayer of many Greek monsters, feared no beast and gladly offered to slay the creature before dethroning Akhenaten and his false god. Aten released the beast Apep and in front of the amassed people of Egypt a glorious battle took place. Heracles, infused with power from the gods, fought Apep but no matter how many times he slew the beast it would not remain dead.


Soon fatigue, both mental and physical, set in as Heracles tried over and over to slay the beast. After slaying the beast for a 40th tie Heracles noticed a peculiar haze around the beast. It was almost as if someone was resurrecting Apep from a hidden location. Heracles ripped the beast apart just as fast as it could be put together desperately trying to figure out where the energy was coming from. Finally after ripping the beast into nothing more than a pile of bloody chunks he was able to determine that the energy was coming from Akhenaten himself. Heracles charged at Akhenaten but Heracles slammed upon an invisible wall protecting Akhenaten from harm. With an amused look Akhenaten soon shed his skin and became Aten himself. A great fight was about to take place, one that would determine the fate of more than just Egypt...

cappyboy 06-04-2014 03:35 PM

Very good stuff. Keep it up. I can't wait to see how the other characters fit in here. And I love how you found an early use for the shaman user pic. I've been wanting to come up with a heroic identity for him because I love his look. But I have struggled to settle on one that feels right. You may have the right idea that he should be a villain instead

LordJaguar 06-07-2014 03:26 PM

Tales from the Infinityverse #3: The 13th Labor of Heracles Part 2

When I last spoke to you I was telling you about the 13th labor of Heracles. I already related the story of Apep's demise, but I have yet to finish detailing the epic confrontation between Aten and Heracles. Sit back and relax, this may take quite some time....

Aten used his power to raise the sand under Heracles feet flinging the mighty Heracles into the gathered crowd. Aten proclaimed his power over man, beast, and the very Earth itself as the crowd fell to their knees in worship. As Aten continued to declare that no power in Heaven, Hell, or Earth could stop him Heracles strode back into his presence. Heracles claimed to wield a power that no one, not even Aten, could overcome. It is then Heracles declared Humanity to be more powerful than any gods because humans invented the gods not the other way around and as such gods need humans to worship them in order to gain power but humans only need themselves!

Aten unleashed a torrent of energy rays but Heracles brushed each one aside, turning more and more of the gathered crowd away from Aten with each beam he brushed off. Soon Heracles was face to face with Aten, the so called god powerless to stop him. Heracles beat Aten to death, with each blow Aten learned what it meant to be afraid.

After his victory the crowd began to worship Heracles as the new god of Egypt, but Heracles dismissed their chants. Heracles declared that if they wish to honor him they would remove Aten and Akhenaten from the records and never tell any of their children that they existed. Heracles then claimed to be Demiurge the Spirit of the Mankind. He said that his form may change, but whenever humanity needed hi he would be there to protect it.

Just as Heracles requested Akhenaten and Aten were removed from the record books, but a few rumors of their existence persist to this day. Heracles himself traveled the Earth righting wrongs, never letting the people know who he really was or where he came from. In fact, many of the legends of the ages, legends such as Samson, Gilgamesh, and even Beowolfe were in fact Heracles.

Soon many of the other gods wished to follow in Heracles footsteps and the world was almost void of evil and suffering. However, in the lands that would be known as England a new threat to the world arose. After you rest I will tell you all about Balthor the Magus and the worlds first superhero alliance, The Knights of Avalon, that brought him down....

cappyboy 06-09-2014 11:30 AM

Keep it coming, man. As if I hadn't felt Aten was cool enough before you had him using earth-based powers I haven't been able to figure out how to use to my satisfaction yet. And Herc being all these other epic strongmen so fits in with Herc was. Proud and even arrogant at times like a Samson or Gilgamesh yet extremely honorable at the same time. For him to tackle all these heroic deeds himself and yet be called different things by the locals would be vintage Hercules. Can't wait to see your take on The Round Table.

LordJaguar 06-09-2014 09:39 PM


Originally Posted by cappyboy (Post 1992031)
Keep it coming, man. As if I hadn't felt Aten was cool enough before you had him using earth-based powers I haven't been able to figure out how to use to my satisfaction yet. And Herc being all these other epic strongmen so fits in with Herc was. Proud and even arrogant at times like a Samson or Gilgamesh yet extremely honorable at the same time. For him to tackle all these heroic deeds himself and yet be called different things by the locals would be vintage Hercules. Can't wait to see your take on The Round Table.

Thanks for the kind words, I'll continue to strive toward living up to yours and all the readers expectations. To give everyone a little sneak peek at a future issue, the one where the Knights of Avalon, not Camelot as mistakenly written, form I am going to release the names of the team members, each who will get an origin issue/tie in to the team up.

The Knights of Avalon

Celtic Stag
Dawn of the Dead
First Knight
Immortal Swordsman
Prester John the Magnificent
The Flashing Blade

LordJaguar 06-15-2014 01:53 PM

Tales from the Infinityverse #4: The Knights of Avalon Part 1

After the fall of Aten, things on the Earth settled down, due in no small part to the continued good deeds of Heracles and his godly brothers. However, in the lands of England events were coming together that would once again threaten to destroy the planet and all who resided on it. Now the legends and fairy tales you have heard growing up would describe the events as part of the King Arthur mythos, however such a man never lived. No, most of what is ascribed to him actually happened to several men and it was only after years of retelling that they became entangled into one big mess known as King Arthur. The first piece of this King Arthur puzzle is a man known as Prester John the Magnificent the true wielder and owner of Excalibur.

Prester John the Magnificent

Prester John was the ruler of Avalon, a small nation centered in the middle of what is now known as Ethiopia. Due in no small part to the actions of Heracles and the rumors that surrounded those actions Avalon was a Christian nation. Christianity being an offshoot of the Aten belief, but with a focus on the person of Jesus Christ whose existence and the religion built upon it has no bearing on this story other than to say Avalon was surrounded by religious enemies. Prester John kept his enemies at bay in due to the mysterious metal found in Avalon. A metal far stronger than any known to mankind at that point and one whose origins would come to be known as not of this planet. Yes, the metal Excalibur, and the entire Avalon armory for that matter, was from a meteor that impacted the Earth millions of years ago causing one of the mass extinction events science has only recently learned about.

I digress however, as this is a story about Prester John and not Avalon. John ruled without challenge for years until one day a man named Balthor sent one of his low level mages to infiltrate Avalon. The mage, whose name is of little consequence, used his arcane magic to animate a suit of Avalonian armor creating the Halloween Knight. The Halloween Knight, whose fame and life would exceed it's creator, rampaged through the city without mercy. Men, women, children all fell to this indestructible menace. The mage, having been discovered hiding in the city, committed suicide before lifting his spell and so the Halloween Knight continued it's rampage. All seemed lost as this foe neither tired, slowed, nor showed mercy.

Halloween Knight

Prester John being very wise surmised that nothing could stop the Halloween Knight, but he could be contained. As knights kept the creature's rampage contained the remaining men dug a pit almost 50 feet deep. The Halloween Knight was then lured into the pit, several men having been slain in the process, where it remained for hundreds of years. John, recognizing that the mage who enchanted the armor must have a master set off to find this individual and try to stop what he surmised was the greatest threat to his land and everyone else's. Heading North, John took several years to reach England but upon setting foot in London he was greeted by a mysterious wizard who claims to have been expecting him. That wizard was none other than Merlyn Daemonchild, the greatest wizard to ever walk the Earth and the former master of Balthor...

LordJaguar 06-26-2014 12:56 PM

Tales from the Infinityverse #5: The Knights of Avalon Part 2

Now then, before we can continue with the story of Merlyn and Prester John we must go back a few years and discuss the Irish folk legend that is the Celtic Stag. The legends state he was born from a female horse, but truth be told he was simply abandoned in a horse stable by his young and slightly ashamed teen mother. Never the less he was treated as something special by the town in which he was found and soon he was considered the finest swordsman in all of the Land of Ire. Upon his 19th birthday a group of Druids sought the man out and began training him in their ancient ways. Several years later rumors of the Celtic Stag, the Druid's personal enforcer, began to pop up all over Ireland.

Celtic Stag

The truth was much more grim than people realized, as The Celtic Stag was not a mere enforcer but an assassin. His target was the former Druidess Cybelle. Cybelle was very powerful in her own right, but a mysterious wizard named Balthor helped her gain power beyond anything the Druids could comprehend. So, the Druids fused the spirit of the man who would become the Celtic Stag with that of the Wild Stags themselves increasing his strength, speed, endurance, and lifespan. They then sent hi after Cybelle who was always one step ahead of the Celtic Stag thanks to the magic learned from Balthor.


Finally, after barely missing a confrontation with Cybelle several times, the Celtic Stag confronted her. She used her Druish magic to bind the Celtic Stag but his strength was far too great to be held. She tried calling down lightning to zap him but he was too fast to be hit. Every trick she knew failed to stop him, yet he too was unable to kill her. Finally she used the one thing the Druids never counted on and the thing his Wild Stag spirit was weak to....her body. After a night of passion Cybelle killed the Celtic Stag and was ready to confront the Druids who sent him, but he sprung back to life and knocked her out. It seemed the spell that bound his spirit to the Wild Stag spirit would not allow him to die as long as a stag remained wild in Ireland, so instead of Celtic Stag suffering death a wild stag would die in his steed. There did seem to be a slight side effect to the rebirth as all he could recall was his mission to kill Cybelle. Try as he might he could not bring himself to finish her off, a nagging at the back of his mind preventing him from doing so. Unable to kill Cybelle, he brought her back to the Druids.

His Druid masters thanked him for his hard work and promised to not kill her out of respect for the Celtic Stag's efforts. They then sent the Celtic Stag to England, the home of Balthor to kill the mage who hard turned the Druid Queen against them. As Celtic Stag boarded a ship headed for England the Druids bound the spirit of Cybelle to a tree deep in the forest. Yes, this is the same tree who would come to be known as the Tree of Woe. However, the initial shock of the transfer left Cybelle's spirit dormant for several centuries and she would not return to threaten the world until it had forgotten all about her. The Celtic Stag on the other hand would land in England where Merlyn, and the rest of Prester John's Knights of Avalon would help him to pursue Balthor. The stage is one step closer to being set, yet we still need to go back and discuss Dawn of the Dead if we are ever to move forward with our tale.

mistaken 07-02-2014 02:08 PM

great stuff.

cappyboy 07-13-2014 08:00 PM

More please. You have so many glorious ideas here. Certainly can't blame Celtic Stag for succumbing to Cybelle's charms. I have to think I would have too. ;)

LordJaguar 07-13-2014 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by cappyboy (Post 1998920)
More please. You have so many glorious ideas here. Certainly can't blame Celtic Stag for succumbing to Cybelle's charms. I have to think I would have too. ;)

Fear not, his shall continue. I am just trying to keep everything organized and well thought out. Not going to rush ahead and screw things up...

LordJaguar 08-03-2014 04:12 PM

Tales from the Infinityverse #6: The Knights of Avalon Part 3


Once more we must move back in time if we are to move forward. As you already know, the mage Balthor corrupted the Druidess Cybelle to turn on her Druish brothers, but what you have yet to learn is that Balthor was the husband of Cybelle long before either of them began to dabble in the dark arts. They lived happily together in the lush forest of Ireland, one with nature and each other. However, their peace, like all peace, was not meant to last. Balthor, while conjuring a friendly spirit of nature was overwhelmed with a vision of Cybelle's death. Fear gripped Balthor and soon he spent all his time trying to find some way to prevent his vision from coming to pass. Wishing to spare Cybelle the knowledge of her own demise Balthor hid his vision from her and all she could assume was Balthor was slowly descending into the madness of her own vision. Yes, the greatest evil that would face Earth could have been prevented if one of these two talked to the other about their problems, but I digress.

Several months after having his first vision of Cybelle's death, Balthor discovered a way to save his beloved. A demon by the name of Beliel offered to transfer the soul of Cybelle into a new form if Balthor would pledge his loyalty to Beliel. Balthor knew making pact with demons would lead to only pain, suffering, and betrayal but his common sense lost out to his love for Cybelle. He agreed and Beliel transferred the soul of Cybelle into a cloth doll Balthor assembled for the occasion. However, Beliel only transferred the good half of Cybelle's soul into the doll, leaving a soul as black as night in Cybelle's body. Cybelle, now with no goodness inside of her, attacked Balthor costing him an eye and scarring the mages face. Cybelle then left with Beliel to torment the Druid people. The cloth doll arose and looked over the scene. She recognized the injured mage and wrapped his face, although oddly she felt nothing for him. In fact, the doll felt nothing at all. An injured Balthor watched with one good eye as the soul of his beloved walked off and despite never expecting to see her again he passed out with a smile upon his face.

Dawn of the Dead

The doll wandered the country for months, not needing to eat, sleep, or even breath. Everyone she encountered treated her with disgust and distrust but the doll felt nothing. Finally, the doll happened across the path of Merlyn Deamonchild who treated her with amazement and compassion. Merlyn gave the doll the name Dawn, for he told her that her new life was just about to begin. Merlyn trained Dawn to recognize demons who were hiding among humans and due to her lack of emotions she was able to not only resist every temptation the demons offered but banish them back to Hell with the power of her pure soul. Unknown to Dawn, Merlyn was training her to become a weapon against the very demon that created her.

Several years later Merlyn ordered Dawn to travel to Spain and recruit a noble warrior named The Flashing Blade. Meanwhile, Merlyn was to travel to England where he would meet the rest of the warriors needed to overcome the evil gathering in the world. Yes, I speak of Prester John and Celtic Stag. We will take a break here, as I know you must be hungry. However, when we return we shall speak of a trio of swordsmen whose skills are unrivaled and whose blades all hold a secret.

mistaken 08-04-2014 01:57 PM

more good stuff, keep it coming!

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