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Default May 2001: Pre-Big Bang News and Notes

With the TV and PPV deals in place, I was able to focus on negotiations with new talent. My top target was Curt Hennig, who is not only a close friend of mine but is also exactly the kind of wrestler I'd like to feature in my WCW. If he were ten years younger he'd be a prime candidate to build the company around. I thought we made him a great offer, but he chose to sign with Vince instead. I was obviously disappointed, but I wished Curt well in his WWF return. I think he's going to wind up regretting his choice though, because I don't see Vince featuring him anywhere near as much as I would have. He would've been a main event player here, but there's probably at least 6-10 guys higher on the food chain in the WWF.

Missing out on Curt was too bad, but we made several acquisitions that should really help us out in the future. The majority of my new signings were sent to our friends at NWA: Wildside for further training and seasoning. In brief:

-My nephew Teddy Hart, the son of my sister Georgia. Ted's very talented and could be a big part of our cruiserweight division in the future, but I'm concerned by his attitude.

-Bryan Danielson. He might have been trained by my "old buddy" Shawn Michaels, but Danielson's style is closer to mine. He's only 19 and is already a very good technician.

-Christopher Daniels. Daniels, an 8-year pro, is a little bit older than most of my developmental signings, but he should still have plenty of time to be an impact player on our roster. He had a cup of coffee in the later days of the original WCW.

-Alexis Laree and Cheerleader Melissa, a pair of young women who show some promise in the ring. Eventually I'd like to present a women's division in WCW, one where the women will actually be treated with respect rather than going out there and stripping down to their underwear. Signing these two and letting them develop is the first step towards that eventual goal.

Another probable signing still pending as of The Big Bang is my friend from my WWF days, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch. I had her in mind as someone to bring in eventually, but I was forced to act now because both AAA and CMLL in Mexico came to her with written contract offers. She's still mulling it over, but I'm confident she'll sign with us. If she does I'll probably bring in Chris Candido as well.

Bam Bam Bigelow was clearly wrestling under the influence during his match with Lance Storm on the April 30th Nitro. Storm fortunately escaped unscathed, but I could not allow this to go unpunished. I suspended Bam Bam for one month and let him know that if it happens again, he'll be gone. He wasn't pleased with my response and neither was his friend Shane Douglas, but it had to be done. It would be a shame to lose Bam Bam, who is quite athletic for a big guy and was someone I always enjoyed wrestling, but there's no place in this company for someone who shows up to work impaired.

One of Eric Bischoff's few good ideas was maintaining a close working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling. That relationship was allowed to dissolve thanks to the braindead leadership of Vince Russo, but Antonio Inoki and I have agreed to resume working together. Being able to bring in the talented wrestlers of NJPW for a show here and there is nothing but a positive for us.

Vince didn't stop at signing Curt. I must've scared him, because he's signed a ton of new (or should I say old) wrestlers over the past weeks. Listing them off, there's Marty Jannetty, Tommy Dreamer, Jake Roberts, Barry Windham, Mabel, Leatherface, Don Harris, Thrasher, Samu, Greg Valentine, Luke and Butch of the Bushwhackers, and Rocco Rock. The best guys on that list are years past their prime, but it's no sweat off my back if Vince wants to get geriatric.

Vince's latest non-wrestling project, the XFL, has officially closed up shop. First the WBF and ICOPRO (I still shudder when I think about those "You Gotta Want it!" ads I was forced to take part in), then a miserable failure of a football league. For a supposed genius, Vince sure does have quite a few massive flops to his credit.

Booker T broke up with his girlfriend, former WCW valet Sharmell, but he assures me he won't let it affect his work or his rehabilitation of his shoulder.

Evan Karagias and Fit Finlay seemed to be getting along quite well backstage at the last Nitro. I'm sure Russo would've responded by putting Fit in 3 Count if he were still in charge.

Scott Steiner isn't very impressed with Lash Leroux. He approached me after Nitro on May 7th and said the kid has no value and should be fired as soon as possible.

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
Tiger Ali Singh and TJ Wilson [should] both be active at this point. Wilson was one of the last Hart Dungeon graduates -- he often wrestled with and sometimes as a Hart.

Gama Singh was a major Stampede Heel who hailed from India. Indian Wrestler Tiger Ali Singh has no direct connection -- his father wrestled in Canada (Toronto) with a similar gimmick around the same time.

Jinder Mahal and David Hart Smith (Davey Boy Jr.) will probably debut in the next two years. David Hart is British Bulldog's son. Jinder Mahal is Gama Singh's nephew.
TJ and Harry are guys I definitely plan on signing as soon as they debut, both because of the connection and because they should hopefully develop into good workers. Both of them are set to debut in 2002. I'm familiar with the name Gama Singh but didn't know Jinder was related. That's something to consider. In the process of answering this I realized that Nattie has already debuted, so I just now offered her a developmental deal.

I'm definitely pleased that you haven't gone the easy route and pushed all the "obvious guys" to the moon. Some of these guys probably start with "Excellent" potential (Cena comes to mind) and can become "unrealistically" good early on.
Part of my thinking is that I'd like there to be some kind of logic behind my signings. Without the obvious connection of being a second generation wrestler, being notable before entering wrestling (think Brock or Angle) or having ties to or being trained by someone that would be in a position to make a recommendation to Bret, it's hard to justify signing someone before they've done much on the indy scene to get their name out there. I may be overthinking this a bit, but overthinking is kind of my thing.

I had Rey Mysterio as my figurehead when I "wrote" my plan for a WCW Reboot [I sent it to a wrestling site that was looking for columnists, never heard back], He's got terrific star quality and great in-ring skills --he could easily be your figurehead if things break right. Good to see him getting some love.
I kind of doubt Rey's in-game charisma and star quality will ever be high enough to make him a viable figurehead, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to thrive, especially with my modified product.

Originally Posted by angeldelayette View Post
It's great to see you back here, TFC. Looking forward to seeing how WCW does for you. Could Stacy Keibler have a new man at this pay-per-view? Also, a reason that Goldberg is not on the new WCW roster: would you want a man on the roster who ended your career?
Whether or not Keibler has a replacement lined up, I think it's safe to say she's done with poor Meat.

Yeah, the mod has him unemployed (and unavailable entirely to simulate the Turner contract), but that would be a valid reason not to use him regardless. In fairness though, I seem to remember a quote from Bret where he said it was a shame that it happened to be someone as "good-hearted" as Bill who ended his career, so maybe he doesn't hold it against him TOO much?

United States Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals: Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Lance Storm
This is a true pick-em match as both of these men have put on great matches so far. My selection of Lance Storm is based on wanting to see him change the U.S. title to the Canadian title.
Good thing the Hardcore title isn't still around. We definitely don't need the return of the Saskatchewan Hardcore Invitational title, or whatever Russoriffic name it was given.

Hugh Morrus and Konnan vs. The Steiner Brothers
My favorite tag team of all time.
They rank very highly for me too. Early 90's Steiners were so fantastic.

Originally Posted by Bigpapa42 View Post
An awesome writer taking on one of my favorite companies in my favorite points in time? Fantastic. Sad that I didn't see it sooner but I don't venture into this area often enough anymore. Even had my name randomly pop up lol. I'll definitely be reading, TFC. Already enjoying it.
Hey, good to hear from ya! Odd that I had no recollection of Empire, because I definitely remember enjoying your work back in the day, and something like that would've been right up my alley.

Originally Posted by Cro Cop Rules View Post
I absolutely love this idea for a diary! Considering that Bret Hart is one of my personal all-time favorites, and taking into account his opinionated stances on today's wrestling, I've often wondered how a promotion run by Bret would look. (He did have the book for Stampede during parts of the late 70s/early 80s, but wrestling has changed so much since then.)

You bring in extremely high standards as a result of your ROH thread and the Golden Age, and I am sure you will meet them. Very excited to be following!
Trying to book like I imagine Bret might is likely going to be the biggest challenge for me. But a fun challenge, and I imagine his view coincides with my own in many ways.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm enjoying this so far!
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