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Random Progress Update: I know some people like to keep track of numbers, so I thought I'd mention that TEW2013 currently has 373 confirmed additions \ improvements.

#27: Physical Decline

One of the issues with long-term games in TEW2010 is that the main event scenes, particularly in bigger promotions, would stagnate as the existing, older stars would remain on top until retiring.

This has been solved in TEW2013 by a heavy emphasis on the physical decline of workers being made as realistic as possible. While it is still possible for some major stars to stay on top - to match reality - for the majority it will now be much harder and you will see them gradually start to drop down the card \ get phased out.

Amongst the many associated effects of physical decline, there are now heavier physical penalties as their bodies break down, much harsher skill declines to make sure that workers in their 40s and 50s are significantly less able than they were in their prime, and also new effects that apply to overness changes that make it harder for them to gain any and much easier for them to lose it.

This brings up an interesting and realistic dilemma for the user, as you will often be faced with a tricky choice of exactly how far you can go before a worker's decline becomes too much for you - at what point does his overness and experience stop outweighing the damage his crumbling body is doing to the grades?

Long-term test sims have shown the changes have created a much more realistic situation where you can visibly see workers start to be shuffled down the pecking order and eventually off to smaller promotions or retirement; this in itself means that the main event scenes tend to be more fluid and dynamic, with younger workers and new stars rising up to take the spots that have become available, and that many older workers who were once stars end up seeing out their careers trading on their former popularity on the independent scene.
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