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Default July 2001: Pre-Bash at the Beach News and Notes

Just heard back a few days ago from a current WWF wrestler. He accepted my contract offer and agreed to join WCW when his current deal expires. Vince made no effort to keep him, which doesn't surprise me considering how little they've done with him from the very beginning. That's Vince's loss and my gain, because he's damn good at his style of wrestling and I think he'll be a nice addition to our roster.

I also signed James Mitchell, who worked in the old WCW under the name James Vandenberg and then was in ECW as the Sinister Minister. This run should go much better than his first go round with WCW because I have plans for him.

Bam Bam Bigelow wrestled wasted, again, in his first match back from suspension. Having a drug problem is one thing, but this was the second time he'd put the guy he was working with at risk of being injured because he couldn't show up to work sober. That just isn't something that can be allowed to continue, so I informed him that we'd be terminating his contract immediately. He wasn't pleased; he called me a sell-out and a backstabber. His friend Shane Douglas was upset by the decision as well, but I had no other option. It's too bad though, because I think Bam Bam's still pretty talented and had some value for us.

I was really impressed with how well the impromptu team of CM Punk and Lance Storm worked together during their tag team match on Nitro. They have all the makings of a great tag team, should I choose to have them work together regularly.

On the flip side, Rey Misterio Jr. and DDP had a bit of a styles clash, and that plus the all-babyface setup made for a match that was well below what both of those guys are capable of.

Sting continues to impart his knowledge to his protégé Johnny Swinger. I saw him giving Swinger some tips on how to generate sympathy from the fans in the event that he turns babyface some day. Perhaps inspired by the Stinger, Ric Flair has taken on a protégé himself in James Storm.

Billy Kidman dropped Chris Candido a bit harder than he'd intended with that sitout spinebuster he likes to do, and the trainers had to tend to Candido's back afterwards. It was nothing serious, thankfully. Candido was back to full health just days later, but Kidman still caught some heat backstage for being at fault.

I've had some conflicting opinions on Steve Corino: Flair thinks his character and style won't catch on with our fanbase, but his old ECW buddy RVD has been putting him over as a natural on the microphone. Praise for Jamie Knoble was more universal, as not only was Flair impressed with a promo he cut on a recent house show, but Dustin Rhodes is apparently a fan of his work in the ring. Booker suggested that there might be more charismatic options for cruiserweight champion than Shane Helms, and Hugh Morrus is not a fan of Kid Romeo in general. The always opinionated Scott Steiner vocally criticized Yang of the Jung Dragons, saying that WCW fans don't want to watch his "flippy crap."

Shawn Stasiak came into my office to complain about his recent booking and requested a bigger role. Good luck with that, Meat.

Lance Storm has to be a popular man in the locker room these days, because in the last few weeks alone he's brought in some Canadian beer for the boys to try, and also prepared homemade pancakes for everyone before a show.

Over in WWF land, my fellow Dungeon trainee Chris Benoit had the biggest night of his career. He beat Rikishi in the first round, reigning world champ Austin in the semis, then Shawn's little buddy Hunter in the finals to win the King of the Ring tournament. For heaven knows what reason, Vince put a lackluster match between Big Show and Christian in the main event spot and it dragged the whole show down.

Chyna has re-signed. That surprised me a bit, after all the drama between her, Hunter and Stephanie. She's not someone I would've had any interest in acquiring even if she had become available, so it doesn't concern me too much.

Vince has put Al Snow and K-Kwik together as a tag team called Bad Habit. I can't say I know Killings too well, but I always liked Al and I think he's been pretty underutilized throughout his career. The WWF tag titles haven't actually been defended on TV since before I relaunched WCW, so I'm not sure what the point in creating new teams is. Vince has let that division fall a long way since the heyday of me and Jim, the Bulldogs, Demolition, etc.

Over in Japan, NJPW's head booker Riki Choshu put the IWGP Heavyweight title on the biggest rival of his own in-ring career, 47-year old Tatsumi Fujinami, making the title reign of Kazuyuki Fujita a short and forgettable one. This is the 7th title reign for Fujinami, who has really dominated that title historically considering no one else has won it more than three times. He's still an elite worker, but I'd personally be looking to get younger on top if I was Choshu.

'Homicide is on the rise' sounds like a terrible headline, but in this case it was an indy worker that journalists were referring to. Randy Orton, son of Bob Jr, also got some positive coverage recently for his work down in WWF's developmental system.

Originally Posted by Happy0wns View Post
I think he also mentioned losing the passion for doing that when the mod squad aren't really focusing on that mod, like at all at this point.
That's part of it. The other part was a desire to play as an underdog and try to work my way up.

Originally Posted by Cro Cop Rules View Post
I like that Scott Steiner was kept strong, as WCW was pushing him as the top guy near the end. I am hoping for him to say more ridiculously outrageous things, such as the classic "Do you want to be mesmermized by the physical phenomenon?"
"Tony, he's got 'em all mesmermized!"

Another small adjustment I enjoy is Bobby Heenan playing the Gene Okerlund role. Considering in real life, Heenan was more than fed up with the WCW environment (and working with Schiavone), it makes sense that changing up his duties could possibly re-energize him. He would also be a natural at the position with his quick wit.
That was brought about mostly by Gene doing a pretty poor job on the first show. I do like Heenan in that role though, even if I can't contractually push him as anything other than a color commentator, which seems kind of silly.

Also, one other quick question: Do you have a figurehead, or are you still trying to find someone that fits the build?
No figurehead. There is one guy that the game thinks would be a good one who isn't overshadowed by anyone, but I've been led to believe that the figurehead is more of a long term position and would prefer to wait until someone a bit younger can reach that level.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Well since Bret seemed confused by the message and even commented that Savage had an almost equal career to Hogan it is stemming off RL timeline instead of TGAAB universe. This was just a inter universal message that was delivered.....or so I believe lol.
Yeah, it was meant as a fun Easter egg.

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
I like your writeup style for TV shows, it looks very quick and easy to handle. It's very easy to follow along too, and that is almost as important as you being able to do it whenever you need. Your portrayal of Bret seems pretty spot-on too, a skill that I wish I could do on command better like you seem able to. The only one I've done well with that is Vince. But I can hear the voice of "The Hitman" while reading this all in my mind, and that's a major skill.
It's definitely much quicker and easier than anything else I've done before. Hopefully I'm still getting the important information across even with the condensed style.

You definitely did a superb job capturing Vince! I'm glad to hear you think I'm doing okay writing Bret.

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
There are some really strong teams here, but none quite as strong as they were in TGAAB. Championship Pedigree in that universe were unstoppable no matter how one looked at it. Here, however, the teams seem a lot more balanced. In that vein, I would say that it's tough to overlook K-Nection's team, because it features Booker and Sting together. So that will be my pick.
Yeah, the teams in TGAAB were stacked, mostly because my roster itself was ridiculously stacked. Not nearly as much talent or star power to go around this time.

Originally Posted by BHK6 View Post
Well I kind of have to pick myself to repeat. Beejus is right my team was unstoppable and I was #8 seed back then too.
You were actually #7 the first time around, but still, Hogan and Ted together on the team picking second to last was incredible value.

Originally Posted by evileddie10 View Post
Going to have to go with my team: Sin-free Society. Not going to lie, the main reason behind my team is for CM Punk to get a push, and the idea of Lance Storm and Punk being a straight laced arrogant tag team is heaven for me.
As this news post indicated: you were on to something. I didn't have any plans to use them as a team, but I'm rethinking that now.

Originally Posted by BlueStar View Post
#6 all the way!

Sign the Gambler!!!
We've been over this. I would if I could.

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
AJ Styles vs. Lance Storm
I'll give the Lance the toss-up -- he needs to win here or he won't be taken seriously.
You picked AJ, though.

Originally Posted by Satyr24 View Post
TFC can't believe you had Buff attack his own team mate Hopeful Few need to stick together
That's what you get for drafting a selfish ass like Buff Bagwell.

Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
World Heavyweight Championship/Ultimate Fan Series (The K-Nections lead 2-1): "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (Uncrewed's Crew) vs. Booker T (The K-Nections) {©}
Comments: Steiner has 134% chance of winning!
The numbers don't lie! And they spell disaster for you at Sacrifi...uh, Bash at the Beach!

Originally Posted by Dead_Jester View Post
Ultimate Fan Series (Sin-free Society leads 2-1): CM Punk (Sin-free Society) vs. "Sugar" Shane Helms (The Whole F'n Package)
-As much as I don't like Punk (Flame shield up) he is definitely getting a push.
Them's fighting words!
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