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Default June 2001: Ultimate Fan Series Preview

We just completed the first stage of what I think is a pretty unique idea. It's called the Ultimate Fan Series, where eight of our fans participated in an online draft in which they built a four-man team from our roster. Now it's up to me to analyze the draft results and start planning everything out and figuring out how to work these matches into our shows.

Here's an abbreviated version of the rules we sent to the fans involved:

After the draft is complete, we'll have an elimination tournament comprised of a series of four singles matches, with the highest seed matched up against the lowest seed in each round (so in the first round #1 faces #8, 2 vs. 7 and so on.) In the event of a tie after those four matches, there will be a tiebreaker match. In the first and second rounds, this tiebreaker will be a 2 on 2 tag team match; after each manager has completed their draft, they will indicate which two of their team members they want to represent them in a potential tiebreaker. If there is a tie in the final round, the tiebreaker will be a 4 vs. 4 elimination match.

The manager who wins the tournament will be able to select one member of their team to receive a guaranteed world title shot over the next year, and they will also appear in an angle on a future show. The runner-up will get to choose a member of their team to challenge for any title in the company except for the world title.
I've subsequently decided that the prize for the winning team will actually be a bit bigger. One member will still be chosen for a world title shot, but the other three team members will also be given shots at our secondary titles.

I've looked over the roster breakdown of all eight teams several times, and I'm no closer to deciding who's going to win. I think I've pretty much decided on a winner in all of the first round series, but beyond that I'm still thinking things over.

#1: Satyr's Hopeful Few, managed by The Grand Avatar (Satyr24)

Round 1: Kanyon
Round 2: Ric Flair
Round 3: Buff Bagwell
Round 4: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Kanyon and Ric Flair

#2: The K-Nections, managed by Kevin Gaines (K-Nection)

Round 1: Booker T
Round 2: Sting
Round 3: AJ Styles
Round 4: Alex Wright
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Booker T and Sting

#3: The Sin-free Society, managed by Eddie Lopez (evileddie10)

Round 1: Lance Storm
Round 2: CM Punk
Round 3: Rick Steiner
Round 4: Fit Finlay
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Lance Storm and CM Punk
#4: The Dead Jesters, managed by Marshal Van Black (Dead_Jester)

Round 1: Rey Misterio Jr.
Round 2: Sean O'Haire
Round 3: Chris Candido
Round 4: Mark Jindrak
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak
#5: The Loose Killers, managed by Smashmitch Abernathy (Smasher1311)

Round 1: Diamond Dallas Page
Round 2: Dustin Rhodes
Round 3: Billy Kidman
Round 4: Shawn Stasiak
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Dustin Rhodes and Shawn Stasiak
#6: The Whole F'n Package, managed by Scott Caan (scarletspeed7)

Round 1: Rob Van Dam
Round 2: Lex Luger
Round 3: Shane Helms
Round 4: Disco Inferno
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Rob Van Dam and Lex Luger
#7: Uncrewed's Crew, managed by (Uncrewed)

Round 1: Scott Steiner
Round 2: Mike Awesome
Round 3: Steve Corino
Round 4: Konnan
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Scott Steiner and Mike Awesome
#8: Championship Pedigree, managed by Bernhard Heinrich Klein (BHK6)

Round 1: Jeff Jarrett
Round 2: Shane Douglas
Round 3: Chuck Palumbo
Round 4: Jamie Knoble
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Jeff Jarrett and Shane Douglas
Fan Prediction: Which team will win the Ultimate Fan Series? (Getting this right is worth three points in the next prediction contest.)

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