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Originally Posted by jfgrauer View Post
I have installed all of the 1.4x beta patches. Beginning with 1.49 and now continuing with 1.50, the installation process hangs after copying the file "bb2005.exe". The install dialog box shows "copying file C:\...\GDS\Bowl Bound College Football\bb2005.exe" and the progress bar shows 100%, but the process then stalls. I have left it alone for 1/2 hour, and still no further progress. If I click on the only option- "cancel", the dialog box shows "not responding". My only option at that point is to terminate the install through the windows task manager. I have tried the install after a fresh boot with the same result. When I open the program, it says I am using 1.50. Can I assume the install process was completed? The earlier betas up to 1.49 did not have this problem. I am using Windows XP SP2 with 1G ram and have no other programs open when executing the install.

Jon Grauer
It just ran through that portion of the install in about two seconds for me. Give it some extra time and see what happens.
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