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Default June 2001: Pre-Great American Bash News and Notes

Rey Misterio Jr has taken it upon himself to bulk up a bit, and the added muscle has led to noticeable increases in his star quality and physical attractiveness while not negatively affecting his in-ring work, at least not yet.

In addition to the signings of Chris Candido and Steve Corino, both of whom have already appeared on TV, I've also signed Brian Kendrick. Kendrick has joined his former training partner Bryan Danielson down in NWA: Wildside for the time being. He's not the technician that Danielson is, but his style could work well in the cruiserweight division.

Terry Gordy recently told some of his friends in the business that he's planning to hang up the boots soon, and the word got around. That gave me an idea, so I gave him a call and brought him in on a short-term deal to close out his in-ring career with us.

Lance Storm and Mike Awesome had zero timing during their tag match on Nitro. It doesn't seem like they'll be a viable option as a regular team, which is unfortunate given how thin our tag division is currently.

Sting is taking his mentorship of Johnny Swinger seriously. I saw him working on promos with the kid backstage before a recent Nitro.

Ernest Miller and Jeff Jarrett both failed steroid tests over the past few weeks, and as it was the first infraction for each I gave them both fines. Jeff didn't really react, but The Cat was pretty upset by it.

I thought DDP's 'People's Champion' gimmick was a bad fit for him at this point, so he's adopted a 'One More Run' character; someone who knows he might be on the downside of his career, but believes he still has it in him to make it to the top one last time. I think it's gone well so far.

The fans didn't really buy Air Paris as a thrill seeker, so we've got him working as a young lion now; a young wrestler who's still learning the ropes. He's just okay in that role, but at least it's not actively detracting from his segments like his previous gimmick. Speaking of Paris, Dusty Rhodes recently dragged him before the wrestler's court for forgetting to shake Booker T's hand on the champ's first night back. His punishment was to buy a round of drinks for the boys after the show.

The upper card guys have continued to offer their opinions on the younger talent:

-Hugh Morrus thinks Alan Funk doesn't 'get it'.
-Jeff Jarrett called Shane Helms clumsy in the ring and predicted he would seriously injure somebody with the Vertebreaker one day.
-Booker T thinks James Storm could be a big star for us in the future.
-Ric Flair said that Cash might be a good worker, but he doesn't have enough charisma to ever amount to anything.
-Scott Steiner said that AJ Styles doesn't connect with the fans.

We've got a really positive environment backstage; it's like night and day compared to the den of snakes I walked into when I joined this company three and a half years ago. You can see that harmonious locker room before the show most weeks, like a couple of weeks ago when Lash Leroux organized a videogame tournament for some of the younger wrestlers, or just this past week, when Mike Sanders buddied up to the veterans with some poker.

As much as I hate to say it, Vince put on an excellent show in his May PPV offering, Judgment Day. I laughed when Hunter went to a no contest with tiny Spike Dudley, but Undertaker and William Regal put on a fantastic match in the semi-main event. Then the main event did them one better, when Christian had the fans in Hawaii on the edge of their seats thinking he was going to win the title from Stone Cold. He didn't, but he did put on a classic that's probably now the frontrunner for match of the year. I'm very pleased with the product we've put together so far, but watching this show drove home what an uphill battle it's going to be trying to catch up to Vince.

Jushin Liger beat Dr. Wagner Jr. in the finals to win NJPW's annual Best of the Super Junior tournament for the third time in his career. Both of those guys are absolutely fantastic. Hopefully with our working agreement with New Japan we'll be able to bring both of those guys + more in at various times to bolster our big shows.

Tajiri won the Best of the Best tournament in CZW. Tajiri's a guy I'm keeping close tabs on, and there's a real shot I could bring him to WCW in the coming months.

Originally Posted by Dead_Jester View Post
United States Heavyweight Championship: Mike Awesome vs. Rey Misterio Jr. {}
-I'd kill to see Awesome get a monster push as he was one of my favs in ECW but I think Rey will have a decent run as the US Champion.
He was pretty great. WCW botched him pretty badly. Not like they were doing much right by that point anyway.

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
United States Heavyweight Championship: Mike Awesome vsRey Misterio Jr. {}
Rey-Rey won't lose in his first defense. Awesome will look strong in the loss.
Technically second defense, but first on PPV.

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