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Arber's Grand Army

Journal Entry 6 - Fall, 1080 (Year 2)

Oosr is still sick, and if I am honest, I think I may have to let him go. He still has three years in his pact with me, but the disease has taken all of his good qualities out of him. He isnít who he once was. To make matters worse, Oell sprained his ankle during the week. Heís hurt, but claims he can still go. Weíll see, because he has no choice but to come with me this season.

Iíve picked out the Great Crater Forest as our destination this season. Itís isnít meant to be terribly dangerous, but I donít actually know too much about the place. Tremse, Edsop, Vwusee and Oell will travel with me, and we will have to be swift in our journey to arrive home before winter. Since Oosr got ill, Iíve found myself in a situation where I donít feel like I have a second in command, and itís extremely frustrating.

We set out with only what we needed, travelling light to make sure we returned in time for the winter, no excess weight slowing us down. We mostly passed barren lands, empty and void of pretty much everything and anything, until we came to a fork in a road. I feel like these forks in the road have a habit of showing up when youíd rather just get to where you want to go. Well, anyway, thankfully this split actually had signs up telling us what lay ahead.

To the left was the Astral Tunnels, and the right was a Kings Woodland. I noticed the smoke rising from the woodland, and assumed that a small group of travellers had most likely made camp. Not wishing to socialise, I decided we would continue left, and we made our way to the Astral Tunnels.

I must have seen into the future, as just as we got to the Tunnels, it began to rain very heavily. Had we made camp, the rain most likely would have flooded us. Safe, and somewhat comfortable, in the Tunnels, we ended up staying for two nights, until the rain had passed. My men were could, and Vwusee had the misfortune of having been bitten by a snake, so I decided not to venture any further, and head back.

On our way back to the village, we came across a tribesman, who asked for our help in a matter that he could not do alone. He told us there was an evil wizard, who had been compelling others to steal for him. He had stolen a substantial amount of gold from this tribesman, and he was seeking vengeance. A sucker for any type of adventure, I agreed to help this stranger.

After a few days, we managed to track the wizard down, and after telling him we know about the spell he has been putting on people, he got rather irate. I managed to talk him around, and showed him the error of his ways. He agreed to break his spell on the people, and even return all the stolen goods to their rightful owners. He seemed quite sincere, but I guess only time will tell if we run into him again. We returned to the tribesman, who thanked us for our good deed, and rewarded us with 1035 gold pieces.

Quest Details

Tremse the Weaver (-4 Damage / +2 XP)
Edsop the Wolf (-1 Damage / +2 XP)
Vwusee of the Holy Home (-2 Damage / +5 XP)
Oell the Coppersmith (-4 Damage / +16 XP)

Treasure Found (Gold Value)
Seeker's Mace (251)

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