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Default August 2001: Pre-WCW vs. The World News and Notes

I gave both Shane Douglas and Jeff Jarrett a month's paid vacation immediately after their loss in the UFS tiebreaker, hoping it would improve their bad moods somewhat. Both accepted that without comment, but Jeff called me a few days later to request a release from his contract, which I granted. He's a good hand and had value to us, but if he's going to throw a fit every time he's asked to put someone over he's more trouble than he's worth.

Vampiro's only just returned, and already he's failed a hard drugs test. I fined him for that, which didn't get any real reaction from him. Not a great sign for his long-term future.

We officially pulled the trigger on the Shane Helms heel turn this month, and I think it went really well. I personally think he's a much better heel anyway.

Stacy Keibler and I did not work well together on commentary during AJ Styles' match with Steve Corino on the July 16th Nitro, as we talked over each other several times. It was a one-off thing to advance the story anyway, so no big deal.

Animal's still unhappy with the way I'm booking him. I still don't care.

I got a call from Midajah before a recent show. She was stranded at the airport because Tammy Sytch had forgotten she'd promised to pick her up. I sent a backstage assistant to pick her up and left it up to Dusty to deal with Sytch. He decreed that she should have to pay for Midajah's meals for the following weeks' worth of shows, but I guess he did it in a really constructive way, because Tammy seemed really apologetic and sincere when I spoke to her afterwards.

Sting continues to work with his disciple Johnny Swinger. I saw them going over some of the finer points of in-ring psychology recently, with James Storm and his mentor Ric Flair participating as well.

Johnny the Bull set up a videogame tournament for some of the younger boys recently. It didn't stop Ric Flair from saying he's clumsy and an injury risk for the guys he's working with. Ric shared more opinions, voicing his doubt that Steve Corino and Disco Inferno can connect with our fans.

Scott Steiner is unimpressed with the in-ring work of Chris Harris, and Vampiro feels much the same about Air Paris.

Satoshi Kojima and Keiji Mutoh put on an absolutely fantastic match on New Japan's weekly TV show recently. It was so good that it may have supplanted the Austin/Christian PPV match as the best of the year so far. Hopefully Mutoh can turn in a similar performance at WCW vs. The World.

Trish Stratus has relocated, moving from her native Toronto to the Mid Atlantic area of the US. That's a mild surprise, but I guess it'll cut down on her travel.

Shawn's trainer Jose Lothario passed away at the age of 66. I can't say that I knew the guy well at all, but I wish his family and friends well.

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
Scott Steiner - Big win for Steiner. Loved the line about Godzilla.
One of the good things about my style in this one is that I can just throw in one line from a promo, so rather than trying to capture an entire nonsensical Steiner rant, I can just throw out one random line. That's good, because Big Poppa Pump is a lunatic with a microphone in his hand.

Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
World Heavyweight Championship: Keiji Mutoh vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner {}
Big Poppa Pump aint dropping nothing except elbows on this east certainly not beast Keiji Mutoh, Steiner may go on a Godzilla rampage through Japan but even Godzilla is too much of a fatass to be even associated with The big bad booty daddy!
Maybe YOU should write the Steiner promos!

Originally Posted by Satyr24 View Post
Ultimate Fan Series (tied 1-1, will be third match in the series): "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (Satyr's Hopeful Few) vs. Chris Candido (The Dead Jesters)
Come on Tammy Space Mountain
How dare you, sir! She demands respect!

United States Heavyweight Championship/Ultimate Fan Series (tied 1-1, will be fourth match in the series): Kanyon (Satyr's Hopeful Few) vs. Rey Misterio Jr. {} (The Dead Jesters)
Probably wrong as i fill this ending in a tag match but GO TEAM
Good call! Support your boys!

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
WCW has a time-honored tradition where U.S. Champions can "cash in" to become the #1 Contender. Scott is being established as a "power house" and a "strongman" -- Rey is going through "power houses" and "strongmen". I know earlier you said that Rey didn't have what it takes to be a figurehead -- but then he bulked up... maybe he does get that run at the top after all?
Yep, I definitely intend to make use of the theoretical "The US Champ is the #1 contender" thing at some point. When and how, I'm not sure, but it'll happen sooner or later.

Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
Diggin' the "VS THE WORLD" Concept. I'm glad it didn't take a starcade spot, too(I'm looking at you, 1995)
I loved that PPV, but yeah, Starrcade wasn't the right place for it. (It was still better than Hogan vs. Beefcake the previous year though!)

Originally Posted by michgcs View Post
Fan Scorecard:

World Heavyweight Championship: Keiji Mutoh vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner {}
I think it's pretty clear that Big Poppa Champ's walking away with the gold
I'm totally stealing that.

Ultimate Fan Series (tied 1-1, will be fourth match in the series): Booker T (The K-Nections) vs. Lance Storm (The Sin-free Society)
Booker T redemption story? Count me in

Originally Posted by PopeBrandonBrownson View Post
BONUS (worth three points): Who will be the next World Heavyweight Champion? DUKE "THE DUMPSTER" DROESE
If this one actually comes true, I'll give you 1000 points instead of three.
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