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Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 5 - Summer, 1080 (Year 2)

Oosr is sick. The Demonic Decay has left him in a bad way, and he wonít be able to travel with us this season. He has been left a shell of his former self, he can barely swing his sword, and his eyesight is deteriorating. Itís not good news for either of us, I was lining him up to be my deputy. Hopefully he will find himself again, but Iím not holding out too much hope.

Iíve sent Edsop the Wolf to the School of Running Unicorns for the season, at a cost of 244 gold pieces. I wanted to give him a break from travelling, but I also would like to keep him away from Oosr, as it would not do for him to come to the same misfortune of contracting Demonic Decay.

My guild seems to be falling apart, and weíve only adventured with each other twice so far. Not wanting to take any major risks, I decided that this season we would travel to Traderís Bay. If we didnít find anything of major value, at least maybe we would be able to trade some of our unneeded loot.

Tremse, Otuso, Vwusee, Oell and I set out at the break of day, but not before we broke our fast on salmon caught from the stream just outside the village. On our way to Traderís Bay, we came across a strange race, one Iíd never encountered before. They looked like racoonís, to put it bluntly, and had eight fingers on each hand! Extremely strange.

They introduced me to their leader, whose name was Rashim, who asked that I help his people with a problem that has been plaguing them. It seems that bandits from neighbouring village had been raiding their homes, and causing chaos and destruction to their buildings. He asked if we could go and talk to them, dissuade them to return. He didnít even want anything returned to his own people, he just wanted them to stop.

Now, I had the choice, keep on our way to Traderís Bay, or help these racoon looking people. Oell was eager for adventure, and I couldnít help but get caught up in his enthusiasm. So we headed north to their village, tracking them down to the best that we could. We eventually caught up with them on a dirt road that led to their own village. I asked them to leave our new friends alone, but they just laughed in my face. Vwusee took great offense to this, and swiped his sword in a downwards motion, slicing one of the bandits arms clean off. The one armed bandit screamed, and ran off into the bush, while the other two pulled their swords out on us.

Vwusee and Oell made quick work of them, and we gathered up their loot. They were carrying 678 gold pieces, not a bad little steal if you ask me. Never the less, I felt bad that they had been terrorising the racoon peopleís village, and upon our return to their leader, I offered him the entire purse.

He told me that we should keep the loot as a reward. It was a kind gesture, and I assured him that the bandits would not be returning any time soon. Rashim was overjoyed by this news, and gave us a Prismatic Orb and some Beryl Beads to take back with us. I know for a fact these arenít cheap gifts, but who was I to turn them down, and possibly offend a great leader?

Hopefully Oosr will feel better next season, as he is still laid up at the moment. Although Iím not sure he will ever be the same, anyway.

Quest Details

Tremse the Weaver (-6 Damage / +1 XP)
Otuso Thorhallson (-1 Damage / +2 XP)
Vwusee of the Holy Home (+2 XP)
Oell the Coppersmith (+2 XP)

Treasure Found (Gold Value)
Prismatic Orb (247)
Beryl Beads (582)

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