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Default August 2001: WCW vs. The World Wrap-up

This was a truly great show. With our strong deal with tv asahi, Japan is a key market for us and will only become more important as time goes on. While the US is our home base, the great exposure we have on TV in Japan, Australia and New Zealand may very well result in our popularity in those regions exceeding what we have back home. We'll obviously look to make semi-frequent trips there as a result. That'll be simple enough in Australia and New Zealand, but the language barrier presents some difficulties with running Nitro in Japan. It's not as big a problem on PPV because we can get by with mainly matches and a few non-verbal angles, but advancing storylines on Nitro would be tricky without being able to run promos and interviews with the English-speaking wrestlers who make up the vast majority of our roster. We may just have to be content with running two or three PPVs a year in Japan.

Onto the show itself. My plan was for Lance Storm to win his match with Booker T, setting up a tiebreaker tag team match for Nitro where Booker and Sting would beat Storm and CM Punk to send the K-Nections to the finals. But Booker complained loudly about being asked to lose to Storm, and wouldn't budge even though I assured him it would be a cheap win for Lance and he'd be protected throughout. I decided it wasn't worth the fight since he and Sting were going to win the tiebreaker anyway, so I allowed him to talk me into changing the result. I feel bad for Lance but he's a team player who I'm sure will never say a word in complaint.

Kanyon is our new United States champion. That's a decision I'm already regretting, because after the show I got word that he failed a test for pain killer abuse. I couldn't afford to suspend him at this time with his current involvement in storylines so I levied a fine, which he paid without complaint or comment.

Our new signing from the WWF officially left Vince and joined us, making his first appearance in a dark match before the PPV. This was the first time Booker T had seen him work, and he couldn't stop raving about how good he is. He isn't wrong but it's not exactly news to me.

Also on the pre-show was a match featuring Vampiro and his new manager Father Isaac, an act we've given a decent amount of promo time to over the past few weeks. This was the first time they'd worked together in a match, and they wound up being terrible together. That's very disappointing, but I feel like it's too late to pull the plug after weeks of vignettes. I guess we can still keep the pairing together in promos and just not have Isaac at ringside during Vampiro's matches.

Yang worked on the pre-show and James Storm had no role and was only there to shadow his mentor Ric Flair, but both guys were laughing and joking before the show, going out of their way to keep the atmosphere loose and fun backstage. We have a really harmonious locker room. I can't imagine Vince's is anywhere near as united, not with the egos of some of those guys.

In our post-show meeting I led a round of applause for Scott Steiner in appreciation of his incredible match with Keiji Mutoh. I also congratulated Kanyon on his well-deserved first singles title win (this was before I got the disappointing news about his failed drug test), and gave Lance Storm a pat on the back for going along with the last-minute change of plans in his match.

Animal came down with a stomach infection while over in Japan. He really can't be enjoying his time in WCW right now.

Prediction scores (maximum possible points: 11)

deanohbk: 8

smw88: 7
Uncrewed: 7
Satyr24: 7
crackerjack: 7

DGenerationMC: 6
Beejus: 6
K-Nection: 6
Rainmaker: 6
KnowYourEnemy: 6
Happy0wns: 6
StarshipAwsome: 6
Cro Cop Rules: 6
Wolfman84: 6
michgcs: 6
jscotty: 6
BHK6: 6
SomeLazyMagic: 6
franticloser: 6

Warhawk8492: 5
Superkickparty: 5
evileddie10: 5
PopeBrandonBrownson: 5
Nobby_McDonald: 5
GingeyOne: 5

Dead_Jester: 4
Standings in prediction contest after two shows (four shows remaining):

Beejus: 15
Uncrewed: 15
Satyr24: 15

Dead_Jester: 14
evileddie10: 14
K-Nection: 14
Rainmaker: 14
SomeLazyMagic: 14
Cro Cop Rules: 14
StarshipAwsome: 14
deanohbk: 14

jscotty: 13
Happy0wns: 13
smw88: 13

franticloser: 12
Wolfman84: 12
michgcs: 12
BHK6: 12
crackerjack: 12

KnowYourEnemy: 11

Nobby_McDonald: 10

Armando Payne: 7

DGenerationMC: 6

Warhawk8492: 5
Superkickparty: 5
PopeBrandonBrownson: 5
GingeyOne: 5
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