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Default September 2001: Road to Fall Brawl


August 13th, 2001

From Abe Lemons Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Attendance: 3,500

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Scott Steiner in-ring promo ahead of #1 contender's battle royal: "If any of these fifteen nobodies are smart, they'll throw themself over the top rope so they don't have to face the Genetic Freak!" (B+)

Fifteen hopefuls competed for the right to be next in line for the world title, with the champion himself sitting in on commentary. An unlikely alliance between Lex Luger and Chris Candido took over, but Diamond Dallas Page sent them both over the top rope simultaneously to win the match. (C+)

DDP grabs mic after the match: "Shine that belt up real nice, Scotty, because at Fall Brawl you're gonna feel the BANG!" (B)

Minoru Tanaka showcased some of his striking and submission-heavy offense, but still fell to defeat to Jushin Liger in the popular masked man's first defense of the cruiserweight championship. (B-)

Shane Helms interview; blames Billy Kidman for turning the fans against him and also costing him the cruiserweight title by getting pinned at WCW vs. The World, but all will be right next week after he beats Jamie Knoble in a #1 contender's match. (C-)

Rey Misterio Jr. in a pre-taped promo: "I suffered a big defeat when I lost my United States championship at WCW vs. The World, but I promise all my fans that I won't let it keep me down!" (C+)

Vampiro returned to the ring with a quick and dominant win over young local talent Paul London. (C)

Father Isaac joins Vampiro for a promo; they're here to grant salvation to lost souls. (C-)

Steve Corino had little trouble outwrestling and defeating Lash Leroux. (C-)

In interview, RVD says he did injure his knee at WCW vs. The World, but he won't need surgery. Mike Awesome interrupts, tells him to walk away from WCW now while he still can! (B-)

The finals of the Ultimate Fan Series kicked off with Chavo Guerrero Jr. against Alex Wright. Alex looked to build on the momentum gained from his pin on Fit Finlay at WCW vs. The World, but Chavo caught him with a brainbuster to give the win to Satyr's Hopeful Few. (B)

The rest of S.H.F. gather in ring to congratulate Chavo; Kanyon tells Flair and Bagwell to get their heads on straight and put their differences aside until after they've won the UFS. (B)

Rest of K-Nections somber in locker room after watching 0-1 start; Booker says it's only a setback and he won't let it stop him from getting his title back. Sting responds: "With all due respect, Book, you're not the only one on this team who wants a shot at the heavyweight championship of the world!" (A)

Lance Storm demanded and received a return match against Keiji Mutoh. It looked like the end result was going to be the same until CM Punk came down and hit a cheap shot on Mutoh while the ref was distracted, clearing a path for Storm to win via superkick. (B+)

Storm and Punk celebrate after the match, declare their intention to become a full-time tag team! (C+)

DDP is preparing to leave the arena when he's assaulted and left laying by the Steiners! (B)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and CM Punk

3 Count danced their way to a win over Paul London and Jason Jett. (C-)

Steve Corino confronts AJ Styles and Stacy Keibler backstage, reminds them AJ didn't pin him in the six man tag at WCW vs. The World. (C-)

The Jung Dragons prevailed over fellow high flying tag team Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo. (C+)

Dustin Rhodes interview; he's disappointed about coming up short in the #1 contender's battle royal on Nitro, but confident things will turn around soon. (C)

In a battle of veterans, Fit Finlay was too much for "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. (C-)

Show Grade: C


August 20th, 2001

From the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada

Attendance: 3,000

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Shane Helms felt he deserved to still be the cruiserweight champion after not having been pinned at WCW vs. The World. He would have to wait a bit longer for a chance to get the title back, because Jamie Knoble pulled off what would be considered a mild upset to become the new number one contender. (B)

Scott Steiner mocks DDP for not being there tonight: "Stay away if you know what's good for you, unless you want me to beat you up even worse next time!" (B)

Mike Awesome demolished local masked wrestler Incognito. (C-)

In response to taunts from Awesome, RVD comes out, says he might be hurt but he's still healthy enough to beat Awesome in a rematch at Fall Brawl. (B-)

Rey Misterio interview with Heenan about how he plans to regroup from his US title loss and become champion again; Lex Luger interrupts, tells Rey his entire title reign was a fluke and he should "stay at home and leave the fighting to the big boys!" (C+)

Jim Duggan might be straight out of the old school himself, but he was no match for the self-professed "King of Old School", Steve Corino, tonight. (C)

Natural Born Thrillers interview; they claim they've run through everybody over the last eight months and there's no one left; Hugh Morrus and Konnan come out: "There's one team you haven't taken out, and you're lookin' at 'em, gringos!" (C+)

Winning last week's battle royal would've done wonders for Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch in their pursuit of power. They missed out on that, but Candido did get his hand raised tonight after staying one step ahead of Johnny the Bull. (C-)

Vampiro and Father Isaac green screen promo: "Salvation will soon be granted to souls who have lost their way." (C-)

Dustin Rhodes promo: "Things haven't gone my way of late, but all that changes tonight when I beat the world's heavyweight champion Scott Steiner." (B-)

Kaz Hayashi of the Jung Dragons picked up a singles victory over Cash in high-flying cruiserweight action. (C+)

CM Punk and Lance Storm promo: "Every team in WCW better get ready, because we are...better than you." (C+)

As the UFS match between AJ Styles and Buff Bagwell was set to start, there was a brief shot of the other team members watching in their respective dressing rooms. (B-)

Buff Bagwell had a chance to give Satyr's Hopeful Few a huge 2-0 lead to begin the UFS. He did dominate AJ Styles for the majority of the match, but his cocky taunting came back to bite him when AJ hit the Spiral Tap and evened the series at one win apiece. (C)

Verbal argument in hallway between Sting and Kanyon turns physical one week before their UFS match; other team members have to pull them apart. (C+)

Tonight's main event was an enormous opportunity for Dustin Rhodes to flip the script on his recent lack of momentum by defeating the world champion. He gave an incredible effort, but Steiner held onto the top rope to block a bulldog and got a submission win with the Steiner Recliner. (B)

Steiner celebrates; DDP comes out through the crowd and surprises him with a Diamond Cutter! DDP stands over Steiner and lets him know that there's nothing he can do to keep him down and stop him from becoming a four time world champion! (A*)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and CM Punk

Incognito felt the fever as he was defeated by the Disco Inferno. (C)

Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch interview; scouting for worthy allies. (C-)

Reno couldn't even get a win in the city he's named after. Billy Kidman finished him with the Kid Krusher. (C)

Jamie Knoble interview on the "opportunity of a lifetime" as he challenges Jushin Liger for the cruiserweight title at Fall Brawl. (C-)

Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak scored a much-needed win over The Mamalukes. (D+)

Show Grade: C-


August 27th, 2001

From the Balch Fieldhouse in Boulder, Colorado

Attendance: 4,000

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Whether in singles or tag matches, Kaz Hayashi has been putting some wins together recently, and kept it up tonight by pinning Evan Karagis. (C+)

Jamie Knoble interview: "Winning the cruiserweight title is my career goal, but wrestling Jushin Liger will be an honor." (D+)

The new tandem of Lance Storm and CM Punk seemed to be having a blast outwrestling and showing up Matt Bentley and Lenny Lane. Punk looked almost reluctant to finish Bentley off with the Devil Lock DDT. (C)

Storm and Punk gloat after the match: "Hopefully some team, any team, can sign on to face us at Fall Brawl and at least make us break a sweat!" (C+)

Satyr's Hopeful Few interview, with Kanyon taking charge: "Sting, you may be an icon and a legend, but you ain't betta than Kanyon!" (C+)

#1 contender Diamond Dallas Page mowed down Alan Funk in a one-sided contest. (B-)

Scott Steiner returns favor from last week by ambushing DDP; locks on Steiner Recliner until officials pull him off. (A*)

Vampiro and Father Isaac promo: "At Fall Brawl we will reach out to our first lost soul in need of salvation." (C+)

Lex Luger taunts Rey Misterio backstage, tells him to "go home and play with Legos or something"; Rey challenges him to a match at Fall Brawl, which Lex laughingly accepts. (C-)

Jim Duggan can't buy a win, and he found himself looking up at the lights yet again thanks to Chris Candido. (C-)

Shane Helms/Kidman interviewed by Heenan. Helms again blames Kidman for turning the fans against him and losing the cruiserweight title to Jushin Liger, says he wants a match against Kidman so he can pay him back for costing him everything. Kidman accepts. (C)

RVD and Mike Awesome pre-taped video package with comments about their rematch at Fall Brawl. RVD says this time he'll finish the job and defeat Awesome, Awesome guarantees RVD again won't be able to stand when the match is over, this time because he'll be unconscious. (B)

Hugh Morrus and Konnan proved too tough for Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo to handle in tag action. (C+)

Konnan again requests title shot on behalf of team. Arn Anderson comes out, asks the Thrillers to come out and respond; they nod and silently stare at their next challengers. (B-)

K-Nections promo; other team members psyche Sting up, but he seems quite fired up already. Booker asks Stacy Keibler to leave because they can't afford to let any outsiders hear their upcoming strategy session; she does leave, but is very upset. (B-)

Kanyon's United States title was not on the line, but this was still a huge main event. Kanyon threw every innovative and painful-looking move he could think of at Sting, but the Stinger caught fire late in the match and got him in the Scorpion Deathlock to put the K-Nections one win away from winning the UFS. (B)

Arn Anderson approaches Scott Steiner in the parking lot, warns him to act professionally in next week's sit-down interview with me. Steiner's response: "If you try to tell me what to do, old man, I'll break your neck just like I'm gonna do to Booker, and to Bret if he pisses me off!" (B+)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and CM Punk

Billy Kidman knocked off Cash in a cruiserweight opener. (C+)

Shane Helms out after match; taunts Kidman and Torrie Wilson. (C+)

Shannon Moore of 3 Count got a singles victory over Matt Bentley. (D+)

Rey Misterio Jr. interview; he's looking forward to proving Lex Luger that muscles don't make him a good wrestler. (C+)

Disco Inferno had an easy time beating Chris Jericho lookalike Lenny Lane. (C)

Chris Candido interview; hints he and Tammy have something up their sleeve. (C)

Show Grade: C


September 3rd, 2001

From the Hugh S. Greer Fieldhouse in Storrs, Connecticut

Attendance: 4,604

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

AJ Styles prevailed over former cruiserweight/hardcore/tag team champion, the presently unemployed Devon Storm (formerly known as Crowbar.) (B-)

Booker T promo; he respects Ric Flair's legendary career, but tonight is his chance to end the UFS and prove to Kevin Gaines that he deserves the shot at the world heavyweight title, and no one's going to stand in his way. (B+)

Lex Luger in-ring promo; invites Rey Misterio Jr. to come out and watch his match so he can "see how the big boys play." (C+)

With Misterio watching from ringside, Luger used his power to break down local Chris Chetti and get a submission win with the Torture Rack. (D+)

Shane Helms spots Torrie Wilson alone backstage, taunts her about what he's going to do to her boyfriend on Sunday. Kidman arrives and they brawl until pulled apart by other wrestlers. (C-)

Quick teaser from Vampiro and Father Isaac, who say they'll offer their first salvation at Fall Brawl. (C)

Disco Inferno wisely targeted the leg Rob Van Dam injured at WCW vs. The World. Van Dam didn't use his usual array of flying moves and kicks, but still came away with the win after trapping Disco in a victory roll. (B)

Mike Awesome hits the ring, attacks Van Dam's leg with a steel chair! (B)

Konnan leads Hugh Morrus in taunting the Natural Born Thrillers backstage about how they're taking the titles. The Thrillers just glare at them, and Arn Anderson arrives before more can happen. (B-)

Six days before they'll compete for the cruiserweight title, Jushin Liger and Jamie Knoble joined forces to defeat 3 Count. (C+)

Heenan interview with the victors; Bobby is sickened when Knoble insists that he respects Liger and looks forward to testing his skills against him. (C-)

The Jung Dragons let CM Punk and Lance Storm (now going by the name True Heroes) know that they've accepted the challenge to face them at Fall Brawl. (D+)

Dustin Rhodes seemed to be well on his way to righting the ship and getting back in the win column, but a Tammy Sytch distraction allowed Chris Candido to steal the pin. (C+)

Stacy Keibler lets AJ Styles know she's unhappy about being dismissed by Booker last week; Steve Corino walks by, mocks them both. (C-)

Ric Flair promo: "Booker T, you can do things in that ring I've never even dreamed of. But tonight you're going to find out that brains beat athleticism every time!" (A)

Booker T had the chance to end the UFS and bring the trophy home to the K-Nections, and he wrestled accordingly. Like a man possessed, he took the fight to Flair and gave him one big move after another, but couldn't finish him off. Out of nowhere, Flair rolled Booker up and put his feet on the middle rope for a stunning pin to tie the series at two. (B)

Booker, angry over the finish, shoves Flair; the other members of S.H.F. and the K-Nections come out, and the teams stare each other down as Mike and I discuss the 8-man elimination tag tiebreaker at Fall Brawl. (A)

DDP and Scott Steiner sitdown interview with me. DDP barely holds his temper back as he says all the muscles in the world aren't going to protect Scotty once the Diamond Cutter hits, and he's taking the title for the fourth time. Steiner says there's no way he's going to let DDP disgrace that belt by taking it back home with him to the trailer park with his disgusting wife. DDP loses his cool and they brawl to end the show. (A)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and CM Punk

Cash picked up his first win in the new era of WCW by defeating Chris Chetti. (C)

Booker T and AJ Styles question Sting about whether he'll have divided loyalties because of whatever's going on with Flair; annoyed Sting says he respects Flair after battling him for years, but he'll have no problem wrestling him on Sunday. (B-)

Alex Wright built some momentum before Sunday's UFS tiebreaker after using the german suplex on Devon Storm. (C)

Rey Misterio Jr. interviewed about his match against Lex Luger; he looks forward to proving Luger and others like him wrong. (C+)

Jason Jett's an impressive athlete, but a tombstone from Fit Finlay handed him a loss in the main event. (B-)

Show Grade: C+

As much as I would've liked to keep going with Steiner and Mutoh, we needed to set up a new program for Scotty. Enter DDP, who really showed me he can still go during his feud with Kanyon. These two legitimately do not like each other, and I think you could tell during some of their segments, especially when Scott took a verbal shot at DDP's wife Kimberly (something that caught both me and Page by surprise.) Hopefully they can remain professional and focus on delivering a strong PPV main event.

Not every UFS final round will end in an eight man Survivor Series-style tiebreaker, but I was pretty sure I'd be doing it the first time around. I've tried to build some intrigue amongst the teams, with the Flair/Buff infighting, AJ's Stacy Keibler distraction and Sting letting Booker know he's not the only member of the K-Nections who wants the one world title shot that'll be awarded to the winning team. I have no clue what to expect from this match, with eight guys of varying popularity and skills.

There are no legitimate heel teams left for the Thrillers to work with, so I inserted Hugh Morrus and Konnan for an all-face matchup (though we didn't go with the 'mutual respect' angle.)

We DID play up mutual respect in the cruiserweight title match between Liger and Knoble. Well, we played it up from Knoble's perspective, as Liger obviously hasn't been cutting any promos to give his take. I don't know how much heat this match will have but the action should be really good.

RVD and Mike Awesome are having a rematch, with the big question in kayfabe being how healthy RVD's leg is. Maybe the better question would be why I did an Extreme Rules match last month and went to a standard singles for the rematch, but I don't really have an answer for that one.

Does size (or should I say physique?) matter? Lex Luger's always thought so, but Rey Misterio (Mysterio?) is out to prove otherwise.

Kidman and Helms have been involved in a storyline for three months, which included a Helms heel turn and Liger winning the title in a three way. No title involved this time, but they deserve a PPV spot with all the time we've put into this one.

Way to go, Eddie Lopez! The Sin-free Society might've been eliminated in the semifinals of the UFS, but we got the team of CM Punk and Lance Storm out of it. Now known as True Heroes, they'll round out the PPV against the Jung Dragons.

Vampiro and Father Isaac have identified the first person they intend to offer salvation, and we'll find out who it is on the PPV.

Last but not least, I've decided the time is right for my previously mentioned WWF signing to debut on television at Fall Brawl. Initially I was going to introduce him in a different fashion, but the time is now.


Fan Scorecard:

World Heavyweight Championship: Diamond Dallas Page vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner {}

Ultimate Fan Series Finals Tiebreaker: #1 Satyr's Hopeful Few (Kanyon, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Buff Bagwell and Chavo Guerrerp Jr. vs. #2 The K-Nections (Booker T, Sting, AJ Styles and Alex Wright)

World Tag Team Championship: Hugh Morrus and Konnan vs. The Natural Born Thrillers {}

Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Knoble vs. Jushin Thunder Liger {}

Rob Van Dam vs. Mike Awesome

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. "The Total Package" Lex Luger

Billy Kidman vs. "Sugar" Shane Helms

The Jung Dragons vs. True Heroes

What will be match of the night?

How many championships will change hands?

The wrestler signed from the WWF will debut on this show. Who is it?

Who will Vampiro and Father Isaac offer "salvation" to?

Who will be the survivors of the eight man tag team elimination match?

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