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Night Nine

Apparently, a meeting of the young ladies was scheduled for tonight. One seemed disapointed about the lack of boys, and even left the party early. The other two older girls watched their younger friend play while they discussed old times.

They'd actually known each other, before she got sick. Before they all ousted her to die here amongst the humans. As much as she hated this girl, she couldn't deny she made sense. Not once she looked her in the eyes.


As she stormed off, she bumped into a man who was quick to catch her and steady her. He offered an apology and a smile before realizing she was who he'd been searching for. This shouldn't be too difficult.

A man not far away noticed what was happening and ducked behind a wall. Not enough room to hide if she managed to spot him tonight. After a few moments he peeked his head out just enough to see that she was gone, replaced by someone else speaking to the man.

The two men parted ways, one not even noticing the other drop to the ground.


Ranson is dead. He was Garrett, Humanity Aligned Royal Spy.
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