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Imarevenant 01-04-2019 11:54 AM

Mafia: Welcome to Centralia! Game Thread
Centralia: 1992

The man carefully walked through the cemetery, taking note of the names engraved on the headstones of the long abandoned site. Many of these names were familiar to him. But that was a lifetime ago, back when he was a much younger man.

Now he was a little less lively in his actions. Sure, he works out and keeps his body in great shape, but as it does with all things, time wore him down. It wasn’t the normal aches and pains that prompted this days cautious lumber however. No, today, he walked with caution knowing that every step could reveal a sinkhole of which he’d have little chance of pulling himself out of.

He looked around the ghost town that was Centralia, realizing that it had been two decades since he last set foot in his birthplace. He shrugged, knowing that there were more than a few who no longer visited this once quaint town. In fact there were less than half a dozen individuals who still called this patch of Pennsylvania hillside their home.

The man stopped to take a look at the city. A shell of itself; a fire department, a few row homes only avoiding collapse with the help of brick buttressing, and the old speed spot was all that was left standing. Centralia was long gone. Lost in the haze of the smoke rising through the cracks in the street and the vent shafts that misguidedly gave breath to the fire that raged below the surface.

Census reports and budding journalists would claim it was the mine fires that caused the ruin of Centralia, but those who called the city their home knew better. The fire was only the tip of the iceberg. The end result of a city succumbing to its own greed and lust for power. If it hadn’t been the fire, then somehow, something would have come to wipe this contemptible city from the map.

Yet still, he returned, after so many years.

But why?

He looked down at the grave, a single tear falling to the headstone below him. It was all he’d allow. He had made a promise once, one to continue to remember and protect the person he held most dear. However, like a strong gust of wind sweeps dead leaves from the ground, time slowly blew the pain and hurt from his mind until eventually even the heartfelt promise made a lifetime ago was swept away as he went on with his life.

But in Centralia, memories of the past were all that existed. Like the smoke that rose from the ground below, the memories of what happened clung to the barren earth and the sulfur scorched trees. They laid, dormant, festering in the debris and ruins of the homes and businesses that once stood tall throughout the city. They feasted on the empty benches and decrepit playground of the city's lonely park.


For what?

An Awakening….

How long ago had it started he thought to himself. When did the nightmares begin? A month? Two? He couldn’t remember anymore. His mind dull, from the lack of sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he saw that face. That unforgiving accusatory scowl burning a hole right through him. He had broken his promise; allowed himself to forget. And now he would be reminded.

He had to come.

He had no choice.

The man continued to stare at the gravestone beneath him as the smoke continued to rise, coiling around him like the tendrils of some ravenous beast. The smoke snaked throughout the city, covering Centralia in a fog like blanket of sulfur and ash. He sat there as his eyes came ablaze with life, the memories now flooding his mind.

The Pain.

The Suffering.

He Remembered…………

Centralia: 1962

A car speeds into the dirt parking lot, in front of a seedy looking gentlemans club. The driver is young, early 20's; his hair hangs down to his jawline and by the looks of him he hasn't shaved in quite a few days. Judging by the soot covering his jacket and boots he's someone who has spent more than a little time in the nearby coal mines. He walks with purpose. He’s excited, as if he has a secret that’s bursting to get out of him.

Entering the building the driver see the one he wants to talk to and pulls him into the back office.

“You aren’t going to believe what we found at the cole mines boss.”


He had been watching her for days and knew her patterns. This was going to be all too easy. A fitting welcome home.


Robert Branson readied himself as he entered his office. It was never easy these visits with his little brother. Both were successful in their own rights however, his brother went about it a little off-book.

Ready, he opened the door to his office to find his brother comfortably seated behind his desk, feet on the desk of course.

“Ah brother, do I have an opportunity for you.”


She just got out of the shower after a long day of work. Tired all she wanted was to climb into bed. She opened the door and let out a high pitched scream.

“Oh my god. When did you get back?!”


He sat covered in blood. Why couldn’t he have just listened to his plan instead of outright dismissing him yet again? Hadn’t he shown that he was a capable businessman?

He regretted having to do what he did but it was high time to step out of his brothers shadow and take control of this town.

Centralia would be his.

Astil is dead he was Robert Branson, Centralia Aligned Trusted Philanthropist

Player List:
2 bak42
3 BHK1978
5 Crychon
14 Leion
31 Wrestling Century

29 theoutlaw321 - Sherrif Allanson, Centralia Aligned Good Cop
26 The Archer - Billy Tolen, Individual Aligned Terrified School Bully
24 Teh_Showtime - Owen Meeks, Centralia Aligned Pickpocket
9 Emark - Doctor Graham, Centralia Aligned Primary Care Physician
13 Jaded - Walter Scott, Centralia Aligned Neighborhood Watchman
4 BlueStar - Mabel Carrington, Centralia Aligned Chatty Teenager
11 foolinc - William Forbes, Centralia Aligned Secret Bodyguard
1 Arrows - Frank Owens, Branson Enterprises Aligned Handyman
15 lukess11 - Phillip Perry, Centralia Aligned Private Investigator
25 Tha Black Phenom - Donald Kurkijan, Centralia Aligned Orphanage Director
21 Paws7297 - Sapphire, Sapphire Enterprises Aligned Ambitious Usurper
6 Derek B - Deputy Johnson, Branson Enterprises Aligned Crooked Deputy
7 Destiny - Dusty, Centralia Aligned Homeless Man
28 theelectrickg - Ben Greenfield, Centralia Aligned Citizen
27 The Two - Elijah Stakes, Centralia Aligned Stepfather
17 mdylan511 - Rebecca Marlowe, Centralia Aligned Dancer
23 Rayelek - Jonathan Black, Centralia Aligned Citizen
16 Martel123 / Too Sweet Spartan - Allison Appleby, Centralia Aligned Washed Up Actress
22 Queen of Gnomes - Derek Foster, Branson Enterprises Vengeful Orphan
8 eayragt - Mike McGinley, Branson Enterprises Aligned Loyal Protector
10 Eternal Phoenix - Gladys Penn, Centralia Aligned Matriarch
20 moon_lit_tears - Catherine Simms, Centralia Aligned Paranoid Widow
19 michgcs - Ellard Lee, Centralia Aligned Diligent Student
12 gonvick - Lily Green, Centralia Aligned Citizen
18 Memory Of Talon - James L Branson, Branson Enterprises Aligned Opportunistic Land Grabber
30 Winter8905 / Opulent - Quincy Roger Allanson, Individual Aligned Centralia Strangler


Day One - No Lynch
Night One - The Death of theoutlaw321
Day Two - The Lynch of The Archer
Night Two - The Deaths of Teh Showtime, Emark, and Jaded
Day Three - The Lynch of Bluestar
Night Three - The Death of Foolinc
Day Four - The Lynch of Arrows
Night Four - The Death of Lukess11
Day Five - The Lynch of Tha Black Phenom
Night Five - The Death of Paws7927
Day Six - They Lynch of Derek B
Night Six - The Deaths of Destiny, theelectrickg, and The Two
Day Seven - The Lynch of mdylan511
Night Seven - The Deaths of Rayelek and Too Sweet Spartan
Day Eight - The Lynch of Queen of Gnomes
Night Eight - The Deaths of Eayragt, Eternal Phoenix, moon_lit_tears, and michgcs
Day Nine - Skipped
Night Nine - The Deaths of Gonvick and Memory of Talon. The Escape of Opulent

Imarevenant 01-04-2019 11:55 AM



- All of you will be PM’d a role and your alignment. The objective is to eliminate all members of the opposing alignment from the game.

- Each player has been given a role with their own special ability. Your PM will explain what it does, if you are meant to know. You don’t have to reveal what your role is to the other players, nor will I do so in my updates. Then again there is nothing to stop you, so if you feel that it may help prove your innocence, go ahead – just keep in mind that this could also backfire and help the mafia. In other words, claim at your own risk. Likewise, you may lie about who you are if you wish. If you want to use your abilities, PM me. DO NOT post it in the thread.

- The game is split into two phases, Day and Night. The game begins during the day, and all players (Mafia and Townie alike) post in the thread, deciding who to kill off. Lynching is the only way for the Townies to kill the Mafia, so be sure to examine voting patterns of your fellow players. I might also provide clues in the death write ups, but over-reliance on those is ill-advised as some may be traps. Day phases will last 48 hours or until a consensus is reached. Night phases will last 24 hours but may end earlier if all night activities are concluded.

- All voting and discussion is to occur within the thread. Town players may discuss who they think is Mafia, and Mafia members should be trying to bluff/convince/blend in, and generally try not to get voted for. To vote, post Vote: Username (MUST BE IN BOLD!). You can also change your vote, by typing Change Vote: Username (AGAIN BOLDED!). You can also change your vote to nobody by typing Change Vote: No Vote (IN BOLD!). You can also choose to vote for No Lynching by using Vote: No Lynch (yeah... BOLDED!), meaning you actively vote to not lynch anyone during that day phase rather than passively not voting at all. You must post in the thread for your vote to be counted. You do not have to vote if you do not wish to.

- A Day Phase is over whenever a person obtains more than 50% of the vote (and is lynched) or when the 48 hours run out. If no majority vote has been reached by the time the day phase expires, a no lynch will be declared. Once a person dies, I will reveal their alignment and role.

- Night falls after somebody is executed or a no lynch is achieved. During this time, the Mafia can discuss who they want to kill next (using whatever form of communication appeals to them). Abilities are also used during this time. To use an ability, PM the mod (Imarevenant), and he will PM you the outcome of the ability if you are to receive one before the following day phase. If it is something serious like somebody getting killed, I will update it in the thread. If possible though, try to PM me what you want to do as soon after night falls as possible to keep things moving along at a quick pace.

- Night ends once I post who gets killed, and the cycle repeats itself. The Town players win if all Mafia members are dead, and vice versa. Remember, this is a team effort, so if you think sacrificing someone may help your cause, go ahead.

-Remember, some roles such as investigators and protectors are more valuable to the town – so try to keep them alive!


- I know it’s the Dog Pound (Mafia Forum), but try not to postwhore in the thread anyway. Feel free to trash talk, accuse, call out other players if you want, but if you’re going to vote, at least state some kind of reason as to why you’re doing so.

- Though I can’t force you to post, I’d love to see active participation. I would advise everyone try to check in with this game at least once a day. Things move fast and you can fall behind pretty easily.

- Once you are dead, you stay dead, and may not participate until the game is over. This includes notes found on your corpse, cryptic messages from the dead, etc, etc. You may also not advise the remaining players on what to do – besides, to prevent cheating, I will not provide the dead with any additional information than they would get if they were still alive. Of course, I’m willing to listen to your theories as to what’s going on. Likewise, I'd appreciate if those not taking part try not help those playing, though general comments on how things are going would be welcomed in the Sign Up Thread.

- Unless your role PM specifically states otherwise, all players may not discuss game plan, your role, or alignment outside the thread. Of course, I can’t enforce this, but I believe secretly revealing information amongst each other would spoil the game, so try not to do it.

- Players are not allowed to edit their posts in this thread at all, as it allows for those who make mistakes to remove all of the evidence without any effort. Since I can't enforce this, I strongly encourage all players to scrutinize any posts they notice that have been edited.

-Players are not allowed to cut and paste anything straight from the Role PM except the Role title. No cutting and pasting from the body of the PM. You can paraphrase what your Role PM says but that is all.

-Please play your role/alignment and play to win. I will be strict about this, so please don't make me enforce it.

-Talking about your role after death or to those who have died IS NOT allowed.

-Not everything is as it seems. If something unexpected happens, feel free to question it to me in private, and if I can, I'll answer.

I reserve the right to mod kill if we find out that any of these rules have been broken. Please remember that you are not the only one playing this game, so don't ruin it for everyone else!

The mods for this game are Imarevenant. All PMs regarding abilities, questions or anything else should be sent to them. If you fail to communicate your information then I will go on what I have. You have be warned!

Let us all keep in mind that this is a game and should be an enjoyable experience.

moon_lit_tears 01-04-2019 12:02 PM

Rev. Arrows and Derek arenít the mods. 😛

theoutlaw321 01-04-2019 12:33 PM


Imarevenant 01-04-2019 01:51 PM

My word. I do apologize for the delay. Some really urgent matters occured at work that were my direct responsibility.

All role PM's are out if you have questions/concerns please send me a PM and I will address everything I can.

Game On!

Imarevenant 01-04-2019 01:53 PM

It is now DAY PHASE ONE. With 31 players remaining, it's 16 to lynch.

You have until 2:00 PM EST (7:00 PM GMT) on Sunday, January 6th to reach a majority vote. If no majority has been reached at that time, a No Lynch will be declared.

As always, if you see a mistake point it out.

moon_lit_tears 01-04-2019 02:03 PM

Vote: Outlaw321. Why did you do it? Then tried to get th mod to do your dirty work fir you. You bribing murderer.

Memory of Talon 01-04-2019 02:12 PM

Hi everybody.

I'm new. You can blame outlaw for that.

foolinc 01-04-2019 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by moon_lit_tears (Post 2327340)
Vote: Outlaw321. Why did you do it? Then tried to get th mod to do your dirty work fir you. You bribing murderer.

Where are your dogs now?! :cool:

eayragt 01-04-2019 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by Imarevenant (Post 2327337)
My word. I do apologize for the delay. Some really urgent matters occured at work that were my direct responsibility.

All role PM's are out if you have questions/concerns please send me a PM and I will address everything I can.

Game On!

vote: Imarevenant

Disappearing off? Lynchable offence!

theoutlaw321 01-04-2019 03:20 PM


Originally Posted by moon_lit_tears (Post 2327340)
Vote: Outlaw321. Why did you do it? Then tried to get th mod to do your dirty work fir you. You bribing murderer.

I'd have to go back and look, but it's been at least 10 years since I killed Astil.

Arrows 01-04-2019 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by foolinc (Post 2327343)
Where are your dogs now?! :cool:


At work, so it will be a few hours before I can dominate the post count. Opening write up was a good read.

theoutlaw321 01-04-2019 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by Memory of Talon (Post 2327342)
Hi everybody.

I'm new. You can blame outlaw for that.

I thought we were Alliance mates? Handing guns to my killer. That sir is lynchable.

Vote:Memory of Talon

And welcome. Hope you enjoy the game!

theoutlaw321 01-04-2019 03:23 PM


Originally Posted by Arrows (Post 2327362)

At work, so it will be a few hours before I can dominate the post count. Opening write up was a good read.

Why are you scum?

theoutlaw321 01-04-2019 03:23 PM


Originally Posted by foolinc (Post 2327343)
Where are your dogs now?! :cool:

Great you breathe fire in this one too?

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