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#146: Size Limiter

A concept taken from the WMMA series, TEW2013 will feature a Size Limiter; this means that an upper limit to the size rating of a company can be set.

For example, you might set it so that your promotion is limited to Cult size, meaning that even if you increase your popularity to levels that would make you a National company, you stay at Cult. This can be very useful if you think that the jump to National would be too much for you, and you want extra time to bring on board more star wrestlers, get yourself a TV deal, etc, etc.

Size Limits can be set via the editor before the game starts (this can be useful for scenarios or historical mods too). AI promotions will stick to what they are assigned. User companies can turn their Size Limit on or off, or alter it, whenever they like.

#147: Steroid Effects

In previous games, steroid usage has been almost exclusively bad - primarily increasing the chance of early death. In TEW2013 it will be more balanced; although negatives still remain (early death, increased injury risk, roid rage, etc), there are also now positives (quicker skill increases in certain categories, slower skill decreases in certain categories, faster recovery from injury, etc).
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