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Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 4 - Spring, 1080 (Year 2)

We’re finally coming to grips with the fact that we have lost a year of our lives. There’s nothing much more unsettling than knowing you have grown 365 days older, but slept the entire time. At least, I believe we were asleep?

We recently had a rider come into town, he claimed that the King has been ambushed on his travels, and killed. Dismay and sorrow quickly swept over the town, but it soon vanished again when the King’s own courtiers arrived to deny the man’s claims. It turns out the man had been going from village to village to spread this obscene rumour, and the courtiers were after him. The entire townsfolk searched high and low for this strange rider of the night, but he must have already left to go on to the next village, as no one found him.

Oell the Coppersmith has been quite tired as of late. I’m told that he stays up all night training with his sword and daggers, which is admirable, but stupid. If he is awake for twenty-four hours a day, he will be of no use to me in combat. What will he do? Fall asleep on his enemy; weigh them to the ground with his snoring head until they submit? I think not.

When it came time to venture out again, I gave Oosr the map and asked him where he thinks we should go. I’m growing to like the boy. Only 18 years of age, but so combat ready. I believe he makes a good deputy; I may even make that official some day. Never-the-less, he picked out the Great Stump Gate. It wasn’t leagues away from us, and I know we could make swift time of it – unless we come across another enchanted book, that is.

I asked Tremse and Oell to remain here in the guildhall. Tremse seemed thankful for the extra rest, but Oell protested that he had been hard at work, doing extra training for our next adventure.

“This is not fair,” he protested. “I have done nothing but train for the past four weeks, m’Lord. I mean not to question your decisions, but I can’t help but feel hard done by!”

“Folly!” I exclaimed back. “You have been up all day training, yes. You have been up all night training, too. When, exactly, have you taken the time to rest? If you come now, you will be a liability, and I want all my men to return here alive, not buried out there in the wilderness!”

We set out to the Great Stump Gate later that evening, again camping every other day. There wasn’t much adventure to be had this time around, which is probably for the better. The most excitement we had was watching Edsop chase down dinner – mostly rabbit, although we did come across a dead deer. We ate heartily that night, let me tell you.

We did end up in a scuffle with a small group of highway men. With fought them off, but Otuso and Edsop ended up wounded, the former more so than the latter. Edsop also managed to steal some of the highway men’s loot; 67 gold pieces.

Oosr of Orsha has been quite feverish since returning, the doctor says that he believes he has caught Demonic Decay during our trip. He doesn’t believe it to be contagious, but we are keeping our distance anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Quest Details

Oosr of Orsha (+6 XP)
Otuso Thorhallson (-5 Damage / +5 XP)
Edsop the Wolf (-1 Damage / +2 XP)
Vwusee of the Holy Home (+5 XP)

Treasure Found (Gold Value)

Edsop the Wolf stole some gold from the highway men. He stole 67 gold pieces.
Oosr of Orsha has contracted a disease during the quest: Demonic Decay.

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