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Default May 2001: Big Bang Wrap-up

This was an eventful day, both in the ring and backstage.

The afternoon of the show, Tammy Sytch called to tell me that she was signing my contract offer and would be joining us imminently. I wasted little time in offering a contract to her fiancée Chris Candido, and assuming he accepts I'll probably pair the two of them up on-screen.

Also before the show I noticed that Sting had taken Johnny Swinger aside and was giving him some pointers. I guess my creative team aren't alone in thinking Swinger's got loads of potential if the Stinger's going to mentor him.

During our pre-show meeting, Buff Bagwell got a very annoyed look on his face when I went over the finish of his match. It was pretty obvious to me that he was going to complain about being told he and Luger would be losing to the Natural Born Thrillers. I wasn't the only one who could see what was coming, because Sean O'Haire glared a hole through him. Buff didn't utter a word once he saw that, and I can't say I blame him.

We ran a 15-man battle royal during the pre-show, but maybe we shouldn't have. Disco Inferno dislocated his jaw during the match. He indicated he was willing to work through the injury and not take any time off, but I'm giving him a week or two at home to rest up anyway. Norman Smiley wasn't nearly so lucky. He landed awkwardly while being eliminated by eventual winner Mike Awesome, and suffered a broken leg that'll put him on the shelf for about six months. Kanyon was also limping around backstage after his match with DDP, but our medical staff confirmed it was just a strain and he'll be fine.

I heaped plenty of praise on Rey Misterio Jr, Lance Storm and Scott Steiner for their stellar performances during our post-show meeting. All three deserved it.

Scott took that opportunity to tell me that Mark Jindrak has no charisma and I should fire him. Shane Douglas also approached me to say that he thinks Alan Funk doesn't 'get it' and he doesn't see much potential in him. Rob Van Dam was far more complimentary of Jaime Knoble; he said he was really impressed by Jaime and thought he was someone who could be a big deal in the cruiserweight division.

Animal complained to me about his lack of airtime on TV or PPV thus far. Honestly I'm not sure how valuable Animal is in this new era, especially without Hawk.

Originally Posted by 20LEgend View Post
Read through a lot of this last night, and just read the PPV now. Really enjoying the idea and writing style. 2001 WCW is something I always want to play in TEW, but can never get right. Big Bang was a great start, I look forward to more
It's an intriguing time! There's a wide gulf between me and WWF, which was one of the most appealing things to me after spending so long with TGAAB, where I was far, far ahead of everyone else from the very start.

I came very close to starting up a dynasty using my original WCW save with this mod, with owner Shane McMahon and user character Mike Tenay, but I'm glad I opted to do this instead. I learned some things from that first save that I'm putting to use here, and I feel like I'm telling a better story and have more of an identity as a company with Bret as my avatar.

Originally Posted by BlueStar View Post
NO GAMBLER? Whaaat? I've signed him for ECW in the CoTT mod and I'm grooming him for a TV Title run.

Alex "Ze Gamblin' Berliner" Wright (pronounced: A-leks Vraait) ... money. in. the. bank.
Maybe I could steal Al Snow, resurrect the Jimmy Flush gimmick and have the next dominant tag team on my hands.
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