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Default September 2001: Fall Brawl Wrap-up

"So can I count you in?" I asked.

The voice on the other line remained hesitant. "I dunno, Bret. I'm kind of enjoying actually being at home with my family for a change. Not sure I wanna give that up."

"You won't have to," I assured him. "I'm not asking you to go back on the road. I'm not even asking you to sign a written contract with us. We're probably only talking one or two shows a month. Three tops."

"And no bumps?

"No bumps," I repeated. " No bumps, no matches, no physical stuff. All I want from you is to come to TV a couple times a month, maybe the PPV too, to do interview segments to get our storylines and characters over. I know you'd be great at it. Your track record speaks for itself."

"Can I have a week or two to think it over?" he asked. I could tell he was strongly considering the idea.

"Of course. Take as much time as you need, and get in touch with me once you've decided."
Negotiations never stop just because I have PPVs to run. I hope to hear good news on that negotiation over the next few days, but we'll have to wait and see.

There were no tremendous matches tonight, but several good ones. The main event narrowly edged out the tag title match and True Heroes/Jung Dragons for match of the night.

I praised Booker for going along with tonight's booking swerve without complaint, and also thanked DDP for giving it his all to keep up in a physically taxing brawl. I was less kind to Lex Luger. I publicly called him out for a lackluster performance and made it clear to him and everyone else that effort like that is the surest way to get your push and even your job taken away, no matter how big a star you might have been in the past. Lex didn't really react to my criticism, at least not publicly.

It seemed like some of the fans thought AJ Styles got too much time on the show given his current standing in the company. That's not a booking decision I regret though, because I thought this show was a big boost for him.

Buff isn't happy with his recent booking. Duly noted.

Hugh Morrus was really impressed with the performance of TAKA. Interesting to see the reactions from some of these WCW guys who were always doing their own thing and never able to see him work in WWF.

That match with Jamie Knoble took a lot out of Jushin Liger. Between working for us, New Japan, All Japan and German company Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Jushin's got a very busy schedule right now. He asked not to be booked on tomorrow's Nitro and I readily agreed.

Jason Jett was caught looking at his phone during our pre-show meeting, and Dusty called him out for it in front of the boys. I usually leave these kind of minor disciplinary things to Dusty because he handles it in such a way that everybody, even the guy being put on notice, is usually laughing by the end.

Johnny Swinger's still a job guy right now, but Sting continues to work with him on becoming a more polished performer. Eventually I'm going to have to find something substantial for him to do.

Prediction scores (maximum possible points: 13)

((+3 = correctly predicted K-Nections to win UFS))

Uncrewed: 12

Dead_Jester: 11
DGenerationMC: 11
crackerjack: 11

K-Nection: 10 (+3)
jscotty: 10 (+3)
deanohbk: 10 (+3)
franticloser: 10 (+3)
evileddie10: 10
Satyr24: 10
chrismday: 10
SomeLazyMagic: 10 (+3)

Beejus: 9 (+3)
Superkickparty: 9
BHK6: 9
rjhabeeb: 9
GingeyOne: 9

Rainmaker: 8
smw88: 8 (+3)
Cro Cop Rules: 8 (+3)
Warhawk8492: 8
michgcs: 8 (+3)
Nobby_McDonald: 8

Happy0wns: 7
KnowYourEnemy: 7 (+3)
The Lariat: 7
Standings in prediction contest after three shows (three shows remaining):

Beejus: 27
Uncrewed: 27
K-Nection: 27
SomeLazyMagic: 27
deanohbk: 27

jscotty: 26

Satyr24: 25
Dead_Jester: 25
Cro Cop Rules: 25
franticloser: 25

evileddie10: 24
smw88: 24

crackerjack: 23
michgcs: 23

Rainmaker: 22

BHK6: 21
KnowYourEnemy: 21

Happy0wns: 20

Nobby_McDonald: 18

DGenerationMC: 17

StarshipAwsome: 14
GingeyOne: 14
Superkickparty: 14

Warhawk8492: 13

Wolfman84: 12

chrismday: 10

rjhabeeb: 9

Armando Payne: 7
The Lariat: 7

PopeBrandonBrownson: 5

Originally Posted by chrismday View Post
Hey man ... was a silent follower of TGAAB and been following this too. Thought I'd have a crack at some predictions!
Thanks for following, and welcome! Happy to have you here, and as your first post on the board even!

Originally Posted by rjhabeeb View Post
World Heavyweight Championship: Diamond Dallas Page vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner {}
Wow, blast from the past! Always good to see you around these parts.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Well that didn't stop the WWE from doing a match between Edge and Matt.

It never stopped NWA from doing a match between Tully Blanchard and Magnum TA.

It didn't even stop Bret Hart from booking Scott Steiner against DDP.

The boys know that real hate puts buts in seats....
You're not wrong, but the key difference here is that the other party is Vince's son. Vince had no problem putting Edge in there with Matt and playing off of their real life situation, but I doubt he'd take that same sort of chance with Shane.

Originally Posted by The Lariat View Post
Just for reference, Shane got married back in 1996. So, yeah, extra-marital affair here.
Yep. He should've been set to an out of the business marriage, and Matt and Lita should've been dating.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Thanks bud I don't see me having that kind of luck next time around
You're counting your chickens before you hatch there, friend. You'll have to quality for the field of eight first. Still three more shows to go!

Originally Posted by Briskout View Post
Love it but I am disappointed in one thing - how was the ufs final not a war games match??
I did consider that, but I want to hold off on War Games. There'll definitely be War Games matches in this dynasty because I love the entire concept, but it's not going to be something I do with little to no notice or story buildup. I'm going to use War Games matches only in spots where I feel like it's a logical storyline destination. I honestly have no clue when we'll see the first one pop up, but it'll happen eventually.

Originally Posted by LordofGustav View Post
I'm back! Sorry if i had too long, but i was focusing on other things in life!

Good diary and good perspective of the matches from Bret Hart's POV.
No problem man. Great to see you!
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