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Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 3 - Winter, 1078 (Year 1)

The season didn't start on a great note. We'd only been travelling together for a week or so when I had my suspicions about Otuso. He'd been having, what he described as, "prophetic" dreams. I couldn't help but notice his over indulgence in smoking certain plants, and I told him this. He was upset to start, but then soon fell in line. He only smokes half as much now, and the dreams have ceased.

I decided that this season we would travel to the Dale of the Princes, as I’ve been there before, and I know the dangers are minimal. The likelihood of finding much gold is low too, but I wanted to use the exercise to see how my new guild would function together.

The trouble is that with all of us gone, we would be highly prone to having our guild hall plundered. I couldn’t take a risk of that happening, so I decided to only take four of my men with me. The other two would remain at our guild hall and keep it, and the treasure within, safe.

I decided to take Tremse, Oosr, Edsop and Oell with me. Otuso and Vwusee agreed to hold fort, and I left them enough gold to see them through the time that we should be gone. I predicted we’d be gone a month or two, but I promised we would be back for spring.

We set off on our first journey together, setting up camp every two days – I wanted to test this stamina, and they didn’t let me down. I believe Oosr could have gone three days without rest, but there was no way of testing that theory without fatiguing the rest of my guild. After almost two weeks of travelling, we came to a crossroads. According to my maps, the left path would have lead us to a Cursed Coliseum, where a mad Oracle is rumoured to reside. The right path, however, lead to a long deserted desert, and I could hear an impassioned speech being given in the distance of that direction.

This struck up my curiosity, and I lead my guild down the right path. Edsop the Wolf howled as we went marching down the dirt road, his sword in hand, ready for any trouble we may encounter. Upon reaching the desert, we could still hear the speech being given, but there was not a soul in sight. We searched behind every large rock, no corner was left unturned, but there was absolutely no one here. The speech neither died down, nor got louder, and it had me baffled. Then Tremse found a book, an ancient looking thing, bound in leather, floating in mid air. How it was floating, I’m not sure.

It took a while for us to decipher the writing in the book, and it was mostly gibberish nonsense that I can’t even recall now, but something very strange happened after we had read it. It was Oell who fell down first, followed quickly by Tremse. They had fainted, for no apparent reason, and myself, Edsop and Oosr tried to pull them closer to the large rock that was by us – believing that they would be safer by cover. Then Oell went, too.

“What is going on, my Lord?” Edsop howled at me – even his normal speech was slightly harrowing.

“I’ve not a clue, Wolf” was all I could muster, before I too, was feeling the fuzziness of fainting. I can only assume that Edsop went shortly after me, as I was the first to awake, and the others were still out cold.

I tried to wake them up, but it was useless. They wouldn’t stir, even to harsh slaps to the face and pinches of the hands and feet. I decided to go looking for the book we had found, but couldn’t find the darn thing anyway. I did find a Viper’s Disk, though, which I knew to be worth around 485 gold pieces. Upon my return to my men, I found that they were finally awakening. Oosr was bleeding from his head, I didn’t notice before, but it didn’t look serious.

We decided to make our way back to the guildhall, where I am writing this now. Something strange has happened. We left on our quest in the Winter of 1078, but we are told we have been away for over a year! It is now Spring 1080! We should have arrived back here in Spring 1079, and I’m not entirely sure how this happened. The book must have cursed us. My crew has agreed to continue their contracts as normal – the remainder of their time will be seen out from here.

Perhaps one day we will discover what happened in that desert, and I can’t help but feel we should have took the left path. But that is behind us now, we must rest, as we will be heading out again shortly.

Quest Details

Tremse the Weaver (+2 XP)
Oosr of Orsha (-1 Damage / +3 XP)
Edsop the Wolf (+3 XP)
Oell the Coppersmith (+2 XP)

Treasure Found (Gold Value)
Viper's Disk (485)

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