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Default Arber's Grand Army

Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 1 - An Introduction

Ok, let's get started with the basics. You're going to want to know a little about me, I presume. Well, my name is Arber Wiskphree, and I hail from a very uneventful village - I left as soon as I become a man fully grown at 16, and I have never looked back. I'm now the ripe old age of 22, and I believe myself to be as experienced as the next when it comes to adventure.

And it's adventure that I crave.

That is why I decided to put together this little band of brothers, so to speak. So that I may have company on my travels - but more importantly, I should have arms at my disposal too. It was while I was at the Inn at the village of Diswop that I put my little crew together. Word spread around the village that I was to take on good men, and pay handsomely, too. I only needed six, but eight arrived at my empty table. I told them I would speak to each seperately, and I started with Tremse the Weaver - although he confided in me that he couldn't, indeed, weave at all. I've no idea, then, how he came to acquire such a name, but I neither cared. I wasn't interested in names - just skills. He told me that he was handy with a sword, and more importantly, that he would follow me for five years, and all he asked for in return was 194 gold a year. I only had 5,770 in my purse at that time, so keeping the costs down was a must - I may have spread I'd pay handsomely, but it had to be within means. I told him I'd take it into consideration, and went on with my interviews.

Up next was Loele Demonfoot. A some what fearsome surname, I guess. His demands were out of this world, though. For five years, he wanted 442 gold up front, and then 4% of all treasure that we found on our journy together. 4% can work out quite a lot, and I'm shrewd business man. I told him I'd think it over, and moved on to Oosr of Orsha. I'd never visited Orsha, but I'm told it's a beautiful place. And Oosr only wanted 295 gold a year, for three years. I could tell just by looking at his scarred face that he had seen combat - and as he was sitting in front of me, I can only assume that he'd come out on top in that combat. He looked like one tough son of a bitch. Now, if he had asked for what Loele had asked for, I think I'd have agreed out of fear alone. That's too much to turn away, so I told him he was in straight away. That gave me two of the six I needed.

Otuso Thorhallson was up next. There wasn't really much about this guy, but I could tell he had potential. He only wanted to journey for two years - to test the waters, he had said - and asked for just 214 gold a year, plus 1% of all the gold we found. I was willing to give this man a chance, and told him to join Tremse and Oosr at the other side of the room.

Three down, three more to go. Edsop the Wolf was up next. Unlike the Weaver, I knew why they called him the Wolf. He looked as tough as one, and he wore a wolf-like helm. All the time, even when he is asleep, or so I am told. I actually already know of Edsop, he's known around this village as someone that can cause trouble on a regular basis, but I've also heard the trainers talking of his potential. Before he could make an offer, I made my move. Two years, 164 gold each year. He countered, and asked for 350 gold up front. His mother was ill, and he wanted to make sure would see out the two years of his absense. I appreciated his balls to counter me, and so I accepted.

Ewmewop Slightstep was next at the table. For three years, he wanted 243 gold for each, and 3% of the treasure. He acted like he was doing me a great favour just by talking to me. I told him I wasn't interested, and moved on.

Oell the Coppersmith and Vwusee of the Holy Home were the last two left to talk too, so I was hoping that they would be cheap and cheerful. Vwusee wanted to travel for a year, and all he asked was to have 4% of all the treasures found, nothing else. I took this as the same as paying him a yearly fee - in fact, he may end up coming out pretty well off on this deal - and I told him he could travel with me. Oell was keen to travel for five years with me and my merry men, and in return he asked for 197 gold a year, plus 1% on all treasure we found. This was a better deal than what that fool Ewmewop had asked for, and so I accepted. That was it, all six men were chosen, and the contracts were being signed.

Ewmewop and Loele didn't seem very happy, but to be quite frank, I didn't care. Loele left without too much fuss, but Ewmewop started to shout that I would rue the day I turned him down - that was until he tripped over one of the stalls, knocking a rather large - and ugly - looking fella off his bench, sending his beer spilling across the table and floor. This big, burly man soon put an end to Ewmewop's shouting, when he picked him up by the scruff of his collar, and saw him to the door, giving his behind a good lashing with the sole of his boot on his way out.

I will make a concise entry tomorrow, dear journal, on the crew I have put together. I will need this evening to get to know them a little better. We are to head back to the Diswop Inn for a night of cheer, before the rest.

Our adventure awaits us...

Journal Contents
Journal Entry 1 - An Introduction
Journal Entry 2 - Guild Roster for 1078 (Year 1)
Journal Entry 3 - Winter, 1078 (Year 1)
Journal Entry 4 - Spring, 1080 (Year 2)
Journal Entry 5 - Summer, 1080 (Year 2)
Journal Entry 6 - Fall, 1080 (Year 2)

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